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Curious to find an ideal chatbot for your Shopify store? Find out how this all-inclusive software can streamline customer service in this Re:amaze review.

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Re:amaze Re:amaze
Software Type: Live chat and helpdesk
Best For: Shopify stores looking for a multi-channel help desk and live chat solution.
Pricing: $29/user/mo - $69/user/mo
  • 14-day free trial
  • 40+ integrations
  • Great for Shopify stores
  • iOS and Android apps
  • No free plan
  • Learning curve for new users

Multi-channel inbox and video chat are Re:amaze selling points to Shopify stores looking for a chatbot. However, detailed reporting and automation are its Achilles’ heel.

So, how does it manage customer service? Let’s find out in this Re:amaze review.

SMB Guide’s Verdict for Re:amaze

Re:amaze scores an 8.3 out of 10 from our evaluation, and here is why:

The software offers multi-store support, push campaigns, and video call features that are unique to it. Re:amaze also has an extensive integration stack with CRMs, communication, and chat platforms like Shopify, WhatsApp, and more. 

However, the software has downsides, like a lack of a free plan and a learning curve for new users. The good thing is that the platform features offer stellar functionality.

That’s why we give it that rating.

At SMB Guide, we use a wide set of evaluation criteria for the live chat software we review. For more information, here is a table displaying the factors we considered in this Re:amaze review.

FactorRating (out of 10)
Pricing & Plans8
Real-Time Messaging & Canned responses8
Live Chat AI & Natural Language Processing (NLP)8.5
Customizable Chat Widgets7.5
Visitor Tracking and Analytics8
User Interface and User Experience9
Integrations and Compatibility9
Customer Support8.5
SMB Guide Rating8.3

Pricing & Plans

Re:amaze offers 4 plans to which users can subscribe. The plans have a free trial period of 2 weeks, and you can request a demo.

Re:amaze pricing

Picking the yearly payments comes with a 10% discount. However, Re:amaze lacks a free plan like most live chat software.

Here are the plans:


It is the entry package, and the pricing is per team member.


  • Monthly: $29 or $313 annually


  • Live chat
  • Basic reporting
  • Website integration
  • Public FAQ
  • Unlimited email inboxes
  • Customer intents
  • Response templates
  • Social media channels

Who it’s for: SMEs that are looking for a plan offering a basic help desk and live chat features for their e-commerce site.


It is an upgrade from the Basic plan and the most popular package.


Monthly: $49 or $529 annually


  • All features in the Basic package
  • Status page
  • Custom hosted domain
  • Advanced reporting
  • SMS and voice channels
  • Manage multiple brands in one account
  • Customizable email appearance
  • Live view of site visitors

Who it’s for: Mid to large enterprises with multiple brand accounts looking to manage them in one spot.


It is a top-tier plan offering advanced features that the Basic and Pro plans lack.


  • Monthly: $69 or $745 yearly


  • All features in the Pro plan
  • Optional classic chat mode
  • Customizable chat roles
  • Staff performance reporting
  • In-chat video calls
  • FAQ article edit history
  • Staff shifts and vacation days
  • Departments
  • Live screen sharing

Who it’s for: Large enterprises looking for a plan with a comprehensive help desk and live chat features for their brands.

Real-time Messaging and Canned Responses

A user can live chat with customers in real-time through the messaging feature of Re:amaze. It is fast and reliable, where an agent can switch chat modes and use a classic or real-time chat.

The software also allows the clients to see sent and viewed messages.

Re:amaze response templates

Not only that, but the software also sends email alerts on missed chats. The seamless and secure communication is because of the WebSocket technology.

Using canned responses on Re:amaze is also easy because it allows creating and saving pre-defined responses to FAQs. It simplifies answering queries and inserting the responses into the chat.

The software also supports organizing the responses in folders under categories. It makes it easy to manage and search for answers by entering a tag or keyword.

With customizing the canned responses, Re:amaze provides basic options. For example, you can format, add emojis, or rephrase the canned message.

You can also personalize the response by adding the customer’s name, location, or phone number. However, besides that, there are no other options since the canned messages follow a script and template.

Live Chat AI & NLP

According to Re:amaze, their chatbots only require 20% human intervention in answering queries. It achieves that because the chatbots combine rule-based and ML in generating query responses.

It gives them an excellent understanding of any FAQ and answers them accurately.

Re:amaze live chat

However, its NLP offers basic functionality since it doesn’t integrate with services like Google Dialogflow. Instead, Re:amaze chatbots follow a predefined rule and specified keywords. It makes them struggle with slang, synonyms, and more.

Re:amaze also struggles with complex conversations since the chatbots follow a script or pre-defined rule. The chatbots can only handle one context or entity at a time, making them unable to resume or switch topics.

Customizable Chat Widgets

Users will find a few customization options in the functionality and appearance of the Re:amaze chat widget. The only options available are the logo position and color theme.

Creating automated messages like greetings on Re:amaze is easy.

Re:amaze chat widget customization

However, it depends on the triggers set, like time on site, URL, and more. With pre-chat forms, the software has limitations on the custom labels and fields.

The forms can only collect a client’s name and email. Subscribing to the Pro and Plus plan allows for the removal of Re:amaze branding.

Users get the option of adding a brand logo to the chat widget.

Visitor Tracking and Analytics

Visitor tracking on Re;amaze requires filters like chat or online status, tags, and channels. One thing to note is that users cannot assign custom rule attributes to visitors or segment them.

Re:amaze limits use of tags.

Re:amaze visitor tracking

Data reporting and visualization on Re:amaze relies on third-party integrations like Google Analytics. The software lacks detailed reporting that can display the analytics.

Users must sync with third-party platforms to process the data.

User Interface and User Experience

White and blue are the theme colors on the Re:amaze interface. The design is also simple, and navigating the features is easy from the sidebar.

The interface also adapts to mobile-size screens and is responsive.

Re:amaze interface

With customization, Re:amaze has option limitations. However, users can tweak the color theme and change the logo. Re:amaze also allows emojis in the messages, which helps improve engagement.

Integrations and Compatibility

It is one of the standout features of Re:amaze, where it integrates with support, CRM, analytics, and marketing systems. They include MailChimp, Shopify, Slack, WhatsApp, and WordPress.

They come in handy in allowing users to sync customer data for analysis.

Reamaze integrations

Users looking to add a custom feature or application to Re:amaze can use the RESTful API. The good thing is that the software provides documentation on the best way to use the API through code snippets.

Using the software is easy, and installing it requires copying and pasting a code to a user’s website. Alternatively, add it to platforms like WP, Shopify, and more as a plugin.

Customer Support

Reaching Re:amaze support requires a customer to email or use a live chat. The live chat response is instant, making it helpful in emergencies.

Re:amaze also provides extensive self-support resources like a blog, books, and a resource center. The articles and guides on the blog are in-depth and cover topics on the platform’s inner workings.

The software also has an online presence with a Facebook (488), X (632) and Instagram (500) page.

Re:amaze – Unique Features

Besides the chatbots and stellar integration stack, Re:amaze has some unique features that make it stand out. They include:

Video chat

If you want to enhance your site’s customer experience, Re:amaze allows users to have a video chat. It comes in handy in delivering a personalized experience and building trust.

Multi-brand support

Businesses with several sites or e-commerce stores can manage their chats from a central spot. An entrepreneur can customize the chat widget of each store and easily switch between the brands.

What the Experts Say About Re:amaze

Re:amaze has a mix of positive and lukewarm reviews on its inner workings on platforms like

Here is what some users said:

Re:amaze allows me to do a lot with minimal time and money investment. I can create form letters with merge fields for a user’s name, auto-responders, monitor our social media. It’s a real Swiss Army Knife of customer engagement. The fact that they update the product so frequently and add new features makes me feel like I’ve chosen the right product for our company.

Ian M., Head of Product – Verified Capterra review

I researched platforms and brought Reamaze on my last job. It was great to work with and extremely efficient at handling multi-channel communications. I liked the product so much, that when I moved into my current position, I immediately suggested bringing Reamaze on board. Prior to Reamaze, they were managing all e-mail channels separately as well as another system for live chat and customer management. Reamaze is a great platform for manging customer communication and live chat – the best hands down!

Christopher B., COO – Verified Capterra review

Re:amaze Alternatives

We understand that Re:amaze might not be the ideal customer service solution for every business based on need or budget. So, we researched and found 3 Re:amaze alternatives that offer what it lacks.

$10/mo - $900/mo
Free - $499/mo
$180/mo - $210/mo
$10/mo - $900/mo
Free - $499/mo
$180/mo - $210/mo


gorgias homepage

It is a help desk built for e-commerce businesses. It excels in offering Shopify stores seamless customer service and automation of mundane tasks.

Gorgias also integrates instantly with social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. They are handy in lead generation and conversion.

Like Re:amaze, Gorgias lacks a free plan, but the entry package costs $10 monthly for 50 tickets. It makes Gorgias suit Shopify stores looking for a multi-channel customer service solution.

Sign up to Gorgias for free!


tidio homepage

It is a customer service software that leverages AI to offer users a live chat and chatbots for quick communication. Unlike Re:amaze, Tidio provides more customization options. Users can automate workflows, recover abandoned carts, and even offer discounts.

With pricing, Tidio offers a free plan, unlike Re:amaze. The paid plans start at $29 monthly, which is reasonably priced. It makes Tidio fit SMEs who need to improve their lead gen and sales through chatbots.

Try Tidio for free today!


Gladly homepage

It is an all-rounded customer service platform that offers help desk, live chat, and self-service solutions. Unlike Re:amaze, Gladly focuses on eliminating tickets and creating a single customer communication thread.

Like Re:amaze, Gladly lacks a free plan, but the entry package costs $180 monthly and gets billed annually. It makes Gladly fit large teams looking to reduce inbound traffic using customer self-service.

Getting Started with Re:amaze

Re:amaze tailors and focuses its features on e-commerce businesses that run on Shopify. Its core features, like video chat and multi-store support, make it one of the best in the market.

That’s why we recommend Re:amaze to SMBs that need an ecommerce-tailored help desk.


Does Re:amaze have a CRM?

The software offers CRM features like workflow automation, chatbots, and more. Besides Shopify, Re:amaze also integrates with social networks like Instagram and WhatsApp.

Will I have to sign a contract with Re:amaze?

No, a user can choose the monthly subscription and end it anytime. Canceling the subscription doesn’t come with charges or any strings attached.

Will the 14-day free trial give you complete access?

Yes, after signing up, a user accesses all the software’s features. After the 2-week trial period, you can choose the plan that suits your budget and needs.


Helpdesk designed for eCommerce stores. Provide multichannel customer service from a single app.

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Re:amaze is an integrated customer service, live chat, and helpdesk platform for online businesses.

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