Beatrice Manuel


Productivity, Sales & Marketing, Finance, HR, Project Management


Christ University | CIMA Accountant | Fellow of Insurance


  • 6-time CIMA Award Winner (National & Global Rank Holder)
  • Former Head of Content & Operations of MediaBerry and ContentHorse
  • Contributing Writer at online tech mogul MakeUseOf
  • Sought-after content consultant and strategist for various SMBs


Beatrice Manuel is a seasoned industry specialist in content solutions and strategy for SaaS, B2B, and B2C sectors, bringing her expertise to the field since 2018. Working with businesses of all sizes, she focuses on assisting startups and marketing agencies like Tortuga Backpacks, KlientBoost, and PointVisible. Beatrice’s primary goal is to craft content aligned with brand strategy to elevate conversions, utilizing a clever blend of psychology, storytelling, and data-driven insights.

Beatrice’s articles have been featured on prominent platforms like Zapier, ReallySimpleSystems, Top10, MakeUseOf, Cloudwards, and many more. She boasts a diverse range of expertise, delving into various niches related to Small Business, such as Marketing, Sales, Finance, and HR. Additionally, her corporate experience in the Banking & Finance sector adds depth to her knowledge and understanding of the business world.

Beatrice’s professional achievements includes completing her CIMA professional accounting certification, in which she earned both global and national ranks. Her one-year tenure at Goldman Sachs as an Executive Office analyst allowed her to collaborate with Client Strategy and Brand and Content Strategy teams, further refining her strategic acumen.

Beyond her business prowess, Beatrice is a published fiction writer. When not crafting transformative content for clients, she immerses herself in her latest manuscript, delving into her character’s next big adventures. Her vision is to marry the beauty of storytelling with the dynamic practices of the SaaS industry, offering readers an effortless path to embrace learning.

With an unwavering commitment to her craft and an innate ability to connect with audiences, Beatrice’s mission is to leave a profound impact on the content strategy landscape, empowering brands to tell their stories with unforgettable authenticity and flair.


Beatrice completed a triple major from Christ University in Bangalore, India. Her undergraduate degree in Professional Commerce paired with her CIMA qualification and Fellow of Insurance status under the Insurance Institute of India set her off into the corporate world with a multi-skilled toolkit. Beatrice has also completed digital marketing certifications from HubSpot and Google.

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