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LiveAgent LiveAgent
Software Type: Customer support software
Best For: Businesses with several support agents on deck that require more back-end coordination functions.
Pricing: $15/user/mo - $85/user/mo
  • 30-day free trial
  • 200+ integrations
  • Easy to use and intuitive UI
  • All-in-one customer care solution
  • High integration costs
  • Mobile apps can be clunky

LiveAgent is a fully featured live chat software solution that you can use for personalized customer interactions. LiveAgent works best if you’re looking for ticketing systems as a method to solve customer issues. 

However, LiveAgent does require some improvement in its UX and knowledge base to score higher. Keep reading to find out more detailed insights on the software!

SMB Guide’s Verdict for LiveAgent

At SMB Guide, we evaluate all software following a strict set of criteria that you can read all about here. Using these factors, LiveAgent scores an overall rating of 7.6 out of 10.

Here’s the detailed breakdown.

FactorRating (out of 10)
Pricing & Plans8
Real-Time Messaging & Canned responses8
Live Chat AI & Natural Language Processing (NLP)8
Customizable Chat Widgets7
Visitor Tracking and Analytics8
User Interface and User Experience7
Integrations and Compatibility8
Customer Support7
SMB Guide Rating7.6

Pricing & Plans

LiveAgent offers different pricing plans with differing features and options that you can choose from.

LiveAgent pricing

Depending on the plan you opt for, users also get a trial period of 14 to 30 days without having to offer any credit card information.

The plans can be upgraded or canceled at any time. LiveAgent has two plan models to know: Business and Enterprise. Users also get 2 months of free service with annual billing.


Under this pricing model, users get four sub-plans, including one free plan. Here are the details. 


If you’re looking to explore LiveAgent for the first time, this is the option for you. 


  • $0 per agent per month


  • Customer Portal
  • 1 Contact Us Form
  • 1 Contact Us Button
  • 2 Email Accounts
  • 1 Live Chat Button

Who it’s for: Testers to LiveAgent who want to see if it’s interface and basic features are appealing enough.

Small Business 

Perfect for small business enterprises just getting started out with customer support.


  • $9 per agent per month (billed annually)
  • $15 per agent per month (billed monthly)


  • 3 email accounts
  • 2 Live chat buttons
  • 10 departments
  • 1 Knowledge base
  • 50 Event rules
  • Customer service
  • White Glove Setup
  • Slack notification 
  • Facebook button availability 

Who it’s for: Startup businesses (information technology, retail, fitness)  with a maximum agent requirement of 10. 

Medium Business 

This is a versatile and all-in-one plan for full customer service and support. 


  • $29 per agent per month (billed annually)
  • $35 agent per month (billed monthly)


  • 10 email accounts
  • 5 Live chat buttons
  • Call center support
  • 20 departments
  • Custom domain parking
  • 150 Event rules
  • 30 Time rules
  • 10 SLA rules
  • Reports
  • Product training

Who it’s for: Small-scale to medium businesses (financial sector, real estate, information technology) with a maximum agent requirement of 50.

Large Business 

This is another all-inclusive plan including unlimited capabilities. 


  • $49 per agent per month (billed annually)
  • $59 agent per month (billed monthly)


  • Everything in Medium plan
  • 150 email accounts
  • 50 Live chat buttons
  • 3 Whatsapp numbers
  • 150 Departments
  • 2 Knowledge bases
  • 500 Event rules
  • 100 Time rules
  • 50 SLA rules
  • Time tracking report
  • Audit log
  • Custom roles

Who it’s for: Large businesses (education sector, health, insurance, automobile) with a maximum agent requirement of 100.


This plan offers full scale support with additional features. 


  • $69 per agent per month (billed annually)
  • $85 per agent per month (billed monthly)


  • Everything in Large plan
  • 500 email accounts
  • 100 Live chat buttons
  • 3+ Whatsapp numbers
  • 300 Departments
  • 10 Knowledge bases
  • 1000 Event rules
  • 200 Time rules
  • 100 SLA rules
  • Branding Free
  • Senior account manager
  • Priority support
  • Assisted channels integrations
  • Custom billing setup

Who it’s for: Large SaaS, e-Commerce, and insurance businesses with an agent requirement of more than 100.


Effortless help desk software. Answer more tickets with all-in-one customer care solution.

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Real-Time Messaging & Canned Responses

With this messaging facility, two or more users can communicate with each other and send text, images, or videos. LiveAgent provides different types of chats. 

Some chat types require the users to register or sign up. LiveAgent also keeps adding new features, such as a real-time typing view and more.

LiveAgent canned messages

Canned messages are predefined responses to common user queries. They eliminate the requirement of typing the same answers repeatedly.

LiveAgent allows users to create an endless number of canned messages. The messages will be available to the support staff. The messages must be linked to the specific keywords to find them easily. 

The agents can easily define their own canned messages to streamline their workflow and needs. You can find the canned messages in your panel from the “Configurations.”

Then, select the “Automation” tab and click on the ‘Canned Messages.’

LiveAgent messaging automation

LiveAgent currently supports canned messages on the following platforms:

  • Email
  • Live chat
  • Tickets submitted via the customer portal
  • Forums
  • Feedback and suggestions
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Facebook posts
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Viber

Live Chat AI & NLP

Designed to transform customer service interactions, LiveAgent NLP is a state-of-the-art natural language processing (NLP) feature integrated into the LiveAgent platform.

Businesses can quickly and accurately respond to customer inquiries, sentiments, and intents in real-time by easily analyzing and understanding them using LiveAgent NLP. 

Using artificial intelligence, LiveAgent NLP improves customer satisfaction by streamlining communication channels and automating tedious tasks.

It enables individualized responses, effective ticket routing, and perceptive analytics. With LiveAgent NLP, businesses can easily and efficiently surpass customer expectations by managing both simple and complex issues.

This widget is easily placeable on your website. It has unique features for customer support for a great chat experience. The smart features include visitor tracking, proactive chat invitations, and chat routing. 

The main chat support software benefits of LiveAgent to know are:  

  • Fast and reliable chat with many features 
  • Access to unlimited chat history and ticket history 
  • Chat analytics options and tracking facility 
  • Custom design option and proactive chat invitation

Customizable Chat Widgets

Upon clicking the live chat widget icon, a new chat window will pop up for customers or visitors of your site. Here, they can start a conversation with an agent.

The live chat widgets have the latest and most advanced features to smooth the entire process. Using the chat widgets, the users allow the visitors to share screenshots or files.

It provides a virtual context for understanding the issue better. Some widgets also have welcome messages where a pre-configured message is sent to the customer.

It initiates a conversation and offers assistance quickly.

LiveAgent customization

You can also customize your chat widgets to re-route to a language of your choice for support.

Visitor Tracking and Analytics

With the LiveAgent website visitor tracking feature, users can track what visitors are doing on their website, what they are looking for, and more insights.

For example, it can display the URL the visitor uses to improve the customer support experience.

LiveAgent visitor tracking

The website visitor tracking feature is convenient, especially when you manage and track requests from online web visitors.

Moreover, before each live chat session starts, the users can check the customer information and other details using the Start URL.

Here’s a quick breakdown of its key features:

  • Usage Statistics and Performance Reports: Users can access usage statistics by channel, evaluating the performance of different communication channels such as email, chat, and calls. Performance reports provide valuable insights into response times, resolution rates, and customer satisfaction levels.
  • Customer Satisfaction Ratings: LiveAgent enables businesses to collect and analyze customer satisfaction ratings, helping them understand how satisfied customers are with the service provided. 
  • Endless Reporting Capabilities: The analytics overview in LiveAgent is equipped with extensive reporting capabilities, allowing users to generate customized reports tailored to their specific needs. This flexibility empowers businesses to extract actionable insights and make data-driven decisions.
  • Analytics Dashboard: The analytics dashboard offers a centralized hub for monitoring all incoming and outgoing messages, chats, and calls. Users can apply various criteria or breakdowns such as time, department, agent, tag, or channel to gain deeper insights into customer interactions.
  • Filtering Options: LiveAgent provides flexible filtering options, allowing users to customize their analytics overview based on specific parameters such as time, department, agent, tag, or channel. This enables users to focus on relevant data and identify trends or patterns more effectively.

User Interface and User Experience

LiveAgent concentrates on delivering a friendly user experience and user interface designs for the customer support teams. It offers a unique and intuitive dashboard, unified platform and easy navigation to users. 

It also offers up a simple ticketing system that lets the users deal with the queries easily. Moreover, LiveAgent constantly keeps updating the user interface for overall software improvement. 

The sign up process is very easy. You just need to add your email ID and create a valid password and you are all set to go. You will also get a 14-day free trial period to have a test run with this software.

LiveAgent interface

After logging in, you get redirected to your main screen with all the options you need to get started. Users can create a customer portal, change their logo, add information, access the knowledge base, and more.

LiveAgent dashboard

On the right panel, there are different options for the agents. Calling is one of them. With this feature, the agents can detail insights on the calls like call history, active calls, agent availability and more.

LiveAgent active calls

With the contact feature, located on the same panel, users can access complete information on the agents.

LiveAgent customer details

Integrations & Compatibility

LiveAgent boasts seamless integrations, ensuring effortless incorporation into any business ecosystem. Its extensive array of integrations spans CRM platforms, e-commerce systems, payment gateways, and more, facilitating streamlined workflows and data synchronization. 

With its open API and vast library of pre-built integrations, LiveAgent effortlessly adapts to diverse business needs, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Whether it’s connecting with popular tools like Salesforce, Shopify, or PayPal or customizing solutions through API integration, LiveAgent empowers businesses with the flexibility and scalability necessary to thrive.

Experience unparalleled connectivity and optimization with LiveAgent’s comprehensive integration and compatibility capabilities.

Customer Support

LiveAgent prioritizes providing exceptional customer support to its users, offering multiple channels for easy accessibility and prompt assistance.

These include:

  • Contact Form: Users can reach out to LiveAgent’s support team through a convenient contact form available on their website. This form allows users to submit their queries or issues along with their contact information. 
  • Facebook Messenger: LiveAgent offers support through Facebook Messenger where users can initiate conversations with LiveAgent’s support team, making it easy to seek assistance or resolve issues if that’s your preferred platform. 
  • WhatsApp: Users can reach out to LiveAgent’s support team via WhatsApp, leveraging the app’s features for quick and efficient communication.
  • Live Chat: LiveAgent also offers a live chat feature on its website, enabling users to engage in real-time conversations with support representatives. The live chat feature provides immediate assistance, allowing users to get their questions answered or issues resolved without delay.

LiveAgent — Unique Features

Here are two special and unique features I found particularly great about LiveAgent.

Split tickets

LiveAgent’s split tickets feature offers a practical solution for managing complex customer inquiries or issues. With split tickets, users of IT ticketing software can duplicate and assign tickets with different issues to more suitable agents or departments.

LiveAgent split tickets

When a ticket covers multiple distinct issues from a customer, users can simply click the “Split” button within LiveAgent’s ticketing tool.

This action creates a copy of the original ticket with a new reference number, allowing users to address each issue separately. 

Split tickets empower support teams to efficiently handle diverse customer queries, allocate resources effectively, and ensure that each issue receives the attention it requires.


LiveAgent’s integration of softphones enables users to leverage software telephony for making Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls directly from their computing devices.

LiveAgent softphones

This feature is particularly valuable for call center environments and customer support teams, as it facilitates quick and efficient communication with customers. 

Users can connect popular softphone clients such as MicroSIP, X-Lite, Ekiga, Jitsi, Linphone, and Icanblink seamlessly with LiveAgent’s hosted call center software.

What the Experts Say About LiveAgent

LiveAgent has scored really well on popular review sites:

  • TrustRadius – 8.6/10 from 140+ reviews
  • – 4.5/5 from ~1500 reviews
  • Capterra – 4.7/5 from 1,500+ reviews

We utilize it to staff our own in-house help desk with professionals. We may have fruitful internal conversations using the ticketing system as well. Detailed questions about projects, prices, and customer service may be received. If you value open, high-quality communication with your customers, this ticketing system is your best bet. Problems with workflow and departmental communication can also be fixed. Its simplicity and potential are the program’s strongest points.

Chris H., Senior Director of Marketing – Verified Capterra review

It helps me organize the movies so that I can give my users a good experience. With this wonderful method, I am able to eliminate the need for assistance and significantly reduce the amount of time I spend responding to support tickets.

Kelly B., Design Engineering Manager – Verified Capterra review

LiveAgent Alternatives

If LiveAgent isn’t up your alley, the good news is that there are other top alternatives for you to consider.

Free - $95/user/mo
$20/user/mo - $59/user/mo
$25/user/mo - $149/user/mo
Free - $95/user/mo
$20/user/mo - $59/user/mo
$25/user/mo - $149/user/mo


Freshdesk homepage

A live chat solution suitable for both small and large businesses, Freshdesk offers a cloud-based platform for customer support teams to engage with clients seeking assistance. 

Designed to accommodate businesses of varying scales, it enables them to establish and sustain effective customer support operations while expanding.

One of its stand out features is the ability to temporarily offer additional agents access to the customer support systems during a spike/high influx in customer outreach/demand.

Pricing ranges from free to $79 per month.

Start your free trial of Freshdesk today!


LiveChat homepage

LiveChat is a customer support platform providing online chat functionality, help desk software, and web analytics tools. It’s ideal for companies seeking reliable and feature-rich live chat services.

One notable feature is its AI-powered chatbot, which examines a business’s data upon registration and autonomously addresses inquiries it can handle.

Pricing ranges from $24 to $69 per month, with custom pricing options also offered.

Sign up to LiveChat for free today!


Zendesk homepage

Geared towards larger, expanding businesses, Zendesk provides a cloud-based help desk management system with features like online community building, knowledge base creation, and customer service portal development.

Tailored for enterprises needing advanced analytics and comprehensive reporting, Zendesk offers a standout feature called Zendesk Explore.

This tool enables gathering, assessing, and interpreting data on customer interactions through pre-built performance reports.

Pricing options vary from $69 to $149 per month.

Other options: Best LiveAgent Alternatives

Getting Started with LiveAgent

LiveAgent is an excellent choice for companies in search of scalable solutions that offer seamless integration with various communication platforms.

Additionally, it provides robust support for contact centers through VoIP integration. To begin streamlining your customer support operations and enhancing communication efficiency, take the first step with LiveAgent today.


What does LiveAgent do?

LiveAgent is an online help desk solution for small and large scale businesses with features like online self-service portals, ticket management, live chat application, and change and license management.

Users can get the features all inclusively in one software or as standalone applications.

Is LiveAgent a CRM?

LiveAgent has a strong and powerful in-built CRM system for better customer support, information, resource pulling, and lead tracking.

Is LiveAgent cloud-based?

LiveAgent is cloud-based and can be logged in from any device as long as you have web browser access.

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Effortless help desk software. Answer more tickets with all-in-one customer care solution.

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

LiveAgent is a multi-channel help desk software that offers over 179 help desk and live chat features.

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