Voluum vs. ClickMagick: Which ad tracking software is best?

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Do you have an affiliate program that struggles with lead conversion? Learn how to streamline it as a media buyer in this Voluum vs. ClickMagick comparison.

Primary Rating:
Primary Rating:
$199/mo - $599/mo
$49/mo - $199/mo
Best For:
Affiliate marketers, media buyers, and agencies
Best For:
Marketers, affiliate marketers, and small businesses running online ad campaigns
Primary Rating:
$199/mo - $599/mo
Best For:
Affiliate marketers, media buyers, and agencies
Primary Rating:
$49/mo - $199/mo
Best For:
Marketers, affiliate marketers, and small businesses running online ad campaigns

Time is a precious resource, and automating ad campaigns to optimize both time and cost-efficiency is an ideal goal.

Nonetheless, achieving this goal is not as straightforward as it may seem, because a lot goes on in the backend.

One thing for certain is finding a reliable ad tracker can help with the backend processes such as ad optimization.

Two ad trackers that are gaining positive praise are Voluum and ClickMagick.

Voluum is a comprehensive ad tracker specializing in link tracking and can handle several platforms of paid traffic with accuracy. 

ClickMagick, on the other hand, is an affordable ad-tracking platform that works with any ad campaign type.

Each offers something unique that marketing directors (MD) can use in their ad campaigns.

However, how do they compare and which offers value for money?

Let us find out in this Voluum vs. ClickMagick Comparison.

Voluum vs. ClickMagick at a glance

SMB Guide’s Rating9/108.7/10Voluum
Ad Campaign TrackingEasy to add and track campaigns
Management of linksVoluum
Conversion TrackingPixel-based and server-to-server trackingPixel-based and server-to-server trackingTie
Audience and Traffic Source AnalysisTraffic source trackingTraffic quality managementVoluum
Attribution Modeling4 attribution models5 attribution modelsClickMagick
A/B TestingSupports tests on landing pages, paths and offersSupport tests on landing pages and linksTie
AD Fraud DetectionAnti-Fraud Kit to detect fraud traffic“Automatic Bot Filter,” that scans through trafficVoluum
Real-time Reporting and DashboardsVoluum
Data Security and PrivacyTie
Customizable Metrics and KPIsVoluum
UI and UXModern interface highlighted in purple and whiteClassic interface highlighted in green and white colorsVoluum
Integrations and API Capabilities50+ integrations
100+ integrationsClickMagick
Supported PlatformsWeb-based,Android, & iOSWeb-based,Android, & iOSTie
Customer SupportEmail, live chat, and knowledge baseEmail, live chat, and knowledge baseTie
Pricing$199/mo – $599/mo$49/mo – $199/moClickMagick

Voluum: Features, Pros, Cons, & Pricing

voluum homepage

Voluum is an ad-tracking software that measures affiliate ad campaign performance.

The software integrates with several ad platforms to help sync all your campaign elements.

Voluum also allows users to collect in-depth data on their traffic and conversions on what is working.

Pros & Cons


Built for media buyers

50+ integrations

Real-time analytics

1-on-1 onboarding & support


No free trial

Expensive pricing


You can choose between three pricing packages for your business: Start-up, Agency, and Enterprise.

Unlike ClickMagick, Voluum doesn’t offer a free trial, and here are the business plan prices.

voluum business pricing
  • Start-up: It costs $599 monthly, or choose annual ($539 monthly). It is a package that startups can use to launch their venture, grow, and safeguard it from ad fraud.
  • Agency: The package costs $999 monthly or annually ($799 monthly). The plan helps agencies to scale their business while accessing direct integration and VIP support.
  • Enterprise: It costs $1999 monthly or choose annual ($1599 monthly). The package helps media buyers and agencies get the best value.

Voluum is a cloud-based ad tracker that integrates with multiple ad platforms and connects all the elements of your campaigns together.

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ClickMagick: Features, Pros, Cons, & Pricing

ClickMagick homepage

ClickMagick is a link-tracking software that allows you to track ad campaigns and attribute conversions with accuracy.

Now, unlike Voluum, ClickMagick applies 3 modes of tracking: Rotators, campaigns, and links to track affiliate and ad campaigns.

It gives you an overview of the customer journey throughout the funnel.

Pros & Cons


14-day free trial

Aesthetic user interface

Easy split testing capabilities

Great support and tutorials


Learning curve for new users

No mobile app for starter plan


You can choose from three pricing packages: Starter, Standard, and Pro.

Unlike Voluum, ClickMagick offers a free trial for two weeks, and here are the prices of the plans:

clickmagick pricing
  • Starter: It costs $69 monthly and suits entry-level entrepreneurs looking for an ad-tracking platform on a budget.
  • Standard: It’s $149 monthly and fits startups looking to scale their venture and easily optimize the campaigns.
  • Pro: It costs $299 monthly, and suits established enterprises looking for white-label functionality and features.

ClickMagick is an awesome tracking service that helps you to track your ads and focus on where your most profitable clicks are coming from.

14-day free trial
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Ad Campaign Tracking

Voluum specializes in affiliate campaigns and offers extensive support for tracking ad marketing across a wider range of ad networks compared to ClickMagick.

It includes compatibility with platforms such as Facebook, Google Ads, native, push notifications, pop ads, and various other display networks.

voluum ad tracking

Similar to ClickMagick, MDs can view Campaign CTR, CPC, clicks, and other impressions in real time.

However, unlike ClickMagick, Voluum suits larger agencies and businesses with high-volume and complex ad campaigns to track and optimize.

Not only that, you will find that Voluum offers a collaboration feature that gives account access to multiple users.

ClickMagick, on the other hand, allows you to track a wide range of marketing campaigns, unlike Voluum, which focuses on affiliates.

ClickMagick supports Google Ads, Facebook Ads, email marketing, and solo Ads, but not a wide variety like Voluum.

ClickMagick tracking links

Similar to Voluum, ClickMagick centralizes data in one spot where you can view the CPC, CTR, clicks, and other impressions in real time.

It makes it fit startups or beginner entrepreneurs on a tight budget. However, unlike Voluum, ClickMagick offers link cloaking, traffic quality score, and more functionality.

✅ Winner: Voluum

Conversion Tracking

Voluum provides users with the capability to track ad campaign conversions on a broader range of platforms compared to ClickMagick.

This includes tracking ads on mobile apps, email, websites, push notifications, landing pages, and various other platforms.

Voluum custom conversions

It makes it more dynamic and versatile, tracking a wide range of ad campaigns.

Not only that, Voluum combines server-to-server with pixel-based to track conversions.

It makes it accurate in attribution since you can choose a method that meets your campaign goals.

Voluum also provides in-depth tutorials on setting the tracking methods.

ClickMagick also allows you to track campaign conversions on sales, websites, and landing pages, similar to Voluum.

Similar to Voluum, ClickMagick supports mobile apps and similar platform tracking.

ClickMagick creating tracking links

ClickMagick also combines pixel-based and server-to-server to track ad campaigns.

Application of both methods allows it to be accurate, and you can choose one that best suits your campaign goal.

✅ Winner: Tie

Audience and Traffic Source Analysis

Voluum allows you to target and segment your audience based on device, location, IP address, connection, and other custom-defined variables.

It gives it accuracy in tracking all the traffic interactions with the ad campaigns.

Not only that, you can create lookalikes or custom profiles through a Voluum built-in feature, which helps in scaling ad campaigns.

Voluum traffic automizer

Now, analyzing the traffic data is also simple on Voluum. you can view traffic volume from different sources like referrals, social media networks, and search engines.

Volumes also allow you to view and compare metrics like CPA, CPC, ROAS, traffic volume, and more.

Unlike ClickMagick, on Voluum, you can automate actions like bidding, pausing, or redirecting traffic based on ad campaign performance.

ClickMagick also allows you to track your traffic sources based on time, location, tags, location, keywords, and more.

Similar to Voluum, you can create lookalike audiences based on existing clientele.

ClickMagick UTM performance

However, ClickMagick doesn’t have a built-in lookalike creation feature.

Instead, the platform relies on ad networks like Google and Facebook Ads for persona profile creation, where you import the data to ClickMagick.

Analyzing campaign traffic data is straightforward in ClickMagick. Users can easily review the performance of traffic sources and compare data metrics like CPA, traffic volume, and source-specific conversions.

✅ Winner: Voluum

Attribution Modeling

Voluum combines UTMs and tracking links to track the customer touchpoints throughout the sales funnel without redirecting, unlike ClickMagick.

You can also track conversions and attribute them to the first touchpoint in the funnel for affiliate marketing.

Now, Voluum offers four models of attribution that you can choose from: First-click, linear, time decay, and last-click.

Unlike ClickMagick, you can also create a custom model on Voluum by adjusting the weight of the customer touchpoint in the funnel.

clickmagick attribution modeling

ClickMagick combines automation and split testing to test ad campaigns and redirect the audience to the ones with high conversions.

The platform also uses click rotators, one of its unique features, to distribute traffic to specific ad links.

In ClickMagick, you have the option to select from five attribution models: first-click, linear, last-click, position-based, and time decay.

However, unlike Voluum, users do not have the capability to create custom attribution models or adjust the weight of individual touchpoints in the conversion funnel.

✅ Winner: ClickMagick

A/B Testing

Voluum provides users with a broad range of features for a/b testing, such as AI traffic distribution, split testing, and more.

Not only that, Voluum allows you to test different variations of your copy, landing pages, or ads.

From there, you can allot rules of traffic distribution depending on the test results. The software also automates optimization through AI based on performance.

Voluum a/b testing

ClickMagick, on the other hand, offers more advanced a/b testing. You can create several rotators for campaign links and assign priority depending on test results.

Not only that, you can split-test, link cloak, and integrate other platforms for syncing testing data.

clickmagick split testing

In contrast to Voluum, ClickMagick offers the MagickPop feature, which allows users to create pop-ups on their websites and utilize it for copy testing purposes.

✅ Winner: Tie

Ad Fraud Detection

Users will find that Voluum provides an Anti-Fraud Kit that helps detect fraud traffic. The kit uses algo to find traffic trends engaging with your campaigns.

From there, it identifies irregular or non-genuine clicks engaging with the ad campaigns. 

Not only that, the feature generates a report on the overall traffic percentage that is real vs non-genuine.

The report is accurate, including the IP address, returning visit, bounce rate, location, and more.

ClickMagick also provides a fraud detection feature, “Automatic Bot Filter,” that scans through traffic interacting with your ad campaigns.

If it identifies fraud clicks, it blocks them, but the feature is less effective than the Voluum Anti-Fraud Kit. 

This feature operates through user agents coupled with IPS for detection, giving users the flexibility to configure settings based on parameters like the browser, domain, click gap, and more.

✅ Winner: Voluum

Real-Time Reporting and Dashboards

Voluum offers a granular reporting feature that provides real-time updates on campaigns, offering users access to a wealth of up to 30 data points for detailed insights.

Voluum also allows you to customize your reports by sorting, grouping, or filtering the data.

Not only that, you can get a granular breakdown of each metric.

voluum interface

In contrast to ClickMagick, Voluum offers a highly customizable dashboard that allows users to create their own layouts using widgets.

Additionally, users can leverage maps and charts to visualize data and have the flexibility to rearrange, resize, or even remove widgets as needed.

ClickMagick has a real-time reporting feature that allows users to get updates on their ad campaigns with up to 19 data points.

Similar to Voluum, users can customize their reports by sorting, filtering, and grouping data.

Not only that, you can also get a breakdown of particular metrics you choose, but not as detailed as Voluum’s.

clickmagick dashboard

The dashboard of ClickMagick is customizable but not like Voluum’s. However, you can choose a method of viewing the data through tables, charts, and more.

Exporting the data is also simple through Google Sheets.

✅ Winner: Voluum

Data Privacy and Security

Voluum explains how they collect and use customer data. The platform even states that upon termination of a user account, they delete the data within 30 days.

It makes Voluum compliant with GDPR and CCPA laws and even has a DPO that assesses data protection protocols to mitigate risk.

The software also allows you to create several accounts under one admin and to give access to different users.

Now, Voluum uses AWS for data storage, which makes it more reliable since AWS has servers worldwide, unlike GCP. 

You will also find Voluum encrypts data through SSL/TLS when in transit and AES-256 at rest.

Not only that, Voluum also offers free SSL certificates through “Let’s Encrypt” for custom domains.

ClickMagick also states how it collects and uses customer data. The platform also states that once a user terminates an account, the platform deletes data within 14 days.

It makes them comply with GDPR and CCPA guidelines. Now, unlike Voluum, ClickMagick allows users to create sub-accounts for the team heads, but with limitations on what they can access.

Not only that, you can create blacklist locations or even IP whitelists. You will find that ClickMagick uses GCP servers in the US for data storage, unlike Voluum’s AWS, which is worldwide.

You will also find that ClickMagick encrypts data through SSL/TLS when in transit and AES-256 at rest.

Finally, ClickMagick offers free SSL certificates through CloudFlare for custom domains.

✅ Winner: Tie

Customizable Metrics and KPIs

On Voluum, you have the ability to generate custom reports focused on your campaign metrics, including important data points such as ROI, clicks, visits, and more.

Not only that, you can filter the data by campaign, date, and traffic source and even group the data to have a holistic breakdown, whether in a chart or table.

Unlike ClickMagick, users can export their data as PDF or CSV.

Voluum tracking pixels

Voluum also lets you create unique tracking pixels for conversion objectives. Not only that, you  can use custom variables to pass info on product quantity, name, and more.

Users can use custom dashboards to monitor specific KPIs and even create alerts triggered when an event occurs.

ClickMagick also allows you to create customized reports on metrics like CPC, ROAS, and more.

Similar to Voluum, you can filter data on set criteria like rotator status, campaign, and more.

ClickMagick custom reporting

However, unlike Voluum, ClickMagick doesn’t allow users to create conditional statements like formulas.

Furthermore, when it comes to exporting data, ClickMagick primarily supports the use of CSV files, much like Voluum.

Both platforms also offer the use of postback URLs for tracking conversion objectives.

Monitoring ad performance KPIs on ClickMagick requires using the native features MagickPops and MagickBars.

Through the MagicBar, you can view revenue, clicks, and conversions at the top or bottom of the page.

Unlike Voluum, ClickMagick doesn’t allow using custom webhooks, but Zapier can come in handy in such a scenario.

✅ Winner: Voluum

User Experience and User Interface

You will find Voluum to have a modern interface highlighted in purple and white.

The buttons on the dashboard are clear and legible, making it easy to navigate and find any feature on the dashboard.

voluum dashboard

The platform is also fast, making it easy to manage and track ad campaigns using the native workflow.

Data access is also easy through the robust reporting feature, where users can customize the reports to their liking. Voluum has a mobile-friendly platform, giving users a mobile app for Android and iOS.

ClickMagick provides a classic interface highlighted in green and white colors. The buttons on the icons are functional and legible, making it easy to navigate the dashboard.

Not only that, but the platform is responsive, making it easy to manage and track links through the native workflow.

Accessing data is also easy through the reporting feature, where you can view the metrics of your campaign.

ClickMagick reporting dashboard

However, unlike Voluum, ClickMagick customization options are basic, whereas users can only tweak some specific elements.

You can only tweak links by labeling and tagging them with info. Not only that, ClickMagick is not mobile-friendly like Voluum because it lacks a dedicated mobile app.

✅ Winner: Voluum

Integrations and API Capabilities

You will find Voluum has a low integration level with HR and HRIS platforms. The only way to access such tools through Voluum is by using Zapier to link them through an API.

One thing to note is that integrating such tools through webhooks or an API comes with limitations in their functionality and an added cost.

voluum integrations

In contrast to ClickMagick, Voluum boasts a robust API that enables users to perform various actions such as creating, deleting, and updating data and reports.

Additionally, Voluum’s API supports integration with third-party systems that are compatible with RESTful APIs.

clickmagick integrations

ClickMagick integrates with HR and HRIS platforms like Checkr. However, if a specific platform isn’t native to ClickMagick, MDs can opt for Zapier to connect it.

Unlike Voluum, ClickMagick API is not flexible. MDs can only use the API to create, update, and retrieve funnels or links but not integrate other systems directly.

✅ Winner: ClickMagick

Supported Platforms

Voluum is a cloud-based platform accessible through any browser on OSs like Linux, macOS, or Windows.

The software also provides users with a dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

The app shares a similar interface to the web-based version and responds to screen touch.

You can view your campaign in real-time, even on the go. Not only that, it supports alerts or notifications whenever an event occurs.

ClickMagick is also a cloud-based software accessible through a web browser that runs on Windows, Linux, or macOS.

Similar to Voluum, ClickMagick has a mobile app for Android and iOS devices. You can view your campaign in real-time, even on the go.

Not only that, it supports alerts or notifications whenever an event occurs.

✅ Winner: Tie

Customer Support

You will find that Voluum offers email and live chat as the only contact options.

The support is decent, with the live chat having the fastest response times of 8-12 minutes, while email can take up to 30 minutes.

Voluum customer support

Users will also find an extensive knowledge base, blog, webinar and tutorials to learn the inner workings of the software.

The platform has a Facebook page with 300 followers and a YouTube channel as part of its community forum.

ClickMagick support is average, and customers can reach them by email or live chat.

Unlike Voluum, the response times for ClickMagick live chat can take 3-6 hours and email up to 24 hours.

clickmagick customer support

The platform also provides a knowledge base, FAQ section, and tutorials teaching the inner workings of the software.

ClickMagick community is vibrant, unlike Voluum, where the Facebook page has over 1.4K followers and the platform has a YouTube channel.

✅ Winner: Tie


Voluum provides businesses with three distinct pricing packages: Startup, Agency, and Enterprise.

An important distinction from ClickMagick is that users have the flexibility to choose between an annual or monthly subscription model when opting for Voluum’s services.

Choosing the annual subscription saves you 12% or $720. Now, users will find the pricing model of Voluum to have tiers, with the entry plan costing $599 monthly.

It is a pricey package compared to ClickMagick but offers more functionality and decent features.

ClickMagick offers three plans: Starter, Standard, and Pro. It’s important to note that ClickMagick exclusively offers monthly subscription options, in contrast to Voluum, which provides both monthly and annual subscription choices.

The pricing structure has tiers similar to Voluum, with the entry package costing $69 monthly.

It is a cheaper plan compared to Voluum’s, but it suits solopreneurs, and the features are basic.

✅ Winner: ClickMagick


You will find that the Voluum has a scalable pricing model. When you subscribe to a higher plan, you access more functionality.

However, unlike ClickMagick, the Voluum packages are pricey and may hinder startups with low budgets. 

ClickMagick also offers scalable pricing, where a user can subscribe to a higher plan to access more features.

The plans are affordable compared to Voluum, making it easy for small businesses to budget better depending on their goals.

✅ Winner: ClickMagick

Standout Features of Voluum

You will find that besides the common functionalities of attribution and ad-tracking Voluum provides, these two features make it outshine ClickMagick.

Traffic distribution AI

It is a feature that Voluum provides to help users assign traffic to high-performing ads and landing pages automatically.

You only have to create the traffic distribution rules like time or location, and the algo will do an analysis and adjust traffic flow for the best ROI.

Integrated DSP

It’s a feature users will find on Voluum that allows them to buy traffic like display ads, push notifications or even pop-ups.

Not only that, you can create and launch ad campaigns directly from the platform.

From there, leverage the AI to automate bidding or budgeting for the best ROI.

Standout Features of ClickMagick

With its pocket-friendly packages, there are some features that ClickMagick provides that Voluum lacks.

They include:

IP manager

It is a feature that allows MDs to redirect or block specific IP addresses from engaging with your ad campaigns.

It is handy when you want to shield your strategies from competitors or target specific countries like the U.S.

Magick pop-ups

It is a feature that users can use to add pop-ups to their landing page to promote offers or for lead generation.

From there, you can customize the pop-ups with timers or triggers.

Voluum vs. ClickMagick: SMB Guide’s Verdict

Our Voluum vs. ClickMagick comparison shows that both softwares are reliable and effective for running ad campaigns.

Each software offers features and pricing packages that suit different businesses.

However, overall, we find Voluum as the winner in this comparison and here is why.

Voluum focuses on link tracking, providing automation and advanced features that suit affiliates.

The software has a DSP that allows MDs to buy traffic, whether through push notifications or native ads directly.

Voluum also has traffic distribution AI that automatically helps users assign traffic to high-performing ads.

A combination of these features makes it stand out and be the winner in this duel.

ClickMagick is an excellent alternative to Voluum, especially for entrepreneurs on a budget and who need tracking any type of ad campaign.

The platform packs decent features, like link cloning, pop-up creator and funnel tracking, that help in enhancing ROI on ad campaigns.

However, the lack of a mobile app and lackluster customer support make it lose to Voluum.

Choose Voluum If:

You need a comprehensive ad tracker that specializes in link tracking and can handle several platforms of paid traffic with accuracy.

Get started with Voluum today!

Choose ClickMagick If:

You need an affordable ad tracking platform that works with any ad campaign type and offers a free trial of 14 days.

Start your 14-day free trial of ClickMagick!


Voluum is a cloud-based ad tracker that integrates with multiple ad platforms and connects all the elements of your campaigns together.

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