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Setmore vs. Acuity Scheduling: Which software is better?

Discover the differences between Setmore and Acuity Scheduling. Our detailed comparison helps you decide which scheduling software fits your business needs best. Choosing the right ...

Lucinda Honeycutt

40+ Password Statistics: The Industry Security Report

Although they rarely cross our thoughts, passwords play a huge role in our lives. We use them repeatedly every day, whether that’s to unlock phones ...

Rhiannon Stone

27 Shocking Data Privacy Statistics & Trends for 2024

Before the internet was widespread, users had some control over what data they chose to put online. Be it their name, date of birth, or ...

Mughees Mehmood

Top 8 Cybersecurity Companies & Startups to Watch in 2024

Cybersecurity is one of the fastest-growing markets in the tech and security spaces, as people are understanding more and more about the risks of cybercrime.  ...

Olivia Millard

17 Emerging Cybersecurity Trends

The cybersecurity landscape has been marked by a series of interesting trends. From the anticipated surge in cyber expenditures to the dissatisfaction of organizations with ...

Pasha Abdulov

25+ Shocking Data Breach Statistics & Trends

Nobody’s safe from data breaches. There have been incidents in every sector from government agencies and financial institutions to little mom-and-pop stores. However, staying updated ...

Rhiannon Stone