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7 Best Appointy Alternatives & Competitors

Explore our handpicked list of the top 7 alternatives to Appointy. Discover new scheduling tools to optimize and streamline your business operations.

Best Overall
Best for Teams
Best for Payments

Flexible scheduling software designed to help you grow — because booking time should never get in the way of success.

Appointlet makes online scheduling simple, so you can stay focused at work. is an online Booking System for all service based industries

Best Overall

Flexible scheduling software designed to help you grow — because booking time should never get in the way of success.

Best for Teams

Appointlet makes online scheduling simple, so you can stay focused at work.

Best for Payments
4.2 is an online Booking System for all service based industries

In the ever-living world of business scheduling, Appointy has been a strong contender. However, some users have found issues with its interface and price point, prompting a search for alternatives.

Among these alternatives, Acuity Scheduling is the best, with its robust features and user-friendly design. 

As seasoned digital tools and business operations experts, we’ve conducted thorough research and testing to bring you this reliable guide.

We’re confident you will find the value in our insights. So, sit back and let us navigate through the top 7 alternatives to Appointy, each offering unique benefits that may be perfect for your business.

Keep reading to make an informed decision about your next scheduling tool.

1. Acuity Scheduling

acuity scheduling homepage

Best for: Acuity Scheduling is an ideal choice for service-based businesses that require clients to schedule appointments.

Pricing: $20/mo – $61/mo


7-day free trial

Seamless booking experience

Powerful integrations

Squarespace website integration


No phone support

Non-intuitive UI with loading issues

Acuity Scheduling is a comprehensive online scheduling solution tailored to streamline business operations.

It offers various robust features such as calendar syncing, automated email and text notifications, flexible booking management, and convenient payment options.


  • Automated reminders
  • Customizable appointment scheduling
  • Integrations with multiple tools
  • Accept payments for appointments

Acuity Scheduling Vs Appointy

CriteriaAcuity SchedulingAppointy
Best ForFreelancers and consultantsSolopreneurs and small businesses
Standout FeatureAdvanced reportingComprehensive client management features
Pricing$20/mo – $61/moFree – $99.99/mo


Acuity Scheduling is known for its user-friendly interface and the ability to automate workflows, bookings, and payments.

It’s an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes. It integrates with calendars and online meetings to simplify the entire process.

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2. Appointlet

appointlet homepage

Best for: Appointlet is a great choice for entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses that need something simple, yet effective to schedule appointments.

Pricing: Free – $10/member/mo


Free forever plan

50+ integrations

Easy to setup

Great customer support


No mobile app

Limited reporting and analytics features

An online scheduling software designed to simplify the appointment booking process, Appoinlet eliminates the need to email back and forth.

Users can set up their availability and share a scheduling link with customers. It offers a variety of features to support better meetings.


  • Customizable meeting types
  • Personalized booking pages
  • Flexible availability management
  • Integration capabilities

Appointlet Vs Appointy

Best ForService professionals and consultantsSolopreneurs and small businesses
Standout FeatureGroup schedulingComprehensive client management features
PricingFree – $10/member/moFree – $99.99/mo


Appointlet is a customizable appointment scheduling software that integrates with your existing tech stack via Zapier.

It’s highly rated, with management features available, including blocking out times and planning vacations.

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3. homepage

Best for: This service is targeted at and best for all service-based businesses regardless of side.

Pricing: Free – $99.9/mo


Free forever plan

Accept payments

50+ integrations

User-friendly interface


Limited bookings

Poor API support is a high-quality online scheduling solution designed for small to medium-sized businesses across various industries.

It offers an extensive online booking system to enhance your professional image and cater to all your online needs.


  • HIPAA compliance (paid plans)
  • branded client app
  • Freedom to choose the custom features you need for your business
  • Email and/or SMS appointment reminders Vs Appointy

Best ForService-based businesses of all sizesSolopreneurs and small businesses
Standout FeatureCustom featuresComprehensive client management features
PricingFree – $99.9/moFree – $99.99/mo


One thing that sets apart from others is the additional features you can choose from based on your unique needs, such as: accepting payments, service packages, memberships, etc.

It is a highly flexible and customizable platform for service based businesses.

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4. Setmore

Setmore homepage

Best for: Setmore is best for small and medium sized businesses that heavily rely on appointments.

Pricing: Free – $12/user/mo


Free forever plan

50+ integrations

24/7 support

Mobile apps


Limited booking page customization

Recurring slots may be difficult to book

Setmore is a free online appointment scheduling software that makes it easy for businesses to manage all of their appointments in one place.

It’s easy for customers to schedule appointments, and the mobile app allows for better on-the-go management.


  • Callback feature
  • Customizable SMS reminders
  • Two-way calendar synchronization
  • Remove branding (premium plans)

Setmore Vs Appointy

Best ForSmall to medium-sized businessesSolopreneurs and small businesses
Standout FeatureCallback URLComprehensive client management features
PricingFree – $12/user/moFree – $99.99/mo


Setmore is a great option for businesses on a budget that still want the freedom to scale with growth. However, depending on the size of your organization, it may be cheaper to use another solution – as your user volume increases.

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5. Calendly

calendly homepage

Best for: Calendly can work well for all businesses, regardless of size. It’s best for sales and marketing teams that need to book online meetings or events.

Pricing: Free – $20/mo (per seat)


Free forever plan

iOS & Android apps

100+ integrations

Easy to build workflows


Too many features

Expensive for larger teams

Calendly is a modern scheduling platform designed to streamline appointment setting and making connecting with others more efficient.

It works by automating the scheduling process to eliminate the need for back-and-forth communication and preventing double-bookings.

The platform integrates with your existing calendar to show your availability and allows others to choose a time to connect.


  • Time-zone detection
  • Unlimited event types
  • Automated scheduling
  • Embedded scheduling

Calendly Vs Appointy

Best ForBusinesses of all sizesSolopreneurs and small businesses
Standout FeatureHighly flexible customization optionsComprehensive client management features
PricingFree – $20/mo (per seat)Free – $99.99/mo


As one of the most well-known online meeting scheduling tools, Calendly offers a variety of features in an user-friendly interface.

The number of features may be overwhelming, and the cost adds up quickly for big teams.

6. Square Appointments

square appointments homepage

Best for: All service-based businesses can benefit from using Square Appointments, no matter the size.

Pricing: Free – $69/mo


Free for individuals

All-in-one point of sale

Lots of integrations

Flexible cancellation policy


Limited customization options

Calendar sync only on paid plans

Square Appointments is a comprehensive appointment scheduling platform focused on supporting service-based businesses.

It provides an all-in-one solution for booking and scheduling appointments, sending reminders, and accepting payments.

It supports multi-staff scheduling for service bundles with more than one person, for extra flexibility.


  • Free marketplace app for marketing purposes
  • Set policies for no-shows and cancellations
  • POS, bookings, payments, and staff management
  • Scale as your business grows

Square Appointments Vs Appointy

CriteriaSquare AppointmentsAppointy
Best ForService-based businessesSolopreneurs and small businesses
Standout FeatureAssign single appointments to multiple servicesComprehensive client management features
PricingFree – $69/moFree – $99.99/mo


Square Appointments is a great choice for those already using Square for their POS. With multiple plans to choose from, you can choose what’s best for your business and adjust as it grows.

For enhanced flexibility, the platform allows you to assign multiple services and staff members to one time slot.

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7. TidyCal

TidyCal homepage

Best for: TidyCal works well for anyone who has to manage multiple people and organize meetings. It’s ideal for marketing and sales teams, or project managers.

Pricing: Free – $29


Free forever plan

One-time payment

User-friendly interface

Supports multiple booking types


Limited customization

Limited customer support

A streamlined scheduling system, TidyCal makes arranging meetings and appointments easier. It integrates with Google Calendar and other calendar tools, prevents double booking, supports multiple meeting types, and more.


  • Personal booking page
  • Custom availability
  • Translation/localization
  • Embed on any site

TidyCal Vs Appointy

Best ForFreelancers and service professionalsSolopreneurs and small businesses
Standout FeaturePaid bookingsComprehensive client management features
PricingFree – $29Free – $99.99/mo


As powerful as TidyCal is, customization options are limited. Customization is possible, but also limited. This could be a dealbreaker for you, depending on your unique needs.

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Which Appointy alternative is best for me?

There are several viable alternatives to Appointy for scheduling appointments and managing your calendar.

Each of these platforms has its strengths, some of which may make it more suitable for your business compared to another.

Before making your final decision, be sure that features, price, and usability all align with your business requirements and preferences.

Sign up for free trials and explore each platform before choosing the one you’ll use long term.

Quick recap of Appointy alternatives:

  1. Acuity Scheduling
  2. Appointlet
  4. Setmore
  5. Calendly
  6. Square Appointments
  7. TidyCal
Acuity Scheduling

Flexible scheduling software designed to help you grow — because booking time should never get in the way of success.

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