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Do you struggle with attribution in your ad marketing campaigns? Learn how to streamline your marketing analytics as a technical buyer in this Hyros review.

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Hyros Hyros
Software Type: Ad tracking and marketing attribution
Best For: Large enterprises scaling their marketing that are looking for an ad tracking tool to analyze their campaigns accurately.
Pricing: Starts at $99/mo
  • One-on-one assistance
  • High level reporting
  • AI optimization
  • Real-time data analysis
  • Customized pricing
  • Not designed for beginners

Technical buyers of ad software understand how complex it is to find an ideal solution for tracking and measuring ad performance.

You need a reliable tool that delivers accurate data on your ad spend. A decent tool should also give recommendations on your ad campaign for optimizing them to boost conversion.

Luckily, Hyros addresses these necessities and goes above and beyond with an array of distinctive features.

This software emerges as a beacon for technical buyers, effectively resolving their marketing attribution problems by furnishing real-time conversion and ad campaign information.

Nonetheless, the question persists: How does this software function, and what are its pricing particulars? Does it, in fact, provide more value for your investment compared to its competitors?

All will be unveiled in this comprehensive review of Hyros.

SMB Guide’s Verdict for Hyros

We have used Hyros for a few weeks and find it a decent ad-tracking software. That’s why we give it a 9.8 out of 10 rating.

The platform provides unique features, like a customizable dashboard with a drag-and-drop editor to personalize your reporting.

In this review of Hyros, I’ve followed SMB Guide’s detailed criteria for evaluating the marketing attribution software.

FactorRating (out of 10)
SMB Guide Rating9.8
Pricing & Plans8
Ad Campaign Tracking10
Conversion Tracking10
Audience and Traffic Source Analysis10
Attribution Modeling10
A/B Testing9.5
User Interface and User Experience10
Integrations, Compatibility, & Supported Platforms9
Customer Support9

Other stand-out features include comprehensive customer attribution and excellent customer support. The user interface is also simple to use, and the software comes with pre-built integrations with ad networks like Facebook and Google.

While exploring the software, we identified a couple of notable drawbacks: the absence of a mobile app and undisclosed pricing details for the premium packages.

Now, let’s address the question: Who do we believe would find this software most beneficial?

  • Large enterprises with complex ad campaigns
  • Businesses that need a detailed ad-tracking platform
  • Companies that have multiple marketing channels

Pricing & Plans

There are three pricing plans that HYROS offers, each with features that suit different businesses. One thing to note is that there is no free trial or plan.

Let’s look at what each plan offers:

Hyros pricing

Organic Plan

It is the entry plan and the only one that displays its pricing on the HYROS website. It costs:


  • $99 per month


  • Up to 20k ad revenue tracking

Who it’s for: SMEs that do not run paid ads but need a tool to track their organic traffic and sales.

Paid Traffic

It is the most popular mid-level plan, as per their website.


  • Custom quote


  • Info business
  • Ecommerce
  • Call/phone based

Who it’s for: It is for enterprises that run paid ads and need an advanced paid tracking tool that uses AI for optimization.

Agency Plan

It is the top premium plan, and it’s also a custom package.


  • Custom quote


  • Custom features

Who it’s for: The plan fits large teams and agencies that run paid ads for other businesses and need a world-class ad-tracking platform.


HYROS is a revolutionary tracking and attribution system that combines print tracking+ AI.

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Ad Campaign Tracking

This Hyros feature is one that stands out because it gives technical buyers the option to track marketing campaigns on display ad networks like Google and Facebook.

It also consolidates all the features in one spot on a customizable dashboard.

Hyros ad campaign tracking

Linking it to your Google or FB ad account allows them to monitor their marketing in real time.

Now, when on the dashboard, it’s easy to view the impressions your campaigns are getting, whether clicks, CTR or CPC.

You can also choose to get AI recommendations on what needs improving in your marketing approach.

Not only that, you can use filters to compare the ad marketing campaigns from before and get an in-depth overview of your paid ads.

Conversion Tracking

It is another feature that Hyros offers to technical buyers to track their ad conversions with accuracy. Most times, conversions occur through sign-ups, form submissions or even purchases.

Hyros conversion tracking

Technical buyers can monitor their ad marketing conversions on mobile apps and websites through these two methods.

A server-to-server integration or pixel-based tracking. The two methods help in knowing which campaigns are getting high conversions.

They also help export data to other platforms for more in-depth analysis.

Audience and Traffic Source Analysis

This feature is crucial for technical buyers in ad marketing because they can segment their online traffic on custom-defined criteria.

It can either be on interest, demographic or behavior. The feature also allows technical buyers to analyze their traffic source.

It doesn’t matter if it comes from social media, search engines like Google or Bing, referrals, or email.

Now, if you’re interested in expanding your reach, you can create personas that share similar traits with your current audience.

From there, create Ad marketing campaigns that fit these new lookalikes and be able to track them and measure the overall performance.

Attribution Modeling

Understanding how your online traffic engages with your ad marketing campaigns holds significant importance.

This feature streamlines the process of assigning attribute conversions or crediting within the marketing funnel.

Hyros attribution models

Hyros provides a range of common attribution methods, including:

  • Linear: It gives equal credit to ad campaigns that prospects engage with, helping to measure their impact.
  • First click: It gives credit to the first ad campaign a prospect engaged with and measures its awareness effect.
  • Last click: It credits the last ad campaign a customer interacted with before conversion and measures direct-response impact.
  • Time decay: It gives credit to ad campaigns that prospects engaged with most before conversion and measures urgency in driving conversion.

This software also offers the option of customizing your attribution model to give you a clear representation of your ad performance.

It makes it agile and more accurate in tracking throughout the marketing funnel.

A/B Testing

A/B tests are crucial for any technical buyers because it lets them know what is working in their ad marketing.

This software allows technical buyers to a/b test their ad variations (copy and landing pages). A technical buyer can create several variations of their ads by using a different headline, image, or description.

They can also allocate a set budget for an ad variation together with optimization criteria. This platform also integrates with popular a/b testing tools like Google Optimize, Leadpages, and more.

You can also connect the third-party tools to your account and get a comprehensive report of every ad variation.

User Interface and User Experience

A software’s user interface is key to user satisfaction and ease of use. This software provides a clean layout with font and icons anyone can see and comprehend.

There is also an easy-to-use dashboard that acts as the central hub.

Hyros dashboard

Navigating the features is simple; you can view data from the central hub. Whether it’s a campaign or traffic source, a graph displays trends over a period.

The user experience of this software is decent. It’s responsive and offers a drag-and-drop feature to personalize the dashboard.

The platform also has a search and filter option to access any data you need quickly.

Integrations, Compatibility & Supported Platforms

Hyros integrates with dozens of marketing, collaboration, project management, communication and payment platforms.

It also provides pre-built integrations like FB and Google campaign managers.

Hyros integrations

An API can connect to any custom application you have, supporting web and mobile. Accessing the platform is simple through any major browser like Chrome, Mozilla and Safari.

Hyros is also compatible with OSs like Linux, macOS and Windows, but at the moment, there is no mobile app available.

Customer Support

The customer support is decent, with email being the only available channel. They are responsive, and it takes 8-10 minutes to get feedback.

We find it above average compared to other platforms that take over 24 hours.

Hyros customer support

If you want to learn the inner workings of this software, there is a knowledge base with all the documentation. You will find “how to” guides and troubleshooting tutorials that can be helpful.

The platform also has a Facebook group with over 5K members that you can join and share ideas with other users.

Hyros – Unique Features

Distinguished by its exceptional support and wide-ranging integration choices, this software presents an array of distinctive features that contribute to its uniqueness.

Here are a few key aspects that set it apart: 

  • Customizable dashboard builder: It uses a drag-and-drop editor to tweak your widgets where you can track all the metrics of your ad marketing.
  • In-depth customer attribution: The software makes it easy to track a customer’s journey in your marketing funnel.
  • Integrations: You can integrate with almost any ad marketing application seamlessly. There is also an API to integrate any custom platform you want.

Alex Becker

We built HYROS to enable businesses to track their marketing data easily. We believe it’s a tool that will revolutionize online marketing by making it effortless to access crucial business sales data.

— Alex Becker, CEO of Hyros

What Experts Say About Hyros

HYROS has received positive reviews from users and experts online on platforms like Trustpilot. Here is what they said about this software:

We at Pummys have been using the HYROS tool for our tracking for over a year now. I can say that the tool really delivers what it promises. We receive pitches from competitors with similar solutions almost every month. But on closer inspection, no tool comes close to the data quality of HYROS. The customer support is also mega. I am proactively asked about my satisfaction and get help within minutes. HYROS has definitely brought us a higher ROI. Especially on Black Friday, you miss out on a lot of sales without HYROS.

Pummys – Verified Trustpilot review

Before Hyros, tracking the performance of our weekly Facebook ad creatives was a guessing game, especially after the iOS 14 update. We struggled to identify which ads were profitable. Hyros changed the game for us. It gave us clear insights into each ad’s performance, allowing us to quickly allocate budget to the most successful ones. The result was immediate ROI, making Hyros a vital tool for any e-commerce business. During high-pressure sales events like Black Friday, this ability to rapidly scale winning ads was invaluable.

Janek J. – Verified Trustpilot review

Hyros Alternatives

Hyros may not offer all the features that meet everyone’s needs. That’s why we added some HYROS alternatives offering similar functionality at different prices.

Primary Rating:
Primary Rating:
Primary Rating:
$175/mo - $675/mo
$129/mo - $279/mo
Starts at $250/mo
Primary Rating:
$175/mo - $675/mo
Primary Rating:
$129/mo - $279/mo
Primary Rating:
Starts at $250/mo


segmetrics homepage

SegMetrics is a marketing analytics software enabling businesses to understand their traffic value. This platform differentiates itself from HYROS in reporting since it offers a more detailed recommendation for tweaking your marketing. 

SegMetrics also packages its plans differently, with all its plans displaying prices on its website. The entry plan, Essentials, costs $175 per month, and it rises with tiers to the premium “Enterprise,” which is custom. 

When it comes to features, there’s no doubt that SegMetrics outshines the competition by offering a range of advanced functionalities.

This puts SegMetrics in a prime position, particularly catering to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) seeking an attribution tool to assist them in their ad marketing endeavors.

Get a 14-day free trial of SegMetrics

Triple Whale

Triple Whale homepage

Triple Whale is an attribution software that enables e-commerce businesses to consolidate their marketing and track performance.

The platform has a Triple Pixel feature that can help enterprises to have better attribution tracking. The main difference with HYROS is in the pricing plans and features offered.

Triple Whale entry plan “Growth” costs $129 per month and comes with a free demo.

Its features are more advanced than HYRO’s and include a mobile app. It makes Triple Whale suit SMEs that need an all-in-one attribution software for managing their marketing campaigns.

Get a free demo of Triple Whale

Wicked Reports

Wicked Reports homepage

Wicked Reports is a cross-channel attribution software that helps businesses with ad marketing. The software excels in data tracking because it uses first-party data for tracking conversions.

The platform also has a feature known as Lighthouse for detecting marketing anomalies and offering suggestions for tweaking ad strategies.

This platform shares similarities with HYROS in its pricing plans. They don’t show their prices; you need a custom quote to see all their features.

It makes Wicked Reports fit e-commerce businesses that need a multi-touch attribution tool for their ad marketing.

Book your free demo of Wicked Reports

Other options: Best Hyros Alternatives

Getting Started with Hyros

Technical buyers will find Hyros an outstanding platform for ad tracking and optimization. The features it offers are remarkable, such as customer attribution and dozens of pre-built integrations.

The platform’s dashboard is further customizable using a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, allowing for intricate and personalized reporting.

The most appealing aspect is that commencing your journey with this platform is remarkably straightforward.

Book a demo call with one of the representatives available, and you will be up and running in no time.


What is Hyros in marketing?

Hyros is a SaaS ad tracking and optimization software that technical buyers can use in automating their ad marketing. It combines AI with ML to offer insight into how ads perform and recommend improving them.

What is the difference between Hyros and Voluum?

The main difference between Voluum and Hyros is in the features they offer. Hyros uses ML to give insight into how ads perform and recommend optimizing them.

Voluum focuses on data reporting only in ad campaigns. Hyros also provides more automation in its features than Voluum.

How do I Track TikTok with Hyros?

First, set up a TikTok integration in your HYROS account by following these steps. Integration > Settings > Integrations > Configure TikTok > Add Account.

After giving Hyros permission to your TikTok ad account, it’s all set up by clicking the TikTok sign-in button.

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HYROS is a revolutionary tracking and attribution system that combines print tracking+ AI.

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

HYROS uses new form of tracking pixel and AI to dramatically increase ad ROI.

Product Brand: Hyros INC.

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