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7 Best Ceipal Alternatives & Competitors

Learn about the 7 best Ceipal alternatives and competitors if you are looking for an ATS and recruitment software for your company.

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Manatal is an AI recruitment software designed to source and hire candidates faster.


JobDiva is an industry-leading recruitment software for staffing agencies.


Transform your business with Bullhorn staffing and recruitment software.

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Manatal is an AI recruitment software designed to source and hire candidates faster.

Staffing Agencies
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JobDiva is an industry-leading recruitment software for staffing agencies.

Recruiting Agencies
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Transform your business with Bullhorn staffing and recruitment software.

When it comes to human resources software, Ceipal has been a go-to for many businesses.

However, some users have expressed concerns over its user interface, claiming it to be less intuitive, and the lack of robust customer support can lead to frustration when navigating the platform.

As such, finding Ceipal alternatives might be the solution you need. The best alternative to Ceipal is Manatal.

Now, let’s delve deeper into the best alternatives to Ceipal that may be a better fit for your company.

1. Manatal

manatal homepage

Best for: Manatal is best for young startups, though it also works well for those experiencing growth. Any business that wants to expand its recruiting efforts with streamlined applicant tracking while also accessing a wide candidate pool will benefit.

Pricing: $19 to $39/user/mo


User-friendly platform

Affordable and flexible pricing

Amazing customer support

Built-in advanced search capabilities


Limited applicant screening features

Limited integration options

Manatal is a leading AI-powered recruitment software that aims to change how HR departments and recruiters hire.

It is known for its ease of implementation and use of the latest technology.


  • Talent pool management
  • Collaboration tools
  • Advanced search and filtering capabilities
  • AI-powered candidate recommendations

Manatal Vs Ceipal

Best ForStaffing and recruiting agencies of all sizesEarly stage startups
Standout FeatureBusiness unit featureAI Powered candidate recommendation
Pricing$4 to $48/user/mo$19 to $39/user/mo


Consider Manatal over Ceipal for its powerful AI tools, social media enrichment features, and superior collaboration options.

The user-friendly interface and strong reporting features make it easy to streamline your recruiting process, making it a highly effective tool for securing top talent.

Start 14-day free trial of Manatal today!

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2. JobDiva

JobDiva homepage

Best for: JobDiava is best for medium-to-large staffing agencies, HR departments, and recruitment firms. It’s a great option to manage a high application volume since it makes it easier to manage candidate communication.

Pricing: Not listed


Software has won multiple awards

Intuitive, easy-to-use platform

Robust candidate search feature

Industry professionals designed the back offers


Pricing information is not publicly available

Experienced latency when using the software

As a global leader in Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, and Applicant Tracking technology, JobDiva is an AI-powered cloud-based software that combines candidate relationship management (CRM), synchronization with all major job boards and vendor management software (VMS) and provides unique patented search capabilities, making it an industry leader for staffing agencies.


  • Solid candidate relationship management features
  • Syncs with all major job boards
  • Easily track star applicants with hotlists
  • Supports integrations with vendor management systems

JobDiva Vs Ceipal

Best ForStaffing and recruiting agencies of all sizesLarge staffing and recruiting agencies, HR teams, companies using VMS
Standout FeatureBusiness unit featureComprehensive functionality
Pricing$4 to $48/user/moNot Listed


JobDiva not only receives a higher rating with positive reviews, indicating better user satisfaction, but it also includes more features and filters for the recruitment process.

It is a more comprehensive solution for talent management than Ceipal.

3. Bullhorn

bullhorn homepage

Best for: Bullhorn is best suited for staffing firms and recruiting agencies, regardless of size. Though most plans are targeted at small to medium businesses, enterprise options are available.

Pricing: Request a quote


Uses cutting-edge technology

Easy to use

Lots of third-party integrations

Partner first, supplier second


Pricing information isn’t available on the website

No free version available

Bullhorn is another global leader in ATS. Designed to power recruitment processes and boost efficiency, over 10,000 companies use it.


  • All-in-one dashboard to manage the entire recruitment process
  • Workflow building and hiring process tracking
  • Automatic resume parsing
  • Email Inbox Gadget to track email communication from within Gmail

Bullhorn Vs Ceipal

Best ForStaffing and recruiting agencies of all sizesStaffing and recruiting agencies of all sizes
Standout FeatureBusiness unit featureEmail inbox gadget
Pricing$4 to $48/user/moNot Listed


You should consider Bullhorn over Ceipal as it offers a more comprehensive, intuitive, and user-friendly platform for better recruitment efficiency.

Its features are all designed to streamline your hiring process to help you find better talent faster.

4. Breezy HR

Breezy HR homepage

Best for: Breezy HR is an ideal solution for early-stage companies that want to improve their recruiting efforts with quality applicant tracking across a vast applicant pool.

Pricing: Free – $529/mo


Easy to use

Simple application management and filtering

Communication tools built-in

Extensive reporting options


UI glitches lead to the need to refresh the page manually

Customer support response time could use improvement


  • Automated pre-screening
  • Privacy, security, and GDPR compliant
  • Customize drag-and-drop pipelines as needed
  • Dashboard with activity tracking

Breezy HR Vs Ceipal

CriteriaCeipalBreezy HR
Best ForStaffing and recruiting agencies of all sizesEarly stage startups who want strong managed recruitment efforts
Standout FeatureBusiness unit featureCustomizable workflows
Pricing$4 to $48/user/moFree to $529/mo


If you’re a particularly visual person, or working with a high-visual team, consider Breezy HR over Ceipal.

It offers a comprehensive feature set that is intuitive and easy to use.

Start 14-day free trial Breezy HR today!

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5. Recruitee

Recruitee homepage

Best for: Companies interested in a collaborative hiring process

Pricing: $269/mo – $479/mo


Incredibly easy-to-use interface

Syncs with multiple recruitment platforms

Versatile job and candidate management features

Lots of available integrations


Lacks keyword-based resume searches

Limited functionality in the mobile app

Recruitee is a collaborative hiring platform that combines employer branding, job promoting, talent sourcing, and applicant tracking into a single system.

It features a user-friendly interface and top-rated customer support aimed at helping HR teams and organizations hire better.


  • Chrome extension for easier applicant sourcing
  • Branded career sites
  • Collaborative hiring
  • Build an employee referral program

Recruitee Vs Ceipal

Best ForStaffing and recruiting agencies of all sizesCompanies interested in a collaborative hiring process
Standout FeatureBusiness unit featureCollaborative hiring capabilities
Pricing$4 to $48/user/mo$269 to $479/mo


Consider Recruitee for its streamlined, collaborative hiring platform that enhances employer branding and effectively manages recruiting operations while also providing a high-quality user experience.

Start your 18-day free trial of Recruitee today!

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6. Workable

Workable homepage

Best for: Workable is ideal for growing businesses looking to improve talent acquisition, automate recruitment workflows, or simplify tasks like interview scheduling.

Pricing: $149/mo – $599/mo


15-day free trial

200+ integrations

Easy to use

HRIS capabilities for companies with < 50 employees


Limited customization

May be cost-prohibitive for some businesses

Workable is a leading, all-in-one hiring solution that empowers teams to find the right person for every job by offering scalable features and tools.

It goes beyond a traditional ATS to offer ways to find and evaluate candidates, track quality applicants, and even manage employee time-off requests.


  • Customize hiring pipelines as needed
  • Integrates with most popular job boards
  • Collaborative hiring and evaluation tools
  • Automated interview scheduling

Workable Vs Ceipal

Best ForStaffing and recruiting agencies of all sizesStaffing and recruiting agencies that want a tool that scales with growth
Standout FeatureBusiness unit featurePost to multiple platforms in one-click
Pricing$4 to $48/user/mo$149/mo – $599/mo


Consider choosing Workable for its powerful recruiting software that includes AI-powered candidate sourcing, search engine optimized job descriptions, HR integrations, and one-click advertising capabilities.

Start 15-day free trial of Workable today!

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7. Greenhouse

Greenhouse homepage

Best for: Greenhouse could be right for you if you want a people-first approach to hiring, regardless of company size.

Pricing: Not Listed


300+ integrations to choose from

Mobile apps for Android and iOS

Allows tweaking the hiring pipelines

Includes diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) features


Could be more user-friendly

Pricing information is unavailable

Greenhouse is a strong recruiting software that simplifies the entire process, from finding candidates to onboarding new hires.

It includes features like structured hiring methodologies, collaborative evaluation tools, and comprehensive reporting, making it an ideal choice for companies seeking to make data-driven hiring decisions.


  • Job board syndication with automated social media posts
  • Automated task management
  • Background screening capabilities
  • Real-time activity insights in the dashboard

Greenhouse Vs Ceipal

Best ForStaffing and recruiting agencies of all sizesAny company looking for a people-first approach
Standout FeatureBusiness unit featureDEI reporting features
Pricing$4 to $48/user/moNot Listed


While both Greenhouse and Ceipal offer solid ATS solutions, consider choosing Greenhouse for its unique feature that automatically ranks candidates based on desirable skills, presenting the most viable candidates first to streamline the process.

Which Ceipal alternative should I use?

While Ceipal is a strong player in the ATS field, there are several compelling alternatives available. Workable and Greenhouse both offer unique features that simplify the process and facilitate data-driven decision-making. 

The choice ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. Remember, the best ATS for your business is one that seamlessly integrates into your workload and makes recruiting easier with fewer resources. 

Spend time researching, scheduling demos, and signing up for free trials of each option, so that you can better understand and assess the strengths of each platform against your requirements.

Recap of the Ceipal alternatives


Manatal is an AI Recruitment Software enabling human resources departments and recruitment agencies to source and hire in the most effective way.

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