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Breezy HR Alternatives & Competitors

Learn about the 7 best Breezy HR alternatives and competitors if you are looking for better hiring or ATS software options.

Best Overall
Best for Recruiting
Best for AI

Workable is a great alternative option to Breezy HR. Find, hire, onboard, and manage the right person for every job.

Collaborative hiring software and modern applicant tracking system with easy setup, great UI, and top-rated customer support.

Manatal, the new generation of recruitment software. Transform the way you recruit and drive your recruitment metrics to new highs.

Best Overall

Workable is a great alternative option to Breezy HR. Find, hire, onboard, and manage the right person for every job.

Best for Recruiting

Collaborative hiring software and modern applicant tracking system with easy setup, great UI, and top-rated customer support.

Best for AI

Manatal, the new generation of recruitment software. Transform the way you recruit and drive your recruitment metrics to new highs.

Breezy HR is considered one of the most easy-to-use and user-friendly ATS platforms.

However, it still suffers from a bit of a glitchy UI that requires you to refresh the page manually and an irrevocable status change, and for that reason, you may want to take a look at some other competent alternatives to match your requirements.

We recommend Workable as the top alternative for its unique blend of functionality and user-friendliness.

By the time you’re done with this guide, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the best Breezy HR alternatives and competitors available, so you can make an informed decision.

1. Workable

Workable homepage

Best for: Workable is an ideal choice for small and mid-sized enterprises seeking an applicant tracking system that can grow their expanding business.

It offers scalability and functionality that perfectly align with the evolving recruitment needs of dynamic, growing companies.

Pricing: $149/mo – $599/mo


Free 2 week trial

User-friendly UI

Supports job postings to 200+ boards

200+ integrations available


Search function has limitations

Limited choices for customization

Workable is an advanced, all-in-one recruitment software that offers a wide range of tools to streamline the entire hiring process, from sourcing to managing and onboarding.


  • Automated Candidate Sourcing: Workable utilizes AI to find and suggest suitable candidates, saving time in the recruitment process.
  • Collaborative Hiring:  It facilitates teamwork in the hiring process with efficient tools for feedback and communication among hiring team members.
  • Efficient Interview Scheduling: Streamline your interview process with the easy-to-use scheduling tools, reduce the administrative burden, and enhance the candidate experience.
  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics: Workable provides comprehensive analytics for tracking and optimizing your recruitment process.

Workable Vs Breezy HR

CriteriaWorkableBreezy HR
Best ForSmall and medium-sized enterprises that require scalabilitySmall to medium-sized businesses looking for a feature-rich ATS
Standout FeatureAutomated AI-powered candidate sourcing and collaborative hiring featuresPowerful candidate sourcing tools
Pricing$149/mo – $599/moFree – $529/mo


Workable is a compelling choice for businesses and enterprises looking for a scalable and efficient applicant tracking system.

Its advanced features, particularly in automated candidate sourcing and collaborative hiring, make it a standout alternative to Breezy HR for dynamic, growing enterprises.

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2. Recruitee

Recruitee homepage

Best for: Recruitee is best suited for early-stage startups looking to enhance their recruitment process.

Pricing: $269/mo – $479/mo


Intuitive and user-friendly interface

Various integrations available

Seamless job posting

In-depth onboarding and customer support hub


Slow customer support

Glitchy user interface

Recruitee offers an effective applicant tracking system, streamlining the hiring workflow, and gives startups access to a wide and diverse candidate pool. 

This tool is designed to empower emerging businesses to accelerate their growth by efficiently managing and optimizing their recruitment efforts, ensuring they attract and secure top talent essential for their success.


  • User-Friendly UI: It simplifies navigation and enhances the overall user experience in managing your recruitment process.
  • Comprehensive Candidate Management: Recuitree offers robust tools for tracking and organizing candidate information, ensuring efficient management of the hiring pipeline.
  • Streamlined Job Posting: You can easily post different jobs across multiple platforms and broaden your scope of reach to potential candidates.
  • Diverse Integration Capabilities: Recruitee supports seamless integration with various other platforms and tools, enhancing functionality and workflow efficiency.

Recruitee Vs Breezy HR

CriteriaRecruiteeBreezy HR
Best ForBusinesses of all sizes seeking a highly customizable ATSSmall to medium-sized businesses looking for a feature-rich ATS
Standout FeatureComprehensive candidate management featuresPowerful candidate sourcing tools
Pricing$269/mo – $479/moFree – $529/mo

See full comparison: Recruitee vs. Breezy HR


Recruitee stands out as a superior choice for businesses seeking a blend of user-friendliness and comprehensive recruitment features. 

Its intuitive interface and customizable options make it an ideal alternative to Breezy HR, especially for those requiring a more tailored recruitment experience.

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3. Manatal

manatal homepage

Best for: Manatal is particularly well-suited for forward-thinking businesses that are focused on leveraging AI-driven insights for their recruitment processes.

It’s ideal for companies of any size, especially those keen on adopting cutting-edge technology to streamline their talent acquisition and enhance the quality of their hiring decisions.

Pricing: $19/mo – $39/mo per user


Effective scorecard options

Advanced search functions for candidates

Very basic and easy UI

Outstanding client support


Basic screening options

Lacks sophisticated features

Manatal is a dynamic and innovative recruitment platform that offers a unique blend of applicant tracking and AI-driven analytics tailored for efficient and effective talent acquisition.


  • AI-Powered Candidate Matching: Manatal utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to match candidates with job openings accurately.
  • Seamless Integration with HR System: It offers easy integration with existing HR platforms for a unified workflow.
  • Customizable Recruitment Pipelines: You can create tailored recruitment stages to suit your requirements of different hiring processes.
  • Advanced Analytics and Reporting: Manatal provides in-depth analytics for tracking recruitment performances and decision-making insights.

Manatal Vs Breezy HR

CriteriaManatalBreezy HR
Best ForBusinesses of various sizes looking for AI-driven recruitmentSmall to medium-sized businesses looking for a feature-rich ATS
Standout FeatureAI-powered candidate matchingPowerful candidate sourcing tools
Pricing$19/mo – $39/mo per userFree – $529/mo


Manatal stands as a noteworthy alternative to Breezy HR for those seeking innovative AI-driven recruitment.

Its advanced candidate matching and seamless HR system integrations make it particularly appealing for businesses aiming to modernize and streamline their hiring process.

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VIVAHR homepage

Best for: VIVAHR is best suited for companies that prioritize a strong employer brand and seek an engaging, efficient recruitment process. It’s ideal for businesses of all sizes, especially those looking to attract top talent through a compelling and visible company culture.

Pricing: $89/mo – $279/mo


Easy and intuitive UI

Easy onboarding

Tailored screening questionnaires

Custom tags for resumes and profiles


Limited customer support

No mobile app available

VIVAHR is an innovative recruitment platform that emphasizes creating a powerful employer brand while offering effective tools for candidate sourcing and engagement.


  • Culture-Driven Recruiting: VIVAHR emphasizes creating a unique employer brand to attract the right candidates.
  • Automated Job Board Posting: It offers the ability to post job listings across multiple platforms simultaneously
  • Candidate Engagement Tracking: It allows you to track interactions with candidates, providing insights into engagement levels.
  • Collaborative Hiring Tools: VIVAHR facilitates team involvement in the hiring process with shared notes and feedback capabilities.


CriteriaVIVAHRBreezy HR
Best ForCompanies of all sizes focus on enhancing employer brandingSmall to medium-sized businesses looking for a feature-rich ATS
Standout FeatureCulture-driven recruiting approachPowerful candidate sourcing tools
Pricing$89/mo – $279/moFree – $529/mo


VIVAHR emerges as a strong contender for businesses focusing on employer branding and candidate engagement in their recruitment strategy. 

Its unique culture-driven approach and collaborative hiring tools make it a valuable alternative to Breezy HR, especially for companies looking to attract talent that resonates with their organizational values.

5. Lever

Lever homepage

Best for: Lever is ideally suited for medium to large-sized businesses seeking an integrated approach to recruitment.

It is particularly beneficial for organizations that require a blend of applicant tracking and candidate relationship management to streamline their hiring process and build strong candidate relationships.

Pricing: Request a quote


Offers onboarding tools like e-signatures

Integrates with popular HRIS platforms

Provides diversity surveys

Detailed analytics and visual


The plans are invite-only

It doesn’t offer a mobile app

Lever is a comprehensive recruitment tool that combines the power of an ATS and CRM to enhance the hiring process, making it efficient and collaborative.


  • Unified ATS and CRM Functionality: Lever integrates applicant tracking with candidate relationship management for a holistic recruitment approach.
  • Robust Talent Sourcing: It offers powerful tools to identify and attract potential candidates effectively.
  • Collaborative Hiring Talent: Lever facilitates teamwork in the recruitment process with shared pipelines and feedback tools.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: It provides comprehensive reporting and analytics for strategic hiring insights.

Lever Vs Breezy HR

CriteriaLeverBreezy HR
Best ForMedium to large-sized companies requiring both ATS and CRM featuresSmall to medium-sized businesses looking for a feature-rich ATS
Standout FeatureUnified ATS and CRM systemPowerful candidate sourcing tools
PricingCustom pricingFree – $529/mo


Lever’s unique integration of ATS and CRM capabilities makes it a standout choice over Breezy HR, particularly for larger enterprises looking for a comprehensive recruitment solution.

Its advanced features support a more strategic and relationship-focused approach to hiring, making it an ideal choice for businesses prioritizing robust recruitment processes.

6. Greenhouse

Greenhouse homepage

Best for: Greenhouse is particularly well-suited for medium to large-sized businesses and enterprises that prioritize a structured and data-driven approach to recruitment.

It’s ideal for organizations looking to optimize their hiring process with detailed analytics and comprehensive applicant tracking capabilities.

Pricing: Custom pricing


Fully customizable

Mobile app available

Supports automation of the recruitment processes

300+ integrations


Hidden pricing structure

Complex UI

Greenhouse is a comprehensive recruitment software known for its robust applicant tracking system and structured hiring approach, designed to optimize the entire recruiting process.


  • Structured Hiring Framework: Greenhouse provides a systematic approach to recruitment, enhancing consistency and fairness in the hiring process.
  • Comprehensive Applicant Tracking: It offers robust tracking capabilities for managing candidates throughout the hiring cycle.
  • Detailed Analytics and Reporting: Greenhouse delivers in-depth insights for data-driven decision-making in recruitment strategies.

Greenhouse Vs Breezy HR

CriteriaGreenhouseBreezy HR
Best ForBusinesses focusing on a structured and data-driven approach to recruitmentSmall to medium-sized businesses looking for a feature-rich ATS
Standout FeatureStructured hiring framework, with consistency and data-backed decisionsPowerful candidate sourcing tools
PricingCustom pricingFree – $529/mo


Greenhouse is a standout choice for businesses that value a systematic, data-centric approach in their recruitment. 

Its structured hiring framework and in-depth analytics make it a powerful alternative to Breezy HR, especially for medium to large organizations looking to refine and optimize their hiring process.

7. Bullhorn

bullhorn homepage

Best for: Bullhorn is ideally suited for staffing agencies and recruiting firms that require a comprehensive CRM and operations solution.

It’s particularly beneficial for organizations looking for a robust applicant tracking system combined with customer relationship management tailored to the unique requirements.

Pricing: Custom pricing



Plenty of third-party integrations

Cutting-edge technology

Round-the-clock phone support


Hidden pricing structure

Basic plan lacks LinkedIn integration

Bullhorn is a cloud-based CRM and operations software designed for staffing and recruiting agencies, offering robust applicant tracking and customer relationship management features.


  • Advanced Applicant Tracking: It streamlines candidate management with powerful tracking and organization capabilities.
  • Relationship Management: Bullhorn offers robust CRM tools specifically designed for recruitment agencies, enhancing client and candidate interactions.
  • Automation and Workflow Tools: It facilitates efficient recruitment processes with automation features for repetitive tasks.
  • Reporting and Analytics: It provides comprehensive data analysis tools for performance tracking and strategic planning in recruitment activities.

Bullhorn Vs Breezy HR

CriteriaBullhornBreezy HR
Best ForStaffing agencies and recruitment firms requiring a combination of ATS and CRM capabilitiesSmall to medium-sized businesses looking for a feature-rich ATS
Standout FeatureIntegration of advanced ATS with CRM featuresPowerful candidate sourcing tools
PricingCustom pricingFree – $529/mo


Bullhorn is a highly recommended choice for staffing agencies and recruitment firms, offering a unique blend of advanced applicant tracking and customer relationship management. 

Its specialized features cater specifically to the complexities of staffing and recruitment, making it a compelling alternative to Breezy HR for those in the industry.

Which Breezy HR alternative should you use?

Breezy HR may have certain shortcomings, such as slow customer support response, glitchy UI, and SMS features limited to only U.S.-based numbers.

However, considering the availability of a limited-free plan with user-friendly UI, it’s still a good choice for small or start-up-level businesses that do not have a sufficient budget for ATS tools. 

We also understand that every business is unique, and all recruiters may not find it appealing for various reasons, such as differences in requirements and the size of operations.

Thus, considering the unique challenges and evolving demands in modern hiring, it’s crucial to find a suitable alternative for Breezy HR that aligns with your specific needs.

While each option has its strong suit, it also has some limitations that may affect its suitability for your company.

Recap of the Breezy HR alternatives

  1. Workable – Best for strategic, scalable hiring solutions
  2. Recruitee – Best for robust collaborative features
  3. Manatal – Best for streamlining hiring process with AI-focused recruitment
  4. VIVAHR – Best for enhancing employer branding
  5. Lever – Best for efficient hiring
  6. Greenhouse – Best for comprehensive recruitment solutions
  7. Bullhorn – Best for ATS and CRM integrations

Workable allows you to find, hire, onboard, and manage the right person for every job.

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