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Explore Dashlane’s capabilities, from robust security features to areas needing improvement, in this comprehensive Dashlane review.

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Dashlane Dashlane
Software Type: Password manager
Best For: Small to large businesses who are looking for password management and advanced security features.
Pricing: $4.99/mo - $8/mo
  • Offers free trial
  • Ease to use apps
  • Extensive set of features
  • Includes VPN and phishing monitors
  • Very restrictive free plan
  • Few users encounter frequent bugs

Dashlane is the leading password management system, with a combination of solid security features and user-friendly design.

Dashlane protects your digital identities from possible breaches with multi-factor authentication and one-time passwords, putting security first without sacrificing convenience. 

While a little more expensive than some rivals, its sophisticated features make it an excellent choice for individuals wanting top-tier security.

Dashlane’s elegant design and seamless interfaces make password management simple. 

This comprehensive review will walk you through the subtleties of Dashlane’s features, price, and alternatives, allowing you to confidently maximize your online security approach.

SMB Guide’s Verdict for Dashlane

Based on our analysis, I’m giving Dashlane an overall score of 8.4 out of 10.

Dashlane is a complete password management system that improves online security and simplifies password management for people and companies.

Dashlane assures that customers can easily take control of their digital identities by providing powerful security standards, a user-friendly interface, and unique capabilities such as dark web surveillance and a built-in VPN. 

Dashlane’s simple setup procedure and multiple price options make it accessible to customers of all demands and budgets. Dashlane’s complete password management features provide ease and peace of mind today.

FactorRating (out of 10)
Pricing & Plans7
Multi-factor Security & Authentication9
One-time Passwords9
Password Capture & Generation8
Password Sharing9
User Interface and User Experience8
Integrations and Compatibility8
Customer Support9
SMB Guide Rating8.4

In this Dashlane review, I’ve followed SMB Guide’s detailed criteria for evaluating password managers.

Pricing & Plans

Dashlane offers a comprehensive four-tiered pricing for individuals and companies. People can choose from the desired tier based on their requirements and the features offered.

Dashlane pricing

Dashlane also provides a 30-day free trial where businesses can try out the paid features for free before deciding on the plans.


The Free plan offers all the basic features of a password and security managing software.


  • Free


  • Upto 25 passwords management
  • Password generator and password history
  • Upto 1GB storage space
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Form/payment auto fill
  • Secure notes

Who it’s for:

  • Individuals who want to test out Dashlane first
  • Individuals on a budget with limited password needs


Offers individual protection plus VPN


  • $4.99 per month (billed annually)


Features from the Free plan plus:

  • Unlimited devices
  • Unlimited passwords and passkeys
  • Secure sharing
  • Dark Web monitoring
  • VPN for WiFi protection
  • Real-time phishing alerts

Who it’s for: Individuals and small businesses who want to start with password managers and looking for a secured VPN.

Friends & Family

The Friends & Family plan provides account sharing capabilities with up to 10 accounts in a single subscription.


  • $7.49 per month per year (billed annually)


  • All Features from Premium plan 
  • VPN accessible only for Admin users 

Who it’s for: Friends and family members


The Business plan provides advanced protection that businesses and organizations look for.


  • $8 per seat per month (billed annually)


  • Unlimited seats
  • Unlimited group and collection sharing 
  • SSO integrations
  • Activity logs and advanced policies
  • Free Friends and Family plan for all the business users
  • Phone support on-demand

Who it’s for: Small to medium-sized businesses


Provided the full suite of support from Dashlane 


  • Custom pricing


All the features from Premium, plus:

  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • Onboarding customer support specialists
  • Onboarding technical engineers
  • Priority support

Who it’s for: Medium to large businesses

Multi-factor Security & Authentication

Dashlane offers a varied range of multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions to improve the security of users’ password vaults.

From SMS and Email to authenticator apps like Google Authenticator and Authy, Dashlane provides a broad array of MFA options, and even physical security keys like the YubiKey.

Configuring MFA in Dashlane is a simple procedure, allowing users to simply improve the resistance of their accounts against future phishing assaults. However, the lack of support for hardware tokens may deter certain users who desire ultimate security.

Dashlane multi-factor authentication

When MFA is enabled, Dashlane invites users to provide a one-time code from their selected authentication mechanism or insert their hardware key during login attempts, providing an additional layer of security beyond the master password.

This proactive strategy strengthens Dashlane users’ security posture, protecting their digital identities from illegal access. 

Furthermore, the inclusion of biometric identification methods on mobile devices, such as fingerprint or face recognition, improves both security and usability, guaranteeing a strong defense against possible attacks.

Dashlane’s MFA approaches are not only successful in preventing phishing attempts, but they also provide a smooth user experience.

Each solution caters to varied tastes and security requirements, with hardware tokens offering the greatest protection against sophisticated cyber attacks. 

Despite the lack of hardware token support, Dashlane remains a strong option for both people and organizations, providing a balance of security, ease, and accessibility in password management.

One-time Passwords

Dashlane’s built-in OTP generator makes it easier to generate one-time passwords (OTPs), while still providing security through powerful encryption and customizable expiration durations.

Dashlane one-time passwords

This functionality works smoothly with websites and applications that offer two-factor authentication (2FA) using time-based OTPs (TOTP), ensuring secure access across platforms.

Generating OTPs in Dashlane is simple; users can quickly visit the OTP generator within the password vault, copy the code, and enter it on the desired site or app.

Even in the case of a stolen master password, Dashlane preserves OTP secrecy, protecting accounts from possible intrusions.

Dashlane’s OTP generator is a great resource for people navigating the difficulties of internet security. Its user-friendly interface and automated detection of OTP requests simplify the authentication procedure, reducing the possibility of mistakes or oversights. 

Each OTP is protected with the same degree of encryption as the rest of the password vault, ensuring complete secrecy. Furthermore, Dashlane-generated OTPs have customizable expiry durations, which commonly range from 30 to 60 seconds, strengthening the security posture of user accounts. 

In essence, Dashlane provides users with a simple and safe way to generate and utilize one-time passwords across several internet platforms.

Dashlane’s OTP function improves overall security while providing a comfortable user experience for managing online credentials by combining powerful encryption, customizable expiration durations, and seamless integration.

Password Capture and Generation

Dashlane stands out for its ability to effortlessly take current passwords from web browsers while also creating strong, randomized passwords for further protection.

This dual capability improves password management by automatically recognizing and preserving login credentials while users surf the web, removing the need for human input.

Dashlane password generator

Furthermore, Dashlane’s password generator gives users a high level of customization, enabling them to input criteria such as length and character kinds (e.g., uppercase, lowercase, digits, symbols) to adapt passwords to their security needs.

This guarantees that generated passwords are both strong and unique, satisfying the demanding security standards of many websites and apps. 

Dashlane improves users’ digital identity security by excelling at both password capture and creation. The automated password capture function relieves the effort of remembering and entering passwords, enhancing ease while maintaining security.

Meanwhile, the password generator’s adjustable features allow users to generate complicated and unique passwords, reducing the dangers of password reuse and improving overall account security. 

Dashlane’s dedication to creating extremely random and secure passwords is bolstered by its password health score function, which helps users find and replace weak or compromised passwords with better ones.

Dashlane’s strength resides in its seamless password collection from web browsers and strong password creation capabilities.

Dashlane simplifies password management by automating password capture and generating customized passwords, while also guaranteeing that each account is protected by strong and unique credentials.

Password Sharing

Dashlane’s password sharing feature gives users exact control over access rights, allowing them to specify read-only or full editing access when exchanging credentials.

Furthermore, users may define expiration dates for shared passwords, which adds another degree of protection. Dashlane uses end-to-end encryption during transmission and storage to protect critical information from potential attacks.

Dashlane password sharing

Furthermore, Dashlane’s audit trails and activity logs allow users to monitor and trace password sharing actions, encouraging openness and accountability within teams or among trusted individuals.

Dashlane’s sophisticated password sharing capabilities enable users to safely collaborate on shared accounts while keeping control over who has access and what degree of access they have.

Dashlane provides flexible sharing rights to meet the needs of families, small businesses, and teams alike. 

The platform’s encryption methods and audit trails give peace of mind by guaranteeing that shared credentials are safely transferred and saved, while also providing clear insight into sharing actions for oversight and accountability.

Dashlane promotes efficient and safe password sharing practices by putting security and usability first, lowering the danger of unwanted access or misuse.

User Interface and User Experience

Dashlane’s user interface promotes usability, with an easy design that appeals to both new and experienced users. The left-hand vertical toolbar provides quick access to multiple portions of the password vault, allowing for easy navigation to logins, secure notes, and payment information.

Dashlane interface

Users get a coherent and polished interface across web-based dashboards and browser extensions, with features clearly organized and labeled. While customization possibilities may be restricted when compared to rivals, users may still personalize the interface by adjusting the style and layout to their tastes. 

Dashlane’s interface is designed for accessibility, with consistency and visual appeal across all devices and platforms, delivering a smooth user experience.

The structured interface, together with the vertical toolbar, allows for quick access to key functionality within the password manager. Users may simply manage their credentials by viewing, amending, or sharing them, since they are displayed in a simple and tile-based fashion inside the primary workspace. 

Furthermore, Dashlane has extensive customization options, allowing users to personalize the interface to their preferences by modifying themes, font sizes, and element placement within the dashboard. 

Although Dashlane’s customization options may not be as extensive as those of other competitors, its user-friendly interface remains very adequate, providing a frictionless experience for password management and sensitive information. 

Dashlane’s straightforward design and ordered layouts provide ease of navigation and job execution, regardless of user experience. With the option to personalize the UI to some level, users may still adjust Dashlane to their tastes, adding to a pleasant overall user experience.

Integrations and Compatibility

Dashlane is compatible with major operating systems and browsers, including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android, enabling accessibility across several platforms.

Browser extensions for Chrome and Chromium-based browsers, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Opera provide users with seamless integration into their surfing habits.

Dashlane compatibility

While Dashlane’s native connections cover a wide range of apps and services, the lack of APIs for custom integrations may provide challenges for consumers looking for personalized solutions.

This comprehensive compatibility broadens Dashlane’s utility beyond password management, allowing users to effortlessly integrate it into their existing processes.

Dashlane guarantees a uniform experience across platforms, whether you’re accessing passwords on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. 

Furthermore, its compatibility with third-party apps and services, such as email clients and cloud storage providers, boosts productivity by centralizing password management in familiar settings. 

Despite its versatility, the absence of APIs for bespoke integrations may limit Dashlane’s adaptability for customers with specialized needs. While native connectors cover common apps and services, users may struggle to integrate Dashlane effortlessly into proprietary systems or processes.

However, for most users, Dashlane’s comprehensive compatibility and native connections provide a solid option for seamless password management across devices and platforms.

Customer Support

Dashlane’s customer assistance is mostly focused on self-help tools such as a comprehensive knowledge base, FAQs, and videos. While email and live chat alternatives are provided, they are only accessible during business hours, which may cause problems for customers in other time zones.

Despite this constraint, the support service is renowned for its promptness and ability. However, the lack of phone support may hinder those who want more direct assistance.

Although Dashlane provides a range of support channels, such as email, live chat, and a comprehensive knowledge base, its availability during business hours may limit accessibility for customers in other time zones.

Nonetheless, the support crew is recognized for providing timely and skilled assistance, and the well-organized knowledge base is a useful self-service resource. While phone help is limited, Dashlane compensates by providing responsive and informed customer service through other methods, ensuring that consumers obtain sufficient assistance when needed.

Dashlane — Unique Features

Dashlane sets itself apart from other similar password manager applications by offering some unique features like the following.

Dashlane VPN

Dashlane distinguishes itself from other password managers by including a built-in VPN service, which is not typical in similar softwares.

Dashlane VPN

This VPN integration enhances customers’ security and privacy by encrypting their internet connection, especially when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks.

Dashlane’s VPN allows users to browse the web anonymously and securely, lowering the danger of illegal access to their online activity and personal information.

Dark web monitoring

Dashlane’s Dark Web Monitoring function distinguishes it by actively searching the dark web for signs of a user’s personal data being hacked.

Dashlane dark web monitoring

This proactive approach to security enables consumers to keep informed about potential breaches and respond quickly to reduce threats.

Dashlane monitors the dark web to assist users in identifying and addressing security flaws before they escalate, improving overall safety of sensitive information and minimizing the possibility of identity theft or fraud.

This function gives consumers peace of mind, knowing that Dashlane is always trying to protect their digital identities and sensitive information.

What the Experts Say About Dashlane

Dashlane has received rave ratings and reviews across the board. Customers are impressed by the software, which has received a 4.5/5 rating from Trustpilot based on 5,856 reviews and from G2 based on 325 reviews respectively.

I have used Dashlane for Teams for 2 years. Dashlane has allowed me to share client information and passwords with my remote team in a way that is easy and simple to do. I definitely recommend it whether you are an individual or a team.

Patrina P., Small Business – Verified G2 review

This is the first password manager I have used (other than Google). I feel so much more secure knowing my staff aren’t saving passwords in spreadsheets. I also like the password health score, I was able to incentivize my staff to increase their score and most are now over 90%! We receive a discounted subscription through Tech Soup which is great.

Carrie E., Small Business – Verified G2 review

Dashlane Alternatives

While Dashlane is an excellent password manager, there are other alternatives available that may better meet the needs of specific people or businesses.

Here are a few noteworthy Dashlane options to consider.

Primary Rating:
Primary Rating:
Primary Rating:
Free - $7/mo
$2.99/mo - $7.99/mo
Free - $6/mo
Primary Rating:
Free - $7/mo
Primary Rating:
$2.99/mo - $7.99/mo
Primary Rating:
Free - $6/mo


LastPass homepage

LastPass is an appealing alternative to Dashlane, providing similar functionality at a competitive starting price. With a free plan that includes extensive functionality, LastPass caters to budget-conscious consumers looking for economy without sacrificing security.

Its user-friendly design and smooth cross-platform interoperability, which includes browser extensions and mobile apps for iOS and Android, making it an excellent choice for people and small organizations who value usability and accessibility. 

LastPass’s ability to provide comprehensive password management solutions at a cheaper cost reinforces its position as a viable alternative for people wishing to improve their online security without breaking the bank.

However, please be aware of the security concerns surrounding LastPass following the incidents in.

Get started with LastPass for free


1Password homepage

1Password distinguishes itself as a premium password manager known for its strong security features and easy integration across several platforms, making it an appealing option for security-conscious consumers.

Despite being somewhat more expensive than Dashlane, 1Password has comprehensive features designed to protect digital identities. Notable features such as Travel Mode and Watchtower demonstrate the company’s dedication to fixing security problems and protecting user data.

With a user-friendly design and comprehensive integration options, such as support for hardware security keys, secure document storage, and sharing features, 1Password offers a seamless experience for both people and families, catering to a wide range of user requirements. 

Furthermore, its robust encryption mechanisms and commitment to user privacy provide peace of mind for individuals who value data security and secrecy.

Give 1Password a try for free today!


Bitwarden homepage

Bitwarden stands out as a compelling free and open-source alternative to Dashlane, delivering identical functionality with possible premium upgrades, making it an excellent choice for those who value transparency and customization in their password management solution.

Bitwarden, an open-source password manager, offers higher levels of protection and customization at a lesser cost than many commercial solutions.

Its free subscription offers unlimited password storage and cross-platform compatibility, making it ideal for budget-conscious consumers looking for complete password management options. 

While Bitwarden lacks the sophistication of Dashlane or 1Password, it makes up for it with strong security features and community-driven development, making it desirable to users who value transparency and community engagement.

Getting Started with Dashlane

If you’re considering a safe password management solution, Dashlane should be your top pick. The software stands out for its strong security measures, user-friendly UI, and innovative features such as dark web surveillance and a built-in VPN. 

Sign up today for easy password management and unsurpassed convenience. Interested?


What is Dashlane?

Dashlane is a password management tool that allows users to securely store and manage passwords for many internet accounts.

It includes password creation, autofill for login forms, safe storage for sensitive information like credit card numbers and personal notes, and the option to sync data between devices.

Does Dashlane offer a free plan?

Yes, Dashlane offers a free plan with limited capabilities like storage for up to 25 passwords, 1GB of file storage, secure autofill, and 2FA.

What is the best alternative for Dashlane?

The best alternative to Dashlane is LastPass. It offers comprehensive password management and security features similar to Dashlane but is more affordable with a free plan available.


LastPass manages your passwords and online life, so you don’t have to.

Get LastPass free
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Dashlane is the secure way for businesses and individuals to protect passwords, manage credentials, prevent breaches, and safeguard sensitive information.

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