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7 Best Wicked Reports Alternatives & Competitors

Wicked Reports is one of the best marketing attribution softwares. I've researched the top 7 best Wicked Reports alternatives if you want to explore other options.

Best Overall
Best for Ecommerce
Best for Brands

HYROS is a revolutionary tracking and attribution system that combines print tracking+ AI.


Triple Whale lets you easily manage and automate analytics, attribution, merchandising, and forecasting.


Achieve your optimal marketing mix, execute experiments faster, and master creative strategy with Northbeam.

Best Overall

HYROS is a revolutionary tracking and attribution system that combines print tracking+ AI.

Best for Ecommerce

Triple Whale lets you easily manage and automate analytics, attribution, merchandising, and forecasting.

Best for Brands

Achieve your optimal marketing mix, execute experiments faster, and master creative strategy with Northbeam.

Founded in 2015, Wicked Reports is a top multi-touch marketing attribution software for digital marketing agencies, advanced media buyers, and e-commerce brands.

But it’s not without cons. The user interface is a bit outdated, and it comes with no fraud detection feature for bot traffic.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Wicked Reports, you’re in luck.

We’ve extensively tested multiple ad tracking and marketing attribution softwares using SMB Guide’s detailed criteria.

Here are some of the best Wicked Reports alternatives we’ve found and how they compare.

1. Hyros

Hyros homepage

Best for: Hyros is ideal for enterprises that are looking for an ad tracking tool to help them scale up their marketing efforts.

Pricing: Starts at $99/month


One-on-one assistance

High level reporting

AI optimization

Real-time data analysis


Customized pricing

Not designed for beginners

Hyros is an ad tracking software with a patented AI attribution system that’s been shown to consistently improve ad ROI by 20%.


  • Multi-platform tracking: Hyros enables you to easily separate and view your different traffic sources.
  • Customer journey mapping: With Lead Journey Reports, you can dive deep into customer journeys to better understand how all of your traffic sources work together.
  • Advanced attribution modeling: Utilize common attribution models (like first or last click) or customize things entirely to meet your specific needs.
  • Extensive integration: Hyros offers dozens of different third-party integrations, including marketing, communication, and payment softwares.

Hyros Vs Wicked Reports

CriteriaHyrosWicked Reports
Best ForInfluencers and digital businessesOnline businesses
Standout FeaturePatented AI attributionMulti-touch attribution capabilities
PricingStarts at $99/moStarts at $250/mo


Hyros is a cutting-edge ad tracking solution for mid to large companies who want to scale their marketing efforts.

Its patented AI attribution is what really sets it apart from Wicked Reports.

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2. Triple Whale

Triple Whale homepage

Best for: Triple Whale is built specifically for Shopify store owners or anyone who works with Shopify businesses.

Pricing: $129/mo – $279/mo


Offers a free plan

Real-time data insights

Proprietary pixel

Easy-to-use interface


For Shopify users only

Cost scales as you grow

Triple Whale is a marketing attribution and AI data platform for e-commerce – specifically, Shopify stores that need a holistic view of their marketing data.


  • Conversion tracking: Triple Whale uses a proprietary pixel to track conversions. This means they track using first-party data to prepare for a future without third-party cookies.
  • Customer and product analysis: Triple Whale’s in-depth analyses can help you determine patterns in your customers’ shopping habits so you can maximize retention.
  • Total Impact Attribution model: This differs from competitors in that it takes a wider variety of factors into account when assigning attribution credit.
  • Creative Cockpit: The Creative Cockpit is essentially a dashboard that provides in-depth insights, data visualization, and customizable segmentation.

Triple Whale Vs Wicked Reports

CriteriaTriple WhaleWicked Reports
Best ForShopify store owners and agenciesOnline businesses
Standout FeatureFree tool available (Founders Dash)Multi-touch attribution capabilities
Pricing$129/mo – $279/moStarts at $250/mo


Triple Whale is a comprehensive ad tracking solution for small business owners.

While it does start out at a lower price point than Wicked Reports, the main difference to note is that Triple Whale only works with Shopify businesses.

Get a demo of Triple Whale today!

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3. Northbeam

northbeam homepage

Best for: Northbeam is best for marketers, digital advertisers, and businesses that invest heavily into online advertising.

Pricing: $400 – $2000/month


Best for ecommerce

Media mix modeling

Multi-touch attribution

Customizable reports


No mobile app

More expensive than other options

Northbeam is a marketing intelligence platform that aims to help marketers increase the profitability of advertising efforts.


  • Proprietary machine learning model: Northbeam’s multi-touch attribution and media mix modeling are powered by their industry-leading machine learning models (MLMs).
  • Budget scenario recommendations: On the Enterprise plan, you’ll get custom budget scenario recommendations to help you maximize your marketing efficiency.
  • Comprehensive campaign tracking: Northbeam allows you to track your campaigns across organic search, paid search, display ads, social media platforms, and more.
  • Data review: Receive strategic direction from Northbeam’s expert media buyers.

Northbeam Vs Wicked Reports

CriteriaNorthbeamWicked Reports
Best ForMarketers, digital advertisers, and businessesOnline businesses
Standout FeatureUniversal ad attribution capabilitiesMulti-touch attribution capabilities
Pricing$400 – $2000/monthStarts at $250/mo


Northbeam helps you monitor the performance of all your marketing channels with their industry-leading MLMs.

Unlike Wicked Reports, they offer budget scenario recommendations to help you better optimize your ad spend.

Book your demo of Northbeam today!

Book a demo of Northbeam

4. SegMetrics

segmetrics homepage

Best for: SegMetrics is ideal for businesses who want to better understand how clicks convert into revenue.

Pricing: $175/mo – $675/mo


14-day free trial

90+ integrations

Customizable dashboards

User-friendly reporting


No mobile app

Setting up requires tech skills

SegMetrics is an ad tracking and marketing attribution software designed to track the customer journey throughout your entire funnel – from first click to sale.


  • Funnel optimization: Gain insights on where your funnel is weak and how you can optimize it for better results with Customer Journey mapping.
  • Dynamic reporting: By breaking down your traffic with different attribution models, you’ll be able to boost campaign ROIs.
  • Subscription optimization: SegMetrics’ subscription optimization helps you better understand how your customer segments and cohorts are performing over time.
  • LTV attribution: SegMetrics 7D tracking collects consistent data about each of your visitors and customers.

SegMetrics Vs Wicked Reports

CriteriaSegMetricsWicked Reports
Best ForMarketing directors running campaignsOnline businesses
Standout Feature90+ integrationsMulti-touch attribution capabilities
Pricing$175/mo – $675/moStarts at $250/mo


SegMetrics is a good choice for entrepreneurs and agencies that are focused on increasing customer lifetime value (CLV) and retention.

Overall, it places a stronger emphasis on customer journey mapping than Wicked Reports.

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5. RedTrack

RedTrack homepage

Best for: Media buyers, publishers, e-commerce sites, and ad agencies

Pricing: $149/mo – $749/mo


14-day free trial

200+ integrations

Automation toolset

Data breakdowns


No error log

Challenges with UI

RedTrack is a marketing analytics platform designed to help companies consolidate their marketing data, manage their campaigns, and use real-time data to gain valuable insights.


  • Conversion tracking: RedTrack uses first-party visitor data and sales data from your CRM to track the customer journey from ad click to conversion.
  • API access: You can access your data, reports, or tracking management via API to connect with your other tools and systems.
  • Consolidated reports: RedTrack’s granular consolidated reports with up to five consecutive breakdowns.
  • Partnership portal: RedTrack provides branded partner management and built-in tracking so you can work with referral partners and influencers.

RedTrack Vs Wicked Reports

CriteriaRedTrackWicked Reports
Best ForMedia buyers, publishers, e-commerce sites, and ad agenciesOnline businesses
Standout FeatureConversion trackingMulti-touch attribution capabilities
Pricing$149/mo – $749/moStarts at $250/mo


RedTrack is an ad tracking solution that makes it easy to consolidate marketing data and manage your campaigns.

It starts out at a much lower price point than Wicked Reports.

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6. ThoughtMetric

thoughtmetric homepage

Best for: ThoughtMetric is best for e-commerce store owners that need to interpret complex data in order to optimize their ROAS.

Pricing: $99/mo – $999/mo


14-day free trial

User-friendly and intuitive

15+ integrations

Excellent customer service


No API available

Only import data from WooCommerce

ThoughtMetric is an ad tracking solution that integrates with the largest e-commerce and marketing platforms to help them make data-driven business decisions.


  • Custom dashboards: ThoughtMetric’s dashboard provides a quick overview of data of your choice, like click-through rate (CTR), cost per click (CPC), and other key metrics.
  • ROI tracking: ThoughtMetric tracks and matches sales back to the exact ad they came from to help you better optimize your ad spend.
  • Customer segmentation: With ThoughtMetric, you can segment your online traffic based on custom-defined criteria.
  • Multi-channel tracking: You’ll be able to track your performance on multiple channels so you can increase your return on ad spend (ROAS).

ThoughtMetric Vs Wicked Reports

CriteriaThoughtMetricWicked Reports
Best ForE-commerce businesses looking to optimize ROASOnline businesses
Standout FeatureFocus on metrics specific to e-commerceMulti-touch attribution capabilities
Pricing$99/mo – $999/moStarts at $250/mo


ThoughtMetric is ideal for businesses looking to increase their ROAS. Compared to Wicked Reports, ThoughtMetric is more focused on e-commerce while Wicked Reports is for media buyers, marketers, and online businesses.

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7. Voluum

voluum homepage

Best for: Voluum is best suited for affiliate marketers, media buyers, and agencies.

Pricing: $199/mo – $599/mo


Built for media buyers

50+ integrations

Real-time analytics

1-on-1 onboarding & support


No free trial

Expensive pricing

Voluum is a performance and ad tracking software that helps you optimize your campaign performance and avoid sketchy bot traffic coming to your site.


  • Real-time reporting: With Voluum, you can monitor 30+ different metrics about each visit, click, and conversion.
  • AI-powered optimization: Voluum’s Traffic Distribution AI makes it easier to increase your campaign performance.
  • Anti-fraud kit: Tired of bot clicks screwing up your traffic metrics? Voluum comes equipped with an anti-fraud kit so you can avoid wasting money on suspicious traffic sources.
  • A/B testing tools: Split testing your campaigns helps you understand which ones perform best.

Voluum Vs Wicked Reports

CriteriaVoluumWicked Reports
Best ForMedia buyers, affiliate marketers, and agenciesOnline businesses
Standout FeatureAnti-fraud kitMulti-touch attribution capabilities
Pricing$199/mo – $599/moStarts at $250/mo


Voluum is an especially helpful marketing attribution software for companies that rely on affiliate marketing for a large chunk of their revenue.

Its AI-powered optimization and anti-fraud kit are standout features that set it apart from Wicked Reports.

Book your demo of Voluum today!

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Which Wicked Reports alternative should you use?

Every marketing attribution software comes with its own strengths and weaknesses.

Consider features like customer journey mapping, AI optimization, real-time reporting, and A/B testing tools when it comes to choosing an ad tracking solution.

We’ve given you an overview of some of the best Wicked Reports alternatives and how they compare.

Now, it’s up to you to decide which one is the right fit for your needs.

Quick recap of Wicked Reports alternatives:

  1. Hyros
  2. Triple Whale
  3. Northbeam
  4. SegMetrics
  5. RedTrack
  6. ThoughtMetric
  7. Voluum

HYROS is a revolutionary tracking and attribution system that combines print tracking+ AI.

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