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Tired of basic chatbots that lack automation and NLP capability? Learn how a chatbot powered by AI can streamline your support service in this Ada review.

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Ada Ada
Software Type: Customer service platform
Best For: Teams looking for a code-free chatbot that automates customer support at scale.
Pricing: Request a quote
  • Powered by AI
  • Built for CX teams
  • Supports 50+ languages
  • Drag and drop chatbot builder
  • Requires custom quote
  • No mobile apps

A powerful AI that responds to inquiries fast while routing complex queries to agents is Ada’s stand-out feature. It also has a stellar integration stack with platforms like Zendesk for ticketing.

However, customization limitations and reporting will leave you wanting more. Let’s look at what makes it unique in this Ada review.

SMB Guide’s Verdict for Ada

Ada scores an 8.8 out of 10 from our thorough evaluation, and here is why:

Ada combines NLP with AI to offer an enhanced customer experience on the live chat. The software is dynamic, and it learns from the conversation data and input.

Ada also supports over 50+ languages, integrating with various systems like Zendesk, Facebook, and more. However, Ada could improve on escalation to a human agent and provide creative responses through templates.

The good thing is that the platform features offer stellar functionality. That’s why we give it that rating.

At SMB Guide, we use a wide set of evaluation criteria when reviewing live chat software. For more information, here is a table with a breakdown of the factors we considered in this Ada review.

FactorRating (out of 10)
Pricing & Plans8
Real-Time Messaging & Canned responses9
Live Chat AI & Natural Language Processing (NLP)9
Customizable Chat Widgets9
Visitor Tracking and Analytics8.5
User Interface and User Experience9.5
Integrations and Compatibility9
Customer Support9
SMB Guide Rating8.8

Pricing & Plans

Ada offers 2 pricing plans that are outcome-based depending on your business goals. Ada also provides a demo to users to see how the platform works.

However, subscribing to a plan requires sending a custom quote to the service. Ada also lacks a free plan or trial.

Here are the plans:


It uses generative AI to respond to customer inquiries and doesn’t need training in the chatbot.


  • Custom


  • Knowledge hub
  • Advance branding
  • Bot persona
  • 50+ languages
  • Bot KPIs
  • Automated resolution management
  • Tagging
  • Smart routing

Who it’s for: Teams looking for a chatbot that connects to the knowledge base and uses generative AI for support.


A more advanced plan giving access to premium features not in the Generative plan.


  • Custom


  • NLP understanding
  • A/B testing
  • Training insights
  • Version history tracking
  • SSO
  • Conversation  topics
  • Events and goals
  • Predictive suggestions

Who it’s for: Teams looking for a chatbot that uses NLP and has a drag-and-drop builder.

Real-Time Messaging & Canned Responses

Ada’s real-time messaging feature supports communicating with customers on social networks and websites. The feature uses an AI that understands context, the intent of queries, and natural language for relevant responses.

Ada real-time messaging

Through the real-time feature, a user can preview the customer’s message before they send it. The feature allows customers to use GIFs and emojis or add videos and images for interactive engagement.

If the customer inquiry is complex, the chatbot automatically routes the chat to an agent.

Ada also allows users to create and use canned messages in live chat conversations. The feature offers customization options that a user can use to personalize the interaction. 

A user can use variables like ticket ID and client name in the message to give it a human touch. Users can use conditional logic to tweak the responses depending on client data or input.

Live Chat AI & NLP

Ada has a live chat AI that teams can use to create and launch chatbots on messaging apps and websites. The live chat AI is versatile, where it can learn from the chats and improve with time. 

Teams will find the live chat AI uses NLU to analyze a client’s sentiment and find an ideal response. If your goal is to improve brand voice, the live chat uses NLG to create engaging replies.

Ada also offers NLP in its live chat that allows the creation and use of custom chatbots. For example, users can create a chatbot with slang recognition or recognize grammar errors.

It can then handle various methods of expression with the same intent. An agent can also use contexts and follow-ups to create a chatbot that can handle complex chats.

The best part is that a user can create a chatbot that uses multi-lingual support.

Customizable Chat Widgets

The appearance and functionality of the chat button, live agent avatar, and window are some customizable aspects available on Ada.

In the chat button and window, a user can change some aspects of the widget.

Ada bot customization

For example, they can tweak the position, color, size, or reply format as a carousel or stacked. Agents can also add the brand logo in the window.

A user can also turn the pre-chat form on or off. It is a handy form that agents can use to collect customer data even before the chat begins.

Ada pre-chat forms are customizable, allowing users to tweak the labels, validation messages, and fields.

Visitor Tracking and Analytics

Ada integrates visitor tracking and analytics features in its dashboard. It allows users to have an overview of the chats and traffic.

The tracking feature is dynamic, allowing the filtering of visitors by status, such as idle, offline, or online. An agent can also see the name, device, referral source, and browser visitors are using.

The feature also displays chat history, visitor attributes, and satisfaction scores. The best part is that a user can view the pages a visitor visited, actions performed, and time spent.

With analytics, Ada displays the metrics on the dashboard, such as usage, resolution, conversion, and satisfaction. An agent can filter the analytics data by bot, language, or date. 

The comprehensive analytics feature provides data like unique visitors and the number of chats. Users can also view the resolved or abandoned chats.

Lastly, the feature displays the chats’ average rating, sentiment, and overall satisfaction.

User Interface and User Experience

The interface on Ada is modern, with a dark theme. The dashboard is simple, and you’ll find four sections with quick links to settings, chat flows, support, and analytics.

Ada interface

Ada focuses on offering a chatbot that automates most processes, like handling complex inquiries. The software also makes it easy to integrate third-party apps to smoothen customer experience.

Customization on Ada has limitations, where you can only personalize chat widgets and pre-chat forms. A user can also use a variable to tweak responses based on input.

Onboarding on Ada is simple, where an agent can include a welcome message or a guided tour. The platform also provides tutorials and documentation that help in the onboarding process.

Integrations and Compatibility

Ada integrates with CRMs, support, analytics, and marketing tools like Zendesk, HubSpot, and more. However, one thing to consider is that Ada relies on its API for integration.

It gives users the freedom to create custom integrations with systems with APIs.

Ada integrations

With compatibility, Ada supports various systems, devices, and browsers. However, it relies on an embed script. To use it, an agent can copy the script and paste it to an app or website to add the chatbot.

Users can also use the script to tweak the appearance and functionality of the live chat.

Customer Support

Reaching Ada customer support is through three channels: email, live chat, and phone. With instant responses, live chat is the quickest way to reach an agent.

Ada also provides comprehensive self-help resources with helpful information for users. The platform has a learning center, a blog, a podcast, documentation, and a community forum.

The articles and guides cover topics like methods of using the platform and ways of integrating other systems.

Ada – Unique Features

Besides the live chat AI feature that Ada provides, here are 2 other unique features that service teams will find valuable.


The software has an NLP capability, which allows the chatbots to understand and interpret natural language. Not only that, it helps to generate display, query, and feedback from third-party systems in the live chat.

Visual chatflow builder

It is a feature that allows users to create and edit chatbot interactions. The builder uses arrows and blocks to render chatbot flow and logic.

A user can also use NLP to trigger live chat responses and even personalize them.

David Hariri

“Ada allows brands to take every opportunity to ensure their engagement with customers goes beyond language or time zone.”

David Hariri, Co-founder @ Ada

What the Experts Say About Ada

Ada has a mix of positive and lukewarm reviews online on its inner workings on Here is what some of the users said:

Overall, it has been a great experience from initial setup (very intuitive) to ongoing maintenance and admin. The team is great about keeping in touch and making sure they’re addressing any needs, as well as proactively offering suggested areas of improvement. There are always new feature rollouts and have experienced very few significant technical issues – very reliable software.

Rina K., Sr. CS Strategist – Verified Capterra review

The team at Ada have been very supportive whenever we have encountered any problems. Their team have been quick to respond and helpful.

Chris M., Strategy & Growth Consultant – Verified Capterra review

Ada Alternatives

Ada is a decent customer service platform that provides an automated and customizable support solution. However, we understand not every service team will find it comprehensive enough.

So, we took it upon ourselves to research and find 3 best alternatives to Ada that offer what it lacks.

Free - $95/user/mo
Free - $499/mo
$39/user/mo - $139/user/mo
Free - $95/user/mo
Free - $499/mo
$39/user/mo - $139/user/mo


Freshdesk homepage

It is a customer service platform offering a help desk that helps resolve tickets at scale and deliver personalized support. Freshdesk provides an integrated support service that handles several workflows and channels.

It also includes chatbot templates for users to create custom chatbots through drag and drop. However, unlike Ada, Freshdesk has transparent pricing. It has a free plan, and the paid plan starts at $18 per agent monthly.

It makes Freshdesk suit small service teams looking for a help desk with ticketing, reporting, and self-service support.

Start your free trial of Freshdesk today!


tidio homepage

It is a customer service software that uses AI to offer a live chat and customizable chatbots to deliver support. Tidio excels in its customization options.

Users can automate workflows, recover abandoned carts, and even offer discounts. However, unlike Ada, Tidio has transparent pricing and a free plan.

The paid plans start at $29 monthly, which is reasonably priced. It makes Tidio fit SMEs who need to improve their lead gen and sales through chatbots.

Get started with Tidio for free


Intercom homepage

It is a customer service software that combines a helpdesk and AI chatbot to deliver support. Intercom combines NLP and ML to help create a live chat that can understand and reply to complex conversations.

The chatbot also excels at lead generation, conversion, and appointment booking. However, unlike Ada, Intercom has transparent pricing, offering 3 plans.

The entry plan costs $39 per seat monthly, and it also includes a 2-week long trial period. It makes Intercom suit sales teams looking for a live chat to help with lead gen, reporting, and automated support.

Other options: Best Ada Alternatives

Getting Started with Ada

Ada provides a dynamic and powerful customer service platform that uses AI to automate customer support. Its NLP, visual chat flow builder, and API are some features that make it stand out.

We recommend Ada to customer service teams that need an AI-powered chatbot.

So, request a demo and see Ada in action!


Is Ada an AI?

Ada uses AI to power its chatbot to help automate repetitive tasks. It helps speed up resolving customer inquiries with the least amount of effort.

Does Ada allow chatbot customization?

Users can personalize the chat window, icon, and buttons without coding. Users can also add a style that showcases their brand.

Which browsers are compatible with Ada?

The software is compatible with most browsers, like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Edge. The platform also supports Android and iOS devices.


Freshdesk helps you get everything you need to quickly resolve small issues, or effectively manage complex resolutions that span different teams and time.

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Ada makes customer service extraordinary for everyone by automatically resolving the most service inquiries with the least effort with AI.

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