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Want to increase reviews on your Shopify store from zero to hundreds in days? Try using a social proof app and learn its power in this Trustmary review.

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Trustmary Trustmary
Software Type: Social proof software
Best For: Ecommerce businesses looking to automate the collection and display of text and video testimonials on their sites to build trust.
Pricing: Free - $129/mo
  • Free forever plan
  • 50+ integrations
  • Supports unlimited domains
  • Dedicated account manager
  • No phone support for entry plans
  • No mobile apps

Struggling to understand your customer’s pain points when they visit your website? Start using a social proof app.

Trustmary is one of the best social proof software for automating testimonial collection and display. However, its main drawback is the lack of FOMO features.

So, how does it perform as a social proof app? Let’s find out in this Trustmary review.

SMB Guide’s Verdict for Trustmary

Trustmary gets an 8.6 out of 10 rating after a thorough evaluation and using it for a few weeks. Here is why:

It is a dependable platform suitable for customer testimonial management. It excels in video testimonial capture ease, SEO optimization, affordable plans, automation, and more.

However, we noted it lacks FOMO capability like one available in social proof apps like TrustPulse. The bottom line is that Trustmary suits small businesses looking to automate testimonial collection and display on their sites.

FactorRating (out of 10)
Pricing & Plans8.5
Template Variety and Design Options9
Triggering and Display Rules8
Mobile Responsiveness9
Notification Customization8
User Interface and User Experience9
Integrations and Compatibility8.5
Customer Support9.5
SMB Guide Rating9.1

In this Trustmary review, I’ve followed SMB Guide’s detailed criteria for evaluating social proof software.

Pricing & Plans

Trustmary categorizes its pricing into Display, Collect, and Full Suite. The Display is the basic package offering four plans that include a free plan.

Trustmary pricing

The pricing depends on the number of monthly views, and the plans are scalable. The billing cycle is monthly or annual, where picking the yearly payments offers a 16% discount.

Here are the plans:


It is the entry plan which offers a forever-free package.


  • Solo: $0 (max 200 monthly views)


  • I review platform
  • Unlimited widgets
  • Goal tracking
  • Live chat support
  • One-off review import
  • Review filtering

Who its for: Small sites without a budget and looking to collect and display reviews to build credibility.


It is a paid upgrade from the free plan, offering more advanced features.


  • Monthly: $19 (max 5K views)
  • Yearly: $192 (16% off)


  • All features in the Solo plan
  • Up to three review platforms
  • Unlimited users
  • Automatic daily review import
  • Unlimited domains
  • Review tagging
  • Free widget installation wizard

Who its for: Small businesses with multiple platforms and looking to convert viewers into sales.


It is an upgrade from the Starter plan and one of the premium packages.


  • Monthly: $59 (max 25K viewers)
  • Yearly: $588 (16% off)


  • All features in the Starter plan
  • Up to 10 review platforms
  • A/B testing
  • Remover Trustmary branding
  • Phone and live chat support
  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited widgets
  • Review filtering

Who its for: Growing businesses looking for the best display plan for their websites.


It is the top plan offering premium features for text and video display.


  • Monthly: $129 (max 100K viewers)
  • Yearly: $1284 (16% off)


  • All features in the Business plan
  • Up to 25 review platforms
  • Priority support
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited users
  • Goal tracking
  • Review filtering

Who its for: Large enterprises looking for a display plan that offers loads of widgets and other premium features.


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Template Variety and Design Options

Trustmary provides users a diverse library of pre-designed templates that fit multiple notification types. Whether it’s testimonials, reviews, or ratings in formats like pop-ups, badges, in-page widgets, or banners.

Trustmary template options

Trustmary also provides templates with design flexibility, using automatic design alignment. The feature ensures the notifications intuitively adjust to the user’s website look and feel.

Users can also tweak the font, color scheme, and other layout variations of their notifications. However, Trustmary doesn’t allow the creation of a new notification design from scratch.

Not only that, the color scheme limits users to the available palette. The customization options on the pre-defined templates are extensive.

Trustmary enables quick notification installation by embedding a simple script on users’ websites. It makes it easy for non-technical users to customize and install the notifications.

Triggering and Display Rules

Businesses can set specific triggering and display rules for their notifications on their site through Trustmary. It helps make the notification relevant and display at the right moment.

Trustmary triggering rules

Users can target their audience by segmenting them depending on the visitor’s behavior. For example, businesses can segment the audience based on survey completion, completed purchases, demographics, and more.

It is handy in customizing a notification that fits each segment. With display rules, users can control how notifications appear on their e-commerce sites.

For example, Trustmary allows users to trigger notifications depending on the time a visitor hovers on a page, site visits, clicks, and more.

The set rules trigger the notification display at the opportune time, which maximizes its effect.

Mobile Responsiveness

Trustmary emphasizes mobile responsiveness, ensuring the notifications adjust automatically to different devices.

Users will find that the notifications retain full functionality even on smaller screens.

Trustmary mobile responsiveness

The content is clear and visually appealing. Besides responsiveness, Trustmary ensures a top-notch mobile user experience.

For example, the touch elements, avatars, and loading times are well-optimized for tablets and mobile devices. The handy approach allows visitors to interact easily with the notifications and click through the testimonials.

Notification Customization

Trustmary provides one of the most extensive notification customization options in its social proof app class. The design options allow users to choose colors, layouts, and fonts that match their website brand, which is handy for ensuring consistency.

Trustmary notification options

Users can also modify the appearance of the pre-designed notification elements. For example, they can change the animation effects, text size, or background images.

Trustmary also offers flexibility when customizing the notification content. Users can use multiple notification types to display several social proof elements. Some of them include:

  • Social shares
  • Purchase alerts
  • Trust badges
  • Testimonials

It helps users to create a dynamic social proof presence on their sites. Users can also tweak the notification text, such as the CTAs, headlines, and descriptions.

Not only that, businesses can upload logos and images to personalize the entire experience. Trustmary also allows users to highlight specific products or pages on their site through target notifications.

It is through them that users can drive visitors to perform desired cations. The best part is that Trustmary provides granular control on notification timing.

Users can set display rules for the notification based on custom-defined criteria. Users can also optimize the timing to control the duration and frequency of notification display.

User Interface and User Experience

The Trustmary interface is stylish and easy to navigate. The software simplifies feedback collection and publishing testimonials on a website.

Trustmary interface

Accessing the software is also easy through a browser. From there, users access Trustmary’s dashboard, which provides extensive customization options.

Users can modify the widgets to fit their brand feel and look without requiring high-level coding skills. Onboarding is seamless, with intelligent survey sending and flexible tools for measuring customer satisfaction, like NPS.

Integrations and Compatibility

The integration stack users will find on Trustmary is extensive. The platform integrates with CRMs, marketing, support, and analytics software.

Some include HubSpot, Google Analytics, Facebook, Shopify, and WordPress.

Trustmary integrations

However, integrating most of the popular apps requires using Zapier. For users looking to integrate custom software, Trustmary provides a flexible API.

It is effective in adding apps that help create an efficient workflow. Connecting the integrations is also simple.

Trustmary allows users to use an API key, which is straightforward to obtain and apply.

Customer Support

Trustmary support channels depend on the plan you subscribe to. Live chat and email are available across all plans and offer fast response times.

However, phone support is only available for business and scale plans. The platform also provides a dedicated account manager for the Scale plan only.

The support is decent, and in some reviews online, it receives high ratings. Trustmary also provides users self-help resources, including a blog, help center, and webinars.

The resources cover topics related to the platform’s inner workings and application. The platform also has an online community on Facebook (2.2K followers) and X (400 followers).

Trustmary – Unique Features

In this evaluation, we have identified some unique features that make Trustmary stand out.

Here are three of them:

  • One-Click Import: Trustmary allows users to import existing reviews from third-party review sites like Yelp, G2, Capterra, and more to their website. Users can then manage the reviews from one central spot.
  • SEO: Trustmary allows users to use Schema Markup to structure their review data, signaling to Google that their site has star ratings. It allows Google to rank the site, leading to higher traffic.
  • Automatic Design Alignment: Trustmary provides review widgets that automatically adjust to a user’s site look and feel. It is handy, especially for mobile devices, since it maintains consistency.

What the Experts Say About Trustmary

rovely only has a handful of ratings across the popular review sites, with an average rating of under 4 stars:

  • Capterra: 4.2 stars (22 reviews)
  • G2: 4.6 stars (11 reviews)

Here’s what the reviewers had to say:

It’s a visually appealing feedback system that doesn’t consume time, is easy to answer and to implement. All the details are thought through and the dashboard can be used with no training. And their people are really helpful and great. We bought a feedback system and got social selling as an extra :).

Eemi K., Account Manager – Verified Capterra review

Trustmary helped us measure NPS more systematically and nowadays we share the results with all employees each month. It’s a great way to show everyone that all the hard work has a real impact.

Aleksanteri R., Marketing Manager – Verified Capterra review

Trustmary Alternatives

Trustmary’s focus on video testimonial collection and display makes it one of the best social proof apps for small businesses.

However, businesses looking for advanced social proof capability must look for alternatives.

Here are three alternatives we handpicked that offer all-inclusive features.

Primary Rating:
Primary Rating:
Primary Rating:
$25/mo - $499/mo
$29/mo - $299/mo
$5/mo - $39/mo
Primary Rating:
$25/mo - $499/mo
Primary Rating:
$29/mo - $299/mo
Primary Rating:
$5/mo - $39/mo


fomo app homepage

Fomo is an automated social proof platform owned by Relay Commerce. It’s used by more than 37,000 websites worldwide and was one of the first social proof apps to exist.

While its plans are pricier than Trustmary, it comes with a large variety of integrations and customization options.

Start your free trial of Fomo today!


Proof homepage

Proof allows you to add social proof notifications to your site. The main difference between it and Provely is that Proof allows you to control when to collect data so you can showcase the days and months that you had the best conversion rates.

Sign up for Proof for free today!


trustpulse homepage

The platform goes beyond video testimonials, providing all-inclusive social proof and FOMO software. Its extensive social proof element includes social media mentions, customer reviews, and star ratings. 

However, unlike Trustmary, TrustPulse lacks a free package, but its plans are affordable, starting at $60 annually.

TrustPulse is suitable for businesses looking to use versatile social proof tactics to build credibility.

Get Started with Trustmary

The focus on automated video testimonial collection and display on the user’s website makes Trustmary ideal for small businesses.

Its selling points are widget review SEO optimization, social media review share, and an extensive integration stack. That’s why we recommend Trustmary to small businesses looking to gather customer reviews.

Sin up for Trustmary today for free


Does Trustmary allow removal of its logo from the widgets?

Users subscribed to the Business and Scale plans can hide or remove the ‘Trustmary logo‘ from the widgets. Users can easily disable it from the settings drop-down menu and under themes.

Can I have multiple businesses under a single subscription?

Trustmary supports unlimited domains under a single subscription. Users can customize the forms and widgets to fit their brands without hassle.

Does Trustmary support data transfer to a CRM?

Users can transfer their data to a CRM, but first, they must integrate it through Zapier. The popular CRMs include Pipedrive and HubSpot, where users can route their testimonials.


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Trustmary helps companies collect, manage, and showcase customer reviews with ease.

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