Jessica Pereira


Project Management, Communications


Sonoma State University


  • Proven track record of helping SaaS and digital marketing companies improve customer conversion rates through engaging long-form content.
  • Successfully transitioned from a traditional corporate path to a thriving freelance career at a young age.
  • Experienced in content strategy and data analysis, with a passion for leveraging insights to create impactful marketing campaigns.


Jessica  is a freelance writer specializing in B2B SaaS and digital marketing. She has written for brands like Zapier, Interact, and Blogging Wizard. Her journey began with a healthcare PR internship, but her adventurous spirit led her to teach English in Thailand, where she discovered her passion for writing.

She pursued freelance writing and now helps SaaS companies with compelling content strategy. With a strong passion for writing and the SaaS industry, Jess thrives in providing valuable content solutions while embracing the freedom of freelancing.


Freelance writing course to build a successful freelance business.  Udemy courses in copywriting and SEO to refine her writing skills.

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