Hyros vs. Wicked Reports: Which attribution tool is better?

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Which ad tracking software provides marketing directors (MDs) with the best ad marketing attribution?

Read to learn what to look for in this Hyros vs. Wicked Reports comparison.

Primary Rating:
Primary Rating:
Starts at $99/mo
Starts at $250/mo
Best For:
Large enterprises scaling their marketing that are looking for an ad tracking tool to analyze their campaigns accurately.
Best For:
Online businesses looking for a tool to monitor their ad marketing campaigns to help improve their strategies.
Primary Rating:
Starts at $99/mo
Best For:
Large enterprises scaling their marketing that are looking for an ad tracking tool to analyze their campaigns accurately.
Primary Rating:
Starts at $250/mo
Best For:
Online businesses looking for a tool to monitor their ad marketing campaigns to help improve their strategies.

MDs understand how crucial it is to track and monitor ad campaign conversions. It helps them understand which campaigns are money pits, what needs tweaking, and what’s working.

Now, if you’re using several channels, it can be complex to track each ad performance. Often you will find attribution errors, irrelevant insights, and more.

A marketing attribution platform can help in these situations. It can track and monitor your marketing and provide actionable and accurate insights on ad performance.

You will optimize strategies, budget better, and improve ROAS. With dozens of marketing software available, how can you narrow down to the ideal one?

Let us find out in this Hyros vs. Wicked Reports comparison. Before we dive into this in-depth comparison, we have reviewed Hyros and Wicked Reports individually.

The reviews are on the basis of our research and firsthand experience.

Check out the in-depth reviews of Hyros and Wicked Reports software and learn their strengths and downsides.

Hyros vs. Triple Whale at a glance

FeatureHyrosWicked ReportsWinner
SMB Guide’s Rating9.6/109/10Wicked Reports
Ad Tracking CampaignReal-time view of data and recommends how to improve ROIIn-depth ad tracking across marketing channelsWicked Reports
Conversion TrackingServer-to-server tracking methodRobust tracking capability from the webWicked Reports
Audience and Traffic Source AnalysisRobust analysis tools for online trafficPowerful analysis tools for the customer journey and their interactionWicked Reports
Attribution Modeling4 attribution models4 attribution modelsHyros
A/B TestingUses True Tracking to run A/B testsA/B testing capabilities on ad copy, landing page and more
AD Fraud DetectionRobust AD fraud detection capabilitiesDoesn’t offer a dedicated AD fraud detection featureHyros
Real-Time Reporting and DashboardsReal-time dashboard reportingCustomization options and accurate reportingHyros
Data Privacy and SecurityGDPR and CCPA complianceGDPR and CCPA complianceTie
UX and UIClean and user-friendly interfaceCluttered UIHyros
Integration and API Capabilities90+ integrationsIntegrates with popular marketing channelsWicked Reports
Supported PlatformsmacOS, Linux, and WindowsmacOS, Linux, and WindowsWicked Reports
Customer SupportEmail, dedicated specialist, and knowledge baseEmail, live chat, phone support, and Knowledge baseWicked Reports
PricingStarts at $99/moStarts at $250/moHyros
ScalabilityNeeds a quote to upgradeNeeds a quote to upgradeTie

How we evaluate and test softwares

When testing softwares/apps, SMB Guide employs a dual approach based on free trial availability and demos. For platforms offering free trials, we test their functionalities, usability, navigation, and ease of use. In the case of tools lacking a free version or trial, we rely on in-depth research and user testimonials through software review platforms like G2, Capterra, and TrustRadius to gauge their performance and capabilities. Learn more about our ratings criteria for marketing attribution softwares & tools here.

Hyros: Key Features, Pros and Cons, & Pricing

Hyros homepage

Hyros is an attribution and ad-tracking platform that allows online businesses to analyze their marketing campaigns.

It provides a customizable dashboard that consolidates all data across several channels.

This software can help MDs solve their marketing attribution problems by delivering real-time conversion and ad campaign data.

Pros & Cons


One-on-one assistance

High level reporting

AI optimization

Real-time data analysis


Customized pricing

Not designed for beginners


There are three pricing plans that Hyros offers, each with features that suit different businesses.

One thing to note is that there is no free trial or plan. Let’s look at what each plan offers:

Hyros pricing
  • Organic Plan: The entry plan is the only one that displays its pricing on the Hyros website. It costs $49 per month. Some features it packs include up to 20k ad revenue tracking.
  • Paid Traffic: It is the most popular mid-level plan, as per their website. It has a custom price, and users need a quote to access the features.
  • Agency Plan: It stands as the premium pinnacle plan, uniquely tailored to specific needs. Both the price and features are custom-designed to align with individual requirements.

HYROS is a revolutionary tracking and attribution system that combines print tracking+ AI.

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Wicked Reports: Key Features, Pros and Cons, & Pricing

Wicked Reports homepage

Wicked Reports is a marketing attribution platform that enables businesses to track their paid ads.

This software measures the performance of MDs’ marketing campaigns based on customer life-time value (LTV).

It also offers several attribution models and an option of customizing a model.

Pros & Cons


Customizable dashboard

Full funnel attributions

Library of integrations

Unparalleled customer support


UI is old-fashioned

No fraud detection feature


The pricing of Wicked Reports plans is custom, and you need a quote from the vendor depending on the features you need.

Wicked Reports

Wicked Reports is the #1 multi touch marketing attribution software for digital marketing agencies, advanced media buyers and e-commerce brands.

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Ad Campaign Tracking

Monitoring your ad campaigns in a central hub is crucial because it lowers duplication of processes and streamlines data.

Hyros and Wicked Reports provide this feature where it’s easy to track data across display networks like Google and Facebook.

However, the details of both software differ. Wicked Reports offers data in real-time on clicks (CTR, CPC, CPA, ROAS, LTV) and impressions on every ad campaign.

Wicked Reports ad campaign tracking

The dashboard is in-depth and refined, where MDs can filter data by custom segments, funnel stage, and more.

You can use charts or tables to understand the campaign reports in-depth. Hyros also provides data in real-time on clicks (CTR, CPC, ROAS) and impressions on every campaign.

Although the dashboard is the central hub, it displays the basic metrics of ad campaigns.

Hyros ad campaign tracking

The good thing is that MDs can filter data based on custom tags, location, device, and more.

The reporting is decent since you can show data in a graph or chart. Hyros lacks advanced metrics like CPA and LTV, making Wicked Reports win in this category.

✅ Winner: Wicked Reports

Conversion Tracking

Ad campaigns need constant optimization to achieve the required goals. Softwares like Hyros and Wicked Reports can accomplish that accurately, but their approach differs.

Wicked Reports applies a first-party data tracking approach dependent on a CRM’s integration. This makes it agile enough to track ad conversion across several channels and devices.

It also gives accuracy and keeps it compliant with privacy regulations.

wicked reports conversion tracking

Hyros employs a pixel-based tracking methodology that relies on browser data and cookies.

This enables it to track conversions in web-based environments, although it doesn’t extend to offline activities or mobile apps.

However, this approach also renders it vulnerable to privacy regulations due to cookie limitations, the presence of ad blockers, and other browser settings.

hyros conversion tracking

✅ Winner: Wicked Reports

Audience and Traffic Source Analysis

It is a crucial feature in assessing traffic source behavior when engaging with your ads and what they prefer.

Hyros and Wicked Reports provide this feature, but the functionality differs.

hyros last click report

Wicked Reports gives MDs the option to create custom audiences. They can use custom-defined criteria to segment audiences based on funnel stage, LTV, attribution model, or data from CRM.

MDs can also create personas or “lookalikes” based on their current clientele. Given this software integrates with Google and Facebook, MDs can tailor campaigns that fit these personas.

The traffic source data is in-depth, displaying source-specific conversions and more. However, the major drawback of this software feature is that you cannot have an overview of your customers’ interests.

Hyros also provides this feature, where MDs can create custom audiences. They can also segment the audience on custom-defined criteria like interest, device, purchase history, and more.

Wicked Reports traffic source analysis

MDs can additionally generate lookalikes or “personas” derived from their customer base.

Nevertheless, a significant limitation arises from the fact that this feature lacks the capability to offer an overview of customer Lifetime Value (LTV).

Moreover, it falls short in providing comprehensive data regarding the performance of traffic sources. It primarily showcases revenue, conversions, and clicks attributed to each source.

✅ Winner: Wicked Reports

Attribution Modeling

It is a feature that can enable MDs to assign credit to their ad campaigns to influence prospects’ purchase decisions.

Hyros and Wicked Reports provide this feature, but their tracking and attribution method varies. Wicked Reports use FunnelVision technology for tracking conversions from first click to purchase.

The software provides four attribution models: first-click, last-click, linear, and time decay. It combines UTM, CRM, and order matching to achieve a 79% accuracy.

Wicked Reports attribution models

Now, MDs can tweak all attribution models, such as changing the time window and adding filters for segmentation.

However, they cannot change the logic of native models or create a custom attribution model. HYROS uses a more advanced tracking technology called “True Tracking.”

It stitches all traffic sources and clicks together that a customer has engaged with before purchase. The platform provides four attribution models: First-click, last-click, scientific mode, and multi-touch.

The software combines order ID matching, IP, and user biometrics to achieve a 99% accuracy.

hyros attribution models

Hyros gives MDs the option to tweak the multi-touch and scientific mode attribution models. They can change the time window and add segmentation filters by ad set, device, and more.

However, MDs cannot tweak the logic of existing models or create a custom one from scratch.

✅ Winner: Hyros

A/B Testing

It is an essential feature that can enable MDs to compare variations to landing pages or ad copy. Hyros and Wicked Reports provide this feature and use UTM tags to conduct A/B tests.

However, their approach is different.

Wicked Reports a/b testing

Wicked Reports apply Wicked Optimization Suite, an in-built feature that enables manual ad optimization.

MDs can create a goal, and the software will display the ad performance on every variation based on set criteria.

As highlighted, this software requires more input since it’s more manual. The platform also integrates with A/B testing tools like Google Optimize.

HYROS provides a more advanced A/B testing feature where it applies the AI Pixel Training feature in its A/B tests.

It automatically optimizes ads depending on set goals.

hyros a/b testing

MDs can create a goal, and this software will use AI to test various ad variations and assign the best-performing campaign a budget.

It makes it suitable for MDs looking for a hands-off approach. MDs will find it more agile because it allows customization and integrates with testing tools like Google Optimize.

✅ Winner: Hyros

AD Fraud Detection

AD fraud is a common problem in the e-commerce business where bots are in use to increase views and clicks on ads.

Hyros and Wicked Reports provide this feature and use UTM tags to track traffic sources. Now, each software uses a custom method for ad fraud detection.

Wicked Reports ad fraud detection isn’t as robust compared to Hyros. This platform applies the FunnelVision feature to track all the clicks and leads of a campaign.

The feature takes ID matching, email, CRM, and UTM tags and combines them to achieve accuracy. However, the feature lacks the option to track bot impressions

Hyros, on the other hand, provides a more effective and accurate ad fraud detection feature than Wicked Reports.

This platform applies the True Tracking feature to track all the leads and clicks of a marketing campaign. The feature takes IP, ID, order, email matching, and device biometrics and combines them to achieve accuracy.

This inclusion of biometrics makes it detect bots and other ad frauds.

✅ Winner: Hyros

Real-Time Reporting and Dashboards

It is a feature that can enable MDs to have a holistic view of their ad marketing campaigns in a central hub fast.

Hyros and Wicked Reports provide the feature but have a different approach to offering updates in real-time.

Wicked Reports has a Live Data feature that can give MDs an in-depth overview of their ad campaign performance.

This robust feature refreshes after 30 minutes, displaying updated leads, sales, and ad spending data.

Wicked Reports dashboard

The dashboard is also customizable, where MDs can create up to ten of them with various cohorts, charts, or tables.

They can also export the data in Excel files or CSV and share it with teams or customers. This tool also offers a Customer Journey feature that MDs can use to view specific metrics of a client.

HYROS provides a more advanced Quick Reports feature that MDs can use to view the critical metrics of ad campaigns on a central hub.

This feature refreshes every 15 minutes with conversions, impressions, and more updates.

hyros dashboard

Hyros dashboard is customizable, offering MDs unlimited options on charts, maps, widgets, and tables.

They can also export the data in PDF or share them with clients or teams. This software offers a Comparison Mode feature that MDs can use to get in-depth metrics or compare attribution models of a specific period.

✅ Winner: Hyros

Data Privacy and Security

Customer data is crucial, and an MD should prioritize keeping it secure from destruction or unauthorized access.

Hyros and Wicked Reports encrypt data to guarantee integrity and privacy, and here is how each software does it.

Wicked Reports uses SSL and TLS certificates to secure server-to-client communication. The software also encrypts data at rest through (AES-256) encryption algorithm.

This platform also controls data access through authentication, such as a token or a password. The mode of storage that Wicked Reports uses is cloud servers, often through Google Cloud Platform.

The platform also complies with privacy guidelines like GDPR, CAN-SPAM ACT, and CCPA. It also has ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA audits and certifications.

HYROS also encrypts data using SSL and TLS certificates to safeguard server-to-client communication. The software uses an (AES-2561) encryption algorithm.

MDs can access their data through authentication methods like tokens, biometrics, or password. The software stores data in the cloud, often through AWS.

This platform has ISO 27001, SOC 2, PCI DSS, and HIPAA audits and certifications. It’s also compliant with CCPA, CAN-SPAM ACT, and GDPR.

✅ Winner: Tie

Customizable Metrics and KPIs

Customizable Metrics and KPIs are crucial for MDs to define and evaluate their ad campaign goals. Hyros and Wicked Reports offer these features, and here is how each software works.

Wicked Reports applies a Customs Event feature to track custom KPIs and metrics. It allows MDs to create custom events through API, webhook, or tracking pixels.

Not only that, MDs can assign custom event values and use them as campaign KPIs and metrics.

hyros kpi tracking

Now, MDs can set their unique conversion goals through the Wicked Optimization Suite feature. They can optimize their ads manually depending on their campaign data.

From there, export the data in CSV or Excel sheets to their teams or customers. HYROS uses the Custom Conversions feature to track custom KPIs and metrics.

MDs can use an API, webhook, or tracking pixel to create custom conversions.

Wicked Reports custom KPIs

You can create unique conversion goals through the AI Pixel Training feature. From there, the feature automates ad optimization depending on the desired results.

You can then export the data in PDF to share with teams or customers.

✅ Winner: Hyros

User Experience and User Interface

It is the first point of contact for users and affects the product’s perception. Hyros and Wicked Reports offer a clean and modern interface.

However, some major differences in navigation, responsiveness, and overall layout exist.

Wicked Reports interface

Wicked Reports provides a more bright and colorful layout that pairs various colors to differentiate tables, metrics, or charts.

The software’s dashboard also has an extensive menu and tabs, offering a better data overview.

hyros dashboard

Hyros offers a minimalistic layout that mainly features blue and white, and occasionally, you will see red and green.

Hyros dashboard also has a few menu items, making it easy to find a feature or tab you need.

✅ Winner: Hyros

Integration & API Capabilities

It is a crucial feature that MDs can use to add third-party tools to improve ad tracking and performance.

Wicked Reports integrations

Wicked Reports come with pre-built integrations, such as CRM platforms that help segment audiences depending on CRM data.

The platform also provides an API to add any custom application you need. You can use the SDK kit to integrate platforms and set them up from scratch.

hyros integrations

Hyros also integrates with ad and marketing networks. The downside to the software is that it doesn’t come with pre-built CRM integration.

Now, the software has an API that MDs can use to send marketing data to the dashboard. However, beginners will have a steep learning curve since the knowledge base is shallow.

✅ Winner: Wicked Reports

Supported Platforms

Hyros and Wicked Reports offer web-based access from browsers that run on macOS, Linux and Windows.

Their differences come in mobile app availability.

Wicked Reports mobile app

Wicked Reports provides a mobile app for iOS devices. It allows MDs to access their ad marketing attribution on the go.

It also helps improve convenience and flexibility if they want to tweak the ads in real-time. Hyros doesn’t support mobile apps.

It makes it dependent on the desktop, which limits convenience and reliability when on the go.

✅ Winner: Wicked Reports

Customer Support

It is a crucial feature, specifically in marketing attribution. Wicked Reports offers several channels to reach customer care: phone, live chat, and email.

The response times you can expect from the support team are 15 minutes for live chat, 24 hrs for email, and 4 hours for call.

The platform also offers a consultation call or booking a demo to get support.

hyros customer support

People looking to dive deep and understand the inner workings of the platform will find a valuable knowledge base.

There are articles, a Facebook group, and a YouTube channel offering updated information. Hyros offers one channel to reach customer support, which is email.

People can also schedule a consultation or book a demo through the website. The response times for emails range between 15 to 24 hours.

It makes it unsuitable for emergency cases.

wicked reports customer support

Users who want to learn more on the platform will find the knowledge base helpful. It has documentation with text and video tutorials that get updated often.

✅ Winner: Wicked Reports


The pricing of Hyros and Wicked Reports are different. Wicked Reports offers custom plans that MDs can access by sending a quote and the features they need for their ad marketing.

HYROS offers three plans: Organic, Paid Traffic, and Agency. The entry plan “Organic” costs $49 for up to 20k maximum revenue tracked.

The other two plans are custom, and you need to send a quote to get a price.

✅ Winner: Hyros


Hyros and Wicked Reports are both scalable software that MDs will find effective. Wicked Reports applies a patented tracking system to monitor marketing events across channels and devices.

The software also has a reliable and quick data processing system for real-time reporting and insights. Hyros also uses a tracking system to monitor all marketing events across channels and devices.

The software is also reliable and offers a system that processes data quickly and reports in real-time.

✅ Winner: Tie

Standout Features of Hyros

Hyros offers remarkable attribution features that MDs can use in their ad marketing.

However, here are two that make this software unique.

Proprietary tracking system 

MDs can track each click, order, or lead on all campaigns. It even accurately tracks clients switching to email, browser, or device.

AI optimization

Facebook and Google API integration offer quick ad optimization even from offline sales. It also processes data fast and offers real-time reports.

Hyros team said this when asked what makes their software better: “We have native integrations with CRM platforms that can help users get better scalability, ROAS and lower CPA.”

Standout Features of Wicked Reports

It comes with native CRM systems like HubSpot, Drip, and more. It enables MDs to track CRM activities and their performance.

Support and in-depth documentation

It provides set-up steps, verification steps, endpoints, FAQs, and more in its documentation. There is also an SDK kit for speeding up the setup procedure.

Wicked Reports team said this when asked what makes their platform better: “We use AI optimization to enable users to get actionable and accurate insights in their ad campaigns.”

Hyros vs. Wicked Reports: SMB Guide’s Verdict

This comparison of Hyros vs. Wicked Reports on their functionality and features has shown they are impressive software.

They offer excellent marketing attribution that MDs will find valuable in their marketing campaigns. However, we believe Wicked Reports is the winner in this duel.

Wicked Reports provides more value in its attribution software for these reasons. The platform has pre-built integrations allowing MDs to segment their traffic and track engagement accurately.

The software also has an agile API than Hyros for creating custom integrations. The best part is the Knowledge base has documentation that takes new users step by step in setting up and troubleshooting.

HYROS, on the other hand, is an excellent alternative, offering a more hands-off approach in its attribution. The lack of native CRM platform integration makes it lose to Wicked Reports.

So, Choose Wicked Reports If:

You are an e-commerce business or startup that needs to work with a specific number of contacts. In addition, requires a step-by-step guide to creating its ad campaigns.

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Choose Hyros If:

You are a more established business generating significant revenue monthly and only looking to streamline your ad marketing.

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Wicked Reports

Wicked Reports is the #1 multi touch marketing attribution software for digital marketing agencies, advanced media buyers and e-commerce brands.

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