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Testimonial Hero is an easy way to create stunning B2B testimonial videos. Read my full Testimonial Hero review to see if it is a service you should use.

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Testimonial Hero Testimonial Hero
Service Type: B2B testimonial videos
Best For: B2B companies looking to leverage customer stories to close trust gaps across their marketing strategy.
Pricing: $5,200 - $12,000
  • 100% done-for-you service
  • Quick 2-week turnaround
  • Written case studies
  • Remote and in-person testimonials
  • Very expensive
  • No performance analytics

Testimonial Hero is a done-for-you service for both video and written testimonials. It helps B2B companies drive brand awareness, attract new customers, and close deals faster.

However, it has one major drawback: the price.

In this Testimonial Hero review, we’ll dive into its features, pros and cons, and pricing so you can decide whether it’s the right testimonial software for your company.

SMB Guide’s Verdict for Testimonial Hero

Based on the scoring factors in the table below, we rate Testimonial Hero 8.3 out of 10.

Overall, Testimonial Hero is a great choice for large companies who want to start incorporating video testimonials in their marketing strategies but don’t have the time to do it themselves.

Since it’s a done-for-you service, it’s understandable why the pricing is so steep, but that unfortunately makes it inaccessible for many small businesses.

Here’s a breakdown of how we scored Testimonial Hero in each category:

FactorRating (out of 10)
Pricing & Plans8
Video Quality and Presentation9.5
Ease of Capturing and Uploading9.5
Performance Analytics and TrackingN/A
Accessibility and Responsiveness9
User Interface and User Experience9
Integrations and Compatibility8
Customer Support9.5
SMB Guide Rating8.1

In this Testimonial Hero review, I’ve followed SMB Guide’s detailed criteria for evaluating B2B video testimonials.

Pricing & Plans

Testimonial Hero is priced based on deliverables, not a monthly or annual subscription like many competitors. Along with video testimonials, they also offer written testimonials.

You’ll have the option of selecting a package that offers video testimonials, written testimonials, or both. There are prices listed on the website, but those are only estimates.

Pricing also depends on whether your video will be recorded remotely or on-site.

Testimonial Hero pricing

Here’s a breakdown of the estimated cost for packages based on both video and written testimonials:


Testimonial Hero’s Basic plan includes a full-story video and written testimonial based on a single interview.

Price: $5,200 – $9700


  • Onboarding and kick-off
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Customer portal access
  • 90-120 second full-story video
  • Written testimonial bundle with case study, sales slide, and quote cards

Who it’s for: Companies who want a professional video asset they can use on their website.


The Marketing Plan includes everything in the Basic plan plus a social cut that can be used for advertising or organic social.

Price: $6,100 – $10,700


  • Onboarding and kick-off
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Customer portal access
  • 90-120 second full-story video
  • 15-45 second social/ad cut
  • Written testimonial bundle with case study, sales slide, and quote cards

Who it’s for: Companies who want both a website and social media/advertising asset.


Testimonial Hero’s Full-funnel plan includes everything in the Marketing plan, plus a sales enablement cut.

Price: $7,500 – $12,000


  • Onboarding and kick-off
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Customer portal access
  • 90-120 second full-story video
  • 15-45 second social/ad cut
  • 45-75 second sales enablement cut
  • Written testimonial bundle with case study, sales slide, and quote cards

Who it’s for: Companies who need video testimonials for every stage of their sales funnel

Just written

Testimonial Hero case studies

If you’re not ready to dive into video just yet, you can get a taste of written testimonials with the Just written package. 

Price: $3,200 average cost


  • Case study
  • One-page case study
  • Sales slide
  • Quote cards

Who it’s for: Companies looking for written testimonials over video testimonials

Video Quality and Presentation

Testimonial Hero videos are produced by professional videographers and editors — and that quality shows. You can expect high resolution visuals, crisp audio, and a clear, engaging story that captures your brand essence.

All of the editing is also completed in-house by their team. Just scroll to the bottom of this page if you want to see the quality of Testimonial Hero’s final results for yourself.

Ease of Capture and Uploading

Testimonial Hero’s team handles the filming, so you won’t have to worry about capturing any footage yourself or coaching your interviewees on what device to use, what to talk about, etc.

Their team takes care of the entire capturing process and works with your interviewees to get the best quotes and footage possible.

Performance Analytics and Tracking

Testimonial Hero doesn’t provide any performance analytics or tracking. Once they deliver your final videos and written testimonials, that is the end of the business transaction.

If you want to track your testimonial analytics, you’ll need to set that up with another software.

Accessibility and Responsiveness

I couldn’t locate any specific information about how Testimonial Hero sends over the final deliverables and what format they’re in.

However, the high price tag indicates to me that they’re most likely delivered in an industry standard format that’s accessible and responsive across multiple browsers and devices.

User Interface and User Experience

Testimonial Hero’s website is intuitive and user-friendly. However, because this is more of a service than a software, there isn’t much of an actual interface to evaluate. 

What I can say is that the user experience when working with the Testimonial Hero team seems to be excellent with only minimal input required on your end.

Integrations and Compatibility

Testimonial Hero doesn’t have integrations per se, as the service simply involves filming, editing, and delivering your testimonial video.

Depending on where you choose to share/host your videos from Testimonial Hero, you may be able to integrate with CRM, marketing, analytics, and support tools.

Customer Support

If you need to contact Testimonial Hero, you can do so by filling out the form on their website’s Contact page. They also have an FAQ page which answers general questions about the filming process.

Paying customers get much more support. When you sign up with them, you’ll be assigned your own dedicated project manager who will be there to help you at every stage of the process.

Testimonial Hero — Unique Features

  • Personalized service: Testimonial Hero’s team works closely with yours to understand your company, products, and customers’ needs. This streamlined, personalized process allows them to create a compelling video story that resonates with your audience.
  • On-site testimonials: Most testimonials for SaaS and B2B companies nowadays are filmed remotely. However, Testimonial Hero’s team can actually visit your company to film an in-person testimonial, which can help set you apart from your competitors.

What the Experts Say About Testimonial Hero

Testimonial Hero currently has a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on G2. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any reviews available on Trustpilot or Capterra at this time.

Many customers praised the Testimonial Hero team for being quick, reliable, and making the entire process seamless.

“We worked with the team early on to familiarize them with our product and craft the interview questions, but then they took over from there. They handled all the coordination to set the meeting, conduct the interview, edit the video, provide thumbnails, captions, transcript, raw footage. It was a mostly hands-off experience on our end (besides offering feedback on the edit).”

– Danielle H., Director of Marketing

Other individuals complained about the pricing, citing that the process required a lot of communication — which is generally to be expected with a done-for-you service like this.

“The project was quite expensive for the value – the remote testimonials were priced how I would think that in-person testimonials should be priced. The process also took quite a bit of back and forth and effort on our part.”

– Verified G2 User in Management Consulting

Testimonial Hero Alternatives

Testimonial Hero makes it easy to produce amazing video testimonials. But it comes at an extremely steep price point that may make it inaccessible for small businesses.

Here are a few alternatives to consider:

Primary Rating:
Primary Rating:
Primary Rating:
$59/mo - $249/mo
$9.99/mo - $399/mo
Free - $129/mo
Primary Rating:
$59/mo - $249/mo
Primary Rating:
$9.99/mo - $399/mo
Primary Rating:
Free - $129/mo


boast.io homepage

Boast is a video testimonial software that aims to provide a great user experience to your customers so they’re more likely to follow through with recording a testimonial for you.

Unlike Testimonial Hero, Boast provides its own ad-free video hosting that you can take advantage of.

Start your free trial of Boast.io


VideoPeel homepage

VideoPeel is a software that claims to allow you to begin collecting videos from prospects, employees, and your existing customers in less than 5 minutes.

Along with video testimonials, it has many other use cases, one major one being customer support.

Give VideoPeel a try for free!

Vocal Video

Vocal Video homepage

Vocal Video is a platform that allows you to collect testimonials and video clips from your clients and employees remotely.

Unlike Testimonial Hero, you do the editing yourself. While that’s more work for you up front, you do have more control over the final result.

Since you have more control, Vocal Video is a bit more flexible with multiple use cases — not just testimonials.

Get Started with Testimonial Hero

If you have a large budget and want to be relatively hands-off, Testimonial Hero may be the perfect service for you. The 100% done-for-you filming and editing will take the majority of the work off of your shoulders.

And if you want to give your video testimonials an edge against competitors, the Testimonial Hero team can even film on-site, complete with in-person interviews and b-roll footage of your company’s headquarters.


Who is the CEO of Testimonial Hero?

Sam Shepler is the founder and CEO of Testimonial Hero. He founded the company in 2018 and has been running it since.

How is Testimonial Hero different from other video testimonial software?

Most testimonial software out there requires you to do the legwork — landing interviews, filming and collecting clips, and editing the final product.

Testimonial Hero is different because they take care of 100% of the process for you. They can even do on-site testimonials rather than just remote.

How does Testimonial Hero work?

Testimonial Hero is a done-for-you testimonial service. Here’s a peek into how the process works:

– Intro call with sales team
– Onboarding and kick-off
– 30-minute pre-production briefing call with you and testifying party
– Filming day
– The team edits and packages the footage
– Delivery of your first videos within 2 weeks


Boast video testimonial software is the easiest way to collect video testimonials, online reviews, and feedback from your customers.

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Testimonial Hero

Testimonial Hero specializes in producing compelling customer stories that accelerate your audiences' decision-making so you can close more deals, faster.

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