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Searching for a social proof app that integrates well with e-commerce platforms? Try this hidden gem and find out how it works in this TrustPulse review.

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TrustPulse TrustPulse
Software Type: Social Proof & Fomo App
Best For: Ecommerce businesses struggling with cart abandonment and looking to improve conversions.
Pricing: $5/mo - $39/mo
  • Boost conversions
  • Easy installation
  • Built for Wordpress sites
  • 14-day money back guarantee
  • No free trial
  • Must pay annually

Is your Ecommerce site struggling with low conversions and engagement? Try using social proof software.

One software gaining a reputation is TrustPulse. It focuses on notification customization at an affordable price.

Now, what makes it a must-have, especially for e-commerce stores?

Let’s find out in this TrustPulse review.

SMB Guide’s Verdict for TrustPulse

TrustPulse gets an 8.1 out of 10 rating after a thorough evaluation. Here is why: TrustPulse focuses on user experience and customization at an affordable price.

Users can select from various notification types, granting them access to advanced triggering options and display rules.

However, during our evaluation, we realized TrustPulse lacks advanced analytics functionalities and no free plan.

FactorRating (out of 10)
Pricing & Plans8.5
Template Variety and Design Options9
Triggering and Display Rules8
Mobile Responsiveness9
Notification Customization8.5
User Interface and User Experience9
Integrations and Compatibility7
Customer Support7
SMB Guide Rating8.1

The bottom line is that it provides a good balance of affordability with features. TrustPulse is suitable for businesses focusing on social proof notification control and customization.

In this TrustPulse review, I’ve followed SMB Guide’s detailed criteria for evaluating social proof software.

Pricing & Plans

TrustPulse’s pricing structure is straightforward. It offers four plans but without a free package. The plans are scalable and include a 14-day money back guarantee.

TrustPulse pricing

It’s important to note that the billing cycle is exclusively annual. Businesses looking for Enterprise packages will find them offered.

However, it requires contacting support first. Here are the plans:


It is an entry package offering basic features.


  • Basic: $60 annually (max 1500 visitors)


  • Unlimited supported campaigns
  • Supports I website
  • Multilingual support
  • Custom design controls
  • Notification expansion
  • Page level targeting 
  • Automagic activity capture
  • On fire notifications

Who its for: Bloggers and SMBs with small sites looking for a plan offering essential social proof tools.


It is an upgrade from the basic plan, offering a higher limit on unique visitors.


  • Plus: $120 annually (max 10K visitors)


  • Everything in the Basic plan
  • Supports 2 websites
  • Advanced analytical notifications 
  • Mobile device targeting
  • Advanced action messages
  • One embed pixel
  • Campaign duplication
  • Native analytics and reporting
  • Unlimited campaign support

Who its for: Small growing businesses looking for a plan offering more than basic social proof tools.


It is one of the premium plans offering advanced features suiting websites that sell products.


  • Pro: $228 annually (max 25K visitors)


  • Everything in the Plus plan
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Notification looping
  • Priority support
  • Remove TrustPulse branding
  • Activity expiration
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Supports 5 websites

Who its for: Ecommerce sites with high traffic and need white-label social proof tools.


It is the top plan offering all features available on TrustPulse.


  • Growth: $468 annually (max 100K visitors)


  • Everything in the Pro plan
  • Custom layout controls
  • Premium support
  • Unlimited sub-accounts
  • Supports 10 websites
  • Archive management
  • Campaign duplication
  • One embed pixel

Who its for: Agencies and larger businesses looking for a comprehensive plan offering all-rounded social proof features.


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Template Variety and Design Options

Businesses will find a decent range of pre-designed templates for various notifications. These include pop-ups, recent sales notifications, group activity notifications, low-stock notifications, trust badges, and more.

TrustPulse templates

With design flexibility, TrustPulse allows users to modify the appearance of the pre-designed notifications. Users can tweak the color themes, font type, size, notification style, and animations.

However, one thing to note is that TrustPulse cannot create social proof notifications entirely from scratch. It can be limiting for businesses looking for a specific notification design unique to their brand.

Triggering and Display Rules

TrustPulse excels in offering advanced triggering options to help businesses control how their notifications appear.

Companies can set them to display depending on page views, inactivity, time on site, scroll depth, or intent to exit.

TrustPulse display rules

Now, while TrustPulse offers many triggering options, its targeting leverages smart targeting rules. Businesses can set notification triggers depending on visitor geo-location and behavior.

Businesses will also find some unique display rule nuances that TrustPulse also provides. They include capping on notification frequency.

Another is the notification schedule, where users can set times or days when it displays. These triggers enhance the FOMO effect, which helps improve conversions and leverage social proof to its fullest.

Mobile Responsiveness

TrustPulse optimizes its notifications for various screens with an emphasis on mobile devices. It makes it easy to maintain the aesthetic appeal and functionality no matter the device.

TrustPulse reporting

TrustPulse also commits to ensuring a smooth end-user experience. It is evident in the notification auto reformat on mobile screens, which helps avoid compromising the quality and delivery of social proof messages.

Notification Customization

The customization of social proof notifications offered by TrustPulse is extensive. Businesses can customize them to align with their brand messaging.

TrustPulse notifications

Users have the ability to adjust the following:

  • Appearance and design: Add images and change background colors, font size, and animations to fit the site layout.
  • Notification content: Create engaging content that resonates with visitors. Users can also edit the text in the notifications to ensure clear CTAs.

Another standout customization option is controlling where the notifications display. For example, users can set whether the notifications appear on specific URLs or all site pages. 

A user can also set the timing of the notifications and the intervals between them. The best part is that users can ensure the notifications are mobile-friendly.

TrustPulse offers flexibility with its notification types, catering to different strategies. These include testimonials for building trust, real-time purchase alerts, and social shares.

Lastly, users have the option to select the positioning of the notification on their site. For example, you can select it to appear on the bottom right or left or top left or right.

Users can also craft a default welcome message that displays when there isn’t recent activity.

User Interface and User Experience

The TrustPulse interface is modern and focuses on ease of use. The navigation is simple, providing well-labeled buttons that are easy to open.

TrustPulse interface

The dashboard is well-organized, with minimalist elements that avoid overwhelming first-time users. TrustPulse offers extensive customization and personalization options.

The software provides a wizard that guides users in creating and setting up social proof campaigns. Users can customize the notifications with animations, add images, change fonts, and more.

TrustPulse also simplifies the onboarding process, providing documentation and tutorials on how to get started. The support team is also helpful and ready to answer any queries.

Integrations and Compatibility

Users will find a decent pre-built integration stack provided by TrustPulse. It connects with platforms like CRMs, marketing tools, analytics softwares, and more.

TrustPulse integrations

Setting up the pre-built integrations is also simple. The platform provides documentation that outlines the configuration process for each integration.

For example, the documentation explains integrating Kajabi checkout or Google Analytics. The activation can be a simple link via the software interface depending on the integration.

Users looking to integrate custom applications need to use Zapier. It offers easy integration access to 1,000+ other platforms.

Customer Support

TrustPulse only provides email ticketing as the only option for reaching support for help. The response times can take up to 24 hours, but the support is reliable and helpful.

TrustPulse support

Users looking for self-help resources will find a knowledge base with a blog, detailed documentation, and video tutorials (tour).

The tour offers visual demonstrations of the software’s inner workings. The documentation is also in-depth, providing step-by-step guides on how the platform works.

TrustPulse also has a small online following on Facebook and X, where users can interact.

TrustPulse – Unique Features

TrustPulse stands out from other social proof software with several unique features. Here are three that make it stand out.

  • Notification Looping: This feature goes beyond offering on-fire notifications highlighting recent activity. It allows users to create continuous notification loops that are always displayed on the website.
  • Ambiguity Monitor: This powerful feature analyzes the text on the notification to ensure it’s concise and clear. It helps show transparency, thereby building credibility for the site visitors.
  • Activity Expiration: TrustPulse allows users to set expiration dates for notifications, which helps avoid displaying outdated information. This handy feature allows your site’s social proof to remain credible and relevant.

What the Experts Say About TrustPulse

TrustPulse doesn’t have many reviews online, but on platforms like Product Hunt and Slashdot, here is what the users had to say.

On, John Atkinson, a verified small business owner, said, “TrustPulse simplifies the entire process of creating social proof notifications to display on my website. The best part is that I started seeing positive results within a short time. Not only that, the software has affordable plans compared to other platforms.”

On, a verified CEO of a small business owner said, “TrustPulse worked okay where it displayed the notifications as supposed to. However, the support is poor and they don’t respond on time in case of an urgent issue.”

TrustPulse Alternatives

TrustPulse offers one of the best social proof software at an affordable price. However, exploring alternatives can help you find a tool that fits your needs.

Here are the three best options for TrustPulse that we’ve handpicked:

Primary Rating:
Primary Rating:
Primary Rating:
Free - $129/mo
$9/mo - $89/mo
$25/mo - $499/mo
Primary Rating:
Free - $129/mo
Primary Rating:
$9/mo - $89/mo
Primary Rating:
$25/mo - $499/mo


Trustmary homepage

Trustmary focuses on video testimonials and provides advanced features like lead capture forms and sentiment analysis. However, it offers fewer options for social proof elements, like social shares and recent purchases.

Unlike TrustPulse, Trustmary offers a free plan. The paid plans start at $19 monthly (max 5K views). It suits small businesses on a shoestring budget that prioritize video testimonials to build trust.

Get started with Trustmary for free


nudgify homepage

Nudgify excels in advanced targeting, offering businesses granular options for notification personalization. Users can target depending on visitor behavior, site sections, and more. 

The software also provides FOMO tactics like progress bars and stock countdown timers. They help create scarcity and urgency, which enhances conversions.

Nudgify lacks a free plan, but the paid plans start at $9 monthly (max 3K visitors). It makes it fit small businesses looking to use FOMO and advanced targeting strategies to increase sales.

Sign up for Nudgify for free today!


fomo app homepage

Fomo excels at creating urgency and scarcity through live visitor counts, countdown timers, and more. However, its pricing is higher than that of Nudgify, Trustmary, and TrustPulse.

It also lacks a free package, but paid plans start at $25 monthly (max 8K notifications). It makes it suit businesses focusing on scarcity and urgency strategies for conversion.

Start your free trial of Fomo

Other options: Best TrustPulse Alternatives

Get Started with TrustPulse

The flexibility in notification types, customer-centric approach, and highly customizable notifications make TrustPulse a must-have if you run an e-commerce site.

Combining these features and its affordable plans makes it the best choice as a social proof app to build trust on websites.

We recommend TrustPulse to businesses looking to build credibility online and improve sales. Get started by signing up!


Is there an enterprise plan on TrustPulse?

Businesses with websites receiving 1M+ visitors each month are eligible for exclusive enterprise plans. However, they must contact the TrustPulse support team for a custom deal.

What activities on my website can TrustPulse track?

Businesses can expect TrustPulse to track events like demo registrations, downloads, purchases, and email signups. The software displays actual visitor activity on your site to build trust.

Are tech skills a requirement when using TrustPulse?

Users don’t need tech skills to create or customize the notifications within the app. The software provides a drag-and-drop functionality when creating social proof notifications.


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Powerful and easy-to-use social proof and fomo app that displays real user activity on your site to convert visitors into leads and sales.

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