Redtrack vs. BeMob: Which ad tracking software is better?

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As a CFO, do you have an affiliate program that is becoming complex to track its campaigns? Find out how to streamline them in this RedTrack vs. BeMob guide.

Primary Rating:
Primary Rating:
$149/mo - $749/mo
Free - $499/mo
Best For:
Media buyers, publishers, ecommerce sites, and ad agencies - plans scale based on business size.
Best For:
Affiliate marketers looking for an ad tracking software to add to their toolkit + other marketing directors and managers looking to optimize their campaigns.
Primary Rating:
$149/mo - $749/mo
Best For:
Media buyers, publishers, ecommerce sites, and ad agencies - plans scale based on business size.
Primary Rating:
Free - $499/mo
Best For:
Affiliate marketers looking for an ad tracking software to add to their toolkit + other marketing directors and managers looking to optimize their campaigns.

Are you an affiliate marketer? Do you struggle to run successful ad campaigns?

Then, you need a proven ad-tracking tool. Two that have gained praise in recent years are RedTrack and BeMob.

RedTrack is an all-rounded affiliate marketing software focusing on ad tracking and automated optimization.

BeMob is a more refined affiliate marketing ad tracker that tracks and manages complex campaigns.

With both tools providing almost similar features, which edges the other and offers value for money?

Let’s find out in this RedTrack vs. BeMob comparison.

RedTrack vs. BeMob at a glance

SMB Guide’s Rating8/107.6/10RedTrack
Ad Campaign TrackingCentralized dashboard displaying ads in real-timeIntegrates with ad networks through third-party softwareRedTrack
Conversion TrackingPixel-based and server-to-serverIn-built pixel tracking approachRedTrack
Audience and Traffic Source AnalysisVersatile and has a native audience creation featureCFOs target and segment their audience based on defined criteria like interests, demographics, and behaviorRedTrack
Attribution Modeling5 attribution models5 attribution modelsTie
A/B TestingPossible, with a learning curveNo A/B split testing featureRedTrack
AD Fraud DetectionUses proxy detection, cookie analysis and IP blacklist to detect fraud trafficBuilt-in ad fraud system for detecting fraudulent trafficBeMob
Real-Time Reporting and DashboardsTie
Data Privacy and SecurityComplies with GDPR and CCPAEncrypts its data through SSL/TLS protocols and AES-256 when in transit or at restRedTrack
Customizable Metrics and KPIsTie
UX and UISimpler interface and navigationInterface is simpler, and its dashboard is informativeRedTrack
Integrations and API Capabilities200+ integrationsIntegrates with other applications but needs ZapierRedTrack
Supported PlatformsmacOS, Linux, Windows, and mobile appmacOS, Linux, and WindowsRedTrack
Customer SupportEmail, live chat, and help centerEmail, live chat, and phone supportRedTrack
Pricing$149/mo – $749/moFree – $499/moBeMob
ScalabilityMultiple plans to scale as you growMultiple plans to scale as you growTie

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RedTrack: Key Features, Pros, Cons, & Pricing

RedTrack homepage

RedTrack is an attribution and ad-tracking software focusing on affiliate or partner marketing.

It helps CFOs create low-cost marketing campaigns and track them to get an overview of their real-time ROI. 

The software boosts affiliate returns with an analytics-driven affiliate marketing tracker.

Overall, it is a SaaS platform built to simplify performance tracking and provide in-depth analytics of your campaigns.

Pros & Cons


One-on-one assistance

High level reporting

AI optimization

Real-time data analysis


Customized pricing

Not designed for beginners


You can select from three pricing packages, whether you’re an affiliate or advertiser: Solo, Team, or Enterprise.

Upgrading to each plan offers access to unique features, and the packages have a free trial of 14 days.

RedTrack pricing
  • Solo: It is the starter plan priced at $149 monthly. It offers basic features with up to 3M tracking events.
  • Team: It is the middle plan priced at $249 monthly. It offers more functionality with up to 10M tracking events.
  • Enterprise: The top plan costs $749 monthly. It gives access to all software functionality with up to 50M tracking events.

RedTrack is an ad tracking solution, track & attribute conversions, revenue, and events in one place.

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BeMob: Key Features, Pros, Cons, & Pricing

BeMob homepage

BeMob is an attribution and ad-tracking software focusing on partner or affiliate marketing.

The software helps with ad marketing through conversion monitoring, campaign management, and fraud detection. 

Not only that, you’ll also get access to data statistics like CTR, affiliate commissions, and more.

This data enables CFOs to know what is working in their marketing campaigns.

Pros & Cons


Offers a free plan

Multi-language Interface

Simple onboarding

Integrations via Zapier


No in-built A/B testing

Live chat responses take time


There are four pricing packages to choose from: Free plan, Professional, Business, and Enterprise.

While each plan provides access to more functionality, it’s worth noting that there are no free trials available for the paid plans.

BeMob pricing
  • Free: No payment, and it provides basic features with up to 100K tracking events.
  • Professional: It is the first paid plan, and it costs $49 monthly. It provides more functionality with up to 1M tracked events. Anything above 1M gets charged $0.05 per 1K events.
  • Business: It is one of the premium plans priced at $249 monthly. It provides more features with up to 10M tracked events. Events over the limit of 10M get charged $0.025 per 1K.
  • Enterprise: It is the top package priced at $499 monthly. It offers white-label features with up to 30M tracked events. Events above 30M get charged $0.02 per 1K.

BeMob is a cloud-based tracking platform with the complete set of tools for efficient traffic management of your ad campaigns.

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Ad Campaign Tracking

RedTrack and BeMob provide ad-tracking functionality to CFOs through a central dashboard. However, each offers a unique approach to it.

RedTrack integrates with ad networks like Google and Facebook Ads. The software also has an all-rounded dashboard where you can track your ads in real time.

Unlike BeMob, RedTrack offers 30-minute cost updates across all its plans, giving it more accuracy on ad spend.

redtrack ad campaign

Furthermore, you have the capability to monitor various metrics such as campaign CTR, CPC, clicks, and other impressions.

Additionally, you can perform detailed data sorting, allowing you to analyze each click per ad.

Unlike BeMob, you can also compare this data against your set objectives. BeMob also integrates with ad networks like Google and Facebook Ads but indirectly.

You’ll have to use a third-party software called Facebook Attribution to sync data. The software displays key metrics like CPC, CTR, clicks, and other impressions on a centralized dashboard.

Google Ads campaign

However, unlike RedTrack, cost updates on BeMob range between 1 hour for the free plan and 15 minutes for premium packages.

Not only that, the software provides basic reports with up to three breakdowns.

✅ Winner: RedTrack

Conversion Tracking

RedTrack and BeMob provide conversion-tracking functionality to CFOs.

RedTrack combines pixel-based and server-to-server to track ad conversion across mobile apps, websites, referrals, and more.

The software also supports events like sign-ups, leads, sales, and more.

redtrack conversion tracking

Moreover, you have the option to customize settings such as postback URL, caps, and status.

What sets RedTrack apart from BeMob is its capability to seamlessly sync conversion data with ad networks like TikTok Ads, expanding your ability to track and synchronize data across a broader range of traffic sources.

bemob conversion tracking

BeMob uses its built-in pixel-tracking approach to track conversions across affiliate programs.

Unlike RedTrack, which supports a broad range of conversion events, BeMob only supports sales and leads.

In addition, you have the opportunity to customize settings such as postback URLs.

✅ Winner: RedTrack

Audience and Traffic Source Analysis

RedTrack allows CFOs to target and segment their audience depending on custom-defined criteria like gender, device, events, tags, or keywords.

You can also create lookalike audiences using a combination of the custom-defined criteria.

RedTrack traffic sources

RedTrack also allows CFOs to track traffic source performance from more third-party platforms, including social networks, referrals, and search engines.

Not only that, you can get CPA, traffic volume, and other source-specific data in real-time.

On the other hand, BeMob allows CFOs to target and segment their audience depending on a custom-defined criteria like interests, demographics, and behavior.

You also get the option to create a custom audience based on the custom-defined criteria and use them for persona profiles or retargeting.

bemob audience and traffic source analysis

BeMob also allows CFOs to track their traffic source’s performance across social networks, search engines, and email.

You can also view CPA, traffic volume, and other source-specific conversions in real-time. 

However, unlike RedTrack, CFOs cannot optimize their ad campaigns depending on the custom rules.

Also, unlike RedTrack, BeMob doesn’t offer dynamic audience creation through automation rules.

✅ Winner: RedTrack

Attribution Modeling

Both RedTrack and BeMob offer attribution models that assist in allocating credit across multiple platforms.

RedTrack attribution models

RedTrack combines device fingerprinting, cookies, and server-to-server tracking to assign credit and attribute conversions accurately across channels.

The software also allows CFOs to create custom models depending on weights and rules.

RedTrack also provides you with 6 attribution models: first-click, linear, last-click, assisted clicks, time decay, and u-shaped.

BeMob uses cookies and client-server tracking to assign credit and attribute channel conversions.

However, the approach isn’t as accurate because some customers could use browser ad blockers. 

Now, you can create a custom attribution model depending on set weights and rules.

You can also choose from 5 attribution models: first-click, linear, last-click, position-based, and time-decay.

✅ Winner: Tie

A/B Testing

RedTrack provides CFOs with an A/B testing feature that they can use to conduct tests on their landing pages, ad copy, and more.

The software also allows you to create several versions of your copy and even assign them to traffic segments. 

RedTrack goes a step further by distributing traffic and meticulously tracking each element.

Unlike BeMob, RedTrack provides automation features for your ad campaigns, allowing you to implement custom rules.

Moreover, you’ll discover that RedTrack seamlessly integrates with various testing tools.

redtrack a/b testing

BeMob offers an A/B testing feature to CFOs to conduct tests on their ad copy and landing pages.

CFOs can create multiple versions of their ad copy and run tests on them. The software then tracks each variation’s performance.

BeMob a/b testing

However, unlike RedTrack, BeMob does not offer automation for ad optimization, necessitating manual adjustments and technical skills for testing.

Nonetheless, BeMob also integrates with other testing tools, much like RedTrack.

✅ Winner: RedTrack

Ad Fraud Detection

RedTrack partners with FraudScore to evaluate traffic and reports to see if they are genuine.

The software checks every click and categorizes it as cookie stuffing, hijacked device, okay, or click spamming.

To access the report, you can navigate to the “report” option on the RedTrack dashboard.

Within this feature, you have the ability to identify and block fraudulent clicks.

It’s important to keep in mind that RedTrack charges $0.10 for every 1,000 checks on a monthly basis for generating the fraud report.

BeMob, on the other hand, has its built-in ad fraud system for detecting fraudulent traffic.

The software integrates it into the ad tracking feature. Unlike RedTrack, it’s not charged or requires activation. 

The system uses algo to identify click spamming and blocks it in real-time from the source.

You also get in-depth reports on traffic source quality. Not only that, you can filter through the traffic by customizing their rules.

✅ Winner: BeMob

Real-Time Reporting and Dashboards

RedTrack offers a comprehensive dashboard that consolidates all your ad events and metrics in one convenient location.

This dashboard provides an overview of your campaign performance. Additionally, you have the flexibility to filter and sort the data according to your specific preferences and needs.

RedTrack real-time dashboard

The software also breaks down data reports to a granular level on any metric. You also get the option to create custom dashboards by adding or removing widgets, plus visualization options for reports.

BeMob dashboard

BeMob also gives CFOs an overview of the data even at a granular level. You also get the option to create custom dashboards by adding or removing widgets, plus visualization options for reports.

✅ Winner: Tie

Data Privacy and Security

RedTrack explains how it collects and uses customer data. It makes it comply with GDPR and CCPA.

Not only that, it prompts customers to choose whether to opt in or out of data collection.

The software also allows the creation of multiple user accounts with varied permissions and even two-step login.

RedTrack encrypts its data through SSL/TLS protocols and AES-256 when in transit or at rest.

It is an effective way to safeguard against data hacking or tampering. Unlike BeMob, RedTrack runs a private cloud with several server redundancies in Europe, Asia, and North America.

It guarantees reliable performance even when AWS-provided servers go down. Not only that, RedTrack offers customers data retention for a lifetime.

BeMob also explains how they collect and use customer data. It means they comply with CCPA and GDPR guidelines.

BeMob also encrypts its data through SSL/TLS protocols and AES-256 when in transit or at rest.

It guarantees data protection from tampering or hacking. However, unlike RedTrack, BeMob doesn’t have a private cloud.

Instead, it relies on AWS servers. Not only that, BeMob gives customers data retention for a year, although extendable at a fee.

✅ Winner: RedTrack

Customizable Metrics and KPIs

RedTrack empowers you to create custom data reports that can include up to five breakdowns of your choice.

You have the freedom to sort, filter, and even export these reports as needed.

Furthermore, setting up custom conversion goals on RedTrack is a straightforward process, allowing CFOs to tailor them to their specific preferences and events.

RedTrack campaign data

Not only that, you can track several conversion types, such as leads and sign-ups. You can also automate ad campaign optimization based on set strategies.

BeMob customization

Unlike RedTrack, BeMob offers the flexibility to customize your report with up to three breakdowns of your preference.

Similar to RedTrack, you can also sort, filter, and export your reports. Additionally, creating unique conversion goals on BeMob is a straightforward process, making it accessible to users seeking tailored objectives.

CFOs can set them up depending on the event to their liking.

✅ Winner: Tie

User Experience and User Interface

The RedTrack interface is cleaner than BeMob, making it easy to find anything on the dashboard.

The platform is customizable, where you can add widgets, tweak settings and even use visualization templates to compare data reports.

RedTrack user interface

RedTrack goes the extra mile by offering instructional videos to assist customers in setting up the software.

Moreover, they provide a user-friendly search feature that enables you to quickly find the information you need.. 

BeMob’s interface is simpler than RedTrack’s, where its dashboard is informative.

The primary color is dark gray with hints of blue. Users will find guides to help them in setting up the software.

BeMob user interface

Similar to RedTrack, BeMob has a search feature to find anything. Navigation through the pages is smooth and intuitive in RedTrack, making it easy for users to access different features.

Additionally, customizing your dashboard and settings is a straightforward process, enhancing the user experience.

However, unlike RedTrack, BeMob doesn’t respond well to various device screen sizes.

✅ Winner: RedTrack

Integrations and API Capabilities

RedTrack integrates with over 200+ systems and applications, but one thing to note is that you need Zapier to connect HR and HRIS platforms.

Unlike BeMob, RedTrack offers more one-click integrations, making it easy to sync data between applications.

redtrack traffic sources

Unlike BeMob, RedTrack has a versatile API that you can use to access data and link it to other platforms or create applications.

Furthermore, RedTrack offers API automation rules, allowing you to optimize your marketing efforts efficiently.

In situations where you’re working with a platform that doesn’t support API integration, you can seamlessly switch to CAPi for continued functionality.

bemob integrations

BeMob also integrates with various platforms like ecommerce, ad networks and more.

Just like RedTrack, you’ll require Zapier to integrate HRIS and HR tools with BeMob.

BeMob also provides an API that grants you the capability to access data, connect with other platforms, or develop custom applications.

✅ Winner: RedTrack

Supported Platforms

Both RedTrack and BeMob are web-based software applications accessible through a web browser on various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

This accessibility makes them user-friendly for a wide range of users. However, unlike BeMob, which lacks a mobile app, RedTrack offers iOS and Android. 

It gives RedTrack the upper hand, meaning users can access their campaigns on the go without hassle.

Through the mobile app dashboard of RedTrack, you can edit, create new, or even pause their ad campaigns remotely.

✅ Winner: RedTrack

Customer Support

RedTrack offers comprehensive customer support through various channels, including email, phone, and live chat, ensuring users have access to assistance when needed.

The response times for email are 14 minutes, live chat 1-4 minutes, and calls up to 6 hours.

Not only that, the live chat is multilingual, with up to 7 languages.

redtrack customer support

You will also find a valuable knowledge base with a regularly updated blog, YouTube channel, and Facebook page with over 3K followers.

bemob help center

BeMob also has decent customer support with email, live chat, and phone as their channels.

The response times for email are 12 hours, live chat 10-15 minutes, and phone 24 hours.

The platform also provides a help center with a blog, FAQ, YouTube channel, and Facebook with 800 followers.

✅ Winner: RedTrack


RedTrack offers three pricing packages: Solo, Team, and Enterprise. The plans are transparent, with the entry plan, Solo, costing $149 monthly, which is pricier than BeMob.

The other plans rise with tiers, and upgrading gives you access to more advanced functionality.

Unlike BeMob, RedTrack provides a 14-day free trial period, giving users an opportunity to explore and evaluate the platform before making a commitment.

BeMob offers four packages: Free, Professional, Business, and Enterprise. The pricing plans offered by RedTrack are transparent and flexible, allowing users to opt for monthly subscriptions that suit their needs and preferences. 

Unlike RedTrack, you can opt for the free plan and access the software’s basic functions.

The paid plans start at $49 monthly, cheaper than RedTrack. Not only that, it offers more features than the RedTrack entry plan.

✅ Winner: BeMob


CFOs will find that RedTrack has a scalable pricing model. When you subscribe to a higher plan, you access more functionality.

However, unlike BeMob, the RedTrack packages are pricey and may hinder startups with low budgets. 

BeMob also offers scalable pricing, enabling users to subscribe to higher-tier plans in order to access a broader range of features as their needs grow.

The plans are affordable compared to RedTrack, making it easy for small businesses to budget better depending on their goals.

✅ Winner: BeMob

Standout Features of RedTrack

You will find that besides the common functionalities of attribution and ad-tracking RedTrack provides, these two features make it outshine BeMob.

Parallel tracking for Google Ads

It is a mandatory requirement by Google for all users of Google Ads, and RedTrack supports it fully.

It speeds up landing page loading time, sending online traffic to the final URL. Its main purpose is to lower the bounce rate and enhance conversion and overall customer experience.

Performance-based rules

CFOs will find that they can create and automate their campaigns by setting performance-based rules for optimization.

You can set rules to apply actions like increasing bids, pausing on ROI, CTR, and more. Not only that, you can set triggers and get alerted when rules change.

Standout Features of BeMob

With its pocket-friendly packages, there are some features that BeMob provides that RedTrack lacks. They include:

Free plan

With the free plan, you can track up to 100,000 events each month, and it comes with no limitations on campaigns, traffic sources, or domains.

Not only that, the package offers access to API, cost updates, real-time reporting, and more.

It is a package that startups with no budgets will find valuable as they build their business.

Custom domains

You can opt from BeMob default domains for customized ones to track URLs. The software doesn’t have limitations on the number of domains you can use in your marketing venture.

It is an excellent avenue for building a brand with your custom domains.

RedTrack vs. BeMob: SMB Guide’s Verdict

Our RedTrack vs BeMob comparison shows that these two software offer reliable features to track and optimize ad campaigns.

One thing to note is that each offers something unique, and in this comparison, we have seen the major differences between them.

However, after comparing them, we find RedTrack as the winner, and here is why.

RedTrack focuses on partner or affiliate marketing and provides automation and advanced features that suit them.

It also breaks down campaign data into granular reports that help you better understand your Ads’ performance.

Besides that, the platform offers parallel tracking for Google Ads and performance rules that help automate ad campaigns.

All these features make it more potent and the winner in this duel. BeMob is an excellent alternative, especially for beginners or startups without a budget and needing tracking software with a free plan.

The platform packs decent features, like the smart rotation that helps distribute online traffic on landing pages.

However, the lack of a mobile app and customer support (live chat and phone) offered to premium plan subscribers makes it lose to RedTrack.

Choose RedTrack If:

You need marketing performance software that provides in-depth tracking and automation for your agency or affiliate program.

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Choose BeMob If:

You have a low budget and need an attribution and ad-tracking tool with a free plan.

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RedTrack is an ad tracking solution, track & attribute conversions, revenue, and events in one place.

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