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Are you a brand in the iGaming or mobile marketing industry looking for a performance marketing platform? Read my Trackier review to learn about the software.

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Trackier Trackier
Software Type: Marketing attribution software
Best For: Brands, iGaming, and mobile marketing industries seeking improved attribution tracking will find this platform beneficial.
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Running ads across multiple platforms is a challenge most marketing directors (MDs) can attest to. You have to juggle tracking and measuring the ad campaign performance and ensuring it has an ROI for your budget.

Now, applying ad tracking processes manually can be draining and time-consuming. However, an ad tracker can simplify and help streamline the backend processes, making your campaigns perform better.

One ad tracker that has gained a high rating from users is Trackier. It is a SaaS platform that uses algo to track traffic sources and attribute them with accuracy.

The platform also provides ad fraud detection mechanisms to block fraudulent clicks and traffic. However, what makes Trackier unique among other ad trackers, and does it offer value for money?

Continue reading this Trackier review to discover more.

SMB Guide’s Verdict for Trackier

Our Trackier review shows that the software excels in tracking and optimizing ad campaigns by automating most backend processes.

Processes like API integration, conversion tracking, A/B testing, and more. Compiling all these factors makes it score 8.6 out of 10, and here is why:

Trackier allows MDs to track several conversion points in a single campaign, like signups, clicks, and more. The software also uses smart links to redirect traffic to landing pages or ad copy that is performing.

We also got the option to customize the conditions and rules of the smart links. You can brand your network with a custom design, logo, or domain.

Not only that, you can customize your reporting, messages, and dashboard to fit your brand voice. It makes Trackier fit brands, gaming, and mobile marketing industries looking to enhance their attribution tracking.

All these features make it get a high rating, and it’s the reason we highly recommend Trackier.

FactorRating (out of 10)
Pricing & Plans6
Ad Campaign Tracking9.5
Conversion Tracking9.5
Audience and Traffic Source Analysis9
Attribution Modeling9
A/B Testing9
User Interface and User Experience9
Integrations, Compatibility, & Supported Platforms10
Customer Support9
SMB Guide Rating8.6

Pricing & Plans

MDs will find that Trackier targets three audiences: Brands and agencies, Mobile app owners, and iGaming.

However, one thing to note is that the platform doesn’t display the pricing packages. You have to create an account to access the pricing plans.

Trackier pricing

The good thing is that the platform offers a 30-day trial period to check the inner workings of the platform.

Now, for brands and agencies, here are the two plans the software offers.


The plan has transparent pricing and is only available in monthly subscriptions.


  • Monthly: $499


  • Tracks up to 40K conversions
  • Tracks up to 15M impressions
  • Surcharge $0.016 per conversion
  • Surcharge $0.005 per 1000 impressions

Who it’s for: A plan that suits Agencies and brands looking for a conversion-based solution.


A premium plan that offers custom features for ad tracking.


  • Custom


  • Unlimited conversion tracking
  • Unlimited impression tracking
  • The surcharge is custom per tracking
  • The surcharge is custom per 1000 impression 
  • All features in the Agency plan

Who it’s for: A package that fits enterprises looking for custom white-label features for tracking complex marketing campaigns.


Enhance your marketing ROI with the right platform. Join Trackier to create, automate, measure, and optimize all of your marketing campaigns in one place.

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Ad Campaign Tracking

Trackier supports tracking ad campaigns across ad networks, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads.

trackier campaign tracking

Furthermore, you can access real-time data on your campaign’s CTR, CPC, clicks, and other impressions conveniently from a centralized location.

You also get to compare various ad campaigns to find the strategies that are working. Trackier excels at tracking campaigns with high-traffic conversions, unlike ad trackers like Affise.

It accomplishes it by supporting methods like clickless, pixel, and postback tracking. We were pleased to find that Trackier provides in-depth reporting on audience browsers, locations, devices, and more.

The platform works to enable you to manage your marketing campaigns with ease.

Conversion Tracking

Trackier offers multiple tracking methods for ad campaigns, including server-to-server, pixel-based, and the Trackier SDK.

The platform also provides a simple interface that enables seamless creation and management of conversion tracking settings.

Trackier conversion tracking

The pixel-based conversion consists of an image and iframe pixel that gets placed on the site page where the conversion happens.

The pixel then tracks a visitor’s engagement with the page and sends a conversion signal once they click. It comes in handy in web purchasing and form submissions.

The server-to-server consists of a postback URL from the client-server to Trackier. It works by issuing a unique click ID to visitors, and it gets triggered once they click an ad campaign.

It is an accurate tracking method since it bypasses cookie and pixel blockers. Not only that, it works for offline devices that use a different domain.

Trackier SDK is a method that works on mobile devices once a visitor installs your app. Once a visitor uses or engages with your app, the SDK sends a conversion signal to Trackier.

It is a method that allows you to track in-app purchases, sessions, and more.

Audience and Traffic Source Analysis

With Trackier, you can target audiences using behavior, demographics, and custom-defined criteria. You have the ability to create audience segments using software conditions and filters such as language, device, region, and various other criteria.

Not only that, you can also import data from an email list or CRM and use it to create an audience segment. Once you segment the audience, you can assign each to a campaign and track their progress.

With Trackier you can create buyer personas or lookalikes when targeting new audiences. Trackier uses an algo to create buyer personas based on conversion data or existing customer segments.

It comes in handy when scaling marketing campaigns. Trackier allows you to track and analyze traffic sources, whether they originate from social media networks, referrals, or search engines.

It can also track metrics like CPA and other source-specific conversions, providing in-depth reports on traffic relevance and quality.

Attribution Modeling

Using Trackier, you can assign credit and attribute conversions to multiple platforms across the entire funnel. Trackier achieves it through 5 attribution models that help analyze the ad campaign’s impact.

The models include first-touch, linear, U-shaped, last-touch, and time decay. The attribution modeling of Trackier is more accurate than most ad trackers since it uses pixel-based, server-to-server, and Trackier SDK.

The software also offers real-time data on each attribution model, like CPC, ROI, and the number of conversions. Additionally, you can compare the results of each model and identify the most effective one for your needs.

With the platform, you also get the option to create and customize an attribution model to your liking. The software provides filters and conditions that users can use to define the weights of assigning credit through the funnel.

Not only that, you can use the software algo to create data-driven models depending on ad campaign results.

A/B Testing

Conducting A/B tests on your ad copy or landing pages is possible through Trackier.

Trackier split testing

The software allows you to run split tests on your landing page traffic and analyze it on metrics like CTR, CPA, and more.

You’ll also find that the software has an automated smart link feature that redirects traffic to the landing pages that perform best.

The basis is on the traffic source device, browser, IP address, and more. Not only that, you can use the fraud verification feature to block fraudulent traffic and clicks.

Trackier seamlessly integrates with third-party testing tools such as Google Analytics, assisting new users in analyzing traffic behavior effectively.

The software also has a Userpilot integration that you can use for in-app A/B tests.

User Interface and User Experience

Trackier boasts a user-friendly interface with an easily navigable dashboard. The dashboard acts as the central hub for all data displays, and on the left, you have a menu with links to all features.

Trackier dashboard

Located at the top left, a search bar simplifies data retrieval. Additionally, Trackier features a breadcrumb trail showcasing the user’s path and IP address within the platform for enhanced navigation and tracking.

Customization options on Trackier are extensive and more flexible than most ad trackers like Affise. The platform allows you to create custom dashboards using widgets, workflows, and reporting.

The onboarding process is also seamless, where the platform provides clear instructions on setting up an account.

You’ll also find guides on creating a campaign, tracking, and optimizing.

Integrations, Compatibility, & Supported Platforms

Trackier seamlessly integrates with over 300 tools, encompassing collaboration and communication platforms such as Slack, Userpilot, and many others.

Trackier integrations

The software also has Restful API to integrate custom tools and import data from third-party platforms.

Accessing Trackier is easy through a Windows, macOS, or Linux browser. Not only that, the software has a mobile app for iOS and Android to manage campaigns on the go.

Customer Support

Users can use a live chat, email, or phone number to contact Trackier customer support. The response varies with the channel, where the live chat is quickest with 1-3 minutes of responses.

Email and phone can take up to 24 hours for a response.

Trackier customer support

Trackier also provides a glossary, FAQ, blog, and guides on the platform’s inner workings. The guides are informative, offering step-by-step processes for setting up the software and troubleshooting options.

Trackier also has an online presence with Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram, and YouTube accounts. One thing to note is that the community isn’t as vibrant as you would find in competitors like SegMetrics.

Trackier – Unique Features

Besides the ad tracking features that MDs will find on Trackier, there are two unique ones that make it stand out. Let us look at them:

White label branding

With Trackier, you can easily brand your network with a custom design, domain, and even a logo. Moreover, you have the flexibility to personalize notification messages with emojis, customize dashboards using widgets, and explore various additional customization options.

The goal is to create a unique identity for your business in a competitive industry.

Ad fraud detection

Trackier uses an algo to detect any fraudulent traffic or clicks in a campaign. The platform also allows its users to create custom fraud thresholds and rules for their marketing.

What the Experts Say About Trackier

Trackier has received high praise for how it excels in helping users track their ad campaigns on G2.

Here is what some of the users said.

A growth marketer, Ankush S, said, “As a publisher in the advertising industry, partnering with ecommerce advertisers is common. However, finding a reliable platform that can track sales accurately is challenging. Trackier has helped us solve tracking and attribution issues we faced earlier.”

An affiliate executive, Kusum B, said, “We had issues with daily campaign reporting, and optimizing campaigns was proving challenging. Not only that, whenever we used an API, we had to integrate it manually, which is complex and time-consuming. Trackier simplifies these processes where it automates most of them. API integration is seamless, and tracking campaign data is accurate, unlike some softwares we used.”

Trackier Alternatives

We understand that not everyone will find Trackier comprehensive to meet their business demands. So, we took it upon ourselves to find 3 alternatives that offer what Trackier lacks.

Primary Rating:
Primary Rating:
Primary Rating:
$488/mo - $879/mo
Request pricing
Request pricing
Primary Rating:
$488/mo - $879/mo
Primary Rating:
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Primary Rating:
Request pricing


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LinkTrust offers powerful business-building tools for agencies and networks. Discover how to manage campaigns, partners and channels at scale.

It is one of the leading performance marketing platforms in the industry that many brands trust when it comes to running their affiliate porgrams.

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PartnerStack homepage

PartnerStack is a SaaS affiliate solution B2B enterprises use to manage and scale partner programs. Similar to Trackier, PartnerStack integrates with collaboration and communication platforms like Figma, Google Analytics, and more. 

Not only that, the platform pricing model is invite-only with a three-week trial period. It makes the platform fit enterprises looking to grow and automate their partner’s journey.

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Impact homepage

Impact is a SaaS partner marketing platform that allows MDs to automate their affiliate program with reporting, recruitment, and more.

Unlike Trackier, Impact allows you to recruit publishers, influencers, and agencies. Not only that, you can measure each affiliate’s ROI in real-time.

However, similar to Trackier, the pricing packages are invite-only. It makes the platform suit enterprises looking to have high-value partnerships and understand their customer journey better.

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Getting Started with Trackier

Trackier offers an all-rounded platform that any brand will find valuable in accurately tracking and attributing their marketing campaigns.

The customization options and automation of processes are its major selling points. Although the pricing packages are not transparent, the overall features and functionality of the software make Trackier get a high rating from us.

Sign up to Trackier and start your 30-day trial period!


What duration does Trackier retain personal account data?

The duration will depend on how active the account is. In case the account expires, the data gets deleted within 90 days.

Will Trackier protect your account from ad fraud?

The software provides an anti-fraud tool to help safeguard accounts from fraudulent activities. The tools scan for IP addresses and cookies to deter click fraud.

Will you find an API in Trackier?

The software provides restful APIs for users looking to integrate and access its functionality. Some API methods include retrieving revenue, payouts, publishers, and more.


Enhance your marketing ROI with the right platform. Join Trackier to create, automate, measure, and optimize all of your marketing campaigns in one place.

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Enhance your marketing ROI with the right platform with Trackier.

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