7 Best SegMetrics Alternatives & Competitors

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Best Overall
Best for Agencies
Best for Ecommerce

HYROS is a revolutionary tracking and attribution system that combines print tracking+ AI.

Wicked Reports is the #1 multi touch marketing attribution software for digital marketing agencies.

Triple Whale lets you easily manage and automate analytics, attribution, merchandising, and forecasting.

Best Overall

HYROS is a revolutionary tracking and attribution system that combines print tracking+ AI.

Best for Agencies

Wicked Reports is the #1 multi touch marketing attribution software for digital marketing agencies.

Best for Ecommerce

Triple Whale lets you easily manage and automate analytics, attribution, merchandising, and forecasting.

SegMetrics is a marketing analytics and attribution platform that connects all your marketing data to revenue.

However, some of its drawbacks will make you think about exploring other options.

To start, the basic SegMetrics plan begins at $175 per month, which can feel a bit pricey.

Plus, the initial setup process is more complicated than what you might encounter with similar platforms, which could be a hurdle for those not very tech-savvy.

In this article, I’ll discuss 7 SegMetrics alternatives that provide more budget-friendly pricing plans, simpler setup processes, and more.

1. Hyros

Hyros homepage

Best suited for: PPC agencies and multi-brand corporations

Pricing: Starts at $99/mo


One-on-one assistance

High level reporting

AI optimization

Real-time data analysis


Customized pricing

Not designed for beginners

Hyros is an attribution and tracking tool designed to optimize advertising efficiency by providing deep insights into customer behavior and ad performance.

It helps businesses understand the return on investment for their marketing efforts by tracing customer interactions across multiple platforms.


  • Organic traffic analysis
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Full eCommerce stack integration
  • Attribution modeling
  • eCommerce LTV subscription analytics
  • Conversion tracking
  • Email tracking
  • Forecasting with your ad results

Hyros vs. SegMetrics

Best ForPPC agencies and multi-brand corporationseCommerce brands, SaaS businesses, and agencies
Standout FeatureFull eCommerce stack integrationSelf-hosted and server-side pixel
PricingFrom $49/month$175/mo – $675/mo


I’m quite taken with how Hyros handles the complexity of ad tracking and attribution, particularly with its ability to forecast ad results.

This feature, combined with real-time data analytics and AI-driven insights, makes it a powerful tool for marketers aiming to optimize their campaigns.

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2. Wicked Reports

Wicked Reports homepage

Best suited for: eCommerce companies and advanced media buyers.

Pricing: Starts at $250/mo


Customizable dashboard

Full funnel attributions

Library of integrations

Unparalleled customer support


UI is old-fashioned

No fraud detection feature

Wicked Reports is a marketing attribution software that helps businesses track the performance of their marketing campaigns across multiple channels.


  • Custom marketing attribution models
  • Live conversion reporting
  • Subscription attribution
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Cohort analysis
  • Full funnel tracking
  • Campaign optimization
  • Currency conversion
  • Predictive behaviors report

Wicked Reports vs. SegMetrics

CriteriaWicked ReportsSegMetrics
Best ForeCommerce companies and advanced media buyerseCommerce brands, SaaS businesses, and agencies
Standout FeaturePredictive behaviors reportSelf-hosted and server-side pixel
PricingStarts at $250/mo$175/mo – $675/mo


Although Wicked Reports is a premium platform with a higher cost, it justifies this with its advanced features.

It offers standout advanced features like full-funnel tracking, cohort analysis, and subscription attribution capabilities which are key for businesses focused on optimizing every step of the customer journey.

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3. Triple Whale

Triple Whale homepage

Best suited for: eCommerce business, marketing teams, and agencies

Pricing: $129/mo – $279/mo


Offers a free plan

Real-time data insights

Proprietary pixel

Easy-to-use interface


For Shopify users only

Cost scales as you grow

Triple Whale is a popular and advanced eCommerce analytics platform designed to help online retailers track, analyze, and optimize their sales performance.


  • ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) tracking
  • Automated campaign optimization
  • Multi-channel data aggregation
  • Customer journey tracking
  • Conversion tracking
  • Ad spend optimization tools
  • Predictive analytics
  • Cohort analysis
  • A/B testing
  • Inventory tracking tools
  • Customizable dashboards

Triple Whale vs. SegMetrics

CriteriaTriple WhaleSegMetrics
Best ForeCommerce business, marketing teams, and agencieseCommerce brands, SaaS businesses, and agencies
Standout FeatureInventory tracking toolsSelf-hosted and server-side pixel
Pricing$129/mo – $279/mo$175/mo – $675/mo


I’d say it’s easy to see why eCommerce operators gravitate towards Triple Whale. Just one tab connects your eCommerce platform and all marketing channels, allowing you to view all your key metrics in a single dashboard.

This setup lets you quickly understand your ad spend and overall business growth.

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4. AnyTrack

anytrack homepage

Best suited for: performance marketing teams and Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) brands

Pricing: $50/mo — $ 300/mo


14-day free trial

100+ integrations

Quick setup

Advanced traffic source analysis


Slower customer support

A/B tests have limitations

AnyTrack is ad tracking and attribution software designed to help digital marketers track and attribute conversions from various sources in real-time.


  • Different attribution models
  • Custom conversion goals
  • Autotrack events
  • Server-side & client-side tracking
  • Auto-tagging for URL parameters
  • Multi-channel funnel tracking
  • UTM tracking templates
  • Offline conversion tracking
  • Affiliate integrations
  • eCommerce integrations
  • Campaign optimization

AnyTrack vs. SegMetrics

Best ForPerformance marketing teams and eCommerce brandseCommerce brands, SaaS businesses, and agencies
Standout FeatureOffline conversion trackingSelf-hosted and server-side pixel
Pricing$50/mo — $ 300/mo$175/mo – $675/mo


DTC brands choose AnyTrack because it lets them track the whole customer journey across different websites and ad platforms.

It helps them target their ads better by feeding their pixels with the best audience data, along with many other helpful features.

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5. RedTrack

RedTrack homepage

Best suited for: eCommerce brands and advertising agencies

Pricing: $149/mo – $749/mo


14-day free trial

200+ integrations

Automation toolset

Data breakdowns


No error log

Challenges with UI

RedTrack is a tracking and conversion attribution platform designed for marketers and media buyers.

It provides tools to track, analyze, and optimize online advertising campaigns across multiple channels and platforms.


  • No-redirect tracking
  • Redirect tracking
  • Customizable attribution rules
  • Server-side tracking
  • Coupon tracking
  • Offline conversions tracking
  • Custom conversion events
  • Multi-currency support
  • AI-assisted revenue attribution
  • Automated rules & auto-optimization
  • Ad tracking
  • Customizable reports
  • A/B testing
  • Team collaboration options
  • 200+ integrations

RedTrack vs. SegMetrics

Best ForeCommerce brands and advertising agencieseCommerce brands, SaaS businesses, and agencies
Standout FeatureCustomizable attribution rulesSelf-hosted and server-side pixel
Pricing$149/mo – $749/mo$175/mo – $675/mo


RedTrack does a great job blending server-side tracking with first-party data, striking a good balance between accuracy and privacy.

Plus, its smart AI-driven attribution really stands out when you’re managing ads across various browsers and channels.

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6. ThoughtMetric

thoughtmetric homepage

Best suited for: eCommerce brands and conversion rate optimization (CRO) agencies.

Pricing: $99/mo – $999/mo


14-day free trial

User-friendly and intuitive

15+ integrations

Excellent customer service


No API available

Only import data from WooCommerce

ThoughtMetric is a marketing attribution platform designed specifically for e-commerce businesses.


  • Multi-channel tracking
  • Customer journey analysis
  • Customer segmentation
  • ROI measurement
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Ad spend optimization
  • Conversion tracking
  • Campaign performance insights
  • Post-purchase attribution surveys

ThoughtMetric vs. SegMetrics

Best ForeCommerce businesseseCommerce brands, SaaS businesses, and agencies
Standout FeaturePost-purchase attribution surveysSelf-hosted and server-side pixel
Pricing$99/mo – $999/mo$175/mo – $675/mo


ThoughtMetric captures everything from social media and search engine efforts to emails and influencer campaigns, using tracking tools like UTM parameters and discount codes.

This clear insight allows you to see which strategies are driving revenue.

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7. Peel Insights

peel homepage

Best suited for: eCommerce brands and conversion rate optimization (CRO) agencies.

Pricing: $499/mo – $899/mo


7-day free trial

Ecommerce integrations

On demand support

Customizable reporting


No mobile app

Not for beginners

Peel Insights is an analytics platform for eCommerce businesses, offering automated insights to help store owners understand sales trends and customer behavior.


  • Multi-touch attribution analytics
  • Cohort analysis
  • Customer purchasing journey
  • Market basket analysis
  • RFM analysis
  • Revenue tracking
  • Subscription analytics
  • Customer segmentation
  • Acquisition channel evaluation
  • Custom dashboards
  • Google Sheets & Excel Data sync
  • Product analytics
  • Automated daily currency conversion
  • Daily Slack & email reports
  • Drill down tables on all metrics

Peel Insights vs. SegMetrics

CriteriaPeel InsightsSegMetrics
Best ForShopify and Amazon eCommerce businesseseCommerce brands, SaaS businesses, and agencies
Standout FeatureSubscription analyticsSelf-hosted and server-side pixel
Pricing$499/mo – $899/mo$175/mo – $675/mo


I’ve really got to hand it to Peel Insights – it’s loaded with different powerful analytics tools. You get everything from cohort analysis to market basket analysis, plus insights into customer purchasing journeys and RFM analysis for tracking customer behavior.

Honestly, it’s like having a full analytics department at your fingertips.

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Which SegMetrics alternative should I use?

For PPC agencies and multi-brand corporations looking for precision in attribution and customization in conversion rules, Hyros is an ideal solution.

With features including organic traffic analysis and eCommerce LTV subscription analytics, it offers comprehensive insights starting from $49/month.

Alternatively, for eCommerce brands, digital marketing agencies, and advanced media buyers seeking comprehensive analytics tools, Wicked Reports offers customizable marketing attribution models and live conversion reporting.

With features like cohort analysis and predictive behaviors reports, it provides insights to optimize campaigns, alongside a 14-day free trial.

A quick recap of SegMetrics alternatives:

  1. Hyros
  2. Wicked Reports
  3. Triple Whale
  4. AnyTrack
  5. RedTrack
  6. ThoughtMetric
  7. Peel Insights

HYROS is a revolutionary tracking and attribution system that combines print tracking+ AI.

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