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Are you wondering if TidyCal is the best solution to manage your calendars? Read on to learn its features and what people like most about it.

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TidyCal TidyCal
Software Type: Calendar management
Best For: Individuals or businesses that manage several people and organize meetings, project managers and sales teams.
Pricing: Free - $29
  • Free forever plan
  • One-time payment
  • User-friendly interface
  • Supports multiple booking types
  • Limited customization
  • Limited customer support

It can be challenging to plan and organize all of your meetings in a way that works for you and your clients when using video conferences for online communication.

Calculating established time differences and allocating call lines for meetings are some of the most common problems for smaller firms that serve larger organizations as they often have clients from many time zones and locations.

These companies and professionals especially face the need for a solution to manage, streamline, and organize all meetings from calendars.

What if you could manage and organize all your meetings in one place?

TidyCal offers a great booking solution that will organize everything in one location and for everyone’s convenience.

Keep reading this TidyCal review to find out all you need to know about its features, pricing, and use case for your needs.

SMB Guide’s Verdict for TidyCal

TidyCal offers great online appointment solutions at an incredible price. It integrates all the commonly used tools and calendars and has an extremely easy-to-use interface.

The automation options with TidyCal make the entire process of booking and confirming meetings seamless.

SMB Guide’s overall rating for TidyCal is 8.3 out of 10.

Here’s the detailed breakdown of the scoring for each factor:

CriteriaRating (out of 10)
Pricing & Plans9
Appointment Workflow Automation8.5
Customization Options8
Calendar Management Features8
Automated Reminders and Notifications9
Client Management and Communication8.5
User Interface and User Experience8.5
Integrations, Compatibility, & Supported Platforms7.5
Customer Support8
SMB Guide Rating8.3

In this review of TidyCal, I’ve followed SMB Guide’s detailed criteria for evaluating the appointment scheduling software.

Pricing & Plans

You will be presented with two options if you choose to include TidyCal in your list of organizing apps: the free plan and the lifetime plan.

TidyCal pricing

With the free plan, you get unlimited monthly meetings and appointments. However, you can only link a single calendar.

Calendar connectivity for Google Calendar and Office 365 is available with the free plan option.

The lifetime plan covers everything in the free plan and can be purchased in a single payment. You will have a maximum of 10 calendar connections in addition to the capabilities available on a free plan.

Additionally, Zoom, Google Meet, and Zapier connectors are included with this package.

The ability to schedule meetings for a fee is greatly appreciated by consultants. And you can request a refund if you’re not happy with a lifetime plan within 60 days.

Free Plan

The Free Plan is a basic plan that offers all the standard features you need to manage your calendars with a few integrations.


  • Free


  • Personal Booking Page
  • Custom Availability
  • Embed on Any Site
  • Translation/Localization
  • Date Polls
  • Basic Integrations
  • Unlimited Bookings per month
  • Unlimited Active Booking Types
  • Normal TidyCal Branding
  • 1 Calendar Connection

Who it’s for: Best for individuals and small businesses looking for calendar and meeting management over various tools and regions.

Lifetime Plan

The Lifetime Plan offers everything in the Free Plan plus advanced features and less TidyCal branding than the Free Plan.


  • $29 single payment


  • Personal Booking Page
  • Custom Availability
  • Embed on Any Site
  • Translation/Localization
  • Date Polls
  • Advanced Integrations
  • Unlimited Bookings per month
  • Unlimited Active Booking Types
  • Reduced TidyCal Branding
  • Custom Email Reminders
  • Group Bookings
  • Package Bookings
  • Auto-Create Meeting URLs
  • CSV export
  • Directory Access
  • Confirmation Redirect
  • 10 Calendar Connections
  • Paid Bookings Option

Who it’s for: Great choice for corporations seeking greater capability as it has more advanced features.


The simplest way to book and schedule meetings.

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Appointment Workflow Automation

You don’t have to exchange emails to arrange a meeting if you use TidyCal. All you have to do is arrange and time your meetings on the booking page.

It also allows other users to plan meetings with you for free or at a cost. You don’t need to manually schedule meetings.

They can be booked automatically.

TidyCal meeting options

Numerous automated tools offered by TidyCal can help you manage your tasks more effectively. You can set up automatic reports, notifications, and reminders and stay organized.

TidyCal also automatically organizes your meetings considering the time zones of your client. This can help avoid any confusion and double bookings.

All of your schedules and calendars are integrated into one convenient location with TidyCal. It arranges everything for you automatically, saving you the trouble of searching around for your schedule.

Several integrations are available on TidyCal, including those for calendaring using a Google, Office, or Apple account; video conferencing with Zoom; accepting payments with PayPal & Stripe; and automating tasks with Zapier.

TidyCal handles the information that needs to be forwarded to you following a client’s appointment booking and scheduling.

It will also alert you by sending you a confirmation email.  Rescheduling or canceling a meeting is also simple and it sends a confirmation email to other attendees of the meeting as well.

Customization Options

TidyCal offers multiple customization options you can use to tailor your booking space to reflect your brand image.

You can add a booking page widget to your home screen to enable bookings from your website.

TidyCal availability settings

It features a variety of customizable views that allow you to navigate your calendar and tasks in the most convenient way for you.

You can pick from a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly view and customize the color scheme and text to your liking.

Apart from the layout, TidyCal also allows you to customize the kind of meeting that best meets your needs.

You can hold meetings using TidyCal with a single person or with a large group of people. 

You can also do customization of booking types, enabling you to book free or paid bookings. It lets you choose the type of meetings you want to be available for and decide when you need a break.

With TidyCal, you can also add breaks in between meetings and designate particular time slots for each day.

It helps you have adequate time to rest and get ready in between appointments.

Calendar Management Features

TidyCal enables multiple users to collaborate on scheduling appointments and events by sharing a calendar.

It also lets you delegate tasks to your team and work together to complete them.

TidyCal bookings calendar

Google, Apple, and Microsoft Office calendars can all be synchronized and automated using TidyCal. Additionally, it automatically creates unique meeting links by integrating with Zoom and Google Meet.

You can simply schedule meetings by connecting all of your calendars with TidyCal. It can also generate unique links for your meetings automatically.

This helps ensure that you don’t miss any deadlines and saves you time.

TidyCal meeting time zones settings

The time zone support feature on TidyCal can be especially useful if your team or clients are overseas.

This feature lets you arrange events in multiple time zones so that everyone shows up at the same time. It also helps avoid confusion and mix-ups. 

TidyCal calculates the time difference across time zones for you, so you don’t have to worry about scheduling at an inappropriate time.

Automated Reminders and Notifications

Autopilot is one of TidyCal’s greatest features. With this specific software, you do not need to fret about scheduling as it functions as your schedule manager on autopilot.

TidyCal autopilot

You can personalize the notifications TidyCal sends you regarding appointments, activities, and tasks, ensuring you never miss a deadline or meeting.

Notifications can be sent to you by SMS, push notifications, or email. TidyCal also handles the information that needs to be forwarded to you following a client’s appointment booking and scheduling.

It will alert you by sending you a confirmation email.

Client Management and Communication

When a client schedules an appointment, TidyCal lets you ask them questions to collect their information.

This enables you to understand the reason for the meeting and what the client would like to talk about.

TidyCal invitee questions

When booking, TidyCal also automatically sends emails for meeting confirmations to clients.

You can send alerts and notifications regarding appointments, events, and tasks via email, push notifications, or SMS.

This enables you and your clients to stay prepared for the meeting.

TidyCal bookings

TidyCal also lets you check out the history or contact previous attendees by clicking on the past bookings option in the drop-down menu under the schedule bookings section. 

This is a great option to follow up with potential and current clients. With TidyCal’s 404 feature, you can also easily disable old booking pages and make them unfindable.

User Interface and User Experience

According to several reviews, TidyCal is extremely user-friendly and easy to use. While booking sites can generally be challenging to use, many users say that TidyCal is incredibly simple and user-friendly.

You can easily collect all of your calendars for integration with its user-friendly UI. The intuitive interface of TidyCal helps you streamline and relieve stress from the scheduling process.

TidyCal booking types

It is fairly simple to sign up, integrate, and navigate your way through the app. The automation offered by TidyCal makes things even smoother.

You can forget about figuring time differences and making sure all connections are placed correctly when you use TidyCal.

It also lets you send automatic reminders, notifications, and confirmation emails, leaving you enough space to focus on the meeting and not on scheduling it. 

TidyCal also offers an easy attendee view. You don’t have to click several times to see who the attendee is as the calendar title shows the recipient’s name when someone schedules a meeting with you.

Integrations, Compatibility, & Supported Platforms

TidyCal synchronizes all of your calendars when you integrate them into this app. It seamlessly merges all of your calendars.

TidyCal integrations

All of your schedules and calendars are integrated into one convenient location with TidyCal and it arranges everything for you automatically, saving you the trouble of checking multiple platforms to create a schedule. 

The integrations available with TidyCal include:

  • Google, Office, or Apple account for Calendar
  • Zapier for task automation
  • PayPal & Stripe for accepting payments
  • Zoom for video conferences

Zoom bookings generate secure URLs for one-time meetings. With the recent updates, calendars can now synchronize in real-time.

While TidyCal doesn’t have a native Android or iOS app yet, TidyCal is still accessible and functional on any internet-connected device via its web application.

The website works perfectly on any operating system including macOS,  Windows and Linux.

Customer Support

While there is no live chat or phone help from TidyCal, it offers a support chatbot for quick and prompt resolutions to your queries.

You can also reach out to them via email for any queries regarding customer service.

TidyCal live chat

TidyCal also features an elaborative list of FAQs that can help you navigate through the entire process.

Other than that, TidyCal also offers tips, tricks, and how to help on YouTube and Facebook and is also present on Twitter.

TidyCal — Unique Features

Wondering what unique features TidyCal offers above and beyond your run-of-the-mill appointment scheduling app?

Here are the main features you should look out for.

Time Gap

On a busy day with multiple meetings, you can find yourself stuck with back-to-back meetings.

TidyCal time gap

The minimum meeting padding feature by TidyCal offers time gaps at specific intervals between meetings.

It lets you take a little break and prepare for the next meeting.

Configuring User Permissions

TidyCal lets you put user-level permissions for different events and calendars. You can choose from different types of permissions including read-only or full-edit access.

Multi-Language Assistance

TidyCal is available for use in multiple languages. This feature makes it a versatile tool that can be used by people all across the world.

It offers an automated translation option with complete translation of booking websites and emails into the primary language of your target audience and clients.

This feature can be beneficial if you deal with global clients or have a global team set in regions where English isn’t the official language.

Levels of Booking Pages

TidyCal lets you separate business from pleasure by allowing multiple booking pages. You can have two distinct levels on your booking pages if you use TidyCal for both professional and personal use.

You can make paid booking pages for your clients and free booking pages for friends and family.

What the Experts Say About TidyCal

TidyCal has a 4.5 rating on G2.com and Capterra and is praised for its pricing and integrations. Most users also find it comparatively easy to use and navigate through.

Many users compare it to Calendly in terms of pricing and integrations and find TidyCal a better option.

With a lot of the same features that you likely are accustomed to in other bigger named schedulers, you wont miss out at this price point. The software was a bit buggy and didn’t have many features a few years ago. Now, I am glad we got it at the LTD.

Wendell J., SEO Specialist – Verified Capterra review

As an entrepreneur with a limited budget and small team, TidyCal offers a great solution but can’t be compared to the bigger players like Calendly, etc as they offer more enterprise features and integrations. However, if you’re a small business owner or solopreneur, looking for a booking solution with the essentials that won’t break the bank, you can’t go wrong with TidyCal.

Barry R., Founder – Verified Capterra review

TidyCal Alternatives

TidyCal may be a fantastic program because of how well it interfaces with other programs, but that doesn’t make it unrivaled in the market.

Let’s check out some TidyCal alternatives that would better suit your requirements.


calendly homepage

Calendly is a simple, intuitive, and robust scheduling tool made to increase sales, reduce wait times, and enhance customer satisfaction.

It replaces the old methods of scheduling appointments, calls, interviews and other events via email and phone tags.

Calendly enables automated Zoom integration even with its free plan. This option is only available in the paid plan with TidyCal.

The paid plans of Calendly also offer more complex features than TidyCal. After the free plan, the standard plan of Calendly starts at $10/seat/mo.

If you need more integrations and automation than TidyCal offers to schedule your meetings, you should try Calendly’s paid versions.

Sign up to Calendly for free!


youcanbookme homepage

YouCanBook.me is an online scheduling tool made to assist companies in handling client reservations from a single calendar.

It features appointment reminders, online payments, automated scheduling, group scheduling, customizable branding, online time zone recognition, and more.

In addition to appointment scheduling, it also offers lead-capturing features and offers a comprehensive user guide.

This tool offers a free plan and a paid plan at $10.80 per calendar/month. It’s best suited for sales, recruiting, and education teams.

Google Calendar

google calendar homepage

Google Calendar is a free calendar tool for scheduling and time management. Users can add and modify events with reminders enabled with type and time options.

You can also add event locations and invite other users to events, access country-specific holidays, and get reminders of the birthdays of people in your Google contacts.

You can download the mobile app of Google Calendar for all your scheduling needs on the go.

It is free to use and can be useful for anyone looking to schedule their events for personal and professional use.

Other options: Best TidyCal Alternatives

Getting Started with TidyCal

TidyCal is a great tool for individuals, small organizations, and large enterprises owing to its user-friendly interface, customization possibilities, and integration features.

Get your one-stop solution and conveniently merge all your calendars with TidyCal to manage your schedule effectively.

Whether you need to set group bookings, automated time zone translations, or payment integrations, TidyCal is here to help.

Manage your bookings with TidyCal today!


Does TidyCal send automatic reminders?

Yes, TidyCal provides automated meeting reminders to assist you and your clients in keeping track of the appointments.

You are only allowed to send two emails per reminder and can adjust the frequency of these emails to your own preferences.

Does TidyCal have an iOS app?

TidyCal doesn’t have a native iOS app. You can access your TidyCal account from any device using the web browser instead.

Can TidyCal Integrate with Google Calendar?

TidyCal automatically generates a comprehensive event in your Google Calendar whenever a new booking is made, saving you the trouble of doing updates by hand.

This gives you more time to concentrate on other things while your calendar stays accurate and up to date.

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The simplest way to book and schedule meetings.

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TidyCal is the easiest and fastest way to manage your calendar. Create free and paid bookings, share your meeting link, and more.

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