7 Best LessAccounting Alternatives & Competitors

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Does LessAccounting offer legit services? Is there an alternative with more flexibility? Here are the 7 best LessAccounting alternatives to fix your books.

Best Overall
Best for Invoicing
Best for Startups

QuickBooks Live is an online bookkeeping service that connects small businesses with trusted, certified virtual bookkeepers.


FreshBooks is accounting software built for business owners and their clients.


Pilot is a provider of back-office services, including bookkeeping, controller services, and CFO services.

Best Overall

QuickBooks Live is an online bookkeeping service that connects small businesses with trusted, certified virtual bookkeepers.

Best for Invoicing

FreshBooks is accounting software built for business owners and their clients.

Best for Startups

Pilot is a provider of back-office services, including bookkeeping, controller services, and CFO services.

Is pricing a significant factor when picking a LessAccounting alternative?

Then, there are bookkeeping services that offer more than just dirt-cheap plans. 

In fact, they offer more flexibility and custom services like tax support, consulting and dedicated bookkeepers.

So, here are the 7 best LessAccounting alternatives to help fix your messy books.

1. QuickBooks Live

Quickbooks Live homepage

Best suited for: Solopreneurs and SMBs that need hands-on support with their bookkeeping through a dedicated expert.

Pricing: $200/mo


Real-time data access

Customizable business reports

Integrates with other apps

Professional bookkeeping assistance


Mandatory one-time clean-up fee

May be cost-prohibitive for some businesses

QuickBooks Live is an assisted bookkeeping service that QuickBooks Online users can request to help them reconcile books.


  • Live bookkeeper – After enrolling with the service, businesses get a dedicated bookkeeper to guide them on account reconciliation. The platform also has a hub where entrepreneurs can view bookkeepers’ progress and schedules.
  • Monthly trial balance – The dedicated bookkeeper assigned to your business will close the books each month and prepare a trial balance.
  • Credit card and bank account reconciliation – The service helps businesses connect credit cards with their bank accounts. It simplifies downloading report account transactions, which a bookkeeper reviews to ensure accuracy.
  • Vendor and customer setup – The dedicated bookkeeper helps entrepreneurs create customizable customer and vendor lists.

QuickBooks Live Vs LessAccounting

CriteriaQuickBooks LiveLessAccounting
Best ForSolopreneurs and SMBsSmall and mid-sized businesses
Standout FeatureLive bookkeeperInvoicing
Pricing$200-$400/mo + QBO subscription$24/mo – $350/mo


SMBs or solopreneurs looking for live bookkeeping support to help reconcile their monthly books will find QuickBooks Live ideal.

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Free QuickBooks live consultation

2. FreshBooks

freshbooks homepage

Best suited for: Solopreneurs and SMEs that have service-based businesses with no inventory.

Pricing: $19/mo – $60/mo


30-day free trial

Easy to use interface

100+ integrations

Excellent customer support


Limited customizations

Not designed for enterprises

FreshBooks is an accounting software that supports SMEs with invoicing, tracking payments, and managing customers.


  • Project accounting – The service offers project management features that combine well with invoicing to manage pipelines. Businesses can also compare estimates against actual costs for better strategies.
  • Sales tax management – Businesses can add sales tax to the invoices and expenses through the FreshBooks platform. One thing to consider is that sales tax varies by state.
  • Reporting – Basic financial reporting is possible on this software, which includes A/P and A/R aging, trial balance, and more. However, the reporting cannot match what QuickBooks Online offers. 
  • Mobile app – You can access your workflows remotely through a mobile app. With the software you can create custom invoices through the iOS app and edit them when necessary.

FreshBooks Vs LessAccounting

Best ForSmall businesses and freelancersSmall and mid-sized businesses
Standout FeatureProject accountingInvoicing
Pricing$19/mo – $60/mo$24/mo – $350/mo


New business owners with no experience with accounting will find FreshBooks valuable.

Entrepreneurs get support in all aspects like invoicing, payment tracking and more.

Start your 30-day free trial of FreshBooks!

30-day free trial of FreshBooks

3. Pilot

Pilot homepage

Best suited for: Fast-growing businesses that need accrual-based accounting and advanced bookkeeping.

Pricing: $499/mo – $699/mo


Dedicated bookkeeper

Supports accrual basis accounting

Offers CFO advisory

Discount for pre-revenue companies


No free trial

Limited email support

Pilot is a financial services firm that provides growing businesses with bookkeeping, advisory services, and R&D.


  • Tax consulting – It is a standalone service that helps businesses file state and federal income tax, plus any 1099s. A dedicated tax expert will guide entrepreneurs on filing in real-time.
  • Account checklist – It helps bookkeepers stay organized, from customer onboarding to updates on the bookkeeping process. The software automates most of the processes, like categorization.
  • QuickBooks integration – QuickBooks is the only accounting software Pilot integrates with.  Bookkeepers can use it to audit the books and email the audit report to businesses. Entrepreneurs can then view the audit changes through QuickBooks Online.
  • Reporting – Pilot sends its clients a detailed monthly report of their books, including a balance sheet, cash flow statement, and P&L. The service also sends an insight report to show account changes.

Pilot Vs LessAccounting

Best ForFast growing enterprisesSmall and mid-sized businesses
Standout FeatureAccount checklistInvoicing
Pricing$499/mo – $699/mo$24/mo – $350/mo


Pilot offers fast-growing businesses an accounting solution to help them succeed.

Its selling points are in the tax filing and CFO services.

4. Wave Accounting

wave accounting homepage

Best suited for: Micro businesses and freelancers looking for basic bookkeeping essentials at no cost.

Pricing: Free – $149/mo


Free for accounting and invoicing

Multi-currency support

Unlimited users and transactions

User-friendly interface and dashboard


No inventory or time tracking

No third-party integrations available

Wave is a free accounting service that provides businesses with bookkeeping, invoicing and account management.


  • Sales and income tax management – It supports adding a sales tax on invoices, income transactions and payments. It is handy when dealing with contractors who need 1099s to file taxes.
  • Integrations – Wave Accounting integrates with Google directly. However, for custom systems or any other app, entrepreneurs can use Zapier.
  • Reporting – Businesses can generate various accounting reports like a P&L, balance sheet, trial balance and more. One thing to note is that the platform lacks report customization.
  • Inventory management – Besides the basic service, the A/R and A/P are decent for small enterprises. Businesses can also add products or services seamlessly.

Wave Vs LessAccounting

CriteriaWave AccountingLessAccounting
Best ForStartups and freelancersSmall and mid-sized businesses
Standout FeatureFree servicesInvoicing
PricingFree – $149/mo$24/mo – $350/mo


Startups and freelancers without a budget and who need basic accounting services will find Wave Accounting suitable.

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5. 1-800Accountant

1-800Accountant homepage

Best suited for: Startups and SMBs that need hands-on accounting support and entity formation.

Pricing: $139/mo – $399/mo


Flat rate pricing

30-day satisfaction guarantee

Unlimited tax advice

Powered by CPAs


Annual billing

Bookkeeping is only in top tier plan

1-800Accountant is an all-rounded accounting service providing businesses with a suite of features, including bookkeeping and entity formation.


  • Payroll and tax support – The service will help process staff payroll, and an expert will ensure it compiles with tax laws. 1-800Accountant also files personal and business taxes. Plus, it offers professional consulting and planning.
  • Mobile app – With the mobile app, you can effortlessly track and upload essential paperwork by simply capturing and uploading a photo. The mobile app is available for Android and iOS gadgets.
  • Catch-up bookkeeping – Businesses that have fallen behind on their books can request this service to reconcile and update their accounts. It helps them comply with the IRS when filing taxes.
  • Entity formation – Startups looking to form an entity like an LLC can use 1-800Accountant services to prepare and file their paperwork with the state. The best part is that it also provides additional services at a fee, like a registered agent, EIN, and more.

1-800Accountant Vs LessAccounting

Best ForStartups and SMBsSmall and mid-sized businesses
Standout FeatureEntity formationInvoicing
Pricing$139/mo – $399/mo$24/mo – $350/mo


Startups on a budget looking for accounting support will find 1-800Accountant valuable.

Its selling points are in entity formation and catch up bookkeeping.

Schedule your free call with 1-800Accountant

Schedule a call with 1-800Accountant

6. Bench

Bench Accounting homepage

Best suited for: Small to mid-sized businesses with overdue accounts and need an accounting solution to fix them.

Pricing: $249/mo – $349/mo


1-month free

One-on-one expert support

Powerful reporting

Catch-up bookkeeping available


Pricey accrual adjustments

Doesn’t offer CFO consultancy

Bench is a bookkeeping service that helps businesses with simple accounting financials streamline them.


  • Financial reporting – It is a feature on the Bench platform that allows entrepreneurs to view their accounts, payables, and income. You can also generate financial reports like balance sheets and more.
  • Tax consulting – Subscribing to the Enterprise plan allows businesses access to tax support and bookkeeping. The plan also allows the dedicated bookkeeper to track tax forms to ease filing. 
  • Reminders – The platform dashboard acts as the central hub where all notifications get displayed whenever changes happen. It can include due dates on filing taxes or any other communication.
  • Dedicated bookkeeper – Bench uses business details after signing up to match an SME with a dedicated bookkeeper. They act as a point of contact and guide on how Bench works.

Bench Vs LessAccounting

Best ForSmall and mid-sized businessesSmall and mid-sized businesses
Standout FeatureDedicated bookkeeperInvoicing
Pricing$249/mo – $349/mo$24/mo – $350/mo


SMBs with simple finances looking for a bookkeeping solution to reconcile their accounts will find Bench suitable.

It excels at sending reminders on due dates and providing detailed financial reports.

7. Bookkeeper360

Bookkeeper360 homepage

Best suited for: Small to mid-sized businesses looking for customized accounting solutions weekly.

Pricing: $125/hr to $549/mo


Free consultation

24/7 support

Dedicated CPA

Offers accrual-based accounting


No mobile app

No inventory management features

Bookkeeper360 is a bookkeeping service that provides SMEs with live accounting and back-office support.


  • Cash management – Businesses can use the platforms’ app to get an overview of their cash flow for the last 2 years.
  • Web-based app – The application summarizes data from Xero and QuickBooks and visualizes it in graphs. Once a business integrates Xero and QuickBooks, they can track the financials from the app directly.
  • Tax and consulting – Bookkeeper360 files personal and business taxes on behalf of the entrepreneur, plus offers professional consulting. Businesses with CFOs can get advice from experts on growth strategies and management.
  • Payroll and HR – Bookkeeper360 supports businesses in processing staff payroll, including 1099s and W-2s. Not only that, businesses can seamlessly integrate platforms like Gusto for their payroll.

Bookkeeper360 Vs LessAccounting

Best ForSmall and mid-sized businessesSmall and mid-sized businesses
Standout FeatureCFO advisoryInvoicing
Pricing$125/hr to $549/mo$24/mo – $350/mo


SMEs looking for weekly bookkeeping, payroll, and compliance support will find Bookkeeper360 valuable.

Schedule your call with Bookkeeper360!

Schedule a call with Bookkeeper360

Which LessAccounting Alternative Should You Choose?

LessAccounting is an ideal accounting service for small businesses with simple financials.

It provides double-entry accounting and standard income expenditure management.

Plus, its selling points are in the automation rules and user-friendly dashboard. However, LessAccounting lacks flexibility and has customization limitations. 

That’s why we recommend these 7 best LessAccounting alternatives. They offer unique services and flexibility, unlike LessAccounting.

So, pick one that matches your accounting needs and budget.

Recap of the LessAccounting alternatives

  1. QuickBooks Live
  2. FreshBooks
  3. Pilot
  4. Wave Accounting
  5. 1-800Accountant
  6. Bench
  7. Bookkeeper360
QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping

QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping is an online bookkeeping service that connects small businesses with trusted, QuickBooks-certified virtual bookkeepers

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