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ChatSpot is HubSpot’s new AI tool, and it is versatile, amazing, and totally free for everyone - but most useful for HubSpot users. Check it out!

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ChatSpot ChatSpot
Software Type: AI-powered assistant
Best For: Startups to enterprise businesses who want more efficient marketing, customer service, and better SEO.
Pricing: Free
  • Free forever plan
  • Built around ChatGPT
  • Easy to use
  • Leverages HubSpot suite
  • Steep learning curve
  • Integrations can be problematic

ChatSpot is part of HubSpot’s integrated suite of tools, delivering AI power to reports, marketing, and automated tasks.

You also can generate an AI chatbot for your website or Facebook, improve your SEO, help write blog posts, and more.

SMB Guide’s Verdict for ChatSpot

We rate ChatSpot 8.75 out of 10.  While it is still in beta, it’s already a great tool for organizations that use HubSpot CRM.

There’s a lot to learn, especially if you’re just getting started with HubSpot. ChatSpot is an AI-driven marketing tool that integrates with other HubSpot tools to make using HubSpot products easier and more productive.

You can also create a chatbot for your website or Facebook. Here’s a detailed breakdown of key features.

FactorRating (out of 10)
Pricing & Plans9
Real-Time Messaging & Canned responses9.5
Live Chat AI & Natural Language Processing (NLP)9
Customizable Chat Widgets8.5
Visitor Tracking and Analytics9.5
User Interface and User Experience8
Integrations and Compatibility9
Customer Support8.5
SMB Guide Rating8.75

SMB Guide utilizes a comprehensive set of evaluation criteria for reviewing software to keep our reviews unbiased for our readers. For more information, see our evaluation criteria.

Pricing & Plans

ChatSpot is free for anyone to use. If you want to create a chatbot for your website or Facebook, you need a HubSpot account, but there is a free option for that, too.


ChatSpot is a free AI-powered assistant that combines the power of ChatGPT with unique data sources.

Start chatting free
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Real-Time Messaging & Canned Responses

ChatSpot supports live chat, canned responses, and AI. The AI digs into a variety of sources you provide to find comprehensive answers to complex questions.

ChatSpot chatflow

You can set up chat flows to manage and assign messages.

ChatSpot canned messages

You can start creating your bot by using a template or start from scratch. Either way, you can customize your bot with canned answers and info, colors and graphics, language choices, and more.

Live Chat AI & NLP

ChatSpot uses ChatGPT-4 Natural Language Processing (NLP) to communicate with most users in their own language.

It evaluates plain language questions to pull reports, analyze data, and do much more.

Customizable Chat Widgets

Creating a free chat widget is pretty simple. Here’s a walkthrough of how it’s done. From your HubSpot account, you use the top menu to find Conversations, then Chatflows.

From there, you choose “Chat” or “Facebook Messenger.” You’re prompted to install your tracking code on your website.

ChatSpot create chatflow

Next, you choose where it will appear.

ChatSpot adding chatflow

You can’t choose to connect later and move on with creating your bot. Since my purpose was just to see how it works, I chose “Maybe later,” and could not move to the next step.

I connected to a Facebook page that I manage (my personal account wasn’t an option).

ChatSpot facebook connection

And this popped up:

HubSpot and Facebook integration

Next, I set up welcome messages with the option to assign messages to team members. However, when you click on that feature, you learn there is a charge.

The next screen was congratulatory. You can tweak the chatbot display with your own avatar or logo and header.

ChatSpot custom branding

In addition to customizing your chatbot’s appearance, you have options to control its behavior: 

  • Show the chatbox or just the chat launcher? 
  • Opt for chatbox to pop up for a specified time, then be replaced by the chat launcher.
  • When will the chatbox/launcher appear? For example, you can opt for it to open when users signal intent to leave the page, when they first arrive, or after they have scrolled a percent of the page.
  • Will the chat prompt appear on every page?

Visitor Tracking and Analytics

ChatSpot can pull any kind of data into useful reports from your HubSpot or other connected  database. The beauty of the program is that you can define any parameters you like and get a report, assuming the information is available.

So if you want to create a list of all female users in your CRM who live in a certain zip code and work for XYZ company, for instance, you should be able to do that.

You can pull sales and marketing reports, ask for a summary of all website visits to date, or pull last year’s leads, presented in a list, graph, or table.

User Interface and User Experience

ChatSpot’s interface looks simple, but there is a lot to learn. If you already use HubSpot, using ChatSpot should be easy and intuitive.

For non-users, it’s super easy to get ChatSpot to perform simple tasks, including AI image generation. For example, I used it to help me explore HubSpot’s extensive knowledge base…and had to refine the question a few times.

Integrations and Compatibility

ChatSpot doesn’t integrate directly with third-party software, but HubSpot integrates with a whopping 1,509 apps. With this many integrations, you should be able to use this combo pack to do everything but cook your breakfast!

Customer Support

Most users agree that ChatSpot’s customer service is top-notch – fast and responsive. The knowledge base is huge and contains videos, text walkthroughs, and other resources to help you get set up.

It’s almost too big; I saved time by using ChatSpot itself to locate help resources.

ChatSpot — Unique Features

ChatSpot’s standout feature is its versatility. It can greet your visitors, answer common and complex questions, and contact sales teams (for a fee) like most bots, but it is also a powerful tool for in-house use – you can generate everything from a keyword list to detailed reports to a full blog post – although my advice is to use an ai blog post only as an outline.

AI-generated writing is easily identified by search engines and educated readers. It doesn’t hurt that it’s free, either.

What the Experts Say About ChatSpot

  • Product Hunt rating: 5/5 (12 votes)
  • Trustpilot rating: 3.6/5 (21 reviews)

ChatSpot Alternatives

Is ChatSpot the right solution for your business? If you’re a HubSpot customer, the answer is obvious. If not, here are some alternatives to consider.

Free - $95/user/mo
Free - $60/mo
Free - $95/user/mo
Free - $60/mo


freshchat homepage

Freshchat doesn’t compare head-to-head with ChatSpot. It does offer a similar chatbot service but Freshchat is limited in other features offered. 

The most significant difference is in pricing. Freshbot offers a limited free version for up to 10 agents. Pricing tiers start at $19/month/per agent following a 21-day free trial as opposed to ChatSpot is free.

Paid accounts start at $20 per month and include the HubSpot CRM and other tools in HubSpot’s suite.

Start your free trial of Freshchat today homepage is a feature-rich free live chat application that comes with a real-time typing view and a customisable chat widget. is a fantastic option if you’re new to customer service and looking for free live chat software because it has all the functionality you need and is totally free to use.

Get the free widget today!


smartsupp homepage

Smartsupp is a simple and cost-effective live chat software that helps you engage your visitors and boost income. Its features include e-commerce integration, chatbots, visitor data, and more.

Smartsupp has a simple price structure that starts at $19.5 per agent per month when paid yearly, and it even offers a free plan for one agent with up to 100 chats each month.

Smartsupp is suitable for small businesses who want to use live chat as a feedback tool and improve website usability.

Try Smartsupp for free today!

Getting Started with ChatSpot

ChatSpot is an amazing value for all the features it offers. It’s cheap enough for organizations of any size. The parent company, HubSpot,  is well-known and reliable.

It’s one of the most cost-effective chat solutions on the market, and if you’re looking for a CRM, HubSpot is highly recommended.

The free plan is enough for many small businesses, but the paid plans are affordable, too.

Start chatting with ChatSpot for free today!


What is ChatSpot?

ChatSpot is an AI-powered sales and marketing assistant that harnesses ChatGPT to access multiple data sources, including the HubSpot CRM.

ChatSpot has a variety of functions like AI content writing, research, image creation from text prompts, and SEO assistance. It’s tailor-made for growing businesses and free for everyone, including organizations not using HubSpot CRM.

What does ChatSpot do with my data?

ChatSpot accesses data from your HubSpot customer database on demand. It’s not copied to a new database or stored elsewhere, only accessed live on an “as needed” basis.

You can integrate your Google Drive account with, but only has access to documents it creates – it cannot read or access your other Google documents.

Is ChatSpot really free?

Yes, ChatSpot is 100% free, even if you are not a HubSpot customer. However, to create a chatbot for use on Facebook, your website, or elsewhere, you need to create a free or paid HubSpot account.


ChatSpot is a free AI-powered assistant that combines the power of ChatGPT with unique data sources.

Start chatting free
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

ChatSpot is a free AI-powered assistant that combines the power of ChatGPT with unique data sources, including the HubSpot CRM, to help supercharge your work.

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