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Struggling to find an ideal candidate from a pool of applicants? Find out how this comprehensive recruitment platform can help in this ClearCompany review.

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ClearCompany ClearCompany
Software Type: Talent management software
Best For: Mid to large enterprises with complex HR processes and need powerful ATS.
Pricing: Request a quote
  • Real-time tracking of candidate workflows
  • Advanced reporting and customization
  • Offers a tag feature for communication
  • Integrates with 100+ platforms
  • It offers a complex interface
  • The software often has bugs

Recruitment software is a must-have tool, especially if you’re hiring often. Why? It simplifies recruitment by adhering to modern hiring demands and policies.

Today, hundreds of recruiting softwares flood the market, but we researched and found a gem in ClearCompany.

It claims to offer one of the best ATS, but does it offer value for money?

Let’s find out in this ClearCompany review.

SMB Guide’s Verdict for ClearCompany

After a thorough evaluation of ClearCompany features, it gets an 8.2 out of 10, and here is why:

ClearCompany is versatile and provides a candidate acquisition suite to help recruiters find and hire ideal candidates.

It also provides a comprehensive ATS solution that provides excellent functionality.

In this review of ClearCompany, I’ve followed SMB Guide’s detailed criteria for evaluating the applicant tracking software.

FactorRating (out of 10)
Pricing and Plans7
Job Posting and Candidate Sourcing8
Universal Search and Candidate Database8
Resume Management and Screening9
Applicant Tracking9
Candidate Evaluation and Assessment8
User Interface and User Experience8
Integrations, Compatibility, and Supported Platforms8
Customer Support9
SMB Guide Rating8.2

However, one thing to note is that ClearCompany lacks transparent pricing, which requires contacting the support team to get a pricing quote.

The good thing is that the benefits of the features outweigh the drawbacks. It makes ClearCompany suited for large enterprises with complex HR processes and needs a powerful ATS.

Pricing & Plans

ClearCompany pricing model is not transparent like most prominent ATS systems. You’ll need to send a custom quote to customer support through the website to get a custom deal.

One thing to note is that ClearCompany doesn’t offer a free plan or trial period. However, you can request a demo to see how the software works.

Job Posting and Candidate Sourcing

ClearCompany uses its dashboard to centralize the creation and management of job postings.

ClearCompany job posting

The platform also provides templates for recruiters to create a job post from scratch. One thing to note is that HR teams can add details to their job ad, like role requirements and screening questions.

The best part is you can preview and edit the job posts even when they’re live. Now, recruiters will find that ClearCompany connects to 100+ job boards.

The platform also supports posting to multiple job boards and tracking each ad’s performance. Social sharing of job posts is another feature ClearCompany offers.

It has a Social Recruiting feature that automates job posting to suitable platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter (X).

With candidate sourcing, ClearCompany provides a resume database that gives access to thousands of CVs.

Some job boards it accesses include ZipRecruiter, Indeed, and more. ClearCompany also provides candidate matching, using AI to find suitable talent for the open role.

You can also tweak the matching criteria depending on your preference. Lastly, the software supports resume parsing, scraping the relevant candidate info, and structuring the data.

Universal Search and Candidate Database

ClearCompany provides a universal search tool that allows recruiters to search their talent pool.

ClearCompany candidate database

HR teams can use filters or keywords to narrow their passive or active search.

Now, this platform also leverages AI to analyze the qualifications of candidates from integrated platforms like the LinkedIn system.

Not only that, the software also gives each candidate a rating. ClearCompany also has a database that recruiters can use to collect, store, and retrieve candidate information.

Then, HR teams can label applicants depending on their qualifications or attributes.

Resume Management and Screening

Like most prominent ATS software, ClearCompany centralizes all the applicant data on its dashboard.

ClearCompany resume screening

Then, from there, you can view the history and engagements of every applicant. HR teams can also use the platform’s native resume database or sourcing extension to access global talent that suits the open post.

With resume screening, ClearCompany leverages AI to find ideal candidates that match the open posts.

The software also offers recruiters search options to refine the talent pool for the job post.

Applicant Tracking and Candidate Management

The ATS that ClearCompany offers is one of the best. It allows you to manage the applicants in the workflows from start to end.

ClearCompany ATS

The ATS also simplifies the analysis of the pipelines by displaying metrics like the number of applications, interviews, and more.

ClearCompany also showcases the quality and source of all candidates. Not only that, recruiters can use the ATS to move talent through the hiring stages and enhance collaboration with the team.

With candidate management, ClearCompany allows HR teams to communicate with candidates through chat or email.

The ATS also supports customizing reminder messages to target the ideal talent. You’ll also get 360-degree info on each applicant’s profile history from the dashboard.

Candidate Evaluation and Assessment

Skill testing is a feature that ClearCompany offers to recruiters to assess the competency of the applicants.

ClearCompany skill testing

The platform allows you to create custom tests with varying difficulty levels and collect feedback in real-time.

Now, if you’re looking to conduct pre-employment assessments, ClearCompany offers robust support for this purpose.

The tests come in handy when evaluating applicants’ traits and compatibility with the company. The best part is that the software offers in-depth reporting on every talent’s potential.

Lastly, ClearCompany also allows the creation of scorecards to rate applicants based on custom-defined criteria.

The platform also allows for comparing applicants’ rankings based on the feedback from the recruitment team.

User Interface and User Experience

ClearCompany interface is clean and modern, allowing users to view the features easily.

ClearCompany dashboard

The platform is easy to navigate, and customization options are extensive. You can modify the pipelines and reminder messages to match your company branding.

The experience on the platform, where recruiters can automate most processes, like candidate matching, is also satisfying.

Not only that, the software is responsive to mobile devices.

Integrations, Compatibility, & Supported Platforms

ClearCompany integrates with over 100 platforms, including HRIS and communication platforms like Slack and LinkedIn.

ClearCompany integrations

The platform also has restful APIs that you can use to integrate custom apps or tweak data. The good thing is that the platform provides guides on ways to use the API.

Now, ClearCompany is a web-based software accessible to an internet-connected browser. The software is compatible with popular macOS, Linux, and Windows OS.

One thing to note is that the software is responsive to various devices, which helps improve the applicant’s experience.

Lastly, the software has a mobile app for Android but lacks an iOS version.

Customer Support

ClearCompany offers 3 support channels: live chat, phone, and email. The live chat and email have the fastest responses and are available anytime.

On the other hand, the phone support is only available on weekdays. The software also has a resource center with a blog and case studies that recruiters can use to learn about the software.

The platform also has a vibrant community on Facebook (1.6K) and Instagram (250).

ClearCompany – Unique Features

Besides ClearCompany being a remarkable ATS, it also offers unique features that make it stand out. Here are 3 features that make it unique.

Career site

The software offers a site builder that you can use to create pages showcasing a company culture. You can add media and content to the website to attract the target candidates.

Recruitment analytics

It is a feature that ClearCompany provides teams to provide insights on the hiring performance. It details metrics like retention, number of new hires, and more.

Compensation benchmarking

It is a feature that allows recruiters to access up-to-date labor market data from platforms like PayScale.

It comes in handy in guiding a company on salaries to the open role, ensuring transparency and equity in payment.

What the Experts Say About ClearCompany

Here’s an at-a-glance view of ClearCompany’s ratings on the major software review communities: 

  • G2: 4.6/5 (325 reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.4/5 (313 reviews)
  • TrustRadius: 8.3/10 (44 votes)

I entered in expecting what I have seen before with other major HRM software companies. I expected constant growing pains and problems and lackluster customer service. ClearCompany proved me wrong and has consistently delivered quality product support and customer service for the two tears that I have been using the product.

Keona F., Office Manager – Capterra verified review

As a recruiter, I value the clean simplicity of the Clear Company user interface. No two products have the same design, so there is perhaps a half day of getting used to where things are found in the candidate lifecycle, but once you see it, it makes perfect sense and becomes habit. Also, the overall look of each page is ‘clean’ – easy to see all the information without needing to overlook a bunch of unused information.

Ann A., Sr Recruiter – Capterra verified review

ClearCompany Alternatives

At SMB Guide, we understand not everyone will find ClearCompany comprehensive enough for their recruitment needs.

Here are 3 best alternatives that can offer what it lacks:

Primary Rating:
Primary Rating:
Primary Rating:
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Primary Rating:
Request a quote
Primary Rating:
Request a quote
Primary Rating:
Request pricing


jobvite homepage

Jobvite is an all-in-one talent acquisition solution that can help you streamline your hiring process. It comes with CRM and ATS features like referral, onboarding, and video interviewing tools.

Similar to ClearCompany, Jobvite doesn’t display its pricing. You’ll need to send a custom quote to get a deal.

It makes Jobvite fit in-house HR teams looking to recruit multiple positions regularly.


Greenhouse homepage

Greenhouse’s selling points are in its all-rounded suite of tools and user-friendly interface. It excels in structuring recruitment pipelines by providing interview kits, tests, and DE & I. 

However, its pricing plan, similar to ClearCompany, is not transparent. You have to send a quote to get a custom deal.

It makes Greenhouse fit growing enterprises looking to structure their workflows for better recruitment.


smartrecruiters homepage

SmartRecruiters is an ATS providing HR teams a platform to recruit candidates for multiple roles. Its selling points are CRM, pre-screening, and sourcing automation from platforms like LinkedIn. 

Similar to ClearCompany, SmartRecruiters has a hidden pricing model. You have to send a quote to get a custom deal.

It makes SmartRecruiters fit enterprises with 50+ employees and recruits candidates for multiple open positions.

Getting Started with ClearCompany

ClearCompany is a decent ATS that mid to large companies can use to find and hire top talent. Its major selling point is the AI-equipped platform that HR teams can use to parse CVs and match talent to job posts.

Not only that, automate mundane tasks and streamline workflows.

ClearCompany FAQs

Is there an interview scheduling capability on ClearCompany?

ClearCompany offers an interview scheduling feature that enables recruiters to coordinate interviews. It can be through the automation of reminder messages.

What features does ClearCompany provide for requisition management?

ClearCompany offers all-rounded requisition management tools for simplifying recruitment. They include real-time applicant tracking, automated job postings, and more.

Does ClearCompany automate the offer letter process?

Yes, ClearCompany provides recruiters with automated creation and sending of offer letters. It comes in handy in minimizing workload and improving efficiency.


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