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Looking for a personal appointment scheduling software to manage your days and weeks effectively? SkedPal helps you get everything done.

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SkedPal SkedPal
Software Type: Calendar app
Best For: Anyone with a busy and varied schedule
Pricing: $14.95/mo
  • 14-day free trial
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Intelligent time blocking
  • Projects, tasks, notes and calendar
  • Lacks native notifications
  • Schedule updates are manual

Between meetings, follow ups, tasks, timelines, and everything else you have to do, it’s easy to make costly mistakes.

Companies like SkedPal aim to help business people manage everything they have to do without missing a beat – or an important deadline.

Wondering how SkedPal can help you and how it differs from other appointment scheduling software?

Read my SkedPal review for everything you need to know about features, quality, and value.

SMB Guide’s Verdict for SkedPal

I’m going to give SkedPal 7/10. It’s good at what it does, but its scope is limited. It requires a lot of manual input and decisions from you before ordering your schedule, and the interface is not particularly intuitive.

Writing down every detail in list form seems labor-intensive for a labor-saving app.

In this review of SkedPal, I’ve followed SMB Guide’s detailed criteria for evaluating the appointment scheduling software.

FactorRating (out of 10)
Pricing & Plans9
Appointment Workflow Automation8
Customization Options8
Calendar Management Features7
Automated Reminders and Notifications6
Client Management and Communication5
User Interface and User Experience9
Integrations, Compatibility, and Supported Platforms7
Customer Support9
SMB Guide Rating7

Pricing & Plans

SkedPal offers a free 14-day trial you can use to decide whether it’s what you need. There is only one SkedPal plan, but you’ll save money if you pay annually.

SkedPal pricing

Following the free trial period, you can opt to pay monthly at $14.95 or pay annually at $9.95 per month.

Choose the payment method that best fits your budget and level of commitment. Although you can cancel at any time with either plan, if you’re not sure the software will be useful, paying monthly may be the right option.


  • $14.95 per month ($179.40 per year)
  • $119.40 per year


  • Automated scheduling
  • Offline access
  • Real-time sync
  • Task management
  • Import-export option
  • Cloud storage
  • Alert notifications
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Calendar management
  • Multiple site management
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Integration with other popular apps

Who it’s for: Skedpal is useful for anyone with a busy schedule who likes to be organized.

Appointment Workflow Automation

This software helps you get things done by efficiently scheduling your day. Using AI-powered time blocks, SkedPal integrates your to-do list with your calendar, blocking out time for each task, meeting, or activity, and allowing you to easily prioritize your most important daily activities. 

SkedPal’s AI function identifies the best available times for your tasks and projects and prepares a complete schedule with everything for up to 3 weeks in advance, so you’ll always know what you’re doing and what’s coming up.

Customization Options

Once SkedPal sets your schedule, you have the ability to drag-and-drop time blocks to prioritize tasks.

You set goals, like “finish this task by the end of the week” or “this presentation must be finished today” and SkedPal works everything into organized time blocks.

When you’ve tweaked it to perfection, it will load everything at once into your calendar. If things change – say a task is moved up or a meeting is canceled – SkedPal will redo your entire calendar to make sure everything is done on time.

Buffer times are included to give you time to switch between tasks and take breaks.

Calendar Management Features

Since SkedPal is designed for individual use and does not accept user input from people looking to create meetings with you, it works in whatever time zone you set.

If you change your schedule, you’ll need to reload the new tasks to your calendar.

Automated Reminders and Notifications

SkedPad does not send automated reminders and notifications. Instead, it integrates with calendars, Asana, and Zapier, where those features already exist.

Client Management and Communication

There are no client management or communication tools built into SkedPal. That is not the purpose of the software.

However, if you integrate SkedPal with Asana, you’ll have client management options.

User Interface and User Experience

While the app was fairly easy to use, there is a lot to learn. It is not quite as automated as I would like to see.

The drag-and-drop reordering is nice, and the color-coding makes it easy to identify priorities, but the overall experience is a bit clunky.

I did like the different views – list, board, and calendar. Here’s the setup walkthrough:

First, create a task list:

SkedPal to-do list

Next, the task list is moved alongside the calendar. Make sure it’s right, then click “update schedule” in the upper right corner to populate the calendar.

SkedPal creating a to-do list

It’s a light week, but it looks like I’m writing 2 blog posts and preparing a presentation on Saturday. That’s going to take some tweaking.

skedpal calendar

Looks like I need a time map – this sets days of the week and hours when you want to work, and you can designate certain types of tasks for certain days and hours.

For example, you can set aside Saturday afternoons for family time or designate meetings with Japanese investors at 3 AM.

Whatever works for you. I took weekends off the schedule.

SkedPal time blocking

That’s better. I’m still scheduled heavily at the beginning of the week, but at least I’m off on Saturday.

skedpal calendar management

Next, I was able to prioritize tasks. This is simple drag-and-drop; you just grab the dot to the left of the task and move it around.

SkedPal prioritizing tasks

You can edit tasks, add notes, and set recurring tasks in the next few screens, but those are the basic functions.

Integrations, Compatibility, & Supported Platforms

You probably have events already scheduled on the calendar app you’re currently using.

When you choose to integrate, SkedPal reads your schedule and creates a new calendar to include those events, without adding entries to your Google, Office365, or iCloud calendar.

This will help you avoid scheduling a meeting on Mom’s birthday or during your son’s football game.

Customer Support

According to customer reviews, SkedPal has stellar customer support. The knowledge base is loaded with written tutorials and videos to help you learn what you need to know.

SkedPal knowledge base

Contact is accomplished online through a contact form or social media.

SkedPal — Unique Features

The one feature that stood out for me was the reorder feature. When your schedule changes, as they always do, the AI will rearrange your time blocks so you can still get everything done (if it’s possible) while preserving your priorities.

It’s a manual process; you have to add, change, or remove an item from your list and then click the update button and remember to sync with your regular calendar if there are changes there.

What the Experts Say About SkedPal

At the time of this review, SkedPal has the following ratings:

  • 4.5 stars at Capterra (150+ reviews)
  • 4.6 stars at GetApp (20+ reviews)
  • 4.5 stars at Software Advice (20+ reviews)

In summary, SkedPal 2 is a remarkable tool for time management and productivity. It streamlines your schedule, optimizes your time, and helps you achieve more with less effort. If you’re looking to take control of your schedule and boost your productivity, I wholeheartedly recommend giving SkedPal 2 a try. It’s a game-changer that will make your life more organized and efficient.

Aaron T., Senior Lecturer – Verified Capterra review

Great! It is the only to-do app that I have used consistently over a long period of time. Due to the calendar integration and intuitive prioritization. Since it gives both a list based overview on top of scheduling to do’s in your calendar, you really feel like you have full control over your to do’s. It also really helps me think about whether something is necessary in the first place. I’m always a bit hesitant to embellish too much as it sounds unrealistic, but this software that has changed the way I think about my workday more than any other app, software or even book.

Sander D., CEO – Verified Capterra review

SkedPal Alternatives

Not 100% sure whether SkedPal is the best choice for you? Here are some alternative options.

Primary Rating:
Primary Rating:
Primary Rating:
Free - $19.95/user/mo
Primary Rating:
Primary Rating:
Primary Rating:
Free - $19.95/user/mo


Planday homepage

Planday is an employee appointment scheduling software that helps you plan your work calendar for employees, avoid conflicts, and consider vacation requests and shift-swapping.

It has built-in payroll, clock-in, and communication tools. Weekly schedules can be copied to the next week to save time. 

Planday is a calendar scheduling app, but has little in common with SkedPal. Planday costs $2.99/user/month, $4.99/user/month, $6.99/user/month, or custom enterprise pricing.


sunsama homepage

Skedpal is designed for individual use and its best use is as a day planner. There are no team functions or project management features, and it is best for people who have a busy schedule with a lot of small daily tasks.

Sunsama is a similar app; primarily appointment scheduling software, but with more integrations and better task management features.

However, like SkedPal, it is not a collaborative tool and has no project management features. SkedPal costs $14.95/user/month ($9.95/month with annual billing) and Sunsama costs $20/user/month ($16/month with annual billing).

Try Sunsama for free today!


doodle homepage

Doodle makes time-consuming tasks like scheduling and organizing meetings fast and easy. It interfaces with your calendar and allows users to schedule meetings with you without conflict.

Since calendars can be shared, Doodle can be used as a collaborative scheduling tool. While these apps are in the same category, they have different features and functions.

Doodle is best for people whose job requires a lot of client or prospective client meetings. Doodle offers a free basic option, $6.95/user/per month paid annually, or $8.95/user for teams/per month paid annually.

Try Doodle for free today!

Other options: Top SkedPal Alternatives

Getting Started with SkedPal

SkedPal uses AI to automate your daily planning and is a great choice for people with busy, varied schedules.

If you’re looking for a simple appointment scheduling software to keep track of everywhere you need to be and everything you need to do, Skedpal is the app for you.

Get control of the chaos today!


Is SkedPal legit?

The first version of SkedPal was launched in 2019 and has been updated several times since. It is currently in use by people in over 4,000 organizations.

How much does SkedPal cost?

After a 2-week free trial, you can choose to pay $9.95 per month billed annually, or $14.95 billed monthly.

Will my data be secure in SkedPal?

SkedPal does not sell your data, and uses  Google data centers with bank-level security to protect your data. Data is backed up automatically.


Automate your workday planning - tasks, internal meetings, and external meetings - with AI, like a personal assistant.

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SkedPal is an intelligent and automatic task scheduling system for better productivity.

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