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Looking for the right talent acquisition software to help you attract, hire, and onboard new employees? Read this Pinpoint review to learn whether it is the right software for your company.

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Software Type: Talent acquisition software
Best For: Talent acquisition teams hiring below 5000 candidates annually looking to recruit the best talent with less admin time and costs.
Pricing: Request pricing
  • It integrates with 100+ HR and HRIS software
  • It provides a career site builder for recruitment
  • It simplifies application rating and candidate review
  • User-friendly candidate portal
  • Reporting is not accurate
  • It doesn’t offer a free trial period
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Is there a way HR teams can narrow down their job post-applicant selection process to pinpoint the perfect candidate for hiring?

Finding a talent that fits a job posting from a pool of thousands of resumes is challenging. HR teams have to sort through them, which can be time consuming and draining.

However, with a recruitment software, finding suitable talent for open positions is easy. Now, one ATS software that has a high rating is Pinpoint.

It is a recruitment and management software that claims to help HR teams hire the ideal candidates.

However, what makes Pinpoint unique from other ATS software, and does it offer value for money?

Let us find out in this Pinpoint review.

SMB Guide’s Verdict for Pinpoint

Our Pinpoint software review shows that it is a platform that offers CFOs robust applicant tracking and candidate management.

It leverages unique features like blind recruiting and GDPR compliance to streamline hiring. Combining all these factors makes it score an 8.8 out of 10.

In this review of Pinpoint, I’ve followed SMB Guide’s detailed criteria for evaluating the applicant tracking software.

FactorRating (out of 10)
Pricing & Plans7
Job Posting and Candidate Sourcing9.5
Universal Search and Candidate Database8
Resume Management and Screening9
Applicant Tracking9.5
Candidate Evaluation and Assessment9
User Interface and User Experience9
Integrations, Compatibility, & Supported Platforms9
Customer Support9
SMB Guide Rating8.8

Pinpoint is user-friendly, scalable, and can integrate with 100+ platforms, including collaboration, communication, and project management.

The software complies with GDPR by explaining how it collects and uses applicant data. Pinpoint also employs a blind recruiting feature to help diversity hiring, where HR teams focus on skills rather than personal details.

All these features make it score highly, so we recommend it. It makes it ideal for talent acquisition teams hiring below 5000 candidates annually and looking to recruit the best talent with less admin time and costs.

Pricing & Plans

In our review, we discovered that Pinpoint doesn’t provide a standard pricing model, unlike other ATS software options available.

Pinpoint pricing

You have to book a demo with customer support and get a custom plan that matches your needs. Pinpoint also doesn’t offer a free plan or trial period to test the platform.

Job Posting and Candidate Sourcing

CFOs will find that Pinpoint allows them to create and publish job openings on their branded career site.

Pinpoint job posting

Not only that, the software cross-posts the job postings to social networks and job boards. Pinpoint allows you to customize your workflow, job templates, and screening questionnaires.

It helps reduce the need to use other third-party tools and saves time. Pinpoint can also assist in attracting the ideal candidates.

Using a resume parsing feature, you can scrape the essential data from candidate resumes and generate profiles. 

The platform offers an automated candidate feature along with job board integrations, allowing you to source talent that aligns with available roles.

It ensures hiring top-quality talent while simultaneously cutting costs. Pinpoint truly stands out in facilitating collaborative hiring.

Within the platform, you can engage HR in the recruitment process, enabling the sharing of talent profiles with the recruitment team.

Not only that, HR can engage with the talent through the recruitment process. It helps improve talent and employer experience.

Universal Search and Candidate Database

Pinpoint offers a universal search function that assists in narrowing down the talent search to individuals with specific expertise.

The software offers filters that you can use, such as keywords. Once a candidate matches the requirements, Pinpoint sends an alert to the HR teams.

Pinpoint also enables you to securely store your talent data in its database, allowing easy retrieval whenever needed.

The database gives access to talent resumes and profiles, communication history, and HR feedback.

Users have the ability to segment their candidates, monitor their interactions, and access real-time views of their activity within the platform.

Resume Management and Screening

Pinpoint boasts a comprehensive database designed to store all applicants’ resumes, simplifying the management process.

Pinpoint resume management

You have the option to upload resumes from various sources such as job boards, social networks, or email.

The platform also allows users to edit, delete, or update the candidate’s resumes and profile.

The platform excels in keeping the data updated and easily accessible. You can also use custom filters provided by Pinpoint to screen talent resumes quickly.

The software allows for resume matching, depending on keywords and other set criteria.

Applicant Tracking and Candidate Management

Pinpoint provides users with the ability to effortlessly create, track, and approve all job applications.

Pinpoint ATS

You can use the software to define the HR managers to create multi-stage approval workflow and job requirements.

Not only that, Pinpoint allows you to view the progress and receive alerts on any pending action.

Pinpoint also offers a centralized talent profile database where you can view each applicant. The software gives real-time information on candidate metrics like source of hire, quality, cost per hire, and more.

You can also export the data when needed.

Candidate Evaluation and Assessment

Pinpoint allows you to create and run online tests to assess talent competence and skills. Pinpoint provides a built-in extensive library of skill tests.

Not only that, you can create custom tests for your candidates and set scoring methods, difficulty, and more. Now, once a candidate starts the skill tests, HR can see results in real-time.

In addition, Pinpoint enables you to conduct pre-employment assessments, evaluating talent for cultural alignment and personality fit.

You can choose from reliable and validated assessments like Hogan, DISC, and more. Lastly, Pinpoint allows you to create and use scorecards to compare and rate talent on set conditions.

You also get the option to set the weights and scores.

User Interface and User Experience

Pinpoint has a modern interface with an easy to navigate dashboard.

Pinpoint dashboard

The dashboard is the central hub where data gets displayed, and on the top, you will find a menu with links to features.

On the top left, you will also find a search bar for finding data and features easily. Another feature of Pinpoint is the ability to customize certain elements to better suit your needs.

You can create and manage reporting, jobs, and candidates. Not only that, you can use filters and grouping to analyze the candidate information.

Pinpoint also allows importing or exporting data as PDF, CSV, or Excel. Onboarding on Pinpoint is complex for beginners.

The process doesn’t have clear instructions. One thing to note is that there is an FAQ that answers the basics of the inner workings of the software.

Integrations, Compatibility, & Supported Platforms

Pinpoint offers seamless integration with over 100 platforms, spanning collaboration, project management, and communication tools.

Pinpoint integrations

Pinpoint offers seamless integration with over 100 platforms, spanning collaboration, project management, and communication tools.

They include Trello, Slack, Google, JotForm, and more. To improve workflow, users looking to integrate third-party applications can use Zapier to connect their existing HRIS, accounting, and payroll platforms.

Pinpoint is a SaaS, meaning it’s accessible through a browser running on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

However, the platform doesn’t offer a mobile app, meaning users can’t access their dashboard on the go.

Customer Support

Pinpoint ensures reliable customer support through various channels like tickets, email, and phone, offering robust assistance to users.

Pinpoint customer support

Through the phone channel, users can directly connect with a dedicated representative for personalized assistance within Pinpoint’s customer support system.

Email and tickets are for inquiries and getting feedback on issues. The platform also provides a help center with FAQs, a blog, a podcast, and guides on the inner workings of the software.

The platform also has an X (Formerly Twitter) account where they share their tips with their community.

Pinpoint – Unique Features

Besides the basic recruitment features that Pinpoint offers, there are two that make it stand out.

They include:

Blind recruiting

It is a feature that gives HR teams the option to promote diversity in the recruitment process and reduce bias. Pinpoint achieves it by hiding the ethnicity, name, and gender of the talent.

It allows HR teams to focus on the talent experience and skills.

GDPR compliance

Pinpoint empowers its users to adhere to GDPR guidelines by granting them control over managing talent data throughout the entire recruitment process, ensuring compliance and data governance.

Furthermore, users gain access to templates and tools within Pinpoint, aiding in the creation of compliant documentation to be shared with candidates, further supporting GDPR compliance.

They include access requests, privacy notices, and more.

What the Experts Say About Pinpoint

Pinpoint has received high praise for how it helps HR teams in recruitment. Here is what some users and experts said.

  • G2: 4.7/5 (41 reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.8/5 (58 reviews)
  • TrustRadius: 8/10 (2 votes)

I’ve never seen anything like it in all my years participating in every aspect of the hiring process. It makes sense, it’s extremely well executed, and it adds so much value to the process for everyone involved. Right now this software would be globally successful and after meeting one of the rep and hearing what’s on the roadmap this is truly a game changer. If you aren’t using Pinpoint you’re wasting your time!

Will B., Co-Founder – Verified Capterra review

Pinpoint is speeding up our recruitment process. Once jobs are entered into the system they can be duplicated or amended for future roles which saves administration time. CV’s are now stored in one location which is very important from a GDPR perspective and also streamlines our current processes in a number of areas.

Jodie O., HR Manager – Verified Capterra review

Pinpoint Alternatives

As the review shows, Pinpoint offers CFOs an all-rounded platform for recruitment and management of candidates.

However, we understand that not everyone will find it comprehensive enough for their needs. We took it upon ourselves to find three alternatives that offer what Pinpoint lacks.

Primary Rating:
Primary Rating:
Primary Rating:
$149/mo - $599/mo
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Primary Rating:
$149/mo - $599/mo
Primary Rating:
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Primary Rating:
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Workable homepage

Workable is a SaaS recruitment software that users will find helpful in managing their applicants. Unlike Pinpoint, Workable has a mobile app that CFOs can use to monitor recruitment progress. 

Not only that, the software offers a transparent pricing model with the starter plan priced at $149 monthly. It makes the software fit small to medium-sized enterprises looking for occasional and strategic hiring.

Start 15-day free trial of Workable


Greenhouse homepage

Greenhouse is a SaaS recruitment and management platform. It shares similarities with Pinpoint in integration with HRIS, communication, and collaboration platforms like Slack, Asana, and more.

Not only that, the pricing packages on Greenhouse are invite-only. You have to request a demo, and one of their dedicated representatives will call you.

However, unlike Pinpoint, Greenhouse has a mobile app that users can use on the go, and it’s on Android and iOS.

It makes the platform suit established enterprises with extensive recruitment processes and needs to streamline and consolidate them.


Lever homepage

Lever is a SaaS ATS offering CRM capabilities to help CFOs in their candidate recruitment. Similar to Pinpoint, Lever allows you to find and recruit applicants using algos.

Not only that, the pricing packages Lever offers are invite-only, similar to Pinpoint. You have to send a quote to customer support to get a pricing plan.

It makes Lever suit teams looking to recruit top talent and automate the management of candidates.

Getting Started with Pinpoint

Pinpoint is one of the top recruitment platforms, and, as this review shows, its features are impressive. The software’s major selling points are GDPR compliance assistance and blind recruitment.

Today, diversity is a crucial aspect of any institution, and Pinpoint excels by providing a feature that enhances it.

Pinpoint’s notable drawback lies in its absence of a dedicated mobile app, limiting accessibility and convenience for users on mobile devices.

However, it doesn’t mean the web-based platform is inaccessible. In fact, it is reliable and user-friendly. All these factors combined make us highly recommend it to in-house recruitment and or HR teams.

Sign up to Pinpoint and seamlessly streamline your recruitment and candidate management.

Pinpoint FAQs

Will the Pinpoint team view client data?

Pinpoint doesn’t access client data without their permission. The Pinpoint team can request access only when providing end-user support.

It then automatically revokes access within 24 hours.

Does Pinpoint encrypt client data?

Yes, Pinpoint encrypts data at rest with LUKS, a Linux version. Documents get encrypted at rest through AES-256 and in transit with SSL.

What happens to the client data stored on Pinpoint?

The client retains full ownership of their submitted data. Clients can also export data anytime through the custom report builder.

If you end the contract with the platform, it will take 15 days to remove the data from Pinpoint systems.


Workable allows you to find, hire, onboard, and manage the right person for every job.

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Pinpoint is always easy-to-use, with the functionality you need now—and the flexibility to add more over time.

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