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Botkeeper Alternatives & Competitors

Looking for a BotKeeper alternative that integrates with Xero and QuickBooks? Here are the 7 best BotKeeper alternatives offering all-in-one services.

Best Overall
Best for Startups
Best for Freelancers

QuickBooks Live is an online bookkeeping service that connects small businesses with trusted, QuickBooks-certified virtual bookkeepers.


Bookkeeper360 is a technology driven accounting solution for startups and established businesses.


1-800Accountant is virtual accounting services provider, helping freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business owners along their business journey.

Best Overall

QuickBooks Live is an online bookkeeping service that connects small businesses with trusted, QuickBooks-certified virtual bookkeepers.

Best for Startups

Bookkeeper360 is a technology driven accounting solution for startups and established businesses.

Best for Freelancers

1-800Accountant is virtual accounting services provider, helping freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business owners along their business journey.

Is your business getting overwhelmed with its daily bookkeeping processes? Then, you need an accounting service like BotKeeper that can automate processes like account reconciliation.

However, it’s essential to consider that BotKeeper has its shortcomings like integration limitations and more.

So, we researched and found the 7 best BotKeeper alternatives to help businesses fix their accounts.

1. QuickBooks Live

Quickbooks Live homepage

Best Suited For: SMEs and entrepreneurs looking for hands-on support on their accounting books.

Pricing: $200/mo


Real-time data access

Customizable business reports

Integrates with other apps

Professional bookkeeping assistance


Mandatory one-time clean-up fee

May be cost-prohibitive for some businesses

QuickBooks Live is a bookkeeping service that provides businesses with live support from an expert bookkeeper to help reconcile their accounts.


  • Dedicated bookkeeper – QuickBooks Live offers a dedicated bookkeeper to all businesses that sign up for the platform. It uses the business details to match an SME with the right CPA. 
  • Integrations – Entrepreneurs will find an extensive stack of systems that integrate with QuickBooks Live. They include platforms like payroll and payment gateways.
  • Bank and credit card reconciliation – As a QuickBooks user, you can seamlessly link your credit cards and bank accounts worry-free. QuickBooks Live automatically establishes the connection, simplifying data download for accurate review by your bookkeeper.
  • Ease of use – The QuickBooks Live platform offers a user-friendly interface that entrepreneurs can navigate easily. The software also provides a one-way video chat that entrepreneurs can use to communicate with the expert bookkeeper.

QuickBooks Live Vs Botkeeper

CriteriaQuickBooks LiveBotkeeper
Best ForSMBs and solopreneursCPAs and Audit firms
Standout FeatureExpert CPA video callAutomated bookkeeping
Pricing$200/mo$155/mo – $251/mo


Solopreneurs and SMBs looking for live support through video conferencing on bookkeeping will find QuickBooks Live ideal.

Schedule your free QuickBooks Live consultation!

Free QuickBooks live consultation

2. Bookkeeper360

Bookkeeper360 homepage

Best suited for: SMEs looking for financial insights on their books and the best way to stay compliant with tax laws.

Pricing: $125/hr to $549/mo


Free consultation

24/7 support

Dedicated CPA

Offers accrual-based accounting


No mobile app

No inventory management features

Bookkeeper360 is a bookkeeping service that supports real-time accounting, payroll, and back office for fast-growing SMEs.


  • Payroll and HR – Bookkeeper360 supports businesses in processing staff payroll, including 1099s and W-2s. Not only that, you can seamlessly integrate platforms like Gusto for payroll.
  • Integrations – The software allows seamless integration of both Xero and QuickBooks, enabling efficient tracking of your accounting metrics. In case your startup needs funding, both systems provide it instantly.
  • CFO advisory – Bookkeeper360 offers it as a standalone package priced at $1000. It gives SMBs access to a team of CPAs. The professionals analyze your enterprise books and help entrepreneurs develop a growth strategy.
  • Tax management – It is a service that Bookkeeper360 offers as standalone pricing for businesses at ($800) and personal ($300).

Bookkeeper360 Vs Botkeeper

Best ForSmall and midsized businessesCPAs and Audit firms
Standout FeatureCFO advisoryAutomated bookkeeping
Pricing$125/hr to $549/mo$155/mo – $251/mo


SMBs that need weekly bookkeeping, payroll, and compliance support will find Bookkeeper360 valuable.

Schedule a call with Bookkeeper360

Schedule a call with Bookkeeper360

3. 1-800Accountant

1-800Accountant homepage

Best suited for: Entrepreneurs and SMEs looking to form an entity and have ongoing support with bookkeeping.

Pricing: $139/mo – $399/mo


Flat rate pricing

Unlimited tax advice

Powered by CPAs

30-day satisfaction guarantee


Annual billing

Bookkeeping is only in top tier plan

1-800Accountant is an accounting service offering businesses a suite of services, including entity formation, bookkeeping, and more.


  • Catchup bookkeeping – 1-800Accountant  offers it as a standalone service that businesses running behind on their books can request. It is a custom service that requires first contacting customer support.
  • Detailed Reporting – 1-800Accountant enables you to tailor your account financials’ reporting data, including journal entries, balance sheets, and ledgers, to suit your preferences.
  • Entity formation – Looking to form an entity like an LLC, you can use 1-800Accountant to prepare and file your paperwork with the state. The best part is that it also provides additional services at a fee, like a registered agent, EIN, and more.
  • Mobile app – Accessing your paperwork on the go is convenient with the mobile app provided by the software. It is accessible on both Android and iOS devices.

1-800Accountant Vs Botkeeper

Best ForStartups and SMBsCPAs and Audit firms
Standout FeatureEntity formationAutomated bookkeeping
Pricing$139/mo – $399/mo$155/mo – $251/mo


Entrepreneurs looking to form an entity like an LLC and get ongoing bookkeeping support will find 1-800Accountant valuable.

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Schedule a call with 1-800Accountant

4. Pilot

Pilot homepage

Best suited for: SMBs that need an accounting solution that offers the best value for tax filing and bookkeeping.

Pricing: Starts at $499/mo


Supports accrual basis accounting

Dedicated bookkeeper

Discount for pre-revenue companies

Add-ons for taxes and CFO services


Core plan only offers support via email

Additional services require Plus plan

Pilot is an accounting service that provides SMBs with a financial solution in bookkeeping, tax, and CFO services.


  • Account checklist – Pilot offers bookkeepers a checklist that they can use to organize the books and data. The checklist comes in handy in helping the bookkeeper update changes so that future bookkeepers can use it as a benchmark.
  • QuickBooks integration – Pilot integrates only with QuickBooks, which bookkeepers can use to audit the books. Then, from there, they forward the audit report to businesses through email. Entrepreneurs can then view the audit changes through QuickBooks Online.
  • Reporting – Each month, Pilot sends its clients a monthly detailed report of their books, including a balance sheet, cash flow statement, and P&L.
  • Dedicated bookkeeper – Signing up to the service guarantees that a business gets assigned a dedicated bookkeeper who guides on how the software works. They also act as the point of contact for businesses.

Pilot Vs Botkeeper

Best ForSmall and mid-sized enterprisesCPAs and Audit firms
Standout FeatureA/P and A/RAutomated bookkeeping
PricingStarts at $499/mo$155/mo – $251/mo


Businesses with a CFO will find Pilot ideal because it provides advisory services. The service selling points are in its dedicated bookkeeper and tax management.

5. Bench

Bench Accounting homepage

Best suited for: SMBs with simple financials and need an all-rounded bookkeeper to help with fixing their books.

Pricing: $249/mo – $349/mo


1-month free

One-on-one expert support

Powerful reporting

Catch-up bookkeeping available


Pricey accrual adjustments

Doesn’t offer CFO consultancy

Bench is a bookkeeping service that provides small businesses support with their simple accounts.


  • Dedicated bookkeeper – Bench uses business details after signing up to give access to a dedicated bookkeeper. They act as a point of contact and guide on how Bench works.
  • Catch-up bookkeeping – Bench offers a “Retro” program that businesses that have fallen behind on their books for over 2 years can request to help fix them.
  • Integration of business and personal accounts – Bench allows entrepreneurs to link their eligible credit cards and personal accounts with the business. It also allows a bookkeeper to assign the transactions correctly.
  • Payroll with Gusto – Entrepreneurs will find Bench integrates payroll platforms like Gusto. It allows SMEs to manage payroll, where it files W-2s automatically.

Bench Vs Botkeeper

Best ForFreelancers and SMEsCPAs and Audit firms
Standout FeatureCatch-up bookkeepingAutomated bookkeeping
Pricing$249/mo – $349/mo$155/mo – $251/mo


Bench fits businesses with simple finances but needs a dedicated bookkeeper to help them reconcile their accounts.

6. Xendoo

xendoo homepage

Best suited for: Franchises, professional CPAs, and e-commerce businesses looking for an all-in-one bookkeeping solution.

Pricing: $395/mo – $995/mo


Quick and easy sign up

30-day money-back guarantee

Integrates with major software

Access your financials from anywhere


Lacks support for invoicing and bill payments

Expensive when compared to similar products

Xendoo is an accounting and bookkeeping service that helps SMEs simplify their financials by reconciling their books.


  • Franchise support – Xendoo offers franchise support to businesses depending on the customized chart of accounts. Not only that, businesses access benefits like group training, roll-up dashboards, and more.
  • Fractional CFO – Most small businesses lack a CFO, but with Xendoo, they can request a fractional CFO service for $1500 monthly. A fractional CFO helps advise on tax filing and compliance.
  • 3. Ecommerce integration – Xendoo makes it easy for you to seamlessly integrate marketplaces such as Shopify, Amazon, and WooCommerce.
  • Money-back guarantees – Upon signing up, businesses receive a one-month money-back guarantee if the services do not meet their expectations.

Xendoo Vs Botkeeper

Best ForFranchises, e-commerce and solopreneurCPAs and Audit firms
Standout FeatureSupport of e-commerceAutomated bookkeeping
Pricing$395/mo – $995/mo$155/mo – $251/mo


SMBs with simple financials will find Xendoo ideal. Its selling points are in the fractional CFO, franchise support, and e-commerce integration.

7. Fincent

fincent homepage

Best suited for: SMEs that need an accounting solution that combines real-time bookkeeping and automated financial management.

Pricing: $199/mo – $1,049/mo


Dedicated bookkeeping team

Catchup services available

Personalized bookkeeping

Year-round tax advisory


No free trial

Add-on features can be costly

Fincent is an all-in-one accounting platform that helps businesses with their bookkeeping, invoicing, and tax filing.


  • Custom reporting – Businesses looking to customize their tax-ready financial reports and analyze them can do it on the Fincent platform. Bookkeepers can also generate a business growth plan and project profit trends. 
  • Integration with payment gateways – Fincent integrates with Stripe, a prominent payment gateway for the collection of online payments. It also makes creating and sharing invoices to track all transactions easy.
  • Account tracking – Fincent also allows businesses to track their financials through a feature called heads-up. For example, a business can track its overdue invoices in real-time on the dashboard.
  • Centralized dashboard – Businesses can use the Fincent dashboard to view all the transactions happening in real-time. It makes it easy for a bookkeeper to review all transactions that occur.

Fincent Vs Botkeeper

Best ForSmall to mid-sized enterprisesCPAs and Audit firms
Standout FeatureAccount tracking and Stripe integrationAutomated bookkeeping
Pricing$199/mo – $1,049/mo$155/mo – $251/mo


Startups and SMBs that need a custom accounting solution for their books will find Fincent ideal. The platform provides an all-in-one accounting service to streamline bookkeeping.

Which Botkeeper Alternative Should You Choose?

Botkeeper excels as a bookkeeping service because it uses ML and AI to automate most accounting processes.

Plus, through its unlimited reporting, you can get your financial insights and even access round-the-clock support.

However, like every other modern accounting service, BotKeeper has its downsides. For example, it has integration limitations, a lack of consulting services, and more.

It is why SMEs will look for alternatives that offer what it lacks. That is why we recommend these 7 best BotKeeper alternatives.

So, pick one that matches your accounting needs and budget.

Recap of the Botkeeper alternatives

  1. QuickBooks Live
  2. Bookkeeper360
  3. 1-800Accountant
  4. Pilot
  5. Bench
  6. Xendoo
  7. Fincent
QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping

QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping is an online bookkeeping service that connects small businesses with trusted, QuickBooks-certified virtual bookkeepers

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