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Is your Shopify store struggling with high cart abandonment? This SalesPop review explains why you must install it for reliable social proof.

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SalesPop SalesPop
Software Type: Social proof software
Best For: Shopify stores struggling with cart abandonment looking to build trust, create FOMO, and increase sales.
Pricing: Free - $129/mo
  • Free forever plan
  • Easy to set up
  • Shopify app
  • Supports 13+ languages
  • Build mainly for Shopify stores
  • Lacks customer support

Do you want your site to gain credibility and improve conversions through ‘magical’ pop-ups? Try installing SalesPop, a Shopify social proof app.

It focuses on urgency and building social proof for e-commerce sites. However, SalesPop’s drawback is that it lacks video testimonial collection capability.

Now, how does it perform as a social proof app? Let’s find out in this SalesPop review.

SMB Guide’s Verdict for SalesPop

SalesPop gets a 7.3 out of 10 rating after thorough evaluation and testing.

Here is why: Its strengths include advanced triggering, notification customization, and free plans. E-commerce sites on a low budget can start quickly with little commitment.

However, the lack of built-in video recording software and video testimonial analytics makes it fall short. It makes SalesPop fit Shopify stores, focusing on notification customization and performance tracking.

FactorRating (out of 10)
Pricing & Plans7
Template Variety and Design Options8
Triggering and Display Rules8.5
Mobile Responsiveness9
Notification Customization8
User Interface and User Experience8
Integrations and Compatibility7
Customer Support6
SMB Guide Rating7.3

In this SalesPop review, I’ve followed SMB Guide’s detailed criteria for evaluating social proof software.

Pricing & Plans

SalesPop pricing is straightforward. It offers four scalable pricing plans. The plans include a free package suitable for low-budget e-commerce sites and a week-long free trial.

SalesPop pricing

Something to note is that SalesPop only offers a monthly billing cycle.

Here are the plans:


It is a forever-free plan providing the basic features of the software.


  • Monthly: Free


  • Shopify integration
  • Unlimited upsells
  • Pop templates
  • Max 200 sessions
  • Unlimited discounts
  • Recent sales popo-ups

Who its for: It suits small e-commerce sites looking for basic social proof features.


It is an upgrade from the free package, offering more advanced features.


  • Monthly:$29 (max 2K sessions)


  • All integrations
  • Unlimited discounts
  • Custom templates
  • Advanced CSS
  • Live chat support
  • Unlimited upsells

Who its for: Small e-commerce sites looking for a plan offering higher session limits.


The premium plan offers a higher session limit than the Starter plan.


  • Monthly: $79 (max 10K sessions)


  • Unlimited discounts
  • Custom templates
  • Advanced CSS
  • All integrations
  • Live chat support
  • Unlimited upsells

Who its for: Shopify stores looking for advanced social proof features.


It is the top plan of SalesPop, offering advanced features and the highest session limit.


  • Monthly: $129 (max 30K sessions)


  • Live chat support
  • Advanced CSS
  • Unlimited upsells
  • Custom templates
  • Unlimited discounts
  • All integrations

Who its for: The plan fits large Shopify stores looking for a higher session limit.

Template Variety and Design Options

E-commerce sites will find various pre-designed templates that SalesPop offers that suit most of their brand needs. The templates also respond to various devices, ensuring they do not disrupt user experience.

SalesPop templates

The design flexibility of SalesPop templates is also decent. Shopify stores can tweak the layout variation, font, and color theme.

SalesPop also supports using gradients (CSS elements) that add a touch of modernity to the notification designs. With template customization, users can adjust the notification pop-up elements, placement, and size.

It allows e-commerce sites to create engaging notifications that align with brand website strategies.

Triggering and Display Rules

SalesPop’s advanced targeting and display rules allow website owners to display notifications based on set conditions. Users can segment visitors based on demographics, purchase history, and specific pages visited.

SalesPop display rules

SalesPop also allows behavioral targeting based on user action. For example, site owners can trigger a notification pop-up showing other successful purchases when customers abandon their cart.

It is effective in nudging customers to complete the purchase. E-commerce sites will find that SalesPop also offers geo-location targeting.

The software can display recent purchases and other activities based on customer location or region. It helps add relevance and personalization to the entire customer purchasing experience.

Mobile Responsiveness

SalesPop notification designs are responsive across different screen sizes. Whether a visitor is on a tablet or mobile, the pop-ups adjust seamlessly without obstruction.

SalesPop mobile responsiveness

The notifications also maintain aesthetic appeal and functionality, ensuring readability and format don’t change, no matter the device.

SalesPop also includes touch optimization for the notifications, where the elements have enough white space and larger buttons.

The optimization helps avoid unintended clicks, especially on smaller mobile screens.

Notification Customization

Shopify store owners will find that SalesPop allows customizing the notification’s visuals and content to match their brand.

Users can change the notification’s background, color schemes, and font and add media, including images. They can also craft the notification text to make it compelling.

SalesPop notification customization

For example, they can add CTAs to the message and ensure it’s concise and triggers action. Besides design, SalesPop allows Shopify site owners to control how and where the notifications appear.

Users can set display rules when and where the pop-up shows. Users can also set triggers to define the delays before they display the notifications, such as when a cart gets abandoned or real-time purchases.

Users can also set the frequency of how often the pop-up notifications display to prevent overwhelming customers.

SalesPop provides flexibility with its notification types, catering to different social proof strategies. E-commerce sites can trigger FOMO or social shares through real-time purchase alerts.

However, something to consider is that Shopify limits custom notification creation from scratch. It focuses more on syncing notifications from scraped data from the online store to populate pop-ups.

User Interface and User Experience

The interface on SalesPop is clean, with an easy-to-navigate dashboard. The dashboard includes a notification creation area, analytics, settings, and campaign management area.

It also includes a search function to find specific features.

SalesPop interface

Users can customize the notifications’ aesthetics and text to fit their brand. They can add a custom logo, change the font options, and more.

SalesPop also allows creating and managing social proof campaigns in various sections of the website or audience segments.

Onboarding is also simple, providing interactive tutorials to guide the users on the inner workings.

Integrations and Compatibility

The SalesPop pre-built integration stack is small but offers connections to social proof apps, booking apps, and CRM. They include Fomo, Book That App, Shopify, and SmartrMail.

For users looking to integrate custom connectors, SalesPop offers a flexible API. It is handy in linking other third-party apps depending on specific business needs.

SalesPop also simplifies integration by providing documentation. The documentation is in-depth and offers a step-by-step process for each pre-built connector.

There is also a reference with technical details for users using API.

Customer Support

SalesPop provides users with email, live chat, and phone contact options. However, live chat support is only available in the top plans.

Response times are okay, with turnaround times of 3 hours for phone and email. On the other hand, live chat is fast, with replies within 5 minutes.

SalesPop also provides self-help resources, including a blog and a help center. The content covers topics on marketing and the inner workings of SalesPop.

SalesPop – Unique Features

Besides the Shopify integration and free plan, SalesPop offers some unique features. Here are two that stand out.

  • Multi-lingual support: Ecommerce sites can create notification pop-ups and have them translated into 13+ languages. It helps deliver a personalized alert to global customers in a language they understand.
  • Geo-location targeting: Besides targeting customers through behavior and segmenting them, SalesPop allows targeting through geo-location. It helps users understand what notifications are relevant to specific regions or countries.

What Experts Say About SalesPop

SalesPop has many reviews online, both positive and lukewarm, on the Shopify platform. Here is what the  users said:

Great way to generate extra add-to-cart products and up AOV. Sales numbers are a little inflated as total cart value is drawn to total ‘sales’ instead of individual products that have been added to the cart from POP!.

Northland Petfood – Verified Shopify review

SalesPop is a great app! My customers can see who actually purchased a product or added it to their cart! Great for giving customers ideas on what to purchase. SalesPop is a great way of converting first time website views into customers.

Vonzetta’s Lavish Hair Boutique – Verified Shopify review

SalesPop Alternatives

SalesPop is one of the best Shopify social proof apps focusing on text-based notifications. However, not every e-commerce business finds it comprehensive enough.

Here are three alternatives that can offer what it lacks.

Primary Rating:
Primary Rating:
Primary Rating:
$9/mo - $89/mo
$25/mo - $499/mo
$3/mo - $39/mo
Primary Rating:
$9/mo - $89/mo
Primary Rating:
$25/mo - $499/mo
Primary Rating:
$3/mo - $39/mo


nudgify homepage

Nudgify focuses on real-time social proof and FOMO notifications. Nudgify also offers extensive customization options, unlike SalesPop, including creating custom notification types. 

Its pricing plans are affordable, starting at $9 monthly. It lacks a free plan, but the top plans are lower priced than SalesPop. It makes Nudgify fit e-commerce websites looking for a social proof app focusing on conversion optimization.

Give Nudgify a try for free


fomo app homepage

Fomo also focuses on urgency and scarcity tactics to improve conversions. Unlike SalesPop, Fomo offers extensive notification types and gamification elements.

The starting plan costs $25 monthly, but the software lacks a free plan. It makes Fomo fit e-commerce sites that focus on urgency and scarcity social proof tactics.

Start your 14-day free trial of Fomo today

Social Proofy

Social Proofy homepage

Social Proofy is a highly recommended alternative because it offers similar functionalities. It offers over 30 growth widgets, which is a broader range of tools and functionalities than what is available at ProveSource.

With a free plan available, and pricing starting at just $3/month for the paid plans, it is more affordable, too.

Social Proofy is best suited for website owners looking for a wide array of customizable social proof options to drive growth, while ProveSource caters to businesses aiming to create a bustling store atmosphere by displaying real-time customer activities.

Sign up to Social Proofy for free

Getting Started with SalesPop

Shopify websites looking for a social proof app focusing on text-based notifications will find SalesPop ideal. Its advanced targeting through geo-location, free plan, and multilingual support make it stand out.

That’s why we recommend SalesPop.


Does Salespop offer a free trial?

SalesPop offers a week-long free trial period for the paid plans. The period helps users understand the features of the more premium packages.

What happens when I have more unique visitors than my plan supports?

When websites reach their visitor limit on their plan, notifications will stop appearing. It helps avoid auto-upgrading without the user’s consent.

When is my monthly traffic limit reset?

SalesPop resets the monthly limit on a rolling basis. It often coincides with the date of subscription.


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Gain credibility, increase sales and delight your visitors with SalesPop.

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