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Searching for some inspiration for your next interviewing process? Find out how this software can streamline your interviews in this VidCruiter review.

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VidCruiter VidCruiter
Software Type: Video recruiting software
Best For: Mid to large companies looking to hire 100+ people annually
Pricing: Request pricing
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Integrates with HRIS and HR systems
  • Provides video interview
  • Simple interface to navigate
  • Lacks a live chat
  • Hidden pricing

Looking for an ideal way to interview your applicants and assess them effectively? Then, you need an ATS that offers a structured digital interview through video.

One platform that excels at it is VidCruiter. It claims to help in filtering candidates fast during interviews.

However, how does it perform, and will it offer value for money?

Let’s find out in this VidCruiter review.

SMB Guide’s Verdict for VidCruiter

Our VidCruiter review shows that the software is decent and offers a suite of hiring products for finding ideal candidates.

Now, after evaluating all factors, we rate VidCruiter a 7.5 out of 10.

In this review of VidCruiter, I’ve followed SMB Guide’s detailed criteria for evaluating the applicant tracking software.

FactorRating (out of 10)
Pricing & Plans7
Job Posting and Candidate Sourcing7.5
Universal Search and Candidate Database7
Resume Management & Screening7
Applicant Tracking6.5
Candidate Evaluation and Assessment8
User Interface and User Experience7.5
Integrations, Compatibility, & Supported Platforms8
Customer Support9
SMB Guide Rating7.5

VidCruiter offers more than an ATS, providing structured digital interviews through video. It is a handy feature that allows recruiters to get better insights into their workflows and save time simultaneously.

The software also allows HR teams to map and tweak their pipelines through a powerful ATS. Not only that, VidCruiter is part of an ecosystem where recruiters can take advantage of its products to streamline their hiring.

Pricing & Plans

The pricing model of VidCruiter is not transparent like most other popular hiring platforms. You must send a quote to customer support through the platform website to get a custom deal.

Although VidCruiter doesn’t provide a trial period, you can easily request a demo to experience its features firsthand.

Job Posting and Candidate Sourcing

VidCruiter supports the creation of job posts and publishing them on global job boards and social sharing.

VidCruiter job posting

It is a feature that helps to connect recruitment with the hiring suite from end to end. VidCruiters also allows recruiters to track and move candidates through the stages, such as testing or booking.

The platform also has a builder that you can use to create custom sites and manage your career pages. HR teams can tweak the content on the career pages to match brand identity and even post directly from the platform.

Now, with candidate sourcing, VidCruiter integrates with 50+ job boards, which helps to increase reach. The platform also displays the analytics of all job posts and performance.

VidCruiter also uses AI to match a candidate to the open post, and it parses resumes, scraping relevant data.

Universal Search and Candidate Database

VidCruiter has a search tool where recruiters can enter phrases or keywords to search for a candidate’s qualifications.

The platform also has filters to narrow the talent pool and even save a search. The good thing is once the search query gets saved, the platform sends notifications whenever a suitable candidate matches.

VidCruiter also has a database that recruiters can use to collect, store, and retrieve candidate data. The platform allows HR teams to label the candidates for easy tracking and management.

Resume Management and Screening

VidCruiter allows recruiters to manage candidate resumes from the dashboard.

VidCruiter resume management

The platform centralizes all the data, making sorting and filtering applicant resumes easy based on custom-defined criteria.

VidCruiter also supports resume screening through several methods. You can use the search bar to match resumes using keywords.

On the other hand, HR teams can use advanced options to refine the talent pool through attributes like expertise, location, and more.

Another option is to use complex queries or leverage AI software for quick candidate matching.

Applicant Tracking and Candidate Management

VidCruiter allows you to seamlessly track every candidate through every stage of the hiring process.

VidCruiter applicant tracking

The platform simplifies real-time candidate management, organizing them by appointment date, status, and progress. 

Not only that, you can create or modify the candidate profiles and store the data in the databases for future retrieval.

The software also automates backend processes like CV screening, appointment booking, and more. VidCruiter displays 360-degree information on the entire recruitment process.

HR teams can communicate with candidates through the platforms’ chat, SMS, or email. The platform also supports customizing reminder messages to target the ideal talent.

Candidate Evaluation and Assessment

VidCruiters provides several methods for testing and evaluating applicants. The tools help improve diversity and find an ideal candidate.

VidCruiter candidate evaluation

Skill tests

You can create tests from scratch or use templates provided by the platform to assess whether a talent fits the company’s values.

The tests also help recruiters evaluate if a candidate has the expertise for the open position.

Interview Scorecards

The scorecards came in handy in standardizing recruiter feedback. They often highlight an applicant’s questionnaire response and showcase how the candidate fits into the role.

The scorecards also help HR teams make better recruitment decisions.

Pre-employment Assessments

It is a screening method recruiters can use to see if an applicant can succeed in the open role. It assesses the candidate’s personality and ease of solving the job complexities.

User Interface and User Experience

VidCruiter has a modern interface that shares some similarities with Workable.

VidCruiter interface

Its dashboard is easy to navigate and has less clutter than Workable. For example, you cannot switch between job posts and still find a specific candidate if they’re not in your hiring stage.

Now, the design of VidCruiter focuses on video interviewing functionality, offering features like an in-built video platform.

It simplifies conducting live video interviews or streaming pre-recorded videos of the applicants. Onboarding is also seamless, where the platform has tutorials with helpful customer support.

Integrations, Compatibility, & Supported Platforms

VidCruiter has an extensive integration stack with HRIS, communication, and collaboration tools.

VidCruiter integrations

They include the ADP workforce, Slack, Google, and Outlook Calendar. Most integrations VidCruiter provides come pre-installed, making it easy to transfer or sync data.

VidCruiter is also a web-based platform that’s accessible through an internet-connected browser. It is compatible with common OSs like Linux, Windows, and macOS. 

One thing to note is that the software is responsive to various devices, which helps improve the applicant’s experience.

VidCruiter also has a mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

Customer Support

The software offers 2 channels for reaching customer support: phone and ticket. The good thing is that Vidcruiter offers a dedicated customer success manager.

They help with onboarding, integration, and other optimization guidance. They are helpful throughout the customer journey and act as the point of contact when you encounter issues.

VidCruiter also has a resource center with a blog, sitemap, and guides on the inner workings of the software.

The software also has a YouTube channel offering tutorials covering topics like the best ways to conduct video interviews.

VidCruiter – Unique Features

VidCruiter offers remarkable features for the recruitment of top talent. However, these 3 make it stand out against its competition.

Registration management

It is a feature that VidCruiter provides to institutions to register their clients on their behalf. The software then collects data from the members, screens the resumes, verifies identity, and issues credentials.

Customization options

The platform allows admins to tweak the software to their liking for it to accommodate their workflow demands.

The software enables recruiters to create custom fields and rules to match their recruitment.

Hiring modelling

It is VidCruiters’ best feature, offering a client a custom solution that can fit their existing hiring demands.

The support team works with a recruiter to create a package that can streamline their workflows.

What the Experts Say About VidCruiter

At the time of this review, VidCruiter had the following reviews:

  • 4.8/5 stars at G2 (220+ reviews)
  • 6.7/10 votes at TrustRadius (18 votes)
  • 4.6/5 stars at Capterra (110+ review)

Overall, the Vidcruiter experience has been very positive, and has been extremely well received by both the HR and Engineering Communities within our organization. I have been approached by several other organizations seeking advice on Vidcruiter, and I have always provided my strongest endorsement. I would recommend the Vidcruiter platform to any organization, large or small, looking for a way to streamline their hiring processes through the exploitation of the latest in online recruitment technology.

Ross L., Engineering Community – Verified Capterra review

We are a network of charter schools in Philadelphia. Our recruitment team uses VidCruiter software in conjunction with Salesforce. We signed up for VidCruiter so that we could free up recruiter time during phone interviews. We were limited in the number of people that we could conduct phone interviews with, so our process relied very heavily on resume screening. VidCruiter has allowed us to interview FAR more people and to consider people seriously beyond a resume. Candidates enjoy the flexibility in scheduling and the ability to re-record their answers. As a recruiter, it is nice to reserve phone interviews for critical roles or follow up questions.

Vanessa J., Talent Acquisition – Verified Capterra review

VidCruiter Alternatives

VidCruiter offers some of the best-in-class features for recruitment. However, we understand that not every hiring team will find it all-rounded.

So, we researched 3 best alternatives that offer what VidCruiter lacks.

Primary Rating:
Primary Rating:
Primary Rating:
Free - $439/mo
Request pricing
Request pricing
Primary Rating:
Free - $439/mo
Primary Rating:
Request pricing
Primary Rating:
Request pricing

Breezy HR

Breezy HR homepage

Breezy HR is a recruitment software that allows recruiters to modernize their hiring processes. It offers an ATS that streamlines pipelines through customization. 

However, unlike VidCruiter, Breezy HR has transparent pricing with 4 plans. The entry plan is free, while the paid packages start at $189 monthly.

It makes Breezy HR suit SMEs looking to modernize their recruitment with a powerful ATS.

Start 14-day free trial of Breezy HR today!


BambooHR homepage

BambooHR is an all-rounded hiring platform that allows HR teams to hire top talent worldwide. The software is also one of the most popular and offers an ATS feature to help streamline recruitment. 

Like VidCruiter, BambooHR also has hidden pricing on its packages. The good thing is that it provides a demo to see how it works.

It makes BambooHR suit large businesses looking for the best all-rounded hiring platform.


Codility homepage

Codility is a niche recruitment software that specializes in hiring developers with coding expertise. Like VidCruiter, Codility has a hidden pricing model. 

It requires a recruiter to send a custom quote to support to get a package deal. It makes Codility fit tech businesses looking to recruit programmers through live code assessments.

Getting Started with VidCruiter

VidCruiter stands out as a recruitment software that can streamline hiring processes. Its structured digital interviews through video allow recruiters to save time and hire quality candidates.

Not only that, the powerful ATS helps HR teams parse resumes and match candidates to open job posts.


Is there a mobile app for VidCruiters?

VidCruiters offers an Android and iOS app that recruiters can use to conduct video interviews. HR teams can also get real-time updates on the hiring processes on the go.

Is VidCruiter multilingual?

VidCruiter supports over 7 languages spoken globally. Some of them include French, English, Spanish, and more.

Can I use VidCruiter API to integrate other platforms?

Recruiters will not find an API on VidCruiter, unlike other ATS platforms. The software only provides native integrations compatible with HRIS, communication, and collaboration platforms.

Breezy HR

Improve your entire hiring process with Breezy HR. Their applicant tracking system (ATS) helps you attract & hire quality employees in less time.

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VidCruiter offers the industry-leading video recruiting platform enabling you to identify, filter and acquire talent faster while saving you time and money.

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