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Do you struggle with attribution in your ad marketing campaigns? Learn how to streamline your marketing analytics as a CFO in this review.

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Software Type: Marketing attribution software
Best For: SMEs looking for cross-channel ad marketing software to streamline their reporting.
Pricing: $0 - $598/mo
  • 30-day free trial
  • 70+ integrations
  • Keyword tool for SEO
  • Excellent customer support
  • No mobile app
  • Lack of integration with analytics tools

Improving marketing ROI requires tracking ad campaigns and identifying trends. However, doing it accurately can be challenging since you need to consolidate the data in one place to get insights.

One way CFOs can simplify this complexity is through ad tracking software. suits these situations well because it automates all the complex processes and centralizes the data in one place.

Not only that, it recommends actionable insights on optimizing your ad budget. However, how does work, and can it enable you to achieve your campaign goals?

How much are its plans, and does it offer value for money? Let us find out in this review.

SMB Guide’s Verdict for

We have been using for several weeks, and the truth is it’s a decent platform. It’s also a reliable and accurate solution for automating and optimizing ad marketing campaigns. 

Furthermore, offers distinctive features such as a budget optimizer and TV ad performance analytics, enhancing its attribution capabilities.

You can explore the software with a free plan and take advantage of a 30-day free trial to experience firsthand how it operates. gets a 9.2 out of 10 from us. So, in a nutshell, is best for:

  • Entrepreneurs looking to customize their reports
  • Enterprises that need a broad range of marketing integration options
  • CFOs looking to track the effectiveness of their campaigns
FactorRating (out of 10)
Pricing & Plans9.5
Ad Campaign Tracking10
Conversion Tracking9
Audience and Traffic Source Analysis9.5
Attribution Modeling9
A/B Testing9
User Interface and User Experience9.5
Integrations, Compatibility, and Supported Platforms8
Customer Support8
SMB Guide Rating9.2

In this review of, I’ve followed SMB Guide’s detailed criteria for evaluating the marketing attribution software.

Pricing & Plans

The software has six plans that you can choose from, where each package offers a unique factor, and they’re tiered.

The plans have a free trial of 30 days, where CFOs can try all the features that a specific plan offers.

Let’s look at each one and see what it provides. pricing

Free Plan

It is the entry plan that anyone on a tight budget can use to find out how works and its functionality.


  • Free


  • 1 User
  • 1 Account
  • 1 Data source

Who it’s for: Beginners looking to try an ad-tracking platform but don’t have extensive data.

Basic Plan

It is the first paid plan of, an upgrade from the free plan with more features and functionality.


  • Monthly: $23
  • Annual: $228 or ($19 monthly)


  • Unlimited users
  • 75 Accounts
  • 3 Data sources

Who it’s for: This plan fits small businesses on a tight budget but needs more features for attributing their marketing data.

Standard Plan

It is a mid-level package, offering more functionality than the basic and free plans.


  • Monthly: $118
  • Annual: $1188 or($99 monthly)


  • Unlimited users
  • 7 Data sources
  • 75 Accounts

Who it’s for: This package fits SMEs with multiple marketing platforms for their data and needs insights on improving conversion.

Plus Plan

It is one of the premium plans offering more advanced functionality than the standard plan.


  • Monthly: $298
  • Annual: $2988 or ($249 monthly)


  • Unlimited users
  • 10 Data sources
  • 200 Accounts

Who it’s for: It fits medium to large enterprises with extensive data across several platforms and needs to streamline it for their goals.

Professional Plan

It is another premium plan that offers more white-label features and functionality than the Plus plan.


  • Monthly: $598
  • Annual: $5988 or ($499 monthly)


  • Unlimited users
  • 500 Accounts
  • 14 Data sources
  • Option to pay through an invoice

Who it’s for: It fits large enterprises with large teams and budgets, has complex marketing data, and needs a tool to attribute their sources.

Enterprise Plan

It is an invite-only package that offers the most advanced features that has.


Custom pricing


  • Unlimited features
  • Unlimited accounts
  • Enterprise SLA
  • Enterprise onboarding
  • 14-200 data sources
  • Option to pay through an invoice

Who it’s for: It fits large enterprises or agencies that need white-label features to streamline complex and extensive marketing data.

AI-powered marketing data Attribution software & attribution modelling platform that helps you discover performance across multiple channels.

30-day free trial
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Ad Campaign Tracking

This platform centralizes all the data from ad networks like Google and Facebook Ads in one place. It makes it easy for you to view the CTR, CPC, and other impressions of an ad campaign in real time. ad campaign tracking

You can streamline the optimization process by utilizing data visualization tools. These tools provide valuable insights that enable you to tailor your marketing strategies to what actually works.

Conversion Tracking

Another noteworthy feature offered by is the precise tracking of your ad conversions. Whether it’s purchases, enrollments, or form submissions, this tool allows you to monitor these metrics accurately. conversion tracking

Now, setting up conversion tracking is simple because provides several options. Two popular ones are server-to-server integration and pixel-based tracking.

By picking either of these two methods, CFOs can track their marketing conversions on multiple channels. Now, this feature also provides an overview of your ad conversions.

It shows conversion rates, sources, and value. Through that data, you can adjust your campaigns to improve ad conversions.

Audience and Traffic Source Analysis

With this software, you have the flexibility to create and segment your audiences based on custom-defined criteria, including interests, behaviors, demographics, and more.

Once you’ve established these audience segments, you can craft personalized ad campaigns tailored to each specific group, effectively reaching your target audiences across the board. traffic report

Now, if you are looking to find new prospects that share similar traits as your existing clientele, creates a persona profile or lookalike. 

From there, create ad marketing campaigns that fit these new lookalikes and be able to track them and measure the overall performance.

The feature also allows CFOs to analyze their traffic source. It doesn’t matter if it comes from social media, search engines like Google, referrals, or email.

Attribution Modeling

This software allows you to assign credit and attribute conversions to multiple ad platforms in the funnel. It can be a sign-up to a newsletter or buying a product.

Through, you can assess the value of each conversion by using these attribution models: first-click, linear, last-click, Markov, and Algorithmic. attribution modeling

Not only that, you have the capability to design custom models that align with your business goals and pit them against one another to assess their individual performance.

Now, the attribution models provides are accurate since they combine algo and data integration. The software syncs CRM, offline, and CPC data to give an overview of the ad campaign ROI.

A/B Testing

This software allows you to run A/B tests on your landing pages, ad copy, and other variations for comparison and optimization.

Through, running these tests is simple since it relies on attribution and data integration.

To set up these A/B tests in this software, you are presented with the option to choose between ad group, campaign, or account-level testing.

Within these parameters, you can employ various bidding methods such as manual CPC or CPA to assess the effectiveness of your ad campaigns.

Furthermore, the software offers the functionality to automate optimization, enabling it to dynamically adjust budgets and bids based on the results of these A/B tests. also integrates with testing tools like Google Optimize, and you can sync data from the testing platform into to analyze it.

User Interface and User Experience

The interface of this software is clean and easy to navigate. The dashboard is the central hub with a menu on the left side full of all the features.

A click on the links will open the feature in a new window and let you access the functionalities it packs. dashboard UX is easy to set up and simplifies onboarding. You will find tutorials on how to use the available features.

CFOs will find a customization option on reports, dashboards, and alerts. Not only that, is responsive, whether on a small or larger screen.

Integrations, Compatibility, & Supported Platforms

This software integrates with popular marketing platforms like Amazon, Salesforce, and Google Analytics.

Not only that, comes with built-in integrations from communication, project management, and collaboration systems like MailChimp, Slack, and Airtable. integrations also provides flexible APIs that you can use to integrate custom applications or marketing data sources like TikTok Ads, Hubspot, Shopify, and more.

The software also provides guides that simplify setting them up. being a web-based software, it boasts accessibility across various browsers and compatibility with popular operating systems such as Windows, macOS, and Linux.

However, it’s important to highlight that the software currently lacks a mobile app, which may be seen as a drawback, especially for users who require on-the-go access to their dashboard.

Customer Support

The software offers excellent customer service and provides up to three channels of reaching out. They include live chat, email, and phone calls.

The live chat is the quickest way to reach out, with a 5 – 8 minute response time. The email and phone take 3-6 hours for a response, which is decent, unlike most other ad tracking software that can take up to 24 hours. customer support

Individuals seeking a comprehensive understanding of’s inner workings will find significant value in the blog. It packs in-depth content that can help anyone navigate through the software. also has a forum and Facebook page with 174 followers. The forum on their website is more active, and you can find more engagement there than on their FB page. – Unique Features

This software boasts a range of valuable ad attribution features for your marketing efforts. Here are the standout ones that set apart from the rest.

  • TV Ad Performance: This software uses an algo to assess the ad impact, detecting traffic spikes whenever the ad goes live. CFOs can have an overview of how the ads affect the customers in the funnel.
  • Budget Optimizer: employs an algorithm to assist in the allocation of your ad budget across campaigns based on factors like ROAS and attribution models. Additionally, you can use the software to run scenarios, providing you with a comprehensive view of how changes in budget allocation can impact your campaign’s profitability.
  • AppsFlyer Master API: AppsFlyer is an emerging attribution platform for mobile devices. CFOs can integrate mobile apps and the web with offline data to see their campaigns’ performance.

Niklas Kolster

Our goal is to simplify attribution and marketing analytics so that any business can analyze and optimize their ad campaign data.

\— Niklas Kolster, CEO of

What the Experts Say About

There are many positive reviews of software on popular platforms like G2 and Capterra from users and experts.

Here is what they said about it.

Andreas K, a Data Analyst for a small business, said, “We use as part of our ETL protocol where it updates any changes that happen to the APIs. It helps our business to take advantage of our daily data.”

Aleksey S, a Data Analyst, said, “We had difficulties in creating marketing reports in Power BI from various data sources. provided all the tools and data sources we needed for our business. Plus, setting up data sources is easy and seamless.”

Ritchie H, an owner of a small business, said, “We had problems with attribution, but helped us see the actual attribution. It does the heavy lifting by getting data in the proper place and mapping the attribution where it provides access to the data through several BI tools. It gives us more control on what to do with the data.” Alternatives

We understand that not every CFO will find the ideal software for their marketing attribution. So we took it upon ourselves to find some decent alternatives to, and they include:

Primary Rating:
Primary Rating:
Primary Rating:
$175/mo - $675/mo
Starts at $99/mo
$129/mo - $279/mo
Primary Rating:
$175/mo - $675/mo
Primary Rating:
Starts at $99/mo
Primary Rating:
$129/mo - $279/mo


segmetrics homepage

SegMetrics connects to your existing tools and services to instantly connect your historical and incoming data, following your leads through every step of their journey.

With SegMetrics, you’ll get clarity on your true lead value at every step, with lifetime revenue attribution across your whole funnel.

This makes SegMetrics a great option for any website publisher or marketer that is looking to accurately track the complete journey of every customer.

Start your 14-day free trial of SegMetrics today!


Hyros homepage

Hyros is one of the best ad tracking and attribution softwares in the industry. It is proven to increase ad ROI in over 3,000 businesses.

The pricing is much higher compared to a software like, but you can expect a much higher ROI on your ad spend.

Schedule your free demo of Hyros today!

Triple Whale

Triple Whale homepage

Triple Whale is a data platform that enables the management and automation of analytics, forecasting, merchandising, and more. It shares some similarities with in lead generation and attribution reporting.

Where the differences come in is in integration. Triple Whale offers more integration to marketing platforms and provides premium reporting features.

The entry plan “Growth” costs $129 per month. It packs features like access to mobile apps, benchmarks, and more. It makes Triple Whale best for e-commerce businesses that need to manage their creative content, analytics, and attribution.

Get your free demo of Triple Whale today!

Getting Started with is a valuable software tool for synchronizing and optimizing your marketing data, ultimately enhancing your return on investment (ROI).

Whether you need to assess your keywords, ad campaigns, or conversions, this software provides the capabilities to help you achieve your goals.

So, don’t wait until your marketing campaigns fail to achieve their goals. 

Start your 30-day free trial of today!


Is secure?

Yes, the software ensures data flow occurs with optimum security standards. The software has policies and controls that comply with industry standards and can pass third-party auditors.

How does work?

The software collects all dispersed marketing data and consolidates it to your chosen reporting or analytics platform.

You can export it as an Excel sheet or through a data visualization tool.

Is data-blending possible with

Yes, since the software allows cross-channel reporting. Users can then use spreadsheets or Google Data Studio to blend the marketing data with this software.

AI-powered marketing data Attribution software & attribution modelling platform that helps you discover performance across multiple channels.

30-day free trial
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

AI-Powered Marketing Data Attribution Software & attribution modeling platform that helps you discover performance across multiple channels.

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