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Explore our in-depth ZenBusiness review to learn how this service can assist your business. Discover the features, pricing plans, pros, and cons.

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ZenBusiness ZenBusiness
Service Type: Business formation service
Best For: Entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to form an LLC or corporation quickly and affordably.
Pricing: $199/yr - $349/yr
  • $0 starter plan
  • 1 year free registered agent
  • Fast filing
  • Expert customer service
  • Limited online features
  • EIN unavailable on starter pack

If you are an entrepreneur, a business owner, or a CPA professional searching for a dependable and economical solution to establish and maintain your business, you may have heard about ZenBusiness.

But what exactly is ZenBusiness, and how can it help you reach your company objectives?

In this review, we’ll examine ZenBusiness’s features, use case, cost, pros and cons, and more. We’ll also address some of the most frequently asked questions regarding ZenBusiness and its services. 

By the end of this review, you’ll know whether ZenBusiness is the best fit for your company’s needs.

SMB Guide’s Verdict for ZenBusiness

Based on our in-depth analysis, we give ZenBusiness a 9.1 out of 10 rating. Here’s the detailed breakdown of the scoring for each factors:

FactorRating (out of 10)
Pricing & Plans8
Business Formation Services9.5
Processing Time8
Registered Agent Services and Costs8
Name Availability Search7
Online Document Access9
Money-Back Guarantees9
Customer Support9
SMB Guide Rating9.1

In this review of ZenBusiness, I’ve followed SMB Guide’s detailed criteria for evaluating the business formation service.

What is ZenBusiness?

ZenBusiness homepage

ZenBusiness is a business formation and incorporation service that helps entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals start and run their businesses with ease. 

They provide a range of services, such as LLC formation, corporation formation, registered agent service, annual report filing, operating agreement creation, EIN obtainment, business name reservation, domain name registration, website creation, and more.

ZenBusiness aims to simplify the legal and administrative aspects of starting and running a business so that you can focus on your core activities.

They also offer personalized support and guidance from their team of experts and partners throughout your business journey.

Pricing & Plans

ZenBusiness offers three main pricing packages for you to know: Starter, Pro, and Premium. The best plan for you will depend on the extent of support and services you would like to get your LLC set up.

ZenBusiness pricing


The Starter Plan is the most basic and cheapest option that ZenBusiness offers. It’s ideal for entrepreneurs who are just starting out and want to form their business entity quickly and easily.

It is also suitable for those who have a tight budget and want to save money on legal fees and state filing fees. Keep in mind this plan does not include any extra speediness for filing, so a delay in filing turnaround can be expected. 


  • $0 per year


  • LLC formation service
  • Standard Filing speed
  • Worry-free compliance free for the first year
  • 100% accuracy guarantee 
  • Online dashboard

Who it’s for:

  • New entrepreneurs 
  • Business owners on a tight budget


The Pro Plan is the most popular plan that ZenBusiness offers. The Pro Plan is ideal for entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level and establish a strong online presence. 

It’s also suitable for those who want to access more features and benefits that can help them run their business more efficiently and effectively.


  • $199 per year


All the features of the Starter Plan, plus:

  • Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Worry Free Compliance service
  • Operating Agreement
  • Fast Filing speeds

Who it’s for:

  • Growing entrepreneurs
  • Mid-sized budget business owners


The Premium Plan is the most advanced and comprehensive option that ZenBusiness offers. The Premium Plan is best suited for entrepreneurs who want to enjoy the full range of services and products offered by ZenBusiness. 

If you want to protect your privacy, secure your assets, and speed up your formation process, this plan is for you. 


  • $349 per year


All the features of the Pro Plan, plus:

  • Business documents
  • Business Website Builder 
  • Domain name with privacy and email addresses

Who it’s for:

  • Established entrepreneurs
  • Large-size budget business owners

ZenBusiness has all the tools you need in one place to start, run, and grow your own business.

Start an LLC
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Business Formation Services

ZenBusiness offers a reliable and highly efficient business formation service tailored to your specific needs, which can help you establish a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or a corporation anywhere in the United States.

ZenBusiness business formation services

This covers a wide range of essential services to support your company’s growth and compliance, including reserving a business name that aligns with your brand vision and ensuring it complies with your state’s regulations. 

If your business undergoes changes, ZenBusiness is there to help with seamless amendment filings. Should you ever need to dissolve your business or expand into other states, they’ve also got you covered with dissolution filing and foreign qualification services.

ZenBusiness can also obtain a Certificate of Good Standing, a crucial document demonstrating your company’s compliance with state requirements.

Additionally, they also help simplify the process of registering a “Doing Business As” (DBA) name, enabling your business to operate under different names if necessary. 

All of these services are accessible through ZenBusiness’s intuitive and user-friendly online platform. Just provide a few basic details about your business, and ZenBusiness will handle the rest.

Processing Time

The processing time for ZenBusiness is faster than the average processing time of most providers. They claim that depending on the state and package you select, they may complete your purchase in 2 to 3 weeks on average

The filing times with the Pro and Premium plan are expedited to 1 to 5 days. If you require your purchase to be completed quickly, you can pay an additional cost.

Depending on your needs, ZenBusiness offers expedited processing for $49 to $99 per order.

Registered Agent Services & Costs

A registered agent is a person or an entity that serves as the designated recipient for your company’s essential documents, including tax notices, legal summons, and other state-mandated correspondences. 

ZenBusiness offers this service for an annual fee of $119, which can be added to your chosen business formation package.

This cost-effective option provides you peace of mind, knowing that your business’s legal affairs are in expert hands.

ZenBusiness registered agent

ZenBusiness’s registered agents serve an additional layer of practicality. They afford you the flexibility to focus on your business’s day-to-day operations, without the need to constantly monitor incoming mail and legal notices. 

Furthermore, ZenBusiness distinguishes itself by offering a hassle-free process should you ever decide to transition to another registered agent service provider.

They do not currently impose any penalties or cancellation fees.

Name Availability Search

ZenBusiness lacks an in-house name search availability tool, which is a drawback compared to some competitors like Firstbase, which offer a free name availability search feature.

ZenBusiness name availability search

Instead, ZenBusiness directs users to the respective Secretary of State’s websites for the name availability check process in each state. While this approach may lack the convenience of an integrated tool, it does have its merits. 

ZenBusiness ensures users are directly connected to the authoritative source, offering accurate and up-to-date information.

Additionally, they provide guidance on how to navigate these state websites, simplifying the process for users, even if it means sacrificing a built-in search tool.

ZenBusiness also offers a business name reservation service, which allows customers to reserve their chosen name for a certain period of time until they are ready to file their formation documents.

Online Document Access

ZenBusiness provides you with online access to all your important business documents like Formation certificates, Annual reports, Compliance records, and EIN confirmation letters.

Even better, they provide frequently used templates so you don’t have to start from scratch.

ZenBusiness business documents

These documents can be viewed, downloaded, printed, and managed anytime and anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

This saves you from having to store physical copies of your documents or worry about losing them. It keeps you informed and organized about your business affairs.

Money-Back Guarantees

ZenBusiness’ money-back guarantees are another element that provides clients with peace of mind if they are unsatisfied with their service or experience.

ZenBusiness guarantee

ZenBusiness provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which implies that if consumers are displeased with the membership or any add-on service, they may request a full refund within 60 days of purchase.

ZenBusiness also offers a worry-free guarantee, which claims that if clients miss filing deadlines or incur fines as a consequence of ZenBusiness’s negligence or neglect, ZenBusiness will refund the costs and resolve the issue.

Customer Support

In terms of customer care, ZenBusiness offers several channels through which you can contact them and receive assistance with your business needs.

You may get in touch with them by phone, email, chat, or social media platforms.

ZenBusiness customer support

Their customer service staff is accessible by phone and chat:

  • from Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. CST)
  • and on Sundays (10 a.m. to 7 p.m. CST)

You can also visit their website for more information and suggestions on establishing and maintaining a business, including their FAQs, blog articles, and online help center.

ZenBusiness — Additional Services

Besides business formation and registered agent services, ZenBusiness also offers additional services that can help you with other aspects of your business operation.

Some of these services include:

Annual report filing

Most businesses have a mandate to file an annual report with the state in which they are registered. This report should include information on the company’s activities, finances, and developments throughout the course of the year. 

ZenBusiness can assist you with this procedure by automatically filing your yearly report. They will keep track of the dates, costs, and paperwork for each state and guarantee that your report is delivered on time and appropriately. 

You can also see your filed reports at any time from your ZenBusiness online dashboard.

Compliance management

Another issue for company owners is adhering to the rules and regulations that govern their sector and region. Taxes, licenses, permits, contracts, and other regulations can all have an impact on your company.

You could even face penalties, fines, or even legal action if you do not follow these guidelines strictly.

ZenBusiness can help you avoid these pitfalls by providing compliance management services. They will keep an eye on your company’s compliance status and notify you of any adjustments or steps that must be implemented. 

They will also provide you with a personalized compliance checklist that contains all of the tasks and documents that you must perform in order to comply with the relevant state regulations.

Business tax services

Taxation is one of the most demanding elements of owning a business. You must deal with a variety of taxes, including income tax, sales tax, payroll tax, and others, but must also maintain a record of your spending, deductions, credits, and deadlines.

If you make a mistake or fail to make a payment, you may be subject to audits, fines, or interest costs.

ZenBusiness assists you in simplifying your tax requirements by offering a company tax solution. They will put you in touch with a CPA who will prepare and submit your federal and state tax forms for you.

They will also advise you on how to improve your tax approach and save money.

Trademark registration

Discovering your trademark, filing, and responding to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is a difficult and time-consuming operation.

ZenBusiness provides a trademark registration service to help you register your brand. They will do a comprehensive trademark search to ensure that your desired mark is available and does not conflict with any existing trademarks.

In addition, they will prepare, file, and monitor your trademark application with the USPTO until it is approved.

Business insurance

Running a business has a number of risks and uncertainties that can have an impact on your operations, finances, and reputation.

For example, you might face litigation from customers, workers, or third parties; property or equipment damage or loss; or business disruption due to natural catastrophes or other calamities. 

ZenBusiness can help you safeguard your company from these dangers by offering business insurance. They will assist you in determining the right insurance coverage for your company depending on its industry, location, size, and demands. 

They also evaluate quotes from several insurance carriers and assist you in selecting the most cheap and comprehensive coverage for your company.

What the Experts Say About ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness has many good reviews from online review platforms. Especially an excellent 4.8/5 rating on Trustpilot, based on a whopping 13,223 reviews!

I am just a girl trying to figure out the business world with zero business experience and making phone calls can be intimidating. Brianna’s voice was very calming and kind and she responded with zero judgment which was so refreshing! She was helpful and reassured me that I was doing things correctly with the LLC process. 

Kimberly – Verified TrustPilot Review

ZenBusiness has the most amazing staff to assist with any questions or concerns. It’s so good to know they are here to help whenever you need them. Even on a Sunday, I was able to obtain the chat assistant Nikki and then Evan, who hopped in to finish the drilling questions I had:) with starting up the website.

Bill – Verified TrustPilot Review

He also said ZenBusiness will be his go-to provider in the future.

ZenBusiness Alternatives

If you’re not sure if ZenBusiness is right for you, or if you want to compare other options, here are some of the best alternatives to ZenBusiness.


LegalZoom homepage

LegalZoom is one of the most well-known and trusted names in the online legal industry. They offer a range of services for personal and business needs, including LLC formation, trademark registration, wills, and more.

Their Pro plans start from $249 per year.

Start your business with LegalZoom!


Firstbase homepage

FirstBase specializes in helping non-US residents form and run their US-based LLCs. They handle everything from incorporation to banking, taxes, and compliance. 

Firstbase currently charges $399 for their basic package, which includes registered agent service, EIN, bank account, tax consultation, and more. FirstBase is best for foreign entrepreneurs who want to start a US business.

Start your business with FirstBase!


CorpNet homepage

CorpNet is a formation and registration service that helps with LLC formation and compliance. They have a personalized approach, a 100% accuracy guarantee, and a great registered agent service.

Start your business with CorpNet!

Other options: Best ZenBusiness Alternatives

Getting Started with ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness is a trusted and affordable service that can help you start your LLC in no time. They have everything you need to launch and manage your business with confidence.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, ZenBusiness can help you achieve your goals.

Ready to form your LLC with ZenBusiness? Get started today!


How long does it take to form a business with ZenBusiness?

The processing time for forming a business with ZenBusiness depends on the state you choose to form your business in and the plan you opt for.

You can also expedite your order for an additional fee, and get the filing done in 1-5 days.

What is a registered agent and why do I need one?

A registered agent is a person or entity that receives official mail and legal documents on behalf of your business.

One is required by every state so that you don’t miss any important notices or deadlines from the state or the IRS.

What is the difference between an LLC and a corporation?

An LLC and a corporation both offer limited liability protection but differ in taxation, management, and compliance.

LLCs are more flexible, allowing owners to choose their tax structure, while corporations face double taxation.

LLCs also have fewer formal requirements and no restrictions on members, whereas corporations have more regulations and shareholder restrictions.

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ZenBusiness has all the tools you need in one place to start, run, and grow your own business.

Start an LLC
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

From making your business official to growing it into a money-making business, ZenBusiness platform has you covered.

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