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7 Best CorpNet Alternatives & Competitors

Not convinced by CorpNet’s pricey plans to form an LLC in the US? Try these 7 best CorpNet alternatives with free plans and a year-long registered agent.

Best Overall
Registered Agent
Best Pricing

Kickstart your business in minutes with LegalZoom's business formation services.

With Northwest Registered Agent, you can start an LLC, hire a registered agent.

Business formation for as little as $0 + state fee. No contracts. No hidden fees.

Best Overall

Kickstart your business in minutes with LegalZoom's business formation services.

Registered Agent

With Northwest Registered Agent, you can start an LLC, hire a registered agent.

Best Pricing

Business formation for as little as $0 + state fee. No contracts. No hidden fees.

Fed up with CorpNets’ 60-day registered agent services and high pricing in select states? Here are the 7 best CorpNet alternatives we’ve handpicked after thorough research and testing.

LegalZoom is our pick as the best alternative.

However, how does it compare to the other platforms? Let’s find out.

1. LegalZoom

LegalZoom homepage

Best for: Small businesses looking for affordable and convenient legal assistance when incorporating an entity.

Pricing: $149 – $349


Services in all 50 states

Flat-rate fees

60-day money-back period

Incredible customer support


Expensive add-ons

Turnaround time depends on the states

LegalZoom is an online legal platform that guides startups in business formation and personal services like wills and trusts.


  • Range of Legal Services: LegalZoom provides a range of legal services besides entity formation. Businesses can get add-on services like assistance with copyrights, wills, power of attorney, and more.
  • Seller’s Permit: US states require businesses looking to sell or lease wholesale or retail to have a seller permit to include sales tax. The good news is that LegalZoom can help enterprises get seller permits, even franchises.
  • Customizable Wix Website: WIX partnered with LegalZoom to create a website that SMBs can use to launch their online presence. The website is easy to customize since it has a drag-and-drop editor and a library of templates.
  • Registered Agent Service: Most states require businesses to have a registered agent, which helps them stay compliant. LegalZoom prices it at $249 annually, including a wide range of services, like filing tax reports.

LegalZoom Vs CorpNet

Best ForEntrepreneurs and small business ownersSmall businesses
Standout FeatureAccessibility and comprehensive offerings suiteRange of legal services
Pricing$149 – $349$99 – $419


LegalZoom fits small businesses looking for an experienced online legal service for formation. The free package and broad range of legal services make it stand out.

Get started with LegalZoom today!

Get started with LegalZoom

2. Northwest Registered Agent

northwest registered agent homepage

Best suited for: SMBs looking for ongoing support when forming an LLC and running it through a registered agent.

Pricing: $39 + state filing fees


Simple flat-rate pricing

DIY Options

Free templates

Additional services


Mailboxes not available in all states

Virtual offices not available in all states

Northwest Registered Agent is a service provider that offers business formation and registered agent services in all US states.


  • Foreign Qualification: Businesses looking to conduct operations in another state must register as a foreign entity (LLC or corporation). The good thing is that Northwest RA can guide entrepreneurs in foreign qualification and filing.
  • EIN Registration: Northwest Registered Agent helps businesses register for an EIN after incorporating it. Businesses can leave the paperwork to Northwest RA, where they can file and process it within a few days. 
  • Registered Agent Services: Northwest RA specializes in it, providing businesses with a broad range of services at $125 annually after the first year. Businesses get services like free mail forwarding, free domains, free websites, and privacy by default.
  • Business Website and Hosting: Branding is one of the critical factors in growing a business’s reach online. Northwest RA does it well by providing a ready-to-use website with a free domain for the first 90 days. Afterward, businesses only pay $9 monthly for hosting.

Northwest Registered Agent Vs CorpNet

CriteriaNorthwest Registered AgentCorpNet
Best ForStartups, solopreneursSmall businesses
Standout FeatureVolP phone serviceRange of legal services
Pricing$39 + state filing fees$99 – $419


Northwest Registered Agent suits startups looking for hands-on support to run their entity through an RA. Its VolP phone service and free first-year registered agent are its unique features.

Start your business with Northwest Registered Agent

Get started with Northwest Registered Agent

3. Bizee

Bizee homepage

Best for: Entrepreneurs looking for support in incorporating a business, structuring, and management.

Pricing: $0 – $299 + any state filing fees


100% free Formation

Free 1-year registered agent

Fast filing speeds

Free compliance reminders


Mediocre customer service

Limited online features

Bizee is an online legal service that helps entrepreneurs form and run an entity while staying compliant.


  • DBA Registration: Solopreneurs planning to run their business with a different name from their legal business name can request this service. Bizee offers the service of guiding entrepreneurs in the processes, including registering and developing the agreements.
  • Registered Agent Service: After the first year, startups can request a registered agent service from Bizee priced at $199. The best part is signing up, which gets your business a year-long free registered agent service.
  • Trademark Registration: Patents are crucial in curbing identity theft and misuse of brands. The good thing is that businesses can use Bizee to register their patents with the USPTO. 
  • EIN Registration: Bizee helps businesses register for an EIN, crucial for performing varied business activities. For example, applying for licenses or opening a bank account requires an EIN.

Bizee Vs CorpNet

Best ForEntrepreneurs and startupsSmall businesses
Standout FeatureCorporate and LLC kitRange of legal services
Pricing$0 – $299 + state filing fees$99 – $419


Bizee (formerly Incfile) fits entrepreneurs looking for hands-on support with incorporation and entity management. Its corporate and LLC kit and free plan are its unique selling points.

Start your business today with Bizee

Get started with Bizee

4. ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness homepage

Best for: Solopreneurs looking for legal guidance in forming an entity and best practices for staying compliant.

Pricing: $0 – $349/year


$0 starter plan

1 year free registered agent

Fast filing

Expert customer service


Limited online features

EIN unavailable on starter pack

ZenBusiness is a popular online legal service that helps solopreneurs form an entity and ensure continued compliance.


  • Website Builder: ZenBusiness provides tools like a builder and templates for businesses to create a custom website. The best part is that the site builder allows customization to help businesses tailor their site to match their brand.
  • New York State Business Formation Publication: The state of New York has a mandatory publication requirement for businesses running in its jurisdiction. The good thing is that ZenBusiness can help file the compliance paperwork.
  • Formation Services: Entrepreneurs will find that ZenBusiness offers several entities from which to choose when forming a business. They include LLCs, S-Corp, or C-Corp. Not only that, ZenBusiness provides post-incorporation services, like EIN registration and a registered agent.
  • Bookkeeping: Signing up with ZenBusiness allows a business to receive a free consultation with a certified CPA. The experts work to guide businesses in bookkeeping, tax obligations, and accounting for the first year.

ZenBusiness Vs CorpNet

Best ForSolopreneurs and SMBsSmall businesses
Standout FeatureAccounting and bookkeepingRange of legal services
Pricing$0 – $349/year$99 – $419


ZenBusiness fits small businesses looking for legal support during formation and post-incorporation. Its business funding, bookkeeping, and free plan are its unique services.

Start your business with ZenBusiness today!

Get started with ZenBusiness

5. Doola

doola homepage

Best for: Global entrepreneurs looking to form a DAO, consultancy, or startup in the US.

Pricing: $297/yr – $2,397/yr


All-in-one platform

Provides personalized support

Excellent support

Competitive pricing


Extra features don’t suit US citizens

Upsells are overdone

Doola is a formation service that helps businesses globally start a business in the US and keep it compliant.


  • Total Compliance Plan: It is the premium package on Doola, and by subscribing to it, businesses get all the features and services on offer. Some include annual state filings, free CPA consultation, expedited formation, and more.
  • Business Formation Support: Doola provides several entity options for entrepreneurs when forming a business. They include DAOs, LLCs, and corporations. The service guides entrepreneurs step by step in incorporation.
  • Registered Agent Services: Looking to fulfill your compliance obligations? Doola offers registered agent services for a fee. After the initial year of incorporation, Doola charges $297.
  • Financial Management: Businesses struggling with managing their finances can request this service. The service costs $300 annually as an add-on if on the Starter plan. However, if on the Total Compliance package, it’s included in the pricing.

Doola Vs CorpNet

Best ForSmall to mid-sized businessesSmall businesses
Standout FeatureDAO formationRange of legal services
Pricing$297/yr – $2,397/yr$99 – $419


Doola fits non-US residents looking to incorporate a DAO in the US. Its dedicated account manager and DAO formation are its selling points.

Launch your business with Doola today

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6. Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands homepage

Best for: SMEs struggling with branding their business after incorporation.

Pricing: $0-$249/year


Free plan available

Easy setup wizard

Logo creation

Additional services to support your business


2 week wait time on entry plan

Only works for LLCs

Tailor Brands is an LLC formation service that helps small businesses brand and manage their entities.


  • Sales Tax Permit: Most states require businesses looking to sell or lease products or services to get a seller permit for them to include sales tax. The good thing is that Tailor Brands can help startups file the paperwork and get a sales tax permit.
  • Trademark Service: Startups can use Tailor Brands services to patent their trademark with the USPTO. It helps protect the brand identity and associated products.
  • Logo Maker: It is the core feature of Tailor Brands, which allows startups and small businesses to create a logo unique to their brand. The logo maker uses AI to generate unique designs that stand out.
  • EIN Registration: Tailor Brands helps businesses register for an EIN after incorporation. An EIN is handy in business activities like opening a bank account and applying for licenses.

Tailor Brands Vs CorpNet

CriteriaTailor BrandsCorpNet
Best ForStartups and solopreneursSmall businesses
Standout FeatureLogo makerRange of legal services
Pricing$0-$249/year$99 – $419


Tailor Brands fits startups struggling with branding post-incorporation. Its unique services include a logo maker, sales tax permits, and business insurance.

Get started with Tailor Brands today

Get started with Tailor Brands

7. Swyft Filings

Swyft Filings homepage

Best suited for: SMBs looking for a low-cost solution to help with initial formation steps and ongoing management.

Pricing: $0 – $299


Multiple business types

Create a business in minutes

Lifetime customer support

Free package available


No registered agent service

No mobile app

Swyft Filings is a formation service that helps small businesses incorporate as LLCs, corporations, or non-profits in the US.


  • Formation Services: Swyft Filings allows you to pick from DBAs, LLCs, C-Corps, and non-profits as your entity types. Not only that, you’ll get a half-hour attorney consultation and a free domain name for your website.
  • Registered Agent Services: Swyft Filings charges $199 annually for its registered agent services. Expected services include notifications on annual tax filing due dates and more.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Swyft Filings offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, providing customers with added assurance and flexibility. The guarantee only applies to paid plan subscriptions, not state or third-party charges.
  • ComplianceGuard: Startups access this feature after signing up to help track their compliance due dates. It allows startups to receive notifications by email or call.

Swyft Filings Vs CorpNet

CriteriaSwyft FilingsCorpNet
Best ForEntrepreneurs and SMBsSmall businesses
Standout FeatureDigital corporate kitRange of legal services
Pricing$0 – $299$99 – $419


Swyft Filings fits small businesses looking for support in the initial incorporation processes. Its selling points are its digital corporate kit, compliance guard, and free plan.

Get started with Swyft Filings today

Get started with Swyft Filings

Which CorpNet alternative should I choose?

CorpNet has a good balance of personalized services and experience (26+ years), making it ideal for business formation. It also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and dependable support. 

However, Corpnet has significant drawbacks, like offering a 60-day registered agent service and premium costs in select states.

That’s why we recommend these 7 best CorpNet alternatives. They offer freemium packages, year-long registered agent services, and more.

We have tested them, and they offer an excellent blend of simple and advanced platforms suited to different entities. So, pick a service that matches your needs and budget.

Recap of CorpNet alternatives:

  1. LegalZoom
  2. Northwest Registered Agent
  3. ZenBusiness
  4. Bizee
  5. Doola
  6. Tailor Brands
  7. Swyft Filings

Kickstart your business in minutes with LegalZoom's business formation services.

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