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At SMB Guide, we’re passionate about helping small and mid-sized businesses thrive in today’s competitive market. We’re not just another software review platform.

We’re your dedicated partner in achieving software success.

Our Mission

At SMB Guide, we’re passionate about helping small and mid-sized businesses thrive in today’s competitive market. We’re not just another software review platform. We’re your dedicated partner in achieving software success.

We are committed to each of our customers by delivering exceptional value, transparency, and personalized support.

Certify your software success with SMB Guide – your trusted partner for unbiased recommendations and personalized software reviews and comparisons.

Who We Are

The team at SMB Guide is a diverse group of small business owners, software enthusiasts, and productivity experts. With our shared love for the SaaS industry, we our dedicated to helping others automate and increase their efficiency for their businesses.

We ensure that our content is non-biased and fact-based to ensure small businesses select the most efficient software. Every software review we write is backed by research, product tested, and expert opinion with our end user in mind.

Our Editorial Staff

Donny Gamble

Donny is the founder of SMB Guide. He is a seasoned small business owner and entrepreneur, with over 17+ years of experience growing and building companies. He is a well traveled and multi-faceted individual with several successful six figure business exits.

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Beatrice Manuel

Beatrice is a seasoned productivity writer with a knack for uncovering game-changing productivity hacks that simplify life routines. Armed with a triple major in Commerce, Accounting, and Insurance, she also runs her own digital consulting firm.

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Lucinda Honeycutt

Lucinda has spent the last 15 years working from home as a freelance writer and WordPress designer, and throughout her career, she has worked directly with several digital marketing agencies with clients in the SaaS space.

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Jessica Pereira

Jessica Pereira helps SaaS and digital marketing brands build long-lasting customer relationships with meaningful content. Her favorite topics include career development, productivity, and email marketing.

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Charlee Harmon

Charlee Harmon

Charlee is a freelance content writer for e-commerce and SaaS businesses. She has written for well-known brands like Aura, Identity Guard, and Zola and achieved page one rankings for dozens of projects.

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Ricky Torres

Ricky Torres - SMB Guide

Ricky Torres is the lead contributor for SMB Guide. He is a SHRM certified professional as well as a data analytics certified professional who has worked for several Fortune 100 companies like AT&T and Amazon.

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Terry Turner

Terry Turner - Journalist

Terry Turner has been writing articles and producing news broadcasts for more than 30 years. An Emmy-winning journalist, he has reported on consumer policy issues before Congress, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Food and Drug Administration and other federal agencies.

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Rhiannon Stone

Rhiannon Stone - SMB Guide

Rhiannon is an experienced B2B SaaS content writer who specializes in reviews and comparisons to help readers make the most fully-informed choices.

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Pasha Abdulov

Pasha Abdulov - SMB Guide

Pasha Abdulov is a SaaS content writer with 4 years of experience, specializing in product analytics, reporting, behavior analytics, and data management topics. When he’s not busy writing, he actively learns German, loves exercising, and challenges his mind with Sudoku puzzles.

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Mughees Mehmood

Mughees Mehmood SMB Guide

Mughees is an agile and detail-oriented content marketer and strategist with 3+ years of experience in strategy and management, and 9+ years of experience writing content that converts.

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Conor M. Hughes

Conor Hughes - SMB Guide

Conor Hughes, SHRM-SCP, stands at the forefront of HR consulting, delivering strategic insights and transformative solutions to a diverse clientele that spans small businesses and major corporations.

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