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Pure Chat Pure Chat
Software Type: Live chat software
Best For: Solopreneurs, small and medium-sized organizations looking to offer live chat for customer experience.
Pricing: $49/user/mo - $99/user/mo
  • 30-day free trial
  • Excellent performance
  • Live analytics
  • Various customization choices
  • No free plan
  • Limited communication possibilities

Pure Chat is a live chat platform that engages leads directly and answers website visitors’ questions in real-time. It enables users to communicate information with website visitors, increase sales and great customer service, provide support, and boost customer happiness.

It also integrates with a variety of applications and automates sales workflows. In this review, we will learn in detail about the pricing, features, and alternatives of Pure Chat to understand who it is best for.

SMB Guide’s Verdict for Pure Chat

SMB Guide’s overall rating for Pure Chat is 8 out of 10.

Pure Chat is a low-cost and simple online customer care tool. This platform enables businesses to manage unlimited chats in a comfortable backend environment with built-in analytics and reporting capabilities.

Pure Chat offers a configurable live-chat widget as well as useful capabilities such as trigger-based actions and notifications, real-time analytics, and visitor tracking.

Here’s the detailed breakdown of the scoring for each factor:

FactorRating (out of 10)
Pricing & Plans9
Real-Time Messaging & Canned responses9
Live Chat AI & Natural Language Processing (NLP)5
Customizable Chat Widgets9
Visitor Tracking and Analytics9
User Interface and User Experience8.5
Integrations and Compatibility7
Customer Support8
SMB Guide Rating8

We use a wide range of evaluation factors when assessing products and services. Please visit the SMB Guide evaluation criteria page for further information.

Pricing & Plans

Pure Chat has a flexible pricing strategy that can accommodate businesses of varying sizes and needs. The pricing structure for the software is subscription-based, with plans suited to each organization’s individual needs.

Pure Chat pricing

Pure Chat’s pricing model is built on a pay-per-user basis, which means that organizations only pay for the number of agents or users they need.

This price strategy supports scalability, allowing businesses to adapt their subscriptions as their needs change. The platform offers a free trial of 30 days with a cash back guarantee before committing to a paid plan.

Users can test out the Pure Chat platform and all its features without having to enter their credit card information before deciding which plan suits them the best.

Pure Chat doesn’t offer a lifetime free plan. Instead, users must choose between two premium plans: the Growth Plan and the Pro Plan.


The Growth plan of Pure Chat includes all essential features offered by the platform with a limited number of users, SMS notifications, one website and Pure Chat branding.


  • $49 per month billed monthly
  • $39 per month billed annually
  • $15 per month for additional users billed monthly
  • $13 per month for additional users billed annually


  • 1 maximum website
  • 4 Users/Operators Included
  • 100 SMS Notifications
  • Unlimited chats
  • Advanced Widget Customization
  • All Integrations
  • Unlimited Chat History Transcripts
  • Real-time Analytics
  • CSV exports for Reports & Contacts
  • iOS and Android Mobile Apps

Who it’s for: Freelancers, solopreneurs, small businesses


You can get rid of the Pure Chat branding if you subscribe to the Pro plan. Along with all the capabilities of the Growth package, the Pro plan adds support for an infinite number of websites, more SMS notifications, and operators/users.


  • $99 per month billed monthly
  • $79 per month billed annually
  • $10 per month for additional users billed monthly
  • $8 per month for additional users billed annually


  • Unlimited websites
  • 10 Users/Operators Included
  • 1000 SMS Notifications
  • Unlimited chats
  • Advanced Widget Customization
  • All Integrations
  • Unlimited Chat History Transcripts
  • Real-time Analytics
  • CSV exports for Reports & Contacts
  • iOS and Android Mobile Apps

Who it’s for: Mid-sized businesses and organizations

Pure Chat

The easiest & fastest way to add live chat to your website.

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Real-Time Messaging & Canned Responses

With real-time messaging with live chat, businesses can communicate with website users instantly to offer assistance, respond to inquiries, and enhance the customer experience.

The live chat function of Pure Chat is its primary feature. While it’s more basic than many of its rivals in the live chat space, it still functions very well for customer service.

Pure Chat canned responses

Pure Chat offers multi-channel support, enabling users to communicate with customers over several channels such as live chat, email, and social media for a more cohesive support experience.

Chat, Email, Twitter, and location and more visitor engagement options are available on the Engagement hub of Pure Chat for interacting with site administrators or agents.

The free plan limits the user to one website, but the premium plan allows you to set these engagement hubs up across multiple sites.

Depending on what you pick as your engagement hooks, the visitor may opt to immediately engage in a conversation, complete an email form, view your Twitter stream, or find you on a map using these engagement hubs.

Pure Chat offers a typical chat widget for your website. Users can evaluate their chat experiences, exchange files and emoji, and ask for a transcript.

It is possible to add users and grant them different roles and rights. You can also ask your teammates to join a chat.

Both visual and audio notifications can be sent by the chat, depending on your preferences. The visitor information includes the visitor’s location and 30-day browsing history.

To get the visitor’s name and email address, chat operators can either ask them during the chat or put up a pre-chat form.

While almost all fundamental functions are offered, Pure Chat helps speed up agent response times by not letting agents see what users are typing before a message is sent.

Canned responses can be set for use by the entire team or by individual agents. Users can also create a fresh canned response in the middle of a discussion by using the “Quick Add” option.

Live Chat AI & NLP

Pure Chat is essentially a simple live chat program. It has no conversational AI capabilities and only basic chat capability.

PureChat doesn’t offer as many automation tools as other solutions but it still offers a great selection of possibilities. The ability to customize when a chat should start based on which pages visitors view is a great option offered by this software.

While the platform doesn’t offer chatbots or much AI capabilities for live chat, you can integrate Pure Chat with AI-powered tools for AI-driven workflow automation to automate tasks.

AI-powered integration platforms enable organizations to automate workflows by integrating their preferred apps and services.

Businesses can leverage the power of AI integrations to optimize their operations and focus on growth rather than wasting time on boring manual processes.

Customizable Chat Widgets

The highly configurable live chat widget that you can integrate into almost any website is one of the most significant features of PureChat.

Upon registering with PureChat, you can modify almost every element of the chat interface through a dashboard.

Pure Chat widget customization

Customizing the chat box to reflect the style and branding of your website only takes a few clicks. To ensure a seamless and effective customer interaction, you can also set up automated welcomes, messages, and scripted responses.

Chat box in Pure Chat can be customized to match the website and brand voice. Pure Chat allows you to choose “style” and color scheme for your chat widget and you can find a variety of options to customize the appearance of your chatbox on desktop and mobile devices.

Users can customize what is displayed on a widget when agents are accessible or unavailable using the widget editor.

The option to configure specific triggers for the appearance of your chat boxes and forms is another great PureChat feature. You can choose to start a chat when a visitor accesses a particular page on your website or after they have been on it for a predetermined time.

To make customer support feel more personal, you can provide each agent with a unique profile complete with a name and an image. You can also design forms that clients can fill out to send messages directly to your business email address in case the chat agents are unavailable.

Although you can design unique chat widgets for each language, these are pretty basic and can’t be activated by browser language or location.

Additionally, the dashboard is limited to English language support.

Visitor Tracking and Analytics

The Pure Chat dashboard has great analytics and reporting that makes monitoring your team’s performance and your target audience’s engagement a smooth process.

Pure Chat visitor tracking

This platform enables businesses to use both historical and current reports and you can track the sales and service teams’ performance both in real-time and over an extended time.

This can help understand trends and make better strategies. You can also gain insight about what your consumers are doing on your website at any given time from the real-time analytics.

In addition to personalized reports for every employee, Pure Chat gives access to a number of other helpful data regarding visitor and customer engagement, general satisfaction, and customer retention.

All of this is broken down into helpful information in the Pure Chat dashboard’s Reports section. You can access all of the customer’s details and sort and filter data based on the dates, name, email address, phone number, company name, and last seen on the website.

Additionally, recent discussion transcripts and details can be accessed by clicking on the visitor’s name. Visitor monitoring allows you to find out how frequently users visit specific sites, what products they may be interested in, and how frequently they add items to their cart.

Additionally, you can manage contact information and build thorough customer profiles.

User Interface and User Experience

Pure Chat is quite simple to use and has a straightforward interface. You can easily navigate through the platform and find and access all features with ease.

Pure Chat interface

Simple design and step-by-step instructions to help you at every stage make PureChat incredibly user-friendly. The complete connectivity dashboard makes it easy to integrate your chat solution with existing technologies.

Furthermore, every team member can customize their experience to fit their preferences. The onboarding process is rather straightforward, and you can begin by entering a few essential details to sign up.

After logging in, you can select to try the Pro plan for free for 30 days without having to submit your credit card information.

If you run into any problems when browsing, you can check the Help Centre for guides. Pure Chat offers guides to help you understand all of the features and how to utilize them to get the most out of them and achieve optimal results.

Integrations & Compatibility

Over a thousand apps can be integrated with Pure Chat. Maximizing the use of a live chat function entails flawless integration.

Pure Chat integrations

Pure Chat includes the following integrations:

  • Contact tabs
  • HubSpot to add new contacts or send chat transcripts
  • Google Analytics to see chats, ratings, website reports
  • Infusionsoft to create new contacts, add transcripts and tags
  • Zapier to connect with various apps
  • Zoho
  • Slack
  • Constant Contact
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Salesforce
  • Shopify
  • Google Analytics
  • MailChimp
  • HubSpot
  • Go Daddy
  • Google sheets
  • Google drive
  • Pay Pal
  • Stripe
  • Salesforce 
  • WordPress
  • Keap
  • SuperSaas
  • Better Proposals
  • Nutshell
  • Insightly

PureChat provides integrations with a wide range of internet resources.

While PureChat does not offer as many integration options as other competing solutions, it is still reasonably simple to construct a unified platform for customer assistance.

With the help of APIs and webhooks, businesses can make use of PureChat’s own Zapier connection to link their product to various apps.

To enable businesses to deliver notifications to customers on their mobile phones, the platform even provides integration with an SMS service.

Pure Chat also has iOS and Android apps available for users and offers a mobile-optimized chat widget for the mobile app for iOS and Android smartphones, allowing users to handle live chat easily while on the go.

Customer Support

Pure Chat offers direct support via email and live chat. Aside from that, they provide a help section with support articles, tutorials, and frequently asked questions to help users navigate and find answers to common questions.

These tutorials are organized by various features that you may require assistance with, and they have simple titles in the form of questions to help you easily find the article that addresses your concern.

You can also check their training tutorials on YouTube and follow Pure Chat on Facebook, LinkedIn and X (formerly Twitter) to stay updated on their latest offerings and get useful tips and tricks.

Pure Chat — Unique Features

Here are a couple features that make Pure Chat stand out in my books.

Chat transcripts

Transcripts of every chat session are saved on Pure Chat. You can find a list of transcripts with details such as the chat’s date, visitor rating, and agent handling under the transcripts tab.

Although you can access infinite transcript history with both the paid plans, transcripts can only be searched by agency, website, or email.

Real-time visitor view

The Pure Chat live visitor view displays the number of visitors that are currently active on the website, the duration of their stay, the URLs they are currently viewing, and the number of times they have visited.

This feature enables agents to initiate proactive chats with visitors instead of waiting for them to start a conversation.

Team management features

On the Pure Chat dashboard, you can create work schedules for each of your staff, as well as what they can do. Pure Chat allows users to add more people and assign them certain jobs and rights.

Users can manage their teams and designate various departments to widgets by defining the settings, ensuring that visitors are automatically connected with the right agent.

Pure Chat team management

You can also access comprehensive account data and reports to every operator. This means that business owners and supervisors can assess their staff’s performance, analyzing anything from the average length of a discussion to their total customer rating.

A CSV file of these details can also be downloaded.

What the Experts Say About Pure Chat

  • 4.6/5 stars at Capterra (300+ reviews)
  • 4.3/5 stars at G2 (200+ reviews)
  • 8.6/10 stars at TrustRadius (7 reviews)

Purechat is a very interesting software, with a warm interface, and moldable according to the user’s requirements. Personalization of chats, availability schedules, can be used in blogs and web pages, are many of the options that make Purechat an excellent option for communication with other people.

Adelaynes C., Analista de Acompañamiento – Verified Capterra review

Pure Chat is a game-changer in live chat software. Its intuitive interface, proactive chat triggers, and customizable chat widgets allow businesses to engage with customers effortlessly. With its robust reporting and analytics, Pure Chat helps optimize customer interactions and drive conversion rates.

Roshni C., Human resources – Verified Capterra review

Pure Chat Alternatives

While Pure Chat is a fantastic free choice for organizations looking to provide smooth customer service, there may be other platforms more appropriate for your needs.

These are the top Pure Chat alternatives that could work better for you.

$10/mo - $900/mo
Free - $99/mo
$25/user/mo - $149/user/mo
$10/mo - $900/mo
Free - $99/mo
$25/user/mo - $149/user/mo


gorgias homepage

Gorgias is a comprehensive customer service helpdesk software created specifically for online stores. It focuses solely on small ecommerce enterprises, rather than offering a solution for all customer support teams.

So, if you’re an online business searching for economical and high-quality customer support software, Gorgias could be a suitable fit.

Gorgias’ Starter plan is only available monthly and costs $10 per month, while the Basic plan starts at $50 per month.

Sign-up to Gorgias for free today!

ProProfs Chat

ProProfs Chat homepage

ProProfs Chat is a SaaS-based live chat software that enables businesses of all kinds to interact with website visitors and customers in real time.

It has better routing capabilities compared to Pure Chat. This platform may be a better alternative than Pure Chat for bigger enterprises.

ProProfs offers a forever free plan and a premium plan at $29.99.


Zendesk homepage

Zendesk is a cloud-based help desk management tool that allows users to create online communities, knowledge bases, and customer care portals.

Zendesk Explore is used to acquire, gauge, and evaluate information about clients and their experiences using pre-built performance reports.

This software provides enterprise-level services for enterprises that require sophisticated, in-depth analytics and reporting.

It has no free plan and the paid plan starts at $69 per month.

Other options: Best Pure Chat Alternatives

Getting Started with Pure Chat

Pure Chat offers live chat capability with a strong focus on customer service. This software helps businesses have better conversations with their website visitors.

It includes many great features such as chat notifications, scripted responses, a pre-conversation information form, integrations, and an engagement hub.

Start your 30-day free trial of Pure Chat today!


What is Pure Chat software used for?

Pure Chat helps businesses carry out effective discussions with their website visitors. Your company can use live chat to engage with website visitors and convert them into customers.

Can you use Pure Chat in other languages?

While the Pure Chat dashboard and website are only available in English, you can edit your chat box text fields to any language you wish.

You can also build several chat boxes, each in its own language, and position them on the pages or sites you manage.

Is Pure Chat available on mobile?

When a visitor visits your website using a phone or tablet, they can view a mobile-optimized version of your chat box.

Pure Chat also has apps for iOS and Android, allowing your team to answer inquiries from customers from anywhere.

Pure Chat

The easiest & fastest way to add live chat to your website.

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Pure Chat

Pure Chat is the preferred live chat solution for small to mid-sized teams

Product Brand: Pure Chat

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