Recruitee vs. Breezy HR: Which ATS software is best?

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Are you torn between Recruitee and Breezy HR for your applicant tracking needs? Wondering which one is the right fit for your company’s hiring process?

Look no further! In this in-depth Recruitee vs. Breezy HR comparison, we’ll dive deep into the battle between both applicant tracking systems.

$269/mo - $479/mo
Free - $439/mo
Best For:
Early-stage and growing startups looking to scale their recruitment campaigns with streamlined applicant tracking and a wide pool of candidates
Best For:
Early-stage startups aiming to supercharge their recruitment with efficient applicant tracking and access to a broad candidate pool
$269/mo - $479/mo
Best For:
Early-stage and growing startups looking to scale their recruitment campaigns with streamlined applicant tracking and a wide pool of candidates
Free - $439/mo
Best For:
Early-stage startups aiming to supercharge their recruitment with efficient applicant tracking and access to a broad candidate pool

Recruitee and Breezy HR are two heavyweight contenders in the world of HR software, each with its own unique set of features and functionalities. 

Recruitee has a commendable UI that easily streamlines your recruitment process, from sourcing candidates to managing interviews and collaboration.

On the other hand, Breezy HR excels in simplifying your hiring workflow with its basic interface and robust integration capabilities.

But how do you decide which one is the best for your organization? We’re here to help you navigate this ATS showdown and make an informed decision.

Let’s jump right in and uncover which platform will reign supreme in your recruitment kingdom.

Recruitee vs. Breezy HR at a glance

FeatureRecruiteeBreezy HRWinner
SMB Guide’s Rating7.8/107.1/10Recruitee
Job Posting & Candidate SourcingRecruitee
Universal Search & Candidate DatabaseRecruitee
Resume Management and ScreeningBreezy HR
Applicant TrackingStraightforward and easy to useSimple and intuitiveBreezy HR
Workflow AutomationTie
Collaboration & CommunicationShare candidate profiles with anyoneInbox available for communicationsRecruitee
Customization & PersonalizationCustomize the Careers siteCustomization for pipelinesTie
Candidate Evaluation & AssessmentEvaluation options available during initial job postingQuestionnaires, individual, and team scorecards availableRecruitee
Reporting & AnalyticsVarious pre-built reports and metricsPre-built metrics at a glanceTie
UX and UIIntuitive and appealing UIBasic and easy to use UIRecruitee
Integration & API CapabilitiesVarious integrations availableVarious integration availableBreezy HR
Supported PlatformsWeb-based platform and mobile apps– Web-based platform and mobile appsTie
Customer SupportVideo guides and blogs available
Live chat available
Bot available with self-help answerRecruitee
Pricing$269/mo – $479/moFree – $439/moBreezy HR
ScalabilityBreezy HR
ReviewsRead our Recruitee reviewRead our Breezy HR review

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Recruitee: Key Features, Pros, Cons, & Pricing

Recruitee homepage

If you’re looking for an ATS that can help you streamline your hiring process and attract top talent, then Recruitee is a great option. 

It’s super easy to use, even for tech-noobs that don’t know much about ATS. It’s also affordable, so you don’t have to break the bank to use it.

It’s hyper focused with the Jobs and Candidates section packed with features that will help you find and hire the best candidates, like custom fields, automated workflows, and integrations with other popular software.

Pros & Cons


User-friendly and intuitive interface

Versatile job and candidate management features

Easy cross-publishing of job posts on recruitment platforms

Various integrations available


Limited functionality on the mobile app

Keyword-based resume searches are unavailable


Recruitee provides three pricing plans: Launch, Scale, and Lead.

Recruitee pricing
  • The Launch plan is best for small startups just revving up their recruitment efforts for the first time. 
  • The Scale plan is for growing startups looking to scale efficiently. 
  • The Lead plan is for bigger corporations hiring on a huge scale and requiring industry compliance features.
Starting price (monthly)$269 for 10 job slots$479 for 10 job slotsCustom pricing
Starting price (billed annually)$224 for 10 job slots$399 for 10 job slotsCustom pricing
Available slots10, 15, 20, and 20+ job slots10, 15, 20, and 20+ job slotsCustom slot numbers

Collaborative hiring software and modern applicant tracking system with easy setup, great UI, and top-rated customer support. Try free for 18 days!

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Breezy HR: Key Features, Pros, Cons, & Pricing

Breezy HR homepage

Breezy HR is a great HR software to get started with, especially thanks to the free plan it offers, allowing you to get started without any financial commitments.

It also offers more DIY, tailored customization as it provides separate add-on options. One of its advantages is its incredibly basic and user-friendly interface.

Even if you’re new to HR software, you’ll find it easy to navigate and quickly get up to speed. Its main focus is on posting jobs and sourcing candidates for which it offers various functions (with the occasional bug/glitch).

This ATS is a great starting point for most businesses.

Pros & Cons


Simple UI

Streamlined organization

Built-in communication tool

Top-tier reporting


Slow customer support

Glitchy UI


Breezy HR provides four pricing plans: Bootstrap, Startup, Growth, and Business.

Breezy HR pricing
  • The Bootstrap plan is free and best for beginners looking to explore or make do with basic features. 
  • The Startup plan is for small-scale businesses looking to rev up their hiring operations. 
  • The Growth plan is for established startups looking to scale their recruitment drives. 
  • The Business plan is for medium or large-scale enterprises requiring corporate features.

It should be noted that Breezy HR also offers an additional, bespoke Pro Plan with specific add-ons available, with the latter priced at $165 per month.

Starting price (monthly)$189$329$529Custom pricing
Starting price (billed annually)$157$273$439Custom pricing
Breezy HR

Improve your entire hiring process with Breezy HR. Their applicant tracking system (ATS) helps you attract & hire quality employees in less time.

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Job Posting and Candidate Sourcing

Recruitee’s job posting and candidate sourcing function is a piece of cake to use.

recruitee jobs section

You get access to a dedicated Jobs section where you can effortlessly view and manage all your active and archived job postings.

You also have the power to decide who gets to see your job posting; either making it publicly available for viewing or keeping it exclusive for an internal company campaign. 

Other stellar job posting features you get with Recruitee include:

  • A snazzy custom careers site for your business
  • Automatic cross-publishing on platforms like Google for Jobs and Indeed
  • Sharing on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter

After posting a job, you can easily keep tabs on the applications that pour in. Thanks to the Pipeline section displayed on a snazzy Kanban-style board, you can quickly glance at the progress and drag-and-drop candidates wherever they belong. 

You also have the option to:

  • Tapping into popular job boards, both free and premium
  • Create acquisition campaigns for premium channels

With Breezy HR, both functions are also pretty streamlined but aren’t fault-free.

Breezy HR candidate sourcing

Breezy HR separates candidates into Positions and Pools. Positions are specific job roles you’re actively hiring for, while Pools are collections of potential candidates for future roles.

One awesome feature is the ability for automatic disqualification of candidates who don’t apply with resumes. 

Other job features you get are pretty similar to Recruitee’s. You can: 

  • Manage the visibility of your job postings 
  • Create internal-only posts
  • Cross-post on social platforms

Breezy HR’s candidate sourcing is also just as straightforward and efficient. You can: 

  • View all incoming applications for a specific role and track your pipeline 
  • Manage personal referrals better
  • Mark unseen resumes and explore each candidate’s detailed profile with ease

However, it’s worth noting that there may be occasional glitches, such as archived positions not displaying correctly, which can only be resolved by refreshing the page.

This happened repetitively with the filter option not working. For this reason, Recruitee wins this category with better all-around performance.

Universal Search and Candidate Database

Recruitee’s Candidates section acts as a hub, providing a 360-degree view of all the talented individuals you’re considering for your team.

recruitee candidate database

Adding candidates to the database is a breeze as you get four different methods to do so. You also get detailed options for sorting and filtering them. 

Recruitee’s Universal Search feature is pretty versatile. All you have to do is type in your keywords, and watch as Recruitee sifts through all the data uploaded to your account, regardless of where it’s classified.

The Candidates section also has its very own dedicated search feature which makes it extra handy.

Breezy HR also has a dedicated page for Candidates and a dedicated candidate search.

breezy hr candidate database

Its model is quite similar to Recruitee’s, in that the candidate database provides a 360-view, can apply filters, and integrate more direct management.

Universal and candidate search is also available. However, the Breezy HR platform glitches out more when applying the filters, requiring a manual refresh each time.

The overall organization and aesthetic of the Recruitee candidate database is also much better. 

For that reason, Recruitee wins this category by being just a little ahead.

Resume Management and Screening

Recruitee’s resume management functions are pretty easy to use but come with some limitations to keep in mind.

Recruitee resume management

Importing existing resumes into the system is as easy as pie but the auto-fill functionality to populate candidate profiles doesn’t work as well with PDF resumes.

Another limitation is that the search function for keywords won’t work within the attached resumes themselves, unless they’re filled into the candidate profile.

Breezy HR’s resume management is also pretty basic but limited in its own ways.

breezy hr resume screening

It also comes with auto-population features for imported resumes. That being said, it doesn’t always auto-fill correctly for PDF or other file attachments (however, it works fine with Indeed or LinkedIn.)

Another limitation is the repeated glitches when attempting to Change status during the screening process.

Overall, Breezy HR wins this category by a margin as it was able to import more resumes with ease compared to Recruitee.

Applicant Tracking and Candidate Management

Recruitee’s candidate and applicant management system is also easy to navigate.

recruitee applicant tracking

In the Candidates section, you can view all the individual candidate profiles and make specific updates to their information and workflow.

This includes sending emails, scheduling interviews, and coordinating internally regarding their hiring. 

Breezy HR’s candidate management functions are on par with Recruitee’s.

breezy hr candidate management

You get complete control over the things you want to do in each candidate’s specific profile.

You even have the option to send SMSes to US-based candidates with Breezy, something that Recruitee doesn’t currently offer.

For this additional distinction, Breezy HR wins this category.

Workflow Automation

Recruitee makes it easy to automate your workflows for various functions.

Recruitee automated actions

Through its “Automated actions” feature, you can set up automations for sending emails, adding notes, tasks, and tags, assigning candidates to jobs or talent pools, and more.

This helps you tailor the automation to match your unique hiring workflow and is really straightforward to set up.

Breezy HR offers automation through a method called “Stage Actions.”

Breezy HR recruiting pipeline

With this, you can automate tasks such as sending emails or SMS, conducting questionnaires and assessments, gathering feedback, creating scorecards, and much more.

You can set this up easily in the pipeline where you want the automation to take effect or from your overall recruiting preferences.

It gives you the flexibility to customize your automation based on your specific hiring needs.

Both Recruitee and Breezy HR draw a tie in this category.

Collaboration & Communication

Recruitee offers robust collaboration features to streamline teamwork throughout the hiring process.

Recruitee collaboration

You can easily share candidate profiles with anyone, whether they are part of your Recruitee account or not.

Recruitee creates a link under your custom site name. This makes it effortless to involve stakeholders and gather input from colleagues, even if they don’t have direct access to the platform.

Within Recruitee, you can use comment threads to initiate discussions and provide feedback on specific candidate profiles.

You also have the Mailbox to manage email-style communications with both candidates and non-candidates.

While Recruitee doesn’t have an in-built real-time chat feature for direct communication with team members, it offers integrations with popular communication tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Breezy’s collaboration features are almost on the same level as Recruitee’s.

Breezy HR collaboration

Breezy’s collaboration features are almost on the same level as Recruitee’s. It offers a centralized Inbox, purely for communicating with candidates (whereas Recruitee’s is for both candidates and team members alike.)

You can tag specific teammates and send out team messages to share important updates or announcements with everyone at once. You also get integrations with popular messaging platforms. 

However, while the core communication features are reliable, the visual aspect could be improved for a more enjoyable user experience.

There were also times the Inbox in Breezy HR did not display any messages at all, requiring me to log out and sign in again. 

For this reason, Recruitee wins this category.

Customization & Personalization

Recruitee offers a high level of customization and personalization options, allowing you to tailor the platform to match your unique needs.

Recruitee customization

You can customize the careers site and update it to match your company’s branding aesthetic. 

Recruitee also allows you to:

  • Adjust the layout and display of information according to your preferences in various sections.
  • Create your own templates for emails, evaluation forms, and more.
  • Customize profile fields for candidate information.

Breezy HR’s customization options meet Recruitee’s. standards You have similar options to create messaging templates, pipeline workflows, custom fields and filters, and templates for questionnaires and scorecards.

Breezy HR recruiting preferences

There aren’t any major differences between both ATS here so this category is a tie.

Candidate Evaluation & Assessment

Recruitee’s evaluation features are pretty standard with one standout aspect: the ability to incorporate evaluations during the initial screening stage of the job posting process.

Recruitee candidate evaluation

You also have the flexibility to design the evaluation questions in various text-based formats. If you want to take it up a notch, you can even include video answers. 

Other things you can do include: 

  • Conducting assessments
  • Scoring candidates
  • Evaluations within candidate profiles

Breezy HR’s evaluation features are quite typical as well.

breezy hr candidate evaluation and assessment

In particular, its scorecard evaluations (which Recruitee also offers) are pretty detailed with the highlight being access is restricted only to the HR/hiring team members.

That being said, the basic feature of font styling and formatting options missing leaves more to be desired. 

Recruitee wins this category, for offering a more cohesive experience and also integrating evaluation factors into multiple stages of the hiring process.

Reporting & Analytics

Recruitee offers a combination of pre-built reports and customizable dashboards for users to access key metrics and analytics to make data-driven decisions.

Recruitee reporting

The pre-built reports offer a range of metrics, including time to hire, time to disqualify, and top candidate sources. 

You can also access:

  • Pipeline insights which include metrics related to candidate stages.
  • Job overview metrics which provide a detailed analysis of individual job postings.
  • Custom dashboards tailored to your specific needs and your team’s specific goals.

Breezy HR’s analytics and reporting features are on par with Recruitee’s.

Breezy HR reporting

You can access the same kind of metrics with one simple click. However, one slight difference is that with Recruitee, you also get Careers site analytics from the get-go.

If you want this enabled, you may have to contact support with Breezy HR. 

All in all, the reporting and analytics options are pretty similar to both so this category remains a tie.

User Experience and User Interface

Recruitee’s UI and UX is one of its best features, with a design that’s easy on the eyes.

recruitee dashboard

You’ll have no trouble navigating around the interface. The Dashboard pages are another stand-out feature, giving you a 360-view of your Calendar, Events, Evaluations, Tasks, and Activity.

The onboarding experience is also user-friendly, with a “Quick start” menu that acts as a supportive tour guide.

Breezy HR also offers a pleasing and intuitive UI/UX to ensure user-friendliness and productivity.

breezy hr dashboard

The Home page acts as a command center for summarizing all the tasks. The Inbox section keeps all communication emails and messages in one place.

You can efficiently plan ahead using the Tasks section, although the inability to change a task marked as complete can be a drawback. The Calendar and Reports sections are also fairly easy to operate.

However, Recruitee offers a better onboarding experience for users. Furthermore, I experienced little-to-no glitches while testing it out, giving a superior experience overall.

Recruitee wins the UI/UX game.

Integration & API Capabilities

Recruitee excels in integration and app compatibility, enabling seamless connections with various HR, assessment, payroll processing, and communication platforms.

recruitee integrations

It’s a one-stop solution for integrating with the tools you need to streamline your hiring process.

You can also use Webhooks to customize Recruitee API with your existing tech stack.

Breezy HR’s integrations are more varied than Recruitee’s.

breezy hr integrations

It offers the same connections as Recruitee’s, and more, pairing with apps for background checks, productivity apps, and even single sign-on. 

Thanks to its overall variety and options available, Breezy HR wins this category.

Supported Platforms

Recruitee is accessible via web on macOS and Windows devices, as well on the mobile apps for Android and iPhone.

Recruitee app

This makes it convenient for remote workers or those traveling a lot. However, the web app remains the powerhouse in terms of functionality and speed, while the mobile apps have a slightly slower user interface and limited versatility.

Breezy HR is supported across the same platforms as Recruitee.

Breezy HR app

Like Recruitee also, the web app offers the best experience with the mobile app offering less visibility into certain functions like Dashboard and Reporting.

Recruitee and Breezy HR draw a tie in this category.

Customer Support

Recruitee offers a range of customer support options.

recruitee self help tools

From the get-go, you can onboard yourself through its DIY help tools like Recruitee Academy (accessible within your account) and Recruitee Classrooms (available to anyone.) 

Recruitee also offers:

  • Video guides for visual learners 
  • A blog with insights, tips, and best practices
  • A help center offering detailed documentation 
  • Live chat for agent support

Breezy HR’s support leaves you wanting for more.

breezy hr customer support

Unfortunately, the customer support team weren’t up to the mark in terms of speedy replies, leaving me hanging for longer than the estimated wait time in chat.

Only Business plan customers get priority support. Breezy HR also doesn’t have as many in-depth guides or onboarding tools as Recruitee.

Thus, Recruitee wins this category.

Pricing & Scalability

Recruitee offers pricing plans that are flexible to accommodate the various growth stages of your business.

Recruitee pricing

The minds behind Recruitee understand that startups have varying needs, and have designed the plans to provide the right fit at each stage.

The Launch and Scale plans allow you to tweak the number of job slots based on your specific requirements.

This customization ensures that you’re paying for exactly what you need, without any unnecessary costs, while offering built-in flexibility as your hiring needs evolve.

For larger businesses with more extensive requirements, Recruitee offers the Lead plan with customizable pricing. 

It’s worth noting that while Recruitee’s pricing may be heavier on the bank for smaller startups, the cost is worth the value add you get with the software’s amazing set of features.

Breezy HR’s pricing is more affordable with a lower pricing in each pricing tier compared to Recruitee.

Breezy HR pricing

Unlike Recruitee, the plans don’t come with limited job slots but unlimited job postings instead. 

Regarding overall scalability, while Recruitee offers a tailored number of job slots option built into each plan, Breezy HR provides extensive customization only with the Pro and Business plans.

You can also individual add-ons in your package from the get-go, without requiring a one-on-one with the Sales team which is a huge plus. 

For this category, Breezy HR takes the lead.

Stand-Out Features of Recruitee

Recruitee offers some fantastic features that Breezy HR currently doesn’t offer. These features bring extra functionality and unique capabilities to recruiters, making their lives easier and more efficient.

This includes the Recruitee Talent Sourcing extension for Chrome.

Recruitee talent sourcing extension

This powerful extension is like a secret weapon for recruiters sourcing candidates from multiple sites.

With just a simple click, it allows you to add potential candidates directly to your Recruitee database.

This helps streamline the sourcing process, saving valuable time and effort while expanding the talent pool effortlessly.

There’s also ReferralsHub, your own dedicated hub for employee referrals.

Recruitee referral hub

This nifty feature makes it super easy for existing employees to refer potential candidates through a user-friendly platform.

It also incentivizes the process by gamifying and suggesting referral rewards. However, ReferralsHub is only available on the Lead plan. 

Stand-Out Features of Breezy HR

One stand-out feature that Breezy HR currently offers is Hello Messenger. Breezy HR markets this as a “first-of-its-kind, AI-assisted messenger to proactively engage with passive and semi-active candidates.”

Breezy HR hello messenger

Hello Messenger can easily be embedded into your careers site (hosted or independently owned) to interact with candidates when you can’t and keep those hiring leads warm.

It’s a great use of AI in the recruitment and hiring field. 

It’ll be interesting to see how this tech evolves in the future and whether Breezy HR will add more features to Hello Messenger.

Recruitee vs. Breezy HR: SMB Guide’s Verdict

Recruitee emerges as the ultimate winner in the battle against Breezy HR. With its robust feature set, glitch-free and user-friendly interface, and unique functionalities like the ReferralsHub, Recruitee takes the crown.

It’s a true powerhouse that can transform your hiring process. While Breezy HR has its own strengths, such as the innovative Hello Messenger and SMS options, it falls short of Recruitee in terms of the overall talent sourcing capabilities, user experience, and primary screening and evaluation functions. 

To explore and experience the benefits of Recruitee, you can sign up and grab these amazing deals

If you’re a smaller business looking for a more affordable and straightforward ATS with solid candidate management and communication features, sign up for Breezy HR today!


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