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Get a sneak peek into Botkeeper, your accounting buddy that streamlines your financial tasks and frees you to focus on what truly matters.

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Botkeeper Botkeeper
Software Type: Bookkeeping
Best For: Accounting firms
Pricing: $155/mo - $251/mo
  • Automated bookkeeping
  • Built for accounting firms
  • Excellent customer support
  • Affordable pricing
  • No free trial
  • Slow support response times

People often say that finances are the lifeblood of a business. This is especially true in a world run by the numbers game.

Numbers hold the keys to success, and how you manage your finances can make or break a business. 

Enter Botkeeper, an accounting solution that is a testament to the power of automation, machine learning, and human expertise working in perfect harmony.

Defining itself as the “ONLY automated bookkeeping solution purpose-built for Accounting Firms,” Botkeeper has over eight years of lifespan in the industry and has solidified its position as a game-changer in the accounting world. 

The beating heart of Botkeeper lies in its unique fusion of machine learning, workflow tools, and the expertise of adept accountants.

The result? A solution that transcends mere bookkeeping, elevating it to a realm of comprehensive financial management that addresses the distinct needs of accounting firms. 

Join us in exploring the benefits of this alliance and discover firsthand how Botkeeper can empower your firm to a new era of accounting excellence.


Botkeeper pricing


This plan is designed for simple entities that don’t have a lot of technical needs.


  • $155 per entity per month


  • Cash basis transaction categorizations
  • Bank and credit card reconciliations
  • Basic payroll categorization
  • Simple month end journal entries
  • Basic schedule maintenance with monthly journal entry
  • Income statement, balance sheet, & statement of cash flow
  • Overall book review for unusual balances or discrepancies

Who it’s for: Smaller accounting firms


This plan is designed for more complex entities that need more services


  • $251 per entity per month


  • Complex payroll categorization
  • AP processing
  • Applying payments to AR invoices
  • CC merchant & POS reconciliation
  • Inventory reconciliation 
  • Enhanced ongoing report support
  • Monthly standard invoicing
  • QBO W-9 requests
  • Class & department tracking
  • Job/project tracking

Who it’s for: Larger accounting firms

Botkeeper’s Values

Botkeeper’s journey is grounded in a set of core values that guide every aspect of its operations. Here are the main principles that drive its pursuit of bookkeeping innovation.

Secure and consistent: Setting the standard for trust

In the financial industry, security and consistency are non-negotiable cornerstones. With a foundation built on SOC2 Type 2 compliance, Botkeeper ensures that the security of your data isn’t just a priority – it’s an unwavering commitment.

Bank-grade security protocols are seamlessly integrated into Botkeeper’s framework, providing you with the peace of mind that your sensitive financial information is fortified against potential threats. 

But security alone does not define Botkeeper’s approach. Enter their skilled accountants – the human element that complements the technological safeguards.

With their expertise, Botkeeper ensures that your books are not just impeccably maintained but are also a reflection of your financial reality.

Unlocking new levels of ROI: Redefining efficiency and savings

Botkeeper awards

Time is money, and growth is critical to success. Recognizing this, Botkeeper emerges as a transformative force by saying goodbye to the days of laborious manual data entry and welcoming a future built on automation.

By liberating your team from the shackles of data entry, Botkeeper empowers them to focus on high-value tasks that drive growth and strategic innovation.

As your firm expands, Botkeeper’s scalability ensures that it seamlessly evolves alongside you. The icing on the cake? Your cost per client diminishes over time.

This means the more you grow, the more cost-effective Botkeeper becomes, amplifying your ROI even further.

Therefore, automation, scalability, and evolving cost-effectiveness converge to create an ROI story that is as compelling as it is rewarding.

Cutting edge technology: Where innovation meets expertise

Born from the idea of the “Tech and Team” approach, Botkeeper has diligently forged a path for collaboration between technology and skilled accountants.

This innovative philosophy underscores the belief that true automation is realized when the strengths of both man and machine converge seamlessly.

Botkeeper sets a new standard by promising cutting-edge technology and a world-class team of experts to deliver results that redefine accuracy, timeliness, and impact.

Powered by the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning, Botkeeper can seamlessly handle complex financial tasks, liberating you from the minutiae and allowing you to focus on strategic decision-making.

The team of experts with their deep understanding of accounting nuances also ensure that the results delivered are accurate, timely, and impactful.

Unparalleled support: Your success, our commitment

Botkeeper support

Botkepper promises unparalleled support that transcends the ordinary. You get a dedicated team of professionals meticulously curated to align with your vision and aspirations.

Botkeeper positions them as your custom-built alliance, ready to support you and your clients. Botkeeper does this through an omnichannel approach to communication.

Whether you prefer emails, chats, calls, or even face-to-face interactions, their support network spans across mediums to seamlessly integrate with your workflow.

Evidence-backed success: The Botkeeper proven process

Botkeeper testimonial

Evidence always speaks louder than words. Botkeepr has supported over 200 accounting firms and 5000+ business clients in its 8-year tenure thus far.

Through years of refining and optimizing, Botkeepr has created a framework that aligns seamlessly with the diverse needs of accounting firms and their clients. 

Its evidence isn’t just in numbers but the many success stories and testimonials promoted on the site of those who have experienced the transformation firsthand.

Botkeeper heralds itself as a committed partner with tireless dedication and a fervor for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Built for your needs: Tailored to elevate your profession

Square peg, round hole. Sound like a familiar challenge? With Botkeeper, you’re not adapting to a solution; the solution adapts to you. 

Botkeeper understands that the needs of accounting firms are unique, and a one-size-fits-all approach simply won’t suffice.

Hence, they offer a partnership that speaks your language. From the moment you engage with Botkeeper, you step into an ecosystem that has been designed with your needs at its core.

The tools, the processes, the support – every element is said to be thoughtfully curated to complement your accounting processes from the get-go.

What Makes Botkeeper Stand Out

Botkeeper promises some distinct features that revolutionize the accounting experience. Here are three that stand out.

Smart Connect: Simplifying data access with security

Botkeeper Smart Connect

Botkeeper’s Smart Connect isn’t just a connection service – it’s a secure gateway to a world of financial data. 

Through a highly secure link, Smart Connect establishes a direct connection to your client’s bank and credit card accounts, effortlessly retrieving bank statements from over 4600 financial institutions.

But it doesn’t stop there. Smart Connect tackles the complexities of multi-factor authentication, security questions, and one-time passcodes via text or phone call, ensuring a seamless and protected data retrieval process.

With Smart Connect, you gain access to client account data from over 16,000 financial institutions across the US and Canada, all accomplished through a user-friendly interface that demands no technical expertise. 

This means you can say goodbye to the days of wrestling with data import challenges. Smart Connect empowers you to focus on meaningful insights and strategic decisions while the technology handles the rest.

Business insights: Empowering data-driven decision-making

Botkeeper Business Insights

Botkeeper’s Business Insights is more than just a reporting tool; it’s your portal to a world of adaptable and customizable insights. 

Imagine a centralized platform available 24/7, offering both financial and non-financial data in a format tailored to your preferences.

With Botkeeper, reporting takes on a new dimension of flexibility. Your customized interface is accessible from any device, granting you the power to access critical metrics whenever and wherever you need them.

In a landscape where informed decisions are the cornerstone of success, this can be an invaluable weapon, providing the clarity you need to steer your accounting journey to the right path.

Transaction manager: Elevating accuracy with AI and expertise

Botkeeper Transaction Manager

Founded on the principle that technological augmentation should enhance, not replace, human proficiency, Botkeeper celebrates the between technology and the human touch. 

Botkeeper’s Transaction Manager is a combination of the two, allowing innovation to meet expertise in a way that can both streamline and elevate your accounting processes.

AutoPush is one such feature in Transaction Manager that works in tandem with a seasoned verification team.

The result? Transactions are accurately categorized and seamlessly posted to the general ledger, freeing you from the burdens of traditional challenges.

Even when faced with the occasional transaction that can’t be so easily categorized by the AI, Botkeeper’s team of expert accountants steps in.

If the platform is unable to categorize data with 98% confidence, human support is called in. The experts then categorize transactions that AI finds challenging, and in doing so, train the system for future automation.

Botkeeper’s Bonus, Praise-Worthy Features

Going beyond its applications as a bookkeeping software, Botkeeper also offers the following additional features that are worth a shout-out.

Password manager: Simplifying sign-in, elevating security

Botkeeper password manager

Imagine a single, secure login that significantly reduces the friction associated with signing in across various platforms.

With Botkeeper, you add credentials once, and the platform keeps you informed about any connection issues, ensuring a seamless experience.

Botkeeper’s Password Manager: 

  • Centralizes the management of all client credentials
  • Provides you with a comprehensive view of your various password-locked accounts
  • Says goodbye to the hassle of bouncing from system to system to access what you need
  • Shifts you from managing credentials to concentrating on more vital priorities

Portal manager: Empowering access and control

Botkeeper portal manager

Botkeeper’s Portal Manager is designed to transform complexity into simplicity while granting you unprecedented control.

With it, you can invite users, define roles, and set permissions at both the firm and client levels. 

Portal Manager puts you at the helm of access and security, sharing, restricting, and managing user privileges across data, documents, records, and tasks.

With Portal Manager, you can:

  • Ensure that the right people have access to the right resources without compromising sensitive information
  • Empower collaboration while safeguarding the integrity of your operations
  • Onboard clients easily and faster through its Scoping Tool

What Are Botkeeper’s Users Saying?

Wondering what the community is saying about Botkeeper?

Here’s a quick breakdown of its average ratings: 

  • G2: 4.4/5 (27 reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.4/5 (71 reviews)
  • TrustRadius: 8.8/10 (4 reviews)

The onboarding process and platform are very intuitive and easy to use. The communication from the accounting team is amazing, they assign tasks to you with any questions they may have with transactions, uncleared checks, or reconciliation issues.

Misty M., Manager – Verified Capterra review

Integration and ease of use to bring clients QBO accounts to the Botkeeper platform was simple and straighforward. Having a weekly dedicated meeting with a Botkeeper specialist has been a great feature. Bank reconcilations are done quickly and timely with little to no errors. The reports presented to the client are professional and always on time.

Crystal C., Operations Manager – Verified Capterra review

Being relatively new in the market, Botkeeper still has some ways to go but overall, its users seem to have faith in the software and the trajectory ahead.

Botkeeper Alternatives

If you are looking for alternatives outside of Botkeeper, then you might want to consider these options.

$395/mo - $995/mo
$249/mo - $399/mo
$395/mo - $995/mo
$249/mo - $399/mo

Quickbooks Live

Quickbooks Live homepage

You can use QuickBooks with Botkeeper. The difference with QuickBooks Live is you’re using QuickBooks with Quickbooks-certified in-house bookkeepers to help you.

Pricing starts at $200/month and scales with your monthly expense volume. This fee is in addition to your QuickBooks Online subscription.

It’s best for small businesses who want to manage books, taxes, payroll, and expenses all in one place with professional support.

Get your free consultation today!


xendoo homepage

xendoo is a similar bookkeeping and accounting service focused on small businesses. It offers bookkeeping, tax support, and catch-up services to ensure your business runs smoothly.

Pricing starts at $395, and annual plans get a 10% discount. Like Botkeeper, it offers fractional CFO services, starting at $1,500/month.

Get started with xendoo today!


Bench Accounting homepage

Bench is a similar service in that you get access to a team of bookkeepers and financial experts. The pricing is far more affordable, starting at just $249/month.

The main difference is that they use proprietary software instead of QuickBooks. That makes it difficult to leave the platform and hold onto your historical data as you scale.

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Is Botkeeper the right accounting solution for you?

Are you wondering, “Is Botkeeper the accounting solution that aligns with my needs, ambitions, and aspirations?”

The answer lies in the tapestry of benefits it provides, tailored to redefine your accounting experience.

Botkeeper’s commitment to your success is evident in every facet – from tailor-made solutions to unparalleled support, and from evidence-backed results to scalability to security. 

So, is Botkeeper the accounting solution for you? If your aspirations include efficiency, accuracy, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to your success, then the answer is a resounding yes.

But don’t take my word for it. Give Botkeeper a try or contact the team to get your own demo.

QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping

QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping is an online bookkeeping service that connects small businesses with trusted, QuickBooks-certified virtual bookkeepers

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Botkeeper leverages machine learning and workflow tools that automate the most manual and time-consuming bookkeeping work.

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