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7 Best Peel Insights Alternatives & Competitors

Looking for a Peel alternative? I've researched their competitors and found the top 7 best Peel Insights alternatives for analytics your Shopify store.

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Triple Whale lets you easily manage and automate analytics, attribution, merchandising, and forecasting.


AdBeacon is a game-changing ad optimization platform. Lower your ad costs and skyrocket your results, ROAS, and profits.


E-commerce marketers use ThoughtMetric to track marketing performance and make data driven decisions to scale revenue.

Best Overall
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Triple Whale lets you easily manage and automate analytics, attribution, merchandising, and forecasting.

Best for Agencies
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AdBeacon is a game-changing ad optimization platform. Lower your ad costs and skyrocket your results, ROAS, and profits.

Best for Ecommerce
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E-commerce marketers use ThoughtMetric to track marketing performance and make data driven decisions to scale revenue.

Founded in 2019, Peel Insights is one of the newer players in the market when it comes to ad tracking.

While it’s a good solution for Shopify and Amazon e-commerce stores, it starts out at an expensive price point that might not be affordable for small businesses.

And it doesn’t have a mobile app, so it’s not really ideal for entrepreneurs on the go.

If you’re looking for a Peel Insights alternative, you’re in the right place. We’ve extensively tested multiple ad tracking solutions using SMB Guide’s detailed criteria.

Here are the best Peel Insights alternatives we’ve found and how they shape up.

1. Triple Whale

Triple Whale homepage

Best for: Triple Whale is designed for Shopify store owners and agencies that work with Shopify businesses.

Pricing: $129/mo – $279/mo


Offers a free plan

Real-time data insights

Proprietary pixel

Easy-to-use interface


For Shopify users only

Cost scales as you grow

Triple Whale is a data analytics and marketing attribution software built solely for Shopify stores that need a holistic view of their marketing data.


  • Conversion tracking: To prepare for a future without third-party cookies, Triple Whale uses a proprietary pixel that uses first-party data to track conversions.
  • Customer and product analysis: Triple Whale’s analyses help you learn more about your customers’ shopping habits and maximize retention.
  • Total Impact Attribution model: Compared to competitors, this model takes a wider variety of factors into account when assigning credit.
  • Creative Cockpit: Triple Whale’s Creative Cockpit provides in-depth insights, data visualization, and customizable segmentation.

Triple Whale Vs Peel

CriteriaTriple WhalePeel
Best ForShopify store owners and the agenciesShopify and Amazon e-commerce businesses
Standout FeatureReal-time MER trackingSubscriber metrics to reduce churn
Pricing$129/mo – $279/mo$499/mo – $899/mo


Triple Whale is a comprehensive ad tracking solution for small business owners running Shopify stores.

Its Total Impact Attribution model can help e-commerce businesses better determine the impact of each touchpoint along the customer journey.

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2. AdBeacon

AdBeacon homepage

Best for: AdBeacon is ideal for small to medium-sized enterprises looking to get accurate attribution reporting on their ad campaigns.

Pricing: $299/mo – $899/mo


Built for agencies

Uses first-party data

Simple interface

Attribution model flexibility


No free trial or plan

Newer software

AdBeacon is an ad tracking software that can be used to automate your marketing attribution, see which campaigns are performing best, and conduct A/B testing.


  • Predictive data metrics: Predictive metrics enable you to more easily determine not just which ads perform the best, but what your best selling products are.
  • Customer journeys: Dive deeper into the what, how, and where your campaigns are working.
  • Creative insights: AdBeacon shows you your best and worst performing ads in a centralized dashboard so you can learn from them.
  • Campaign budget optimization: With AdBeacon, you can scale or retract your spending with first-party conversion metrics.

AdBeacon Vs Peel

Best ForSmall to medium-sized enterprisesShopify and Amazon e-commerce businesses
Standout FeatureCreative dashboardSubscriber metrics to reduce churn
Pricing$299/mo – $899/mo$499/mo – $899/mo


AdBeacon is a great ad tracking solution for agencies, business owners, and marketers. Facebook marketers specifically can really benefit from this tool.

Along with multi-channel and conversion tracking, it can also help you optimize your campaign budget.

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3. ThoughtMetric

thoughtmetric homepage

Best for: ThoughtMetric is well-suited for e-commerce businesses that need to interpret complex data for insights on ROAS optimization.

Pricing: $99/mo – $999/mo


14-day free trial

User-friendly and intuitive

15+ integrations

Excellent customer service


No API available

Only import data from WooCommerce

ThoughtMetric is a marketing attribution software for e-commerce that helps you track which of your marketing channels are driving sales so you can make better business decisions.


  • Custom dashboards: Use the dashboard for a quick overview of key metrics of your choice, such as click-through rate, cost per click, and other important data.
  • ROI tracking: To help you optimize your ad spend, ThoughtMetric will track and match sales back to the exact ad they originated from.
  • Customer segmentation: Segment your online traffic based on custom-defined criteria – everything from interest, demographic, to behavior, and more.
  • Multi-channel tracking: ThoughtMetric tracks your performance on multiple channels so you can increase your ROAS.

ThoughtMetric Vs Peel

Best ForE-commerce businessesShopify and Amazon e-commerce businesses
Standout FeatureFocus on metrics specific to e-commerceSubscriber metrics to reduce churn
Pricing$99/mo – $999/mo$499/mo – $899/mo


ThoughtMetric is an excellent solution for businesses looking to increase their return on ad spend (ROAS).

I would say that its biggest con is only being able to import data from WooCommerce.

But it can still work with other e-commerce platforms – you’ll just need to manually import your data.

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4. Wicked Reports

Wicked Reports homepage

Best for: Wicked Reports is best for online businesses who need to monitor their ad marketing campaigns to make strategy improvements.

Pricing: Starts at $250/mo


Customizable dashboard

Full funnel attributions

Library of integrations

Unparalleled customer support


UI is old-fashioned

No fraud detection feature

Wicked Reports is a multi-touch marketing attribution software designed to help online businesses and marketers improve their strategies to increase profit.


  • Deep cost integrations: Wicked Reports has deep cost integrations with Google, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, Microsoft/Bing, and more.
  • Data mining: Wicked Reports uses data mining to help you determine the days and times your campaigns are likely to convert, predict how your customers might behave, and more.
  • Client-facing reports: If you’re an agency owner that works with clients, you’ll be able to generate visually pleasing reports to present to them.
  • Cohort reporting: Cohort Analysis Reports allow you to see total cost of a lead-generating campaign, budget spent vs. revenue earned, and more.

Wicked Reports Vs Peel

CriteriaWicked ReportsPeel
Best ForOnline businessesShopify and Amazon e-commerce businesses
Standout FeatureMulti-touch attribution capabilitiesSubscriber metrics to reduce churn
PricingStarts at $250/mo$499/mo – $899/mo


Wicked Reports is an awesome tool for online businesses who are looking for ways to reduce ad spend.

Pricing is based on the exact features you want, so you can customize it according to your budget and exact business needs.

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5. SegMetrics

segmetrics homepage

Best for: SegMetrics is for businesses that want to better understand how clicks convert into revenue.

Pricing: $175/mo – $675/mo


14-day free trial

90+ integrations

Customizable dashboards

User-friendly reporting


No mobile app

Setting up requires tech skills

SegMetrics is a marketing attribution software designed to track customer lifetime value through your entire funnel.


  • Funnel optimization: Customer Journey reporting will give you insights on where your funnel is weak and how you can optimize it for better conversions.
  • Dynamic reporting: SegMetrics’ dynamic reporting makes it easier to boost your campaign ROIs by breaking down your traffic with different attribution models.
  • Subscription optimization: This will help you understand how different customer segments and cohorts perform over time.
  • LTV attribution: SegMetrics includes 7D tracking which collects consistent data about each of your visitors.

SegMetrics Vs Peel

Best ForMarketing directors and anyone running marketing campaignsShopify and Amazon e-commerce businesses
Standout Feature90+ integrationsSubscriber metrics to reduce churn
Pricing$175/mo – $675/mo$499/mo – $899/mo


Whether you’re a solopreneur or an agency, SegMetrics is a good choice for you if you’re focused on increasing customer lifetime value and retention.

No matter what level your business is at, they’ll likely have a plan that works for you.

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6. Hyros

Hyros homepage

Best for: Hyros is designed for large enterprises who need an ad tracking tool to help them scale up their marketing efforts.

Pricing: Starts at $99/mo


One-on-one assistance

High level reporting

AI optimization

Real-time data analysis


Customized pricing

Not designed for beginners

Hyros is an ad tracking software that uses a patented AI attribution system that’s been shown to consistently increase ad ROI by 20%.


  • Multi-platform tracking: With Hyros, you can easily separate and view your different traffic sources.
  • Customer journey mapping: Hyros’ Lead Journey Reports allow you to dive deep into customer journeys and understand how all of your sources work together.
  • Advanced attribution modeling: You can use common attribution models like first/last click or customize it entirely to meet your specific needs.
  • Extensive integration: Hyros offers dozens of integrations with marketing, communication, payment, and project management solutions.

Hyros Vs Peel

Best ForInfluencers and digital businessesShopify and Amazon e-commerce businesses
Standout Feature90+ integrationsSubscriber metrics to reduce churn
PricingStarts at $99/mo$499/mo – $899/mo


Hyros is a cutting-edge ad tracking solution for mid to large companies with lots of available ad spend.

Their patented AI attribution modeling is certainly a perk, but for solopreneurs and small businesses, it may not be necessary.

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7. Voluum

voluum homepage

Best for: Voluum is ideal for affiliate marketers, media buyers, and agencies.

Pricing: $199/mo – $599/mo


Built for media buyers

50+ integrations

Real-time analytics

1-on-1 onboarding & support


No free trial

Expensive pricing

Voluum is an ad and performance tracking platform that’s ideal for agencies and solo brands that do a lot of affiliate marketing.


  • Real-time reporting: You can monitor more than 30 different metrics about each click, visit, and conversion for both paid and organic traffic.
  • AI-powered optimization: Ditch manual optimization – with Voluum’s Traffic Distribution AI, you can easily increase your campaign performance in less time.
  • Anti-fraud kit: Ad fraud detection can help you detect bot clicks so you stop wasting your ad money boosting suspicious traffic sources.
  • A/B testing tools: Voluum makes it easy to split-test your campaigns to see which ones are performing best.

Voluum Vs Peel

Best ForAffiliate marketers, media buyers, and agenciesShopify and Amazon e-commerce businesses
Standout FeatureAnti-fraud kitSubscriber metrics to reduce churn
Pricing$199/mo – $599/mo$499/mo – $899/mo


Voluum’s AI-powered optimization and anti-fraud kit make it ideal for anyone who needs to ensure every ad dollar spent is making an impact.

It is especially helpful for businesses that rely on affiliate marketing for a large part of their revenue.

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Which Peel Insights Alternative should you use?

Each of these Peel Insights alternatives have their own strengths and weaknesses.

You should first consider whether the tool will actually integrate with your business.

Triple Whale, for example, is only for Shopify store owners, while others will work for a variety of business types.

From there, consider your budget and the specific features you need – maybe it’s multi-touch attribution, or the ability to track customer journeys, or detailed and customizable reports.

At the end of the day, it’s really just about making a personal, informed decision based on your business needs.

Recap of the Peel alternatives

  1. Triple Whale
  2. AdBeacon
  3. ThoughtMetric
  4. Wicked Reports
  5. Segmetrics
  6. Hyros
  7. Voluum
Triple Whale

Triple Whale lets you easily manage and automate analytics, attribution, merchandising, forecasting and more—in the palm of your hand.

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