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Fomo is the world's first social proof marketing platform. Read my detailed Fomo review to learn about it's features, pricing, and alternatives.

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Fomo Fomo
Software Type: Social Proof App
Best For: Ecommerce and SaaS companies looking to increase sales, trust, and credibility.
Pricing: $25/mo - $499/mo
  • 14-day free trial
  • 107+ integrations
  • Clean, intuitive UI
  • Real-time customer interactions
  • No mobile apps
  • Learning curve to set up

Fomo is a simple, automated social proof software by Relay Commerce. It was one of the first ever social proof apps to exist and is used by more than 37,000 websites worldwide.

However, some users have complained about the price and setup difficulty. In this Fomo review, we’ll dive into the app’s features, pros and cons, and pricing so you can decide if it’s the right social proof platform for your needs.

SMB Guide’s Verdict for Fomo App

Based on the scoring factors in the table below, we give Fomo a rating of 9 out of 10. Overall, Fomo is a nice tool for pulling in real-time social proof from your website, social media, and Ecommerce storefront.

It’s intuitive and easy to use, but if you want extensive customization, you’ll probably get more bang for your buck with a different tool.

Fomo is great if you want something that’s automated and relatively simple.

Here’s a breakdown of how we scored Fomo in each category:

FactorRating (out of 10)
Pricing & Plans9
Template Variety and Design Options9
Triggering and Display Rules9
Mobile Responsiveness10
Notification Customization8
User Interface and User Experience9
Integrations and Compatibility10
Customer Support8
SMB Guide Rating9

In this Fomo review, I’ve followed SMB Guide’s detailed criteria for evaluating social proof software.

Pricing & Plans

Fomo has five different pricing tiers which start at $25/month. While it doesn’t have a free plan option, you’ll get a free 14-day trial when you sign up.

Subscriptions are billed monthly by default, but if you choose to pay for an annual subscription upfront, you’ll get two months free.

This can be a pretty significant savings if you’re subscribed to one of the more expensive plans. If you’re not sure if Fomo is right for you or which plan to choose, you can book a demo call with their team.

Fomo pricing

Here’s a breakdown of each of Fomo’s plans:


Fomo’s Starter plan is a budget-friendly option for SMBs who want to try out social proof software and don’t have extensive notification/customization needs.

Price: $25 per month


  • 8,000 notifications/month
  • 1 website
  • Unlimited integrations
  • Active visitors counter
  • 30+ customizable settings
  • Roundup notifications
  • Custom page rules
  • API access
  • 1-click machine learning
  • White-label branding

Who it’s for: Small companies who are just getting started with social proof.


The Business plan ups the notifications limit to 40,000/month and can be used on unlimited websites, making it a good choice for SMBs with multiple companies.

Price: $75 per month


  • 40,000 notifications/month
  • Unlimited websites
  • Inline available
  • Larger notifications limit
  • All Starter features

Who it’s for: SMBs who want to grow multiple businesses with customized social proof.


Fomo’s Pro plan comes with an even larger notification limit for companies looking to engage customers and improve their overall performance.

Price: $149 per month


  • 300,000 notifications/month
  • Larger notifications limit
  • All Business features

Who it’s for: Mid-sized companies who need a large notification limit.


The Advanced plan allows for up to 1 million notifications each month and is ideal for improving your conversion rate and increasing profits.

Price: $250 per month


  • 1 million notifications/month
  • Larger notifications limit
  • All Pro Features

Who it’s for: Mid to large companies looking to increase their conversions and profit.


The Unlimited plan is its priciest tier and it includes all of Fomo’s features with no limit on the number of monthly notifications.

Price: $499 per month


  • Unlimited notifications/month
  • All Advanced features

Who it’s for: Large companies looking to personalize their customer experience with targeted messaging.


Fomo is a simple, automated social proof solution for businesses like yours.

Start 14-day free trial
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Template Variety and Design Options

Fomo relies on integrations to display real-time social proof notifications from applications you use, such as your e-commerce platform, social media, and more.

Fomo notification options

That means that until you connect applications, you’ll be limited to only a handful of notification types that Fomo offers straight out of the box:

  • Live pageview counter
  • Expose live viewers
  • Web form + action capture
  • Aggregate popular events
  • Aggregate notifications
  • Static notifications
  • Abandoned cart

The more services you integrate with over time, the more notification types you’ll have access to. To customize the design of your notifications, navigate to “Themes” in the left sidebar menu.

From there, you’ll be able to edit the colors, padding, and hover animation of your notifications. What’s great about this is that the settings you choose will apply to all of the notifications you create so all of your social proof is visually consistent.

Triggering and Display Rules

Fomo allows you to set up display rules — such as if you want to hide certain notifications on certain pages of your site, if you want notifications to be delayed, etc.

To set these up, navigate to “Rules” in the left sidebar menu, then click the “Add Rule” button at the top of the page. From there, you’ll be able to set conditions and then set a rule that will be applied when those conditions are met.

Fomo display rules

You can create just about any rule you want, but unfortunately there are no default notification settings to choose from.

You’ll have to create each rule from scratch, which can be overwhelming if you’re not sure how to use social proof to better target customers.

Mobile Responsiveness

2017 data gathered by Fomo found that engagement rates for Fomo popups were 10% higher on mobile than desktop.

Fomo’s notifications are automatically optimized for mobile devices and adjust well to different displays and screen sizes.

Below is an example of what a popup notification may look like on mobile. You can change the positioning of notifications on mobile devices.

You can choose to show them at the bottom (like the image above) or the top of the screen.

Notification Customization

You can update colors, padding, and hover animations for your notifications on the “Theme” page. You can also customize the actual content of your notifications using variables and filters.

That said, doing so isn’t exactly intuitive. If you’re not very techy, you may find the process a tad confusing.

Fomo notification customization

User Interface and User Experience

Fomo’s interface is clean and easy to navigate. The dashboard displays some of your key data front and center, with everything else you need available in the left sidebar menu.

Fomo interface

Personally, I really loved the simplicity of the interface. Nothing felt cluttered and I found it easy to find everything I needed. As far as navigation goes, it was a pretty seamless user experience.

The one thing I will note is that depending on how you want to customize your notifications, you may need to know a bit of CSS — which isn’t exactly the most user-friendly.

Integrations and Compatibility

Fomo integrates with more than 100 third-party applications so you can show off customer interactions on your website, new customer reviews, product checkouts, and more.

Fomo integrations

There’s also an API you can use to connect additional services that aren’t already supported.

Customer Support

If you’re not a Fomo customer, you can email them at [email protected] for support and general inquiries. They also have a knowledge base with answers to common questions.

Fomo knowledge base

Once you have access, you’ll have access to better support and can send a message to the customer service team whenever you need.

To send a support request, click on the widget in the bottom right corner of your screen. Keep in mind that you’ll need to be logged in in order to do so.

Unfortunately, I could not locate a support phone number anywhere on Fomo’s website.

Fomo — Unique Features

Fomo Scorecard is a feature that directly measures the ROI of using Fomo. With it, you can set goals and then select a specific interaction you want to track.

Scorecard will track your conversions according to the goals you set so you can see how well the software is working for you.

What the Experts Say About Fomo

While Fomo doesn’t have very many ratings across popular review sites, the general consensus is that it’s a decent software.

Here’s a breakdown of its ratings at the time of writing this article:

  • Capterra: 4.9 stars (122 reviews)
  • G2: 4.4 stars (8 reviews)
  • Trustpilot: 2.9 stars (2 reviews)

Many users praised Fomo for its ease of use, integrations, and built-in design options. Several people also noted Fomo’s excellent customer support.

FOMO is one of the originals, and they do what they do very well. Their philosophy is a good one, in that they encourage you to use social proof in an honest way, and in a way that doesn’t seem spammy. FOMO is fairly easy to use, especially for basic social proof, and with a little technical knowledge, you can do almost anything you want. I do wish their widget types were greater and there was easier integration with a few more tools.

Brent R., Owner – Verified Capterra review

Overall, happy with the service. My site is getting too much traffic for the basic plan and I’m not making too much sales from the tool but it is paying for itself so going to keep it running as I think it’s a great visual tool to get people’s attention on my website.

Nick K, Founder – Verified Capterra review

Fomo Alternatives

Fomo doesn’t have a free plan and can be somewhat difficult to set up. If you’re looking for a social proof software that doesn’t come with these drawbacks, consider these tools instead:

Primary Rating:
Primary Rating:
Primary Rating:
Free - $79/mo
$5/mo - $39/mo
$29/mo - $299/mo
Primary Rating:
Free - $79/mo
Primary Rating:
$5/mo - $39/mo
Primary Rating:
$29/mo - $299/mo


Provely homepage

Provely is a real-time social proof software that can increase your conversions anywhere from 30% to 400%. Its plans are very affordable, and unlike Fomo, it also has a free starter plan with limited features.

Start your free trial of Provely today


trustpulse homepage

TrustPulse is a powerful social proof software that boosts your credibility by showing verified website actions that users take, like purchases and sign-up form submissions.


Proof homepage

Proof is another social proof software that allows you to add notifications on your website. It’s unique in that it allows you to control when to collect data so you can showcase the months you had the best conversion rates.

It also comes with a Live Visitor Count for your website.

Sign up for Proof for free today

Other options: Best Proof Alternatives

Getting Started with Fomo

Fomo is a good choice for just about any company who wants to display social proof notifications on their website. It has a ton of integrations and plan options for businesses of all sizes.

Plus, it has a built-in feature for tracking ROI based on goals you set, so you’ll never be left wondering whether the cost is worth it.
Get started with social proof with a free 14-day trial of Fomo today.


Who owns the social proof app Fomo?

Ryan Kulp and Justin Mares launched Fomo in 2016. It was acquired six years later in 2022 by Relay Commerce. Relay still owns the software today.

What types of businesses can benefit from Fomo?

Fomo can benefit any business with a website that wants to boost conversions with genuine social proof. It’s particularly useful for e-commerce and SaaS businesses.

How do you calculate the ROI of using Fomo?

Fomo automatically calculates return on investment (ROI) in the dashboard. You can also conduct A/B testing to compare the ROI of different templates, notifications, etc.


Fomo is a simple, automated social proof solution for businesses like yours.

Start 14-day free trial
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Build trust, create urgency, & boost your sales with Fomo social proof and sales popup notifications.

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