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Do you want to capture authentic testimonials from your employees? This Spokn review explains how video testimonial software can help in storytelling.

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Spokn Spokn
Software Type: Employee video software
Best For: Organizations looking to improve employee advocacy and internal communication through video testimonials.
Pricing: $2,400/yr - $10,000/yr
  • Create videos in minutes
  • Seamless integrations
  • IOS and Android mobile app
  • Embed on social websites
  • No free trial or plan
  • Lacks monthly billing cycle

Do you run a people-first company and want to leverage employee storytelling? Try using video testimonial software. Spokn excels at empowering employees to make authentic branded selfie clips in minutes.

However, Spokn has an Achilles heel: it lacks granular analytics and offers rigid, pricey plans. Now, how does it perform as a video testimonial app?

Let’s find out in this Spokn review.

SMB Guide’s Verdict for Spokn

Spokn gets an 8.3 out of 10, and here is why:

Spokn delivers powerful employee video-creating software for companies to improve collaboration and internal comms. It excels in seamless capture, uploading, and ease of use.

It also provides quick support through live chat, which helps resolve issues quickly. However, its Achilles’ heel is the pricey plans with rigid quarterly and annual billing and a lack of advanced analytics.

The good news is that Spokn still delivers a platform suitable for creating engaging videos for storytelling. It benefits culture-oriented and remote teams that value community building among their employees.

FactorRating (out of 10)
Pricing & Plans6
Video Quality and Presentation9.5
Ease of Capturing and Uploading9.5
Performance Analytics and Tracking8
Accessibility and Responsiveness8.5
User Interface and User Experience9
Integrations and Compatibility7
Customer Support9
SMB Guide Rating8.3

In this Spoken review, I’ve followed SMB Guide’s detailed criteria for evaluating video testimonial software.

Pricing & Plans

Spokn’s straightforward pricing structure offers three scalable plans, including a creator, team and enterprise package.

Spokn pricing

The enterprise plan offers advanced features, but at custom pricing. Billing has two options: quarterly or yearly, with annual payments getting a 20% discount.

Spokn also provides a 1:1 demo on request to test its inner workings. Let’s look at each plan:


It is a paid plan and an upgrade from the freemium offering advanced features.

Price: $2,400 a year


  • Unlimited clip contributors
  • Unlimited video and clip storage
  • Desktop and mobile recording
  • Add company logo
  • One video editor seat
  • Advanced analytics
  • Export stories as videos for sharing
  • Embed stories on LMS and websites
  • Share with anyone in public link

Who it’s for: Individuals looking to make unlimited video stories


Is the 2nd paid plan designed for teams.

Price: $10,000 a year


  • Everything in the creator’s plan
  • Three video editor seats
  • Fully-customized branding
  • AI-generated translations
  • Purchase via credit card or purchase order

Who it’s for: Small teams on a budget looking for basic features for story creation and analytics.


It is the top package offering white label features at a custom pricing

Price: Custom pricing


  • Everything in the team’s plan
  • Unlimited video editor seats
  • Branded background templates customized to your company colors
  • Customizable legal forms for content usage
  • Three-level access controls
  • Full security, IT & legal review
  • White-glove onboarding and support 

Who it’s for: Large teams looking for white-label capability in creating unlimited stories to engage the entire organization.

Video Quality and Presentation

Spokn provides a user-friendly interface that helps users create branded and authentic videos from their stories. The platform specifies the resolution capability support of videos (720p and 1080p).

Regarding clarity, the software produces clear videos, although a detailed analysis of sharpness is lacking.

Spokn video quality

Sound quality is also clear, ensuring effective communication when capturing authentic employee stories.

Regarding editing, Spokn focuses on raw testimonial capture with basic capabilities like cropping. To get advanced editing, a user has to use external software like CapCut.

Not only that but features like noise reduction and background removal are also lacking in enhancing the video quality.

With optimization, Spokn focuses on video creation for recruitment, internal comms, DEI, and development. It allows optimization for better viewing on websites, social media, Slack, and more.

Ease of Capture and Uploading

Spokn has an easy-to-use platform for capturing video testimonials without complexity. Users can record their videos using a webcam, smartphone, or other device.

It enhances flexibility, allowing employees to capture and share their testimonials regardless of the recording device.

Spokn video capture

Recording a video testimonial follows a step-by-step guide within the platform. The instructions are simple and easy to follow, guiding users through the process.

It starts with creating a story with a title, description, and invitee clip duration to uploading the video or recording.

Uploading videos is seamless. Users can upload straight from their drive or by dragging and dropping them. However, uploading directly from cloud storage is impossible.

Users must first download the video to their drive.

Performance Analytics and Tracking

Spokn provides performance analytics and video tracking through its dashboard. The dashboard displays link views, downloads, top stories by views, and more.

Spokn analytics

Paid plans offer integration with advanced analytics and tracking software for in-depth metrics. Users can view CTR, engagement, conversion impact, and views.

Regarding usability, paid plans offer performance KPIs relevant to onboarding, DEI, internal communication, and more.

Accessibility and Responsiveness

Spokn offers built-in caption generation, allowing viewers with hearing impairments to access the video testimonials. It makes Spokn comply with WC3 guidelines.

Spokn caption options

Spokn also ensures that videos captured within the platform are responsive and adapt to different screens. Whether using a tablet, desktop, or mobile device, the video maintains its quality.

Regarding compatibility, Spokn works well with major browsers and OSs like Windows, macOS, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Edge. It ensures users get access to the videos regardless of the OS or browser they’re using.

With mobile device video quality delivery, Spokn uses video compression to balance the video quality and file size. It enhances load speed on mobile devices without sacrificing resolution.

User Interface and User Experience

The Spokn interface is simplistic, clean, and modern, with clear navigation. It makes it easy for users to focus on video creation. Spokn also organizes its features for easy access, such as ‘Start a Story‘ and the follow-up process.

The instructions within the interface are clear and straightforward, even for users with no tech skills.

Spokn interface

Spokn offers customization options, allowing users to add a logo, tweak fonts in the testimonials, and add color themes. Users can also adjust video length (15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 120 seconds).

Onboarding is also simple, where users can create an account with their email. Users will also access a live chat to get guidance on anything they require.

Integrations and Compatibility

Spokn integrates with various software but focuses on compatibility with HRIS, Slack, and SSO. It simplifies software setup and streamlines business operations.

Spokn also integrates with communication systems like BambooHR, which enhances collaboration within an organization.

Setting up the integrations is also simple. Users can use the software documentation that is accessible in the paid plans.

Customer Support

Spokn support is available through live chat, email, and tickets. Live chat responses are fast, taking 3-5 minutes to respond. Email and tickets can take up to 30 minutes to reply. 

However, the support agents are helpful and knowledgeable about the inquiries. Users with technical issues will also find the agent offers satisfactory responses. 

Spokn also provides self-help resources, including a blog and documentation. The articles are in-depth, covering topics like marketing and the inner workings of the software.

Spokn – Unique Features

Users will find Spokn provides one of the best video testimonial software with unique features like SSO login. During our evaluation and testing, three features stood out.

Multi-platform sharing

After creating stories or uploading video testimonials, Spokn allows users to share them across multiple platforms. These include social media, LMS, Slack, intranet, Teams, and websites. Users can also use a hosted link for easy sharing with other employee contributors.

Multilingual support

Organizations with international employees will find that Spokn offers translation and localization of video testimonials through captions. The software supports 6+ languages, including German, Spanish, French, Dutch and Portuguese.


Spokn allows users to upload company logos and transform simple video testimonials into branded stories. The video can include an employee’s name, company logo, profile photo, and title without requiring an editor.

Fawzy Abu Seif

“Spokn’s goal is to create a workplace where each employee gets known by their story and name. Employees do excellent work when they feel a connection with the company they work for.“

Fawzy Abu Seif, CEO of Spokn

What the Experts Say About Spokn

Spokn has received many reviews online, both good and lukewarm, on sites like G2.com. Here is what some users said:

“Spokn provides bite-sized solutions to our business, which saves us hours of listening to hour-long podcasts. However, the mobile app is buggy and can stall when using it, which is frustrating.”

Anusha K, a Sr. Copywriter

Spokn helps me to collaborate better with my team. I can get them to share their knowledge among each other on podcasts and publish it for the entire team to listen. Plus, the interface is easy to navigate and finding a feature like sharing the testimonials on our site is simple.“

Santa S, a Project Manager and STEM trainer

Spokn Alternatives

Spokn excels at helping organizations improve engagement and communication through video testimonials. However, not all institutions will find it comprehensive enough for their needs.

So, here are three Spokn alternatives that provide more features and capabilities.

Primary Rating:
Primary Rating:
Primary Rating:
$9.99/mo - $399/mo
$59/mo - $249/mo
$5,200 - $12,000
Primary Rating:
$9.99/mo - $399/mo
Primary Rating:
$59/mo - $249/mo
Primary Rating:
$5,200 - $12,000


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Getting Started with Spokn

The Spokn platform can help teams to create branded and authentic videos that enhance an organization’s culture. Companies can then transform their employee engagement and internal comms.

We recommend Spokn as the go-to software for organizations looking to nurture employee collaboration and community.


Can I integrate Spokn with other software?

Spokn offers select pre-built integrations that can connect with the software. These include HRIS, comms, and SSO, such as Slack, BambooHR, GSuite, and more.

Is Spokn GDPR compliant?

Spokn is GDPR-compliant software that also provides advanced security, including SOC 2. Companies can rest assured that their content is secure.

Does Spokn limit the number of stories a user can create?

Organizations, including small teams, can create unlimited stories even on the creator plan. Spokn also allows teams to invite unlimited contributors across all plans.


Start collecting videos & photos from customers, employees, and candidates in less than 5 minutes.

Start for free

Spokn transforms simple selfie clips into a sleek Story design that features your company's logo plus employee names, titles and profile pics.

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