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Looking for the best way to improve customer experience on your website? Learn how a chatbot can get your site highly-rated in this ClickDesk review.

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ClickDesk ClickDesk
Software Type: Live chat software
Best For: Live chat or help desk support for ensuring businesses connect fast with customers.
Pricing: Free - $39.99/mo
  • Free forever plan
  • 40+ integrations
  • Android mobile app
  • Real-time visitor tracking
  • Interface is complex
  • Lacks an iOS app

Do you want your customer support to get a 5-star rating? Then, you need ClickDesk. It is a live chat offering video and audio for a personalized experience.

However, what makes it unique, and does it offer value for money? Let’s find out in this ClickDesk review.

SMB Guide’s Verdict for ClickDesk

At SMB Guide, we use a wide set of evaluation criteria for the live chat software we review. For more information, here is a table highlighting the factors we considered in this ClickDesk review.

After evaluating ClickDesk, it scores a 7.8 out of 10.

FactorRating (out of 10)
Pricing & Plans8.5
Real-Time Messaging & Canned responses8
Live Chat AI & Natural Language Processing (NLP)7
Customizable Chat Widgets8
Visitor Tracking and Analytics7.5
User Interface and User Experience8.5
Integrations and Compatibility7
Customer Support8
SMB Guide Rating7.8

The platform offers a reliable chatbot for fast communication between clients and representatives. The software allows social media integration into the chat widget, which helps boost brand reach.

ClickDesk also provides a unique video and audio chat, which helps provide clients with a personalized experience. However, the software has its downsides, like the lack of extensive customization options and an iOS mobile app.

Combining all these factors is why we give it that rating.

Pricing & Plans

ClickDesk has straightforward pricing, offering 4 plans that businesses can pick from. The platform allows businesses to choose between a monthly, annual (15% off) or bi-annual (33% off) subscription.

ClickDesk pricing

The standout aspect of ClickDesk pricing is its free plan. Here are the packages:


It is the entry package with a lifetime free plan, but it limits the number of users to 10.


  • Free: $0


  • 30 chats
  • Basic settings customization
  • Audio calling
  • Max 10 users
  • Localization of chat widget
  • Handle 25 tickets

Who it’s for: Individuals who need a simple chatbot with basic features for their site to engage with clients.


It is the first paid plan offering more advanced features than the free package.


  • Monthly: $14.99
  • Annual: $12.99 monthly billed yearly
  • Biannual: $9.99 monthly billed after 2 years


  • Unlimited chats
  • Chat transfer and groups
  • Widget customization
  • SSL security and 99.5% uptime

Who it’s for: Small businesses that have a site and need a chatbot to help engage the customers on their queries.


It is one of the premium plans that provide more features than the first two packages.


  • Monthly: $24.99
  • Annual: $21.99 monthly billed yearly
  • Bi-annual: $16.99 monthly billed after 2 years


  • Video chat
  • Chat conferencing
  • 99.95% uptime & SSL security
  • Reports and history
  • Post chat survey
  • CRM integration and API

Who it’s for: Mid to large enterprises looking for a live chat with more communication capabilities like video and audio.


It is a top-tier plan offering white-label features at a premium price.


  • Monthly: $39.99 monthly
  • Annual: $33.99 monthly billed yearly
  • Bi-annual: $26.99 monthly billed after 2 years


  • Unlimited domains
  • White label
  • Analytics
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Queuing
  • Widget custom CSS

Who it’s for: Large enterprises with multiple sites looking for a chatbot with advanced features for fast communication.

Real-time Messaging & Canned Responses

ClickDesk real-time messaging is reliable and fast since it uses WebRTC tech, enabling peer-to-peer communication. It means businesses don’t have to use third-party plugins or downloads.

ClickDesk real-time messaging

The platform also provides video and voice chat for smoother and quality communication. Not only that, a user can share their screen for more in-depth clarity.

With canned responses, ClickDesk struggles since it only allows the creation of 10 responses. The low number cannot cover common inquiries or issues, which is a bummer.

Not only that, agents cannot customize the canned responses, which can affect client satisfaction.

Live Chat AI & NLP

The chatbot on ClickDesk is basic compared to platforms like Tidio. For example, the chatbot fails to understand queries, especially if they have varied intent.

Although they claim it uses NLP to analyze queries, it lacks the clarity of responses you would find on Tidio. In handling complex conversations, ClickDesk lacks a powerful dialogue system.

Instead, it relies on scripts to guide users during the conversation. It means the chatbot can only handle simple conversations since it follows a linear path. 

For example, if a user asks a query that deviates from the script, it ends the conversation or redirects to a human agent.

ClickDesk also relies on manual revisions and updates to improve the chatbot. It lacks a self-learning mechanism that updates the FAQ and knowledge base automatically.

With customization, users can only tweak the greeting or transfer message. However, you cannot customize any other aspect of the bot since it follows a script or template.

It often makes the communication generic and does not give the customer a good experience.

Customizable Chat Widgets

Customization options of the chat widget on ClickDesk are minimal. Users can only change the online status, widget position, welcome image and background theme.

With messaging and any other widget aspect, there is little room for tweaking since it follows a template.

ClickDesk chat widgets

Installing and configuring the chat widget is complex since it’s done manually. Not only that, updating it for better accuracy and output follows a manual process. 

If you want to align the chat widget with your brand, users must subscribe to the premium plans to remove the logo. In addition, the widget lacks variations or diversity, making it generic and lacking appeal for a brand.

Visitor Tracking and Analytics

ClickDesk provides users with an engaging and real-time visitor tracking feature. Businesses can have an overview of their site’s traffic and metrics like location, chat status, device and more.

ClickDesk visitor tracking

Not only that, an agent can be proactive and initiate a chat with a client based on their profile or behavior.

However, ClickDesk lacks advanced analytics on traffic metrics, like referral sources, time spent or pages visited.

With reporting and visualization, ClickDesk lacks a dashboard to centralize traffic data. Instead, a user will have to use chat history to interpret the data, which is time-consuming and complex.

User Interface and User Experience

The interface on ClickDesk is clean with a straightforward design. Navigating the platform is easy since it has clear buttons and a simple menu.

ClickDesk interface

With customization, ClickDesk has limitations with the options. However, users can tweak the color theme, align the chat widget and change the logo.

Unlike chatbots like Tidio, ClickDesk lacks engaging emojis and buttons that improve the aesthetics. Users will also not find personalization features like chat widget templates or multiple languages.

Not only that, the widget lacks onboarding support, which is a drawback.

Integrations and Compatibility

ClickDesk comes with pre-installed integrations with CRM, support tools and analytics platforms. They include MailChimp, Google Analytics, Salesforce and more.

One thing to note is that the integrations only offer basic functionality like syncing or sharing data.

ClickDesk integrations

Users will also find limited APIs on ClickDesk that offer basic functions like managing agents and sending and receiving messages. In addition, the documentation of the REST API is poor, making it challenging to use if you lack tech skills.

Setting up ClickDesk integrations requires copying and pasting a code into the site’s HTML code. It is an error-prone process requiring tech skills or customer care support.

Customer Support

ClickDesk provides 3 support channels for users to reach out. They include live chat, phone and email. Live chat has the fastest replies, which are less than a minute.

ClickDesk support

The platform also has self-help resources, an FAQ, a CSS customization guide, and PDF handbooks. They cover in-depth topics on the inner workings of the software.

ClickDesk has an active social following on Facebook (3.6K) and X (1.8K).

ClickDesk – Unique Features

Besides the chatbot functionality, ClickDesk offers some unique features. Here are 2 that make it stand out:

Video chat

Use this feature to have video and audio chats without a custom plugin. The video chat stands out since it helps deliver a personalized experience to the clients.

Social networks integration

An entrepreneur can add their social network buttons to the chat widget to let the visitors connect with a brand. It comes in handy for improving traffic to the website and brand loyalty.

What the Experts Say About ClickDesk

ClickDesk has a mix of positive and lukewarm reviews from its users on Here is what they said:

I have been using ClickDesk for a long time (more than 2 years) to offer on-line chat support from my web site. It is easy to deploy and easy-to-use. In my case one single user is enough since we do not have visitors that demand more than this. Sometimes (rarely) it seems to become disconnected but I am not sure if it is a problem with the app.

Luciano M., Director or Marketing – Verified Capterra review

For a “light” help desk product, ClickDesk offers numerous features to help you get started. While more robust help desk features will enable you to set up complicated ticketing systems and FAQs, online communities and the like, ClickDesk gives you a smattering of all it . This is a product for those who want a bit of “help desk” but not too much. The tools are easy to use and will help you navigate through the complicated world of customer relationships.

Stephanie Faris – Verified Capterra review

ClickDesk Alternatives

At SMB Guide, we understand that not everyone will find ClickDesk all-rounded enough to match their situation. So, we researched and found 3 ClickDesk alternatives that offer what it lacks.

They include:

Free - $499/mo
$25/user/mo - $149/user/mo
$39/user/mo - $139/user/mo
Free - $499/mo
$25/user/mo - $149/user/mo
$39/user/mo - $139/user/mo


tidio homepage

It is a chatbot software that offers users a live chat for quick communication. Unlike ClickDesk, Tidio offers more customization options in its chat widget. Users can tweak the messages by adding emojis, images and more.

With pricing, Tidio offers a free plan similar to ClickDesk. The paid plans start at $29 monthly, which is reasonably priced. It makes Tidio fit individuals and SMEs who need a simple chatbot with extensive customization.

Get started with Tidio for free!


Zendesk homepage

It is a customer service platform offering businesses a suite of solutions, such as a live chat. Unlike ClickDesk, Zendesk provides a powerful NLP engine that leverages Google to interpret context to deliver relevant answers to queries.

However, Zendesk lacks a free plan with its pricing, unlike ClickDesk. The Suite Team is the entry plan priced at $69. It makes Zendesk suit businesses looking for an all-inclusive messaging and ticketing solution.


Intercom homepage

It is a customer chat software offering features like a chatbot and a live chat. Unlike ClickDesk, Intercom offers practical product tour features on a user website.

They come in handy in educating and onboarding customers for conversion. With pricing, Intercom lacks a free plan like ClickDesk, but its paid plan starts at $39 per seat monthly.

It makes Intercom fit businesses that need automation tools for their support teams.

Other options: Best ClickDesk Alternatives

Getting Started with ClickDesk

ClickDesk is one of the best live chat software currently on the market. Its main selling points are in the chat widget, social media integration and video chat.

It also offers excellent support, which is an added advantage. That’s why we recommend ClickDesk.

So sign up now and access a free plan!


Will ClickDesk live chat software suit SMEs?

Yes, the live chat will fit various business types, including SMEs. It provides a convenient way for customers to ask product-related queries and get instant answers.

Do customers find live chat helpful?

Yes, because it provides a fast and direct way of reaching out for help and getting instant replies. Most clients prefer it to email or phone because they can multitask as they chat with a rep.

How Secure are live chats?

Most live chats, including ClickDesk, prioritize data security. They encrypt the communication, use SSL technology and adhere to GDPR guidelines.


Tidio is an all-in-one customer service platform for SMBs.

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