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7 Best LiveAgent Alternatives & Competitors

Looking for LiveAgent alternatives? Discover the top 7 options. Compare features, pricing, and more to find the perfect customer support solution for your business.

Best Overall
Best for Ecommerce
Best for Engagement

Freshdesk helps you get everything you need to quickly resolve small issues, or effectively manage complex resolutions.

LiveChat is a complete customer service platform that delights your customers and fuels your sales.

Zoho SalesIQ is a complete customer engagement platform, that helps businesses engage their website visitors & customers.

Best Overall

Freshdesk helps you get everything you need to quickly resolve small issues, or effectively manage complex resolutions.

Best for Ecommerce

LiveChat is a complete customer service platform that delights your customers and fuels your sales.

Best for Engagement

Zoho SalesIQ is a complete customer engagement platform, that helps businesses engage their website visitors & customers.

Are you having a hard time using LiveAgent due to the clunky mobile interface or limited integrations?

We’ve got your back.

After extensive testing, we rank Freshdesk as the top LiveAgent alternative, but there are six more you can choose from, depending on your specific needs. 

Keep reading to find out which is the best for you!

1. Freshdesk

Freshdesk homepage

Best for: Freshdesk offers a range of pricing plans suited to different budgetary requirements, making it a great alternative for those requiring both affordability and functionality.

Pricing: Free – $95/mo


Free forever plan

1,000+ integrations

User-friendly interface

IOS & Android apps


Improvements in chat filtering

Platform performs slow at times

Freshdesk, developed by Freshworks, distinguishes itself from the enterprise-oriented Freshservice, focusing on serving the needs of small businesses.

Offering a user-friendly interface, it comes equipped with numerous features designed to enhance efficient and smooth customer support processes.


  • SLA Management: Grow your accountability and customer experience by defining specific business hours, ensuring consistent adherence to service level agreements.
  • Ticket Dispatch: Streamline ticket management to facilitate prompt resolution by directing every customer query to the appropriate team.
  • Custom Reports: Tailor your reports and dashboards to extract unique insights relevant to your business objectives, enabling you to track key metrics and performance indicators effectively.
  • Audit Log: Stay informed in real-time about all platform activities and modifications, with this feature available exclusively on the enterprise plan.

Freshdesk vs LiveAgent

Best ForOrganizations with a smaller budget looking for affordability and full-featured functionalitySmall and large organizations seeking scalable, strong live chat solutions
Standout FeatureGreat free tier plan for single product or service linesAI-powered chatbot
PricingFree – $95/agent/mo$15/user/mo – $85/user/mo


For businesses seeking a robust customer engagement and support solution, Freshdesk is an excellent option to consider.

Especially beneficial for those already utilizing Freshcaller, integrating both platforms elevates your customer support capabilities to new heights.

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2. LiveChat

LiveChat homepage

Best for: Suitable for a wide range of businesses including e-commerce platforms, SaaS enterprises, service providers, startups, small businesses, and online retailers.

Pricing: $20/user/mo – $59/user/mo


14-day free trial

200+ integrations

Omnichannel messaging

Great user experience


Slow load times

Mobile app needs improvement

LiveChat stands out as a customer support tool boasting an intuitive interface, powerful features, and seamless integration, all working together to elevate customer support experiences.

With the LiveChat app, businesses can achieve swift query resolution and enhance customer satisfaction effortlessly.


  • Chat Widget Customization: Tailor your chat widget to suit your preferences, with options for language selection, design customization, agent profiles, accessibility features, and chat boosters.
  • Messaging Channels: Engage customers across various messaging platforms, including Facebook, Instagram for Business, WhatsApp Business, email, in-chat voice, Apple Messages for Business, and more.
  • Chat Tools: Utilize a range of chat tools to enhance customer interactions, such as canned responses, file sharing, chat tags, chat archives, notifications, chat transfers, and chat ratings.
  • Sales and e-Commerce: Optimize your sales and e-commerce efforts with features like product cards, customer data management, goal and sales tracking, and seamless e-commerce integration.
  • Reports and Analytics: Gain insights into performance with detailed chat and data reports, agent performance reports, customizable filters, customer reports, data summaries, and comprehensive e-commerce analytics.

LiveChat vs LiveAgent

Best ForSizable organizations seeking scalable live chat solutionsSmall and large organizations seeking scalable, strong live chat solutions
Standout FeatureAI-powered chatbotAI-powered chatbot
Pricing$20/user/mo – $59/user/mo$15/user/mo – $85/user/mo


LiveChat is an autonomous solution crafted to boost businesses’ customer support and communication efforts.

Although advanced features may involve extra costs, the platform’s efficiency and flexibility make it a compelling choice for handling online customer interactions.

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3. Zoho SalesIQ

Zoho SalesIQ homepage

Best for: Consider Zoho SalesIQ if you’re seeking an affordable solution, regardless of your business’s scale.

Pricing: Free – $25/user/mo


Free forever plan

90+ integrations

Apple and Android mobile app

Zoho product ecosystem


Limited customization

Complex UI

Within the extensive Zoho ecosystem, you’ll find a diverse array of business software solutions catering to various needs.

Zoho SalesIQ, a versatile and budget-friendly chatbot solution within this ecosystem, is ideal for businesses of all sizes.


  • Visitor-Side Chat History: Enhance visitor experience by enabling them to access their chat history directly from the visitor side, ensuring seamless continuation of conversations.
  • Canned Replies: Improve efficiency in customer support by utilizing pre-written responses to common queries, enabling swift and consistent responses to inquiries.
  • Chat Translations: Overcome language barriers and reach a global audience with chat translations, facilitating effective communication between agents and visitors in their preferred language.
  • Integration With Zoho Ecosystem: Seamlessly integrate Zoho SalesIQ with other Zoho applications to streamline data sharing and centralized management of customer interactions, ensuring a cohesive workflow across the organization.

Zoho SalesIQ vs LiveAgent

CriteriaZoho SalesIQLiveAgent
Best ForExtensive users within the Zoho ecosystemSmall and large organizations seeking scalable, strong live chat solutions
Standout FeatureCodeless Bot BuilderAI-powered chatbot
PricingFree – $25/user/mo$15/user/mo – $85/user/mo


Zoho provides a diverse set of tools, including an AI-driven chatbot, all at an affordable price. It’s perfect for individuals or businesses in need of sales tools, CRM systems, and chatbot capabilities.

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4. Zendesk

Zendesk homepage

Best for: Catering to the needs of enterprises, it delivers high-level service tailored for companies seeking advanced analytics and reporting functionalities.

Pricing: $25/user/mo – $149/user/mo


30-day free trial

100+ integrations

Omnichannel support

Intelligent AI usage


No self-hosting

Only ticketing support provided

Zendesk provides a cloud-based help desk management solution equipped with tools for constructing online communities, knowledge bases, and customer service portals.


  • Omnichannel Experience: Seamlessly manage customer interactions across various channels using Zendesk’s intuitive Agent Workspace. Gain a comprehensive view of each customer’s journey, including chats, ticket statuses, order history, and personal details.
  • Ticket Processing: Access multiple channels for creating tickets, such as messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, as well as social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Integrations: Enhance Zendesk’s capabilities by leveraging its vast library of over 1,300 pre-built apps and integrations. Integrate with other tools in your stack to optimize efficiency and functionality.
  • Data Export and Reporting: Utilize Zendesk Explore’s reporting tool to access pre-made dashboards presenting essential data in graphical formats. Export dashboard data in various file formats like CSV, Excel, JPG, or PDF for further analysis and management.

Zendesk vs LiveAgent

Best ForBusinesses requiring, advanced reporting and analyticsSmall and large organizations seeking scalable, strong live chat solutions
Standout FeatureZendesk ExploreAI-powered chatbot
Pricing$25/user/mo – $149/user/mo$15/user/mo – $85/user/mo


For organizations desiring advanced analytics for a deeper understanding of customer needs, Zendesk is an ideal choice.

Emphasizing third-party applications, Zendesk also supports native connections such as bookmarks, time tracking, and knowledge capture, among others.

5. LivePerson

LivePerson homepage

Best for: Utilizing award-winning Conversational AI technology, this platform is ideal for organizations looking to leverage large language models, fine-tuned by billions of real customer conversations.

Pricing: Request a quote


Multiple AI products

Great customer support

Easy to track responses

Integrates with other apps


Must request pricing

No mobile apps

LivePerson’s platform is tailored for enterprises seeking to revolutionize their customer engagement strategies.

With robust safety and security measures in place, enterprises remain in complete control of their conversations, ensuring a secure and reliable interaction environment.


  • Advanced Analytics: Use Intent Manager’s advanced analytics to gain insights into your consumers’ true intentions. Real-time updates on customer data enable you to translate these insights into actionable business decisions. 
  • Automate Customer Conversations:. Deliver personalized experiences and meaningful conversations to your customers by leveraging conversational AI. With Conversation Builder®, create automated flows seamlessly without the need for coding.
  • Bot Management Tool: Centralize all your essential systems and data within the Conversational Cloud®, providing a comprehensive view of your consumers. This includes integration with CRM, scheduling tools, inventory management systems, payment platforms, and telephony systems, ensuring a 360-degree view of your operations.
  • Integrated Generative LLM: Transform your content into engaging conversations with our innovative Generative AI model. Convert webpages, PDFs, and FAQs into interactive AI chatbot experiences that use natural human language to showcase your brand’s expertise.

LivePerson vs LiveAgent

Best ForCompanies looking for a live tool to boost conversionsSmall and large organizations seeking scalable, strong live chat solutions
Standout FeatureGreat customer supportAI-powered chatbot
PricingRequest a quote$15/user/mo – $85/user/mo


LivePerson is the solution for you if you’re in the market for a unique, 100% customized AI chatbot solution with advanced features.

It goes beyond other available solutions in terms of its LLM complexity and hence, is best if you’ve got the budget (and team) to understand its significance.

6. ProProfs Chat

ProProfs Chat homepage

Best for: Popular among startups, educational institutions, healthcare providers, and e-commerce websites, it provides a variety of features including customer support, data analytics, communication tools, and visitor tracking capabilities.

Pricing: Free – $99/mo


Free forever plan

25+ integrations

Robust features

Fast and responsive


Limited customizations

Lack of advanced features

ProProfs Live Chat stands as a dynamic customer support tool, instantly tackling inquiries on your website. Seamlessly embedding it into your site ensures rapid responses to all queries.


  • Visitor Banning: Enhance security and maintain control over your chat environment by blocking unwanted or abusive visitors. This proactive approach protects agents from harassment or spam.
  • Visitor Targeting: Drive engagement and personalize the customer experience with targeted messaging tailored to visitor behavior and characteristics. Segment visitors based on specific criteria to maximize effectiveness.
  • Assignment Management: Streamline workflow and ensure prompt responses by efficiently distributing incoming chats among your team members using assignment management tools. Assign chats based on agent availability, expertise, or workload for optimized efficiency.
  • Agent Scheduling: Optimize agent availability and workload management with scheduling features. Coordinate agent shifts and breaks efficiently to ensure continuous coverage and responsiveness to visitor inquiries.

LivePerson vs LiveAgent

CriteriaProProfs Live ChatLiveAgent
Best ForStartups requiring a free option with decent featuresSmall and large organizations seeking scalable, strong live chat solutions
Standout FeatureA great free plan for single-operator modelsAI-powered chatbot
PricingFree – $99/mo$15/user/mo – $85/user/mo


ProProfs Live Chat stands out as a superb solution for promptly engaging with leads and customers, relieving the strain of individually addressing each inquiry.

Its intuitive interface and customizable features empower you to effortlessly tailor interactions to suit specific requirements.

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7. Tidio

tidio homepage

Best for: Ideal for teams of any size, Tidio is a perfect choice for those prioritizing outstanding customer service as a crucial factor in their operations.

Pricing: Free – $499/mo


Free forever plan

30+ integrations

Easy-to-use interface

AI customer service platform


Lack of reporting

Inconsistent notifications

Tidio is a comprehensive customer service platform integrating live chat, chatbots, help desk ticketing, email marketing, and more, empowering companies to deliver exceptional customer support.


  • AI and LNP: Tidio’s AI response bot automates up to 47% of conversations by utilizing popular question categories. Its NLP technology continuously improves with user feedback.
  • Integrations: Seamlessly manage Facebook Messenger and Instagram chat directly from Tidio, ensuring consistent support across platforms. Additionally, it integrates with business software like Hubspot for CRM and Shopify for e-commerce.
  • Live Chat: Engage with customers while gathering essential information such as names and email addresses. Customize the experience with options like welcome messages.
  • Analytics: Compare live chat and chatbot metrics against targets, analyzing data such as sales conversions and lead generation to assess effectiveness.

Tidio vs LiveAgent

Best ForOrganizations across the board looking for a state-of-the-art chatbot builderSmall and large organizations seeking scalable, strong live chat solutions
Standout FeatureAI-powered chatbotAI-powered chatbot
PricingFree – $499/mo$15/user/mo – $85/user/mo


Tidio stands out as a user-friendly chatbot builder, emphasizing ease of use and straightforwardness. 

Whether crafting your bot or utilizing pre-made settings, you can swiftly create chatbots with features like input fields, condition blocks, keyword intents, and chatbot API integration to elevate interactions.

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Which LiveAgent alternative should I use?

The best LiveAgent alternative for you will depend on your specific needs and customer support set up. 

Here’s a quick recap of the top 7 alternatives you can choose from:

  1. Freshdesk
  2. LiveChat
  3. Zoho SalesIQ
  4. Zendesk
  5. LivePerson
  6. ProProfs Chat
  7. Tidio

Freshdesk helps you get everything you need to quickly resolve small issues, or effectively manage complex resolutions that span different teams and time.

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