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Do you find getting critical data in your paid marketing activities challenging? Learn how to streamline marketing data as a CFO in this Wicked Reports review.

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Wicked Reports Wicked Reports
Software Type: Marketing attribution
Best For: Online businesses looking for a tool to monitor their ad marketing campaigns to help improve their strategies.
Pricing: Starts at $250/mo
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Full funnel attributions
  • Library of integrations
  • Unparalleled customer support
  • UI is old-fashioned
  • No fraud detection feature

Do you run a business that uses paid Ads? It can be a hassle measuring your paid Ads ROI.

As a Chief Financial Officer (CFO), you often ask yourself, which ads have the best conversion? Or, What’s the best optimization hack for my strategies?

Now, most businesses find themselves in this dilemma. The good news is that Wicked Reports, a multi-touch attribution platform, can help you in these situations.

It packs unique features that connect e-commerce platforms with CRM and Ad networks to deliver accurate Ad performance reports.

This Wicked Reports review discusses this tool’s features, how they work, the best application, and more.

Let’s dive in!

SMB Guide’s Verdict for Wicked Reports

After a first-hand experience with Wicked Reports, we give it a rating of 9 out of 10, and here is why. The software is intuitive and simple to use.

In addition, the platform allows marketing teams to gain insights into their campaigns and make better decisions.

FactorRating (out of 10)
Pricing & Plans7
Ad Campaign Tracking8
Conversion Tracking9.5
Audience and Traffic Source Analysis9
Attribution Modeling9.5
A/B Testing9
User Interface and User Experience9
Integrations, Compatibility, & Supported Platforms8
Customer Support9
SMB Guide Rating9

Users can also view campaign performance analytics on the platform’s customizable dashboard. We can confidently say that Wicked Reports suit anyone who needs the following:

  • Accurate data report of their customers
  • Automate workflows and marketing
  • Link their online and offline data source and get an all-rounded view of marketing analytics
  • Receive data-driven suggestions and insights into their strategies

In this review of Wicked Reports, I’ve followed SMB Guide’s detailed criteria for evaluating the marketing attribution software.

Pricing & Plans

The pricing of Wicked Reports plans are custom, and you need a quote from the vendor depending on the features you need.


  • Live conversion data
  • Dedicated CSM manager
  • Funnel vision attribution
  • Customer LTV
  • Delayed conversion tracking
  • Live Zoom calls

Who is it for: Brands and agencies seeking software solutions to streamline their marketing strategies and achieve resounding success seamlessly.

Wicked Reports

Wicked Reports is the #1 multi touch marketing attribution software for digital marketing agencies, advanced media buyers and e-commerce brands.

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Ad Campaign Tracking

CFOs understand how crucial it is to find a way to improve ROI in their marketing strategies. With Wicked Reports, you can simplify ad marketing processes.

For example, you can automate the monitoring of your campaigns on display networks like Google or Facebook Ads.

By offering a centralized dashboard, this software facilitates CFOs in achieving their goals. Through this dashboard, they gain easy access to vital metrics such as click-through rates, conversions, and cost-per-click, providing valuable insights to make informed decisions on budget allocations.

Moreover, the data empowers CFOs to identify areas where marketing campaigns may require adjustments before they influence ROI, ensuring a more efficient and effective marketing strategy.

Conversion Tracking

It is another essential feature that Wicked Reports offers to help track ad conversions.

Wicked Reports conversion tracking

Now, the software does an excellent job with its accuracy, whether it’s a sign-up or a purchase you’re tracking.

Not only that, the software integrates with the most popular apps, whether through API or pixel-based tracking.

It can be a valuable factor to CFOs since they can get an accurate overview of the marketing campaign conversions and sales.

In addition, they can attribute conversion to the proper channels and calculate the precise return on investment of the marketing campaigns.

It makes it a valuable platform for CFOs that need to make data-driven decisions to scale businesses.

Audience and Traffic Source Analysis

Wicked Reports provide a feature for analyzing traffic sources. Through it, CFOs can target specific customers and segment them depending on the business goals. 

For example, they can use behavior or demographics to segment and then create custom ads that suit these criteria.

In addition, they can develop personas or lookalike customers that have shared traits with the current clientele.

Wicked reports also has a tracking and analysis feature that CFOs can use to assess traffic performance from various sources.

For example, social networks, referrals, search engines, and more. The tool also creates a data report displaying CPA and other traffic-specific conversion rates to help assess their performance.

Now, Wicked Reports uses an algorithm that shows the value of a traffic source through the sales funnel.

It can help CFOs tweak their strategies and make better budget allocations for each ad campaign.

Attribution Modeling

Understanding the sales funnel and customer journey is crucial because it impacts their decisions.

Wicked Reports attribution modeling

With Wicked Reports, CFOs can leverage its algorithm to assign attribute conversions to the proper marketing campaign.

Now, there are several models that CFOs can pick to use, and they include linear, first click, time decay, and last click.

These models pack valuable benefits that are dependent on the use case. The good thing is CFOs can pick a model for a specific campaign and occasionally compare the outcomes.

The best part about this tool is that you can customize an attribution model to your liking. For example, you can tweak the parameters and make them match your goals.

Not only that, you can start from scratch and build new models while referring to old ones. It helps CFOs have more flexibility in evaluating and analysis of marketing strategies and their outcomes.

A/B Testing

A/B tests are crucial in evaluating a marketing campaign where you compare and optimize ad copy and landing pages.

By integrating third-party A/B testing tools like Google Optimize or Optimizely, CFOs can test the data provided by Wicked Reports.

The best part is the insights a user gets can help them tweak their sales and landing pages for conversion.

For example, a CFO can use the Wicked Reports A/B testing feature to find which sales page has the highest bounce rate.

Or which ad variation is receiving the lowest CTR. It will prompt Wicked Reports to generate a report and suggestions they can implement.

Creating, managing, and assessing A/B test results with Wicked Reports is simple. In addition, CFOs can optimize the results by using their algorithm to pick the best-performing ad variations and nudge more traffic to them.

User Interface and User Experience

When you log in to the Wicked Reports dashboard, you will see a simple interface that you can navigate with ease.

Wicked Reports user interface

The theme and colors are bright, and the organization makes it easy to see metrics like LTV, ROI, CAC, and more.

In addition, with a few clicks, you can access a detailed breakdown of the data by time, campaign, and more.

The Wicked Playbook is the standout feature of this tool, and here is why. It delivers suggestions on marketing optimization that suits different attribution models. It can help save ad budgets and tweak marketing strategies to succeed.

Finally, the onboarding is seamless since Wicked Reports integrates with popular software and OSs like macOS, Linux, Windows, Google, and Facebook Ads.

Integrations, Compatibility, and Supported Platforms

Wicked Reports integrates with many platforms and tools primarily used in digital marketing.

Wicked Reports integrations

Some popular integrations are Shopify, Google Analytics, MailChimp, Facebook Ads, and more. In addition, sharing or exporting data is simple through platforms like Zapier, Google Sheets, Slack, and more.

Now, if you have a custom application that you would like to integrate with Wicked Reports, you can use APIs.

Another standout aspect of this software is its compatibility with Windows, Linux, and macOS. Now, Wicked Reports is a web-based software, and accessing it is easy through a browser with HTML 5.

In addition, the software offers a mobile app.

Customer Support

The customer support on Wicked Reports is decent. They’re responsive, and we found the ticket live chat more efficient with instant response.

Wicked Reports customer support

The platform also provides email and phone contacts for support but cannot compare to the response time on live chat.

People who want to learn more about the inner workings of the tool will find the Knowledge base useful. It packs articles that dive deep into the platform’s setup, reports, and playbooks, among other features. 

In addition, they have YouTube and podcast channels that pack valuable hacks on marketing. If you want to interact with other Wicked Reports users, you can check their Facebook page with over 4k followers.

Wicked Reports – Unique Features

Wicked Reports packs some remarkable features that make it the best attribution platform in the market. So, here are the unique features that make it stand out:

  • Multi-touch attribution: The platform provides several models that CFOs can choose to monitor their campaigns’ efficiency. The data helps in analyzing which strategies are leading in conversions.
  • A/B tests: The tools can monitor the website and mobile app leads. The best part is that even if leads switch between different devices, the tracking remains uninterrupted, providing comprehensive insights for better decision-making and optimization.
  • Integration: Google and Facebook API integration are helpful for ad optimization, where you can sync offline and online data to arrive at actual sales.

The CEO and founder of Wicked Reports, Scott, said, “We built this tool to help marketers know which campaigns work and ways of optimizing them based on real data.”

What Experts Say About Wicked Reports

Wicked Reports has received many positive online reviews from users and experts on popular sites like G2.

Let’s look at what they said:

“ We found it hard to rely on FB or Google ad platforms to accurately measure ROI since we had longer sales cycles. Wicked Reports offered us more accurate ROI on our ad spend, and now we see the impact through the attribution models.”

Mark D, Director of Paid Advertising

We needed a platform that can pull all data points in one centralized area for easy viewing. Wicked Reports, offers exactly that. Plus, navigating through the reports is easy, and the recommendations are excellent in strategy building.”

Jenna G, Client Success Manager

When we use the iOS tracking, we often miss data and it leads us to turning off marketing campaigns. However, with Wicked Reports, the multiple attribution data solves the missing data and we’re able to see there were sales made.”

Michelle P, Agency Owner

Wicked Reports Alternatives

While Wicked Reports is a powerful solution, it might not be the perfect fit for everyone. Here are some excellent alternatives that cater to different needs and preferences:

Primary Rating:
Primary Rating:
Primary Rating:
Starts at $49/mo
$149/mo - $749/mo
$349/mo - $599/mo
Primary Rating:
Starts at $49/mo
Primary Rating:
$149/mo - $749/mo
Primary Rating:
$349/mo - $599/mo


Hyros homepage

Hyros is one of the best ad tracking and attribution softwares in the industry. It is proven to increase ad ROI in over 3,000 businesses.

The pricing is much higher compared to a software like Wicked Reports, but you can expect a much higher ROI on your ad spend.

Schedule your free demo of Hyros today!

Triple Whale

Triple Whale homepage

Triple Whale is a data platform that enables the management and automation of analytics, forecasting, merchandising, and more. It shares some similarities with Wicked Reports in lead generation and attribution reporting.

Where the differences come in is in integration. Triple Whale offers more integration to marketing platforms and provides premium reporting features.

The entry plan “Growth” costs $129 per month. It packs features like access to mobile apps, benchmarks, and more. It makes Triple Whale best for e-commerce businesses that need to manage their creative content, analytics, and attribution.

Get your free demo of Triple Whale today!


SegMetrics homepage

SegMetrics connects to your existing tools and services to instantly connect your historical and incoming data, following your leads through every step of their journey.

With SegMetrics, you’ll get clarity on your true lead value at every step, with lifetime revenue attribution across your whole funnel.

This makes SegMetrics a great option for any website publisher or marketer that is looking to accurately track the complete journey of every customer.

Start your 14-day free trial of SegMetrics

Other options: 7 Wicked Reports Alternatives

Getting Started with Wicked Reports

For CFOs in the e-commerce realm, Wicked Reports stands as an indispensable platform, providing unparalleled clarity on ad performance.

By harnessing its capabilities, you can nurture leads through your sales funnel, diligently track their progress, and craft targeted campaigns tailored to their needs.

This powerful tool is tailor-made to suit your precise requirements and elevate your marketing endeavors to new heights.

Paired with its unique features and dozens of integrations, you will improve your marketing output.

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How does Wicked Reports work?

Wicked Reports works as a tool for monitoring ad marketing campaigns. The platform provides in-depth marketing data on a dashboard to help you see the performance.

Who is the target customer of Wicked Reports?

The ideal target customer for Wicked Reports is SMEs and marketers that run several ad marketing campaigns on various platforms. In addition, businesses need to boost their ROI.

Does Wicked Reports require coding?

No, you don’t need any tech skills to use Wicked Reports. This software uses a tracking code you can install with a few clicks and integrates with well-known apps and systems.

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Wicked Reports

Wicked Reports is the #1 multi touch marketing attribution software for digital marketing agencies, advanced media buyers and e-commerce brands.

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
Wicked Reports

Wicked Reports is the #1 multi touch marketing attribution software for digital marketing agencies, advanced media buyers and e-commerce brands.

Product Brand: Wicked Reports

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