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7 Best Lever Alternatives & Competitors

Looking for a suitable alternative ATS to Lever? Here is a compilation of the 7 best Lever alternatives to help businesses recruit top talent globally.

Best Overall
Best for SMEs
Best for Growing SMBs

Greenhouse is the hiring operating system for people-first companies. It is a great alternative to Lever.

Workable is a great alternative option to Manatal. Find, hire, onboard, and manage the right person for every job.

Modernize your hiring process with end-to-end recruiting software built to scale for every-sized team with Breezy HR.

Best Overall

Greenhouse is the hiring operating system for people-first companies. It is a great alternative to Lever.

Best for SMEs

Workable is a great alternative option to Manatal. Find, hire, onboard, and manage the right person for every job.

Best for Growing SMBs

Modernize your hiring process with end-to-end recruiting software built to scale for every-sized team with Breezy HR.

Lever is one of the best ATS platforms in the market. However, like any modern ATS, it has inefficiencies like invite-only plans, a lack of a mobile app, and a buggy platform.

These inefficiencies are why most recruiters are looking for comprehensive Lever alternatives. Now, we have often compared Lever to top ATS platforms such as Breezy HR, but it’s rare to find one that beats it hands down.

So, we researched and found 7 best lever alternatives that offer all-in-one functionality. In this guide, we’ll evaluate each on its pricing, features, integrations, and more.

We are here to help you find an ATS that can suit your business hiring needs.

1. Greenhouse

Best overall Lever Alternative

Greenhouse homepage

Automates most recruitment processes

All-rounded hiring

Simplified onboarding process


Customizes its features for large HR teams

Pricing is not transparent

Greenhouse is an all-in-one hiring solution that offers the best ATS among the others on this list. It provides recruiters a structure in their recruitment by defining requirements, roles, and job posts. 

The software also emphasizes DEI throughout the hiring process. With the platform you can also evaluate your recruitment performance by analyzing the hiring reports, allowing you to enhance your recruiting processes.

Greenhouse Features

  • Structured Hiring: It allows recruiters to add scorecards to the hiring workflows.
  • Inclusion: It promotes diversity by anonymizing the applicant’s name, demographic, and more.
  • CRM: It allows HR teams to track applicants and communicate with them through automated follow-up emails.
  • Reporting: The platform generates candidate profile data and analyzes the hiring acceptance rate, sources, and more.

Greenhouse Vs Lever

Best ForMid to large enterprisesAny company looking for a people-first approach
Standout FeatureCRMDEI reporting features
PricingRequest pricingNot Listed


Greenhouse excels as the best all-rounded recruitment solution and alternative to Lever to hire a dozen plus applicants monthly.

The platform structures recruitment and allows MDs to post their open positions on hundreds of job boards.

See full comparison: Lever vs. Greenhouse

2. Workable

Best Lever Alternative for in-house HR Teams

Workable homepage

Uses blind recruitment for inclusion

Integrates with 70+ HRIS platforms

Supports job postings to over 200+ boards


Search function has limitations

Paid integrations to access some functionalities

Workable is an ATS offering a scalable solution for SMEs to help in their recruitment. The software shares similarities with Lever in using AI to identify and nurture applicants that match job openings. 

HR teams can create a career page through its site builder and post job ads to 200+ boards. Not only that, the software automates onboarding processes like e-signature and more.

Workable Features

  • Candidate Tracking: It allows HR teams to manage the hiring process and track each candidate’s progress.
  • Job posting and sourcing: It allows recruiters to post to hundreds of job boards globally and source from social media.
  • Interview Scheduling: It supports self-scheduling by providing a calendar for booking interviews.
  • Reporting: It generates a report on the hiring and gives MDs insights on the workflows.

Workable Vs Lever

Best ForMid to large enterprisesStaffing and recruiting agencies that want a tool that scales with growth
Standout FeatureCRMPost to multiple platforms in one-click
PricingRequest pricing$149/mo – $599/mo


Workable is a decent ATS providing HR teams with all-rounded recruitment software to hire top talent. Recruiters will access features that parse applicant’s resumes and match the right one to the open posts.

Sign up and get a 2-week free trial period.

Try Workable for free!

See full comparison: Workable vs. Lever

3. Breezy HR

Best Lever Alternative for fast growing SMBs

Breezy HR homepage

Job ads posting to 50+ boards

Supports applicant self-scheduling

Offers a mobile app that enhances collaboration


Mobile app access is for paid plans

One active job vacancy for a free plan

Breezy HR has gained praise as an ATS because it modernizes recruitment through resume analysis, reporting, and automating interview processes.

You’ll get access to a site builder with a drag-and-drop feature for creating a mobile-friendly career site. 

The software also posts job ads to 50+ boards globally, including Indeed and LinkedIn. Breezy HR also provides an advanced search and job-specific recommendation that helps HR teams link with inactive candidates.

Breezy HR Features

  • Branding: Recruiters can create a career site for open positions and showcase enterprise values.
  • Candidate Management: This tool enables you to track every applicant in the pipeline and customize the recruitment stages to suit your needs.
  • Reporting: HR teams can view real-time analytics of recruitment. It also has an on/off switch for EEOC and OFCCP data tracking.
  • Mobile App: It gives recruiters access to features for tracking applicants. However, it provides an app designed specifically for recruiters or employers.

Breezy HR Vs Lever

CriteriaLeverBreezy HR
Best ForMid to large enterprisesEarly stage startups who want strong managed recruitment efforts
Standout FeatureCRMCustomizable workflows
PricingRequest pricingFree – $529/mo


Breezy HR is another decent recommendation as a Lever alternative for SMEs scaling fast. It is a platform that can help recruit talent in multiple positions.

Enterprises with busy recruitment schedules will easily streamline hiring and automate job postings, talent search, and communication.

Start 14-day free trial of Breezy HR

14-day free trial of Breezy HR

4. Recruitee

Best Lever Alternative for collaborative recruitment

Recruitee homepage

Provides candidate evaluation like scorecards

Supports sourcing applicants from LinkedIn or GitHub

Enables social media connectivity


Doesn’t offer automatic candidate matching

Doesn’t allow data extraction in its reporting

Recruitee is comprehensive as an ATS, providing recruiters with job widgets that are easy to use. The software has an extensive integration stack with communication and job boards like LinkedIn and Slack. 

It enables recruiters to post job ads to 1400+ paid and free job boards. Recruitee also offers HR teams employee referrals, a mobile app, a marketplace, video chat, and more.

Recruitee Features

  • Candidate Management: Recruiters can oversee several talent pools and get updates on the ideal candidates for an open position.
  • Job Posting: HR teams can create a job ad and automatically post it to 1400 free and paid boards globally.
  • Talent communication: You can use the in-app chat to communicate with applicants.
  • Reporting: HR teams can view applicant sources and task completion through charts on the dashboard.

Recruitee Vs Lever

Best ForMid to large enterprisesCompanies interested in a collaborative hiring process
Standout FeatureCRMCollaborative hiring capabilities
PricingRequest pricing$269/mo – $479/mo


Recruitee is a decent collaborative recruitment platform that can help medium to large enterprises hire top talent.

The software provides features that allow HR teams to communicate better with their applicants through video, 2-way email, and more.

So, sign up, start your 18-day free trial period, and enhance collaboration with your team.

Start 18-day free trial of Recruitee


Best Lever Alternative for candidate tracking

VIVAHR homepage

Supports building branded career sites

Job posting to 50+ job boards

Offers an extensive resume database of talent profiles


Doesn’t offer a mobile app

Doesn’t provide a skill assessment feature

VIVAHR is an all-rounded ATS that allows recruiters to track their applicants throughout the recruitment pipeline.

The software excels at simplifying job ad posting to 50+ job boards through automation. 

HR teams can also collaborate better, where they can evaluate applicants, avoid bias, and find the right candidate all in one platform.

However, unlike most other ATS software in this list, VIVAHR integrations and features offer basic functionality.

VIVAHR Features

  • Applicant Tracking: It allows users to tweak their recruitment to fit their brand and track each applicant.
  • Job posting: It supports job ad posting to multiple job boards and social sharing on Facebook or Twitter (X).
  • Candidate communication: It has an in-app chat that HR teams can use to communicate with candidates in real time.
  • Reporting: It can generate recruitment reports on each candidate and recruiters can export the data as a CSV.


Best ForMid to large enterprisesSMEs looking for a hiring platform to help create a career site
Standout FeatureCRMAutomated job posting
PricingRequest pricing$89/mo – $279/mo


VIVAHR is a decent applicant recruitment software that provides MDs with extensive customization during hiring.

The software allows HR teams to attract and nurture candidates from social networks like Facebook or Twitter(X).

6. Manatal

Best Lever Alternative for headhunters

manatal homepage

Supports candidate data importation and resume parsing

Offers flexibility to meet large volumes of applications

Matches candidates to open positions automatically


Doesn’t support self-scheduling for interviews

Doesn’t have a mobile app

Manatal is an ATS that helps in-house recruitment teams curate their brand career site to source and hire talent faster.

HR teams will access 2500+ job boards to post job ads on platforms like Monster. 

Not only that, Manatal automates redundant tasks like interview scheduling and employee referrals. It also leverages AI to collect candidate data from 20+ social networks and platforms to enrich their profiles.

Manatal Features

  • Data management: HR teams can tweak the recruitment structure and extract applicant’s information from the databases.
  • Job Posting: It allows recruiters to post job ads to multiple job boards globally.
  • Resume Formatting: It supports the formatting of an applicant’s resume and the management of the data from the server.
  • Candidate assessment: It allows HR teams to create questionnaires for the applicants for assessment.

Manatal Vs Lever

Best ForMid to large enterprisesEarly stage startups
Standout FeatureCRMAI Powered candidate recommendation
PricingRequest pricing$19 to $39/user/mo


Manatal excels at fast-tracking recruitment, which helps recruiters become flexible in dealing with large volumes of applicants.

MDs with small recruitment teams will find Manatal valuable in speeding the hiring process. Manatal also will enable them to automate most tasks.

So, sign up to start your 2-week trial period and speed up your candidate backlog.

Try Manatal for free!

7. Bullhorn

Best Lever Alternative for staffing agencies

bullhorn homepage

Integrates with Outlook and Gmail

It offers a mobile app

It has a superb interface


Costly third-party integrations

The software is buggy and sluggish

Bullhorn is an all-rounded ATS and CRM created for modern recruitment systems. It provides recruiters with candidate search, reporting, and activity tracking to streamline hiring workflows. 

Bullhorn also enables candidate redeployment, faster placements, and improved applicant relationships with recruiters.

HR teams will find a mobile-friendly system that integrates with Copilot, invoicing platforms, and more.

Bullhorn Features

  • CRM: It provides a module for recruiters to onboard applicants fast and manage their recruitment.
  • Resume Parsing: You can search and extract a candidate’s data, like work history or skills.
  • Reporting: HR teams can get reports on their recruitment in real-time and get insights to improve hiring processes.
  • Candidate communication: Recruiters can use in-app messenger to communicate with top applicants and send bulk emails.

Bullhorn Vs Lever

Best ForMid to large enterprisesStaffing and recruiting agencies of all sizes
Standout FeatureCRMEmail Inbox Gadget
PricingRequest pricingRequest pricing


Bullhorn allows recruiters with extensive candidate pools to collect and process the applicant’s data quickly. It provides advanced candidate management features like CRM for seamless onboarding and in-app messenger for communication.

Which Lever alternative should I use?

Investing in an ATS is one of the best ways to improve a business’ hiring efforts and find a suitable candidate for an open position. Lever excels at it, offering an all-in-one solution for SMBs.

However, not every recruiter will find it the best fit. Now, depending on a business size, needs, and budget, Greenhouse is the best alternative to Lever on this list.

It is all-in-one, providing automation and recruitment customization options for hiring top talent globally.

Here is a recap of each and their benefits.

  • Greenhouse – Best all-in-one ATS
  • Workable – Best for SMBs With In-House HR Teams
  • Breezy HR – Best free ATS for fast-growing SMEs
  • Recruitee – Best for collaborative recruitment
  • VIVAHR – Best for small businesses and candidate tracking
  • Manatal – Best for headhunters & HR agencies
  • Bullhorn – Best for agency staffing

This guide has highlighted how each platform offers something unique. So, sign up for one that fits your hiring model.