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7 Best Setmore Alternatives & Competitors

Setmore is a free appointment scheduling software. I've researched the top 7 best Setmore alternatives and competitors if you're looking for an alternative.

Best Overall
Best for Solopreneurs
Best for Payments
4.2 is an online booking system that is easy to use, and flexible enough to fit your business or organization like a glove.

Flexible scheduling software designed to help you grow — because booking time should never get in the way of success.

Square Appointments is an all-in-one solution for booking and scheduling appointments, sending reminders, and accepting payments.

Best Overall
4.8 is an online booking system that is easy to use, and flexible enough to fit your business or organization like a glove.

Best for Solopreneurs

Flexible scheduling software designed to help you grow — because booking time should never get in the way of success.

Best for Payments

Square Appointments is an all-in-one solution for booking and scheduling appointments, sending reminders, and accepting payments.

Setmore is a free appointment scheduling software that you can use to manage client appointments, your services, and even staff.

However, it lacks flexibility in a few areas. You’re limited in customization options and it’s difficult to book appointments outside of the business hours you set.

If you want a tool without these downsides, you’ll need to look into Setmore alternatives.

Here are some of the best we’ve found.

1. homepage

Best for: is a good choice for small to large service-based businesses.

Pricing: Free – $99.9/mo


Free forever plan

Accept payments

50+ integrations

User-friendly interface


Limited bookings

Poor API support is an appointment scheduling software meant to help entrepreneurs simplify the booking process.

It also provides more than 60 other features that you can add to your plan – such as HIPAA compliance, loyalty program systems, custom domain names, and more.


  • Custom packages depending on your organization’s needs
  • Membership custom feature
  • Intake forms
  • 60+ customizable features Vs Setmore

Best ForService-based businesses of all sizesSmall to medium-sized businesses
Standout FeatureCustomizable packagesCallback URL
PricingFree – $99.9/moFree – $12/user/mo


If you’re looking for a plan that’s extremely customizable where you can pick and choose the features you need, is for you.

It offers more advanced features than Setmore, including membership management, classes, and intake forms. is also the more scalable choice for medium to large businesses.

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2. Acuity Scheduling

acuity scheduling homepage

Best for: Acuity Scheduling is best for service providers and medical professionals who need a hassle-free way to schedule appointments in advance.

Pricing: $20/mo – $61/mo


7-day free trial

Seamless booking experience

Powerful integrations

Squarespace website integration


No phone support

Non-intuitive UI with loading issues

Acuity Scheduling is an online solution for automating client scheduling, charging for appointments, and even invoicing and accepting customer payments.

In addition, it offers HIPAA compliance on its most expensive plan.

Acuity Scheduling is owned by Squarespace, so the software integrates seamlessly with Squarespace websites.


  • Client self-scheduling
  • Payment processor integrations
  • Client management database
  • HIPAA compliance

Acuity Scheduling Vs Setmore

CriteriaAcuity SchedulingSetmore
Best ForService providers and medical professionalsSmall to medium-sized businesses
Standout FeatureHIPAA complianceCallback URL
Pricing$20/mo – $61/moFree – $12/user/mo


Acuity Scheduling is pricier than Setmore, but that’s because it’s more feature-reach. It’s the better choice if you’re a medical professional who needs HIPAA compliance, as this isn’t something Setmore offers.

With its built-in Squarespace integration, it also makes sense for business owners with a Squarespace website.

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3. Square Appointments

square appointments homepage

Best for: Square Appointments is ideal for small businesses and individuals providing in-person services, such as spas, fitness studios, hair stylists, and more.

Pricing: Free – $69/mo


Free for individuals

All-in-one point of sale

Lots of integrations

Flexible cancellation policy


Limited customization options

Calendar sync only on paid plans

Square Appointments is a scheduling solution that’s integrated directly with Square’s POS (point of sale) offerings. With it, clients will be able to book appointments with you through your website, Google, and Instagram.

It also allows service providers to set cancelation policies and accept payment for services ahead of time – reducing the amount of no-show appointments they don’t get compensated for.


  • Free marketplace app for marketing
  • Cancelation and no-show policies
  • POS, bookings, payments, and staff management
  • Scalability as your business grows

Square Appointments Vs Setmore

CriteriaSquare AppointmentsSetmore
Best ForService-based businesses and individual providersSmall to medium-sized businesses
Standout FeatureAssign single appointments to multiple servicesCallback URL
PricingFree – $69/moFree – $12/user/mo


If you’re a business owner who’s already using Square for customer payments, it makes sense to use their appointment software, as well.

Square Appointments is already integrated with Square’s POS offering, so it’ll be more convenient to set up and use than Setmore.

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4. Calendly

calendly homepage

Best for: Calendly is ideal for everyone from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies looking for an easy-to-use scheduling tool.

Pricing: Free – $20/mo (per seat)


Free forever plan

iOS & Android apps

100+ integrations

Easy to build workflows


Too many features

Expensive for larger teams

You’ve probably already heard of Calendly. It’s one of the most widely known scheduling tools out there, and for good reason – its clean and user-friendly interface makes it easy to use for just about anyone.

You can use it to book a variety of different meeting types and send automated reminders to reduce meeting no-shows.


  • Four different meeting types
  • Customizable booking and event pages
  • Automated text and email reminders
  • User-friendly interface

Calendly Vs Setmore

Best ForSmall to enterprise businessesSmall to medium-sized businesses
Standout FeatureIntuitive interface and easy to build workflowsCallback URL
PricingFree – $20/mo (per seat)Free – $12/user/mo


Calendly is a better fit for large companies than Setmore. It offers more features, and in my opinion, is easier to use. Plus, there’s more room for customization with Calendly.

It’s the better choice overall for businesses who want to present a cohesive brand as clients self-schedule. It’s also better for scaling with you as you grow.

5. Picktime

picktime homepage

Best for: Picktime is best for professionals and entrepreneurs looking for an efficient, straightforward appointment scheduler.

Pricing: Free – $4/user/mo


Free forever plan

30+ integrations

24×7 bookings

Mobile apps


Limited customizations

Lack of customer support

Picktime is a tool that helps business owners arrange appointments and handle bookings. Its free plan is packed with features, so it’s excellent for entrepreneurs who may not have much cash to invest yet.

In addition to individual appointment scheduling, it includes staff scheduling, workforce optimization, and multiple location features.


  • Unlimited appointments
  • Multiple locations
  • Accept payments via PayPal
  • Staff scheduling

Picktime Vs Setmore

Best ForProfessionals looking for a straightforward schedulerSmall to medium-sized businesses
Standout FeatureWorkforce optimization and staff schedulingCallback URL
PricingFree – $4/user/moFree – $12/user/mo


The biggest difference between Picktime and Setmore is that Picktime is set up to support multiple locations.

If you have more than one physical location and book in-person meetings with customers, Picktime makes it easy for you to differentiate between locations.

Picktime also has a very generous free plan, so it’s great if you’re a new entrepreneur looking for a budget-friendly solution.

6. Appointy

Appointy homepage

Best for: Appointy is ideal for professionals and small teams in just about any industry.

Pricing: Free – $99.99/mo


Free forever plan

iOS & Android apps

Integrates with Square & Zapier

Flexible time slot intervals


Limited marketing options

Interface could be improved

Appointy is a scheduling software that helps teams cut administrative time and increase staff productivity, reduce meeting no-shows, and attract and retain customers.

It’s suitable for almost any industry, including health and wellness, education, medicine, and even government.


  • Booking management
  • Group scheduling
  • Customer history
  • Resource management

Appointy Vs Setmore

Best ForProfessionals and small teamsSmall to medium-sized businesses
Standout FeatureBuilt-in CRMCallback URL
PricingFree – $99.99/moFree – $12/user/mo


Appointy stands out from Setmore in several ways: specifically, its resource management, customer history, and built-in CRM features.

It also seems to be applicable to a wider range of industries than Setmore. For example, on their website, they boast about being suitable even for medical and government use.

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youcanbookme homepage

Best for: is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses who need a simple scheduling solution.

Pricing: Free – $12/mo


Free forever plan

Customizable booking page

100+ integrations

Good customer support


No mobile apps

Limited reporting and analytics features is a cloud-based appointment scheduling tool. It allows you to set up customized booking pages so clients can self-schedule appointments.

You can also use it to send automated reminders and notifications and collect payments. And if you need additional features, it integrates with over 100 third-party applications, so you’re almost guaranteed to find one that meets your needs.


  • Ability to connect multiple calendars
  • Up to 200 booking pages
  • Unlimited bookings
  • Variable availability tailored to each day Vs Setmore

Best ForSmall to medium-sized businessesSmall to medium-sized businesses
Standout FeatureBooking flexibilityCallback URL
PricingFree – $12/moFree – $12/user/mo

Conclusion allows you to set different availability each day, so you can tailor your schedule and accept bookings based on your changing needs.

This solves one of Setmore’s biggest pain points since you can only accept appointments during your set business hours with it.

Which Setmore alternative should I use?

While Setmore offers a generous free plan that allows up to four users, it’s not a great choice if you want a lot of customization options or frequently book meetings outside of your typical business hours.

If those are deal breakers for you, one of these Setmore alternatives may be a better fit for you.

Here’s a quick recap of our top picks for Setmore alternatives:

  2. Acuity Scheduling
  3. Square Appointments
  4. Calendly
  5. Picktime
  6. Appointy
  7. is an online booking system that is easy to use, yet customizable and flexible enough to fit your business or organization like a glove.

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