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7 Best Swyft Filings Alternatives & Competitors

Tired of Swyft Filings' lack of comprehensive services post-incorporation? Try these 7 best Swyft Filings alternatives offering hands-on support.

Best Overall
Best Pricing
Best for LLCs

ZenBusiness has all the tools you need in one place to start, run, and grow your own business.

Business formation for as little as $0 + state fee. No contracts. No hidden fees.

Kickstart your business in minutes with LegalZoom's business formation services.

Best Overall

ZenBusiness has all the tools you need in one place to start, run, and grow your own business.

Best Pricing

Business formation for as little as $0 + state fee. No contracts. No hidden fees.

Best for LLCs

Kickstart your business in minutes with LegalZoom's business formation services.

Does Swyft Filings‘ lack of registered agent service in its packages make it feel like a raw deal?

Try these 7 best Swyft Filings alternatives offering a free first-year RA service in their free plan. We have researched and ZenBusiness is our pick as the best alternative. 

It offers the best balance of comprehensive features and pricing. However, how do the other services compare?

Let’s find out.

1. ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness homepage

Best for: Solopreneurs looking to start and grow their venture by forming an LLC or Corporation.

Pricing: $0 – $349/year


$0 starter plan

1 year free registered agent

Fast filing

Expert customer service


Limited online features

EIN unavailable on starter pack

ZenBusiness is an online legal service that assists entrepreneurs in business incorporation in the US and continued compliance.


  • Accounting and Bookkeeping: Signing up with ZenBusiness allows a business to receive a free consultation with a certified CPA. The experts work to guide businesses in bookkeeping, tax obligations, and accounting for the first year.
  • Registered Agent: ZenBusiness offers registered agent services to businesses looking for compliance support in all 50 states. The RA helps with correspondence with the state and during business hours to receive or process services.
  • Business Website Builder: Businesses without an online presence can use ZenBusiness tools like a website builder and templates to create a custom website. The builder offers extensive customization options to help businesses tailor their site to match their brand.
  • Formation Services: Choose from LLC, S-Corp or C-Corp when incorporating your venture. The platform also offers post-incorporation services, like a registered agent, that are handy in running the business.

ZenBusiness Vs Swyft Filings

CriteriaZenBusinessSwyft Filings
Best ForEntrepreneurs and small businessEntrepreneurs, small business owners, and startups
Standout FeatureExpedited filingSeller’s permit (collect sales tax)
Pricing$0 – $349/yr$0 – $299


ZenBusiness suits SMBs looking for a formation platform with excellent post-incorporation services. Its selling points are free consultation with a CPA, free plan, and business funding.

Start your business with ZenBusiness today!

Get started with ZenBusiness

2. Bizee

bizee homepage

Best for: Businesses looking for hands-on support in formation, structuring and post-incorporation management.

Pricing: $0 – $299 + any state filing fees


100% free Formation

Free 1-year registered agent

Fast filing speeds

Free compliance reminders


Mediocre customer service

Limited online features

Formerly Incfile, Bizee a business formation service that helps startups with the filing and management of their entity legally.


  • Registered Agent: By partnering with Bizee, businesses gain access to a complimentary year-long registered agent service. After the first year, ongoing services cost $199 annually, which is affordable for SMEs.
  • Business Accounting and Bookkeeping: Bizee offers accounting and bookkeeping support tailored to your business through certified CPAs. The experts guide businesses on compliance and keeping the books up to date.
  • Trademark Registration: Businesses can use Bizee to register their patents with the USPTO. This simplified process helps companies to protect their brand from misuse. 
  • Foreign Qualification: A business must qualify as an entity in the chosen state whenever it wants to extend its venture to other states. The good thing is that Bizee can assist businesses in navigating the processes.

Bizee Vs Swyft Filings

CriteriaBizeeSwyft Filings
Best ForEntrepreneurs on a budgetEntrepreneurs, small business owners, and startups
Standout FeatureVirtual address and mailboxSeller’s permit (collect sales tax)
Pricing$0 – $299 + state fees$0 – $299


Bizee fits small businesses looking for hands-on support with the formation and management of their entity.

Its unique points include a free year-long RA, a virtual mailbox, and a free package.

Start your business today with Bizee

Get started with Bizee

3. LegalZoom

LegalZoom homepage

Best for: Businesses looking for legal assistance to incorporate their venture and stay compliant.

Pricing: $149 – $349


Services in all 50 states

Flat-rate fees

60-day money-back period

Incredible customer support


Expensive add-ons

Turnaround time depends on the states

LegalZoom is an online legal platform offering business formation and DIY services like attorney advice.


  • Digital Welcome Packet: Businesses get this package after forming an entity with LegalZoom. It is a checklist for companies to follow in their next management stages.
  • Business Formation: LegalZoom allows businesses to choose an entity that matches their venture, such as an LLC, Corporation, DBA, or non-profit. The service then guides the businesses from start to finish, including legal help in incorporation in all 50 states. 
  • Seller’s Permit: If you’re planning to engage in wholesale or retail sales, whether selling or leasing, and require the inclusion of sales tax, obtaining a seller permit is essential. LegalZoom can help you obtain the seller permit even if you have operations in various states.
  • Registered Agent: Businesses looking for support to stay compliant can request registered agent services priced at $249 annually. The service is handy in complying with services like filing annual tax reports.

LegalZoom Vs Swyft Filings

CriteriaLegalZoomSwyft Filings
Best ForEntrepreneurs and small business ownersEntrepreneurs, small business owners, and startups
Standout FeatureBusiness plan advisorySeller’s permit (collect sales tax)
Pricing$149 – $349$0 – $299


LegalZoom suits SMBs looking for legal support in filing and managing their entity in any US state. The legal document templates, attorney advice and personal services are its standout points.

Get started with LegalZoom today!

Get started with LegalZoom

4. Northwest Registered Agent

northwest registered agent homepage

Best suited for: Small businesses looking for hands-on support in forming and running an entity through a registered agent.

Pricing: $39 + state filing fees


Simple flat-rate pricing

DIY Options

Free templates

Additional services


Mailboxes not available in all states

Virtual offices not available in all states

Northwest Registered Agent is a registered agent service that helps businesses form and incorporate an entity through corporate guides.


  • Registered Agent: It is their main specialty, providing businesses with a broad range of services at $125 annually after the first year. Some services include free mail forwarding, free domain, website and privacy by default.
  • BOI Reporting: Northwest RA supports businesses in filing their annual BOI report, which is now mandatory. The service files the report fast and still keeps your business data private.
  • Business Website and Hosting: Branding is one of the critical factors in growing a business’s reach online. Northwest RA does it well by providing a ready-to-use website with a free domain for the first 90 days. Subsequently, businesses are charged a nominal monthly fee of just $9 for hosting services.
  • Trademark Service: Businesses can patent their trademark with USPTO using Northwest RA services. The service also provides an attorney to review the trademark and advise on the next steps.

Northwest Registered Agent Vs Swyft Filings

CriteriaNorthwest Registered AgentSwyft Filings
Best ForEntrepreneurs and SMBsEntrepreneurs, small business owners, and startups
Standout FeatureBusiness website and hostingSeller’s permit (collect sales tax)
Pricing$39 + state filing fees$0 – $299


Northwest Registered Agent fits startups looking for hands-on support with the formation and management of their entity.

Its selling points are its free first-year registered agent, business website, and hosting.

Start your business with Northwest Registered Agent

Get started with Northwest Registered Agent

5. Inc Authority

Inc Authority homepage

Best for: Solopreneurs looking for legal guidance on how to form and manage an LLC for free.

Pricing: $0 business formation + state filing fees


Free LLC and EIN

Free registered agent

5 star rating on TrustPilot

Live expert support


Pricing not listed on website

State filing fees vary

Inc Authority is an online business formation service helping with LLC incorporation and legal compliance.


  • LLC Formation: The service is free, and Inc Authority will file the paperwork with express processing availability. The only charges that you’ll incur are state fees.
  • Business Credit: Inc Authority states that signing up for the service can help businesses achieve an A+  rating on their creditworthiness within the first 3 months. It is a handy service for new businesses trying to secure funding.
  • Website and Marketing: After purchasing this add-on service, businesses meet a designer to help develop a custom website. The package includes generating SEO content, having dedicated marketing specialists, and more.
  • Registered Agent: Businesses access this service in the free package for the first year of incorporation. After the first year, the business must pay $199 annually for continued service.

Inc Authority Vs Swyft Filings

CriteriaInc AuthoritySwyft Filings
Best ForSolopreneurs and small businessesEntrepreneurs, small business owners, and startups
Standout FeatureFree formation servicesSeller’s permit (collect sales tax)
PricingFree + state filing fees$0 – $299


Inc Authority suits SMBs looking for support with the formation services only. Its free LLC incorporation service is its selling point.

Get started with Inc Authority

Get started with Inc Authority

6. Business Anywhere

business anywhere homepage

Best for: Businesses that need virtual support with entity management and maintaining compliance.

Pricing: $37-$497 + state filing fees


Offers multiple services

LLC or Corporation

Simple registration process

Virtual mailbox service


No free package

Limited address options

Business Anywhere is an online platform that provides businesses with services like formation, online notary, RA, and virtual mailbox.


  • Online Notary: If your business needs document notarization, you can purchase the add-on service priced at $37 per document. The process for notarization is simple, you only sign up and upload the documents.
  • Virtual Mailbox: Businesses get a physical address after signing up for virtual mailbox services. The services work by scanning all physical mail sent to the address and uploading them to the business account dashboard.  
  • Formation Services: Pick between an LLC or corporation when forming an entity in any US state with the help of Business Anywhere services. Expedited services cost extra depending on urgency, and state fees vary.
  • Registered Agent Service: Get access to a free RA service in the first year of signing up. However, after that, for continued services, there is an annual charge of $147.

Business Anywhere Vs Swyft Filings

CriteriaBusiness AnywhereSwyft Filings
Best ForSmall and mid-sized businessesEntrepreneurs, small business owners, and startups
Standout FeatureOnline notarySeller’s permit (collect sales tax)
Pricing$37-$497 + state filing fees$0 – $299


Business Anywhere suits small to mid-sized businesses looking for virtual support to form and manage their entity. The virtual mailbox and online notary are its unique points.

Start a business with Business Anywhere

Get started with Business Anywhere

7. Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands homepage

Best for: Small businesses looking for support with branding and management post-incorporation.

Pricing: $0-$249/year


Free plan available

Easy setup wizard

Logo creation

Additional services to support your business


2 week wait time on entry plan

Only works for LLCs

Tailor Brands is an online LLC formation service helping businesses manage and brand their entity.


  • Trademark Service: Businesses can use Tailor Brand services to patent their trademark with the USPTO. It helps protect the brand identity and associated products.
  • Logo Maker: It is Tailor Brands’ standout feature, which supports startups and small businesses with branding. The logo makers use AI to create a unique design for a specific brand.
  • Registered Agent: Businesses can request this service to stay compliant and avoid penalties for late tax filing. The service includes mail scanning and forwarding, tax report reminders, business addresses, and more. 
  • EIN Registration: Tailor Brands assists new businesses in EIN registration for several business activities. Some include applying for licenses, opening bank accounts, and more.

Tailor Brands Vs Swyft Filings

CriteriaTailor BrandsSwyft Filings
Best ForSmall and mid-sized businessesSmall businesses and solopreneurs
Standout FeatureOnline notaryLogo maker
Pricing$37-$497 + state filing fees$0-$249/year


Tailor Brands fits small businesses that struggle with branding after incorporation. Its unique selling points include logo maker, trademark service, and business insurance.

Launch your business with Tailor Brands

Get started with Tailor Brands

Which Tailor Brands alternative should I use?

Consider Swyft Filings if you want a low-cost service to help you with initial formation services. However, we recommend these 7 best Swyft Filings alternatives for hands-on post-incorporation support services.

We have tested them and they offer an excellent blend of simple and advanced platforms suited to different entities.

So, pick a service that matches your needs and budget.

Recap of Tailor Brands alternatives:

  1. ZenBusiness
  2. Bizee
  3. LegalZoom
  4. Northwest Registered Agent
  5. Business Anywhere
  6. Inc Authority
  7. Tailor Brands

ZenBusiness has all the tools you need in one place to start, run, and grow your own business.

Start an LLC
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