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Vocal Video is the easiest way to collect, edit and host videos from customers & employees. Read my full Vocal Video review to learn more about the platform.

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Vocal Video Vocal Video
Software Type: Video testimonial platform
Best For: Small businesses, nonprofits, and global enterprises who need low-friction testimonial and video marketing.
Pricing: Free - $129/mo
  • Free forever plan
  • Intuitive response collection
  • User-friendly editing tools
  • 1080p high resolution video quality
  • Lack of integrations
  • Annual pricing only

Vocal Video is a video testimonial platform that allows you to collect testimonials from your clients remotely. While it makes it easy to gather, edit, and share video testimonials, it only offers annual pricing, which isn’t ideal for small businesses.

In this Vocal Video review, we’ll explore its features, pros and cons, and pricing so you can decide whether it’s the right testimonial software for your company.

SMB Guide’s Verdict for Vocal Video

Based on the scoring factors in the table below, we rate Vocal Video 9.3 out of 10.

Overall, Vocal Video is an intuitive video testimonial software with excellent response collection, editing tools, and video quality. But its plans are very expensive and you have to commit for a full year upfront. Its analytics are also not that advanced.

Here’s a breakdown of how we scored Vocal Video in each category:

FactorRating (out of 10)
Pricing & Plans9.5
Video Quality and Presentation10
Ease of Capturing and Uploading10
Performance Analytics and Tracking7
Accessibility and Responsiveness9.5
User Interface and User Experience9.5
Integrations and Compatibility9
Customer Support8
SMB Guide Rating9.3

In this Vocal Video review, I’ve followed SMB Guide’s detailed criteria for evaluating video testimonial software.

Pricing & Plans

Vocal Video has four different plan choices ranging from free to $1000 per month or more. The length/amount of videos you can edit and publish directly depends on which plan you choose.

All of Vocal Video’s plans are billed annually. Without the option for monthly billing, Vocal Video may not be accessible to all small businesses which is unfortunate.

Vocal Video pricing

Here’s a breakdown of the plans Vocal Video offers and how much they cost:


Vocal Video’s Free plan allows small businesses to try out video testimonials, but it’s capped at five published videos.

Price: $0 forever


  • Publish 5 videos
  • 20 minutes of video processing per month
  • Up to 5 video editors
  • 1 video collector
  • 1 brand

Who it’s for: Individuals looking to get started with video testimonials with zero upfront investment.


Vocal Video’s Plus plan is a small step up from the Free plan, allowing you to publish three testimonials per month, process more minutes of video, and control more aspects of your videos.

Price: $528/year


  • 3 published videos per month
  • 4 hours of video processing per year
  • 1+ video editor
  • 3 video collectors
  • 1 brand
  • No watermarks
  • Unlimited video downloads
  • Ability to control video visibility and SEO
  • Zapier integration

Who it’s for: Small teams who have limited video collection and sharing needs.


The Pro plan includes additional video themes, fonts, APIs, and more — with no cap on the number of videos you can publish per month.

Price: $1548/year


  • Unlimited video publishing
  • 6 hours of video processing per year
  • 1+ video editor
  • 10 video collectors
  • Multiple brands ($50/month for each additional brand)
  • White-labeled video collection
  • Custom releases and waivers
  • Pro video themes
  • 50 Pro fonts
  • API & analytics integration
  • Kiosk mode for live events
  • All Plus features

Who it’s for: Mid to large-sized teams and agencies that need advanced features.


Vocal Video’s Enterprise plan allows for custom limits on users and video processing, as well as tools and analytics for large organizations.

Price: $1000/month+


  • Unlimited video publishing
  • Custom limits on video processing, users, and video collectors
  • Multiple brands & workspaces
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Organization-wide admin and analytics
  • Brand lockdown and control
  • Custom fonts
  • Payment via invoice or ACH
  • Dedicated account manager
  • All Pro features

Who it’s for: Large organizations that want to scale their testimonial collection efforts with more support and security.

Video Quality and Presentation

All Vocal Video videos are produced in 1080p resolution — unless you’re on the free plan, in which case, videos will be 720p resolution.

Vocal Video quality

However, it’s important to note that because many device manufacturers limit video file size, you may not necessarily be able to view Vocal Video files in such high resolution — it really comes down to your specific device.

Audio quality with Vocal Video is generally good — but again, it depends a lot on the specific devices your respondents are recording on.

To get the best audio quality possible, you can adjust your video’s music volume and use “Normalize Speech Loudness” to even out the volume between different scenes.

Vocal Video also has a ton of editing tools to make sure your overall presentation is clean and visually appealing. These are the main editing options you’ll have to work with:

  • Themes
  • Video format
  • Colors
  • Logos
  • Subtitles
  • Music
  • Thumbnail

Ease of Capture and Uploading

You use “video collectors” to gather testimonials in Vocal Video. Video collectors consist of a few different elements:

  • Welcome page
  • Questions/prompts for the testimonial
  • Attribution page to get the client’s job title/company/etc.
  • Thank you page

You can create video collectors from scratch or use one of Vocal Video’s many pre-made templates.

Vocal Video collector templates

The number of video collectors you can create will depend on the plan you’re subscribed to.

Once your collector is created, you can send the link to your subjects by email, social media, Slack, or wherever else you communicate with them online.

They’ll be able to respond whenever is convenient for them on whatever device they have — including desktop webcams and smartphones.

Overall, the asynchronous nature of video collector links can make it much easier to get prospects to say yes. They don’t have to record all at once, so it can take some of the pressure off.

Not only that, but the way the video collectors are set up help ensure that you’ll get relevant, valuable content.

Performance Analytics and Tracking

Vocal Video provides basic analytics about your account, videos, and galleries:

  • Account analytics: Responses collected, videos published, and gallery views across your entire account or by individual workspace
  • Video analytics: Views, plays, and more for each individual video
  • Gallery analytics: Views, plays, and more for each gallery
Vocal Video analytics

Compared to other tools on the market that provide advanced analytics for tracking video performance, Vocal Video’s stats unfortunately leave a lot to be desired.

Accessibility and Responsiveness

The videos Vocal Video produces are compatible across all major browsers and operating systems. Videos adapt well to various screen sizes and mobile devices.

User Interface and User Experience

Vocal Video’s interface is user friendly and simple to navigate. When you first log in, you’ll be taken to the dashboard with an overview of some of your basic stats — number of videos published, total video views, etc.

Vocal Video interface

The menu on the left sidebar makes it easy to quickly navigate to your edited videos, gathered responses, or to the video collector builder.

Towards the bottom of this menu, you’ll find a link to the Brand Kit, where you can edit/customize your brand name, logo, brand & accent colors used in your video collectors, and your default color palette for videos.

Overall, I felt the software was intuitive. I had no issues using it and was able to quickly find everything I needed.

Integrations and Compatibility

All paid Vocal Video plans include a Zapier integration, which will allow you to easily integrate with thousands of software applications.

It also works seamlessly across all major browsers on both desktop and mobile. Vocal Video is strictly a web-based application, so unfortunately no mobile apps are available for iOS or Android.

Customer Support

If you have any questions or need assistance, you can contact the Vocal Video team by emailing them at [email protected].

Unfortunately, there isn’t any information on their website about how long you can expect to wait to receive a response. I was unable to locate a support phone number of any kind.

They also have a Help Center that can be useful for less complex support needs. Here, you’ll find articles and video tutorials that walk you through various features Vocal Video offers.

Vocal Video — Unique Features

Here are a few of the highlight features that Vocal Video offers:


Not every employee or client necessarily wants to be featured on video. Vocal Video allows you to take existing or new audio recordings and turn them into a bite-sized clip with a visual aspect for social media sharing.

This is perfect for those clients who may have great things to say about your company but don’t want to commit to a video testimonial.

Video collectors

Video collectors make it extremely easy to prompt your clients to answer the sort of questions you want in your testimonial.

They can re-record each question as needed or record one question at a time, making the process seem less overwhelming overall.

Video collectors are also very versatile with many use cases. For example, you could make a “meet the team” video for your company site by using a video collector to collect asynchronous responses from multiple team members.

What the Experts Say About Vocal Video

Vocal Video currently has a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on G2 with 20 reviews. Unfortunately, there are no reviews for this software available on Trustpilot or Capterra at this time.

G2 reviewers praised Vocal Video for a quick and easy setup process, video editing features, and budget-friendly pricing.

“I love that I can send a very intuitive video ‘collector’ to clients, they can record on their own timeline, when they’re comfortable – and redo til they’re happy with it. Once you get the collector back, editing is SO easy. There are options to customize just about everything – colors, fonts, music, subtitles, logos, etc., etc. In the end, your video looks like it was done by a professional video company. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”

– Kim K., Small Business – Verified Capterra review

However, others complained that there weren’t enough tutorials for how to use certain features, convoluting things for both them and their clients.

“I wish you could set questions as optional and allow users to skip them without recording a response. Some of our users have been confused by having a question listed as optional and needing to record something like ‘Skip.’”

– Megan S., Small Business

Vocal Video Alternatives

Vocal Video makes it really easy to start collecting video testimonials, but it may not be the best option if you want to produce a lot of videos or don’t want to handle the editing yourself.

The good thing is that there are many alternatives out there.

Primary Rating:
Primary Rating:
Primary Rating:
$59/mo - $249/mo
$9.99/mo - $399/mo
$5,200 - $12,000
Primary Rating:
$59/mo - $249/mo
Primary Rating:
$9.99/mo - $399/mo
Primary Rating:
$5,200 - $12,000


boast.io homepage

Boast is an all-in-one video testimonial software that provides your customers with a great user experience so they’re more likely to record a testimonial for you.

You can then download your testimonials to use in market materials or opt to utilize Boast’s ad-free video hosting.

Start your free trial of Boast.io


VideoPeel homepage

VideoPeel is a video survey solution that enables you to start collecting videos from prospects, employees, and existing customers in less than 5 minutes.

Where VocalVideo is focused mostly on customer testimonials, VideoPeel has other use cases as well, such as customer support.

Give VideoPeel a try for free!

Testimonial Hero

Testimonial Hero

Testimonial Hero is a done-for-you video testimonial service. Unlike Vocal Video, where you have to actually put together the final product yourself, the team at Testimonial Hero will handle the entire process for you.

Get Started with Vocal Video

If you’re ready to boost your social proof with engaging video reviews and testimonials, Vocal Video might be the perfect solution to try.

Vocal Video’s ease of capture, editing tools, and vast array of customization options make it a top contender when it comes to video testimonial software.

They’re trusted by major brands like Google, Spotify, and Wayfair and even have a free plan for companies just getting started with testimonials.

Getting started with Vocal Video is as simple as creating a free account today.

Is Vocal Video free?

Vocal Video does have a free plan, but it’s limited. You’ll only be able to publish up to 5 videos and process up to 20 minutes of video in total. Free videos will be 720p resolution, watermarked, and non-downloadable.

If you want to share longer or a higher quantity of testimonials, you’ll need to upgrade to one of Vocal Video’s annual paid subscriptions.

How does Vocal Video work?

To request a testimonial or review, you’ll send your recipient a link which they can then click to respond directly from their phone or laptop.

Then, Vocal Video will automatically generate a video draft that includes the recipient’s response, graphics and transitions, background music, and your logo.

From there, you can either choose to publish as is or use Vocal’s editing tools to further refine the video.

Does Vocal Video have monthly plans?

All of the plans that Vocal Video offers are billed on an annual basis. There’s unfortunately no monthly version for any of Vocal Video’s paid plans.


Boast video testimonial software is the easiest way to collect video testimonials, online reviews, and feedback from your customers.

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Vocal Video

Vocal Video automagically transforms raw footage into multi-scene videos with motion graphics, soundtracks, subtitles, and your branding.

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