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Discover the power of CPV Lab Pro & CPV One by reading this review covering its features, real-world use cases, & pricing options to make an informed decision.

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CPV Lab Pro CPV Lab Pro
Software Type: Ad tracking software
Best For: Small business owners, affiliate marketers, media buyers, and marketing agencies
Pricing: $39/mo - $89/mo
  • 14-day free trial
  • User-friendly interface
  • Self-hosted platform
  • Awesome support team
  • No mobile apps
  • Technical setup process
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In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, precision, and data-driven decision-making are the keys to unlocking success.

As businesses strive to maximize their online reach and ROI, the need for a robust tracking and optimization tool becomes paramount. 

Enter CPV Lab Pro—a powerful, all-in-one solution designed to streamline your marketing campaigns, enhance your targeting efforts, and boost your returns on investment.

It stands out as an advanced ad-tracking tool tailored for seasoned marketers.

  • Are you wondering how CPV Lab Pro can address your specific needs?
  • What unique features does it offer?
  • And, most importantly, how does it fit into your budget? 

In this comprehensive review, we will delve deep into CPV Lab Pro, unravelling its features, exploring real-world use cases, and dissecting pricing options. 

By the end of this article, you’ll have all the answers you need to make an informed decision and supercharge your marketing efforts. Let’s dive in!

Note: This review has been done using CPV One, the cloud-hosted version of the same software.

Apart from differences in their hosting method and pricing schemes, all features remain the same between the two.

SMB Guide’s Verdict for CPV Lab Pro

SMB Guide’s overall rating for CPV Lab Pro is 9 out of 10.

Here’s the detailed breakdown of the scoring for each factor:

FactorRating (out of 10)
Pricing & Plans8
Ad Campaign Tracking10
Conversion Tracking10
Audience and Traffic Source Analysis9
Attribution Modeling8
A/B Testing10
User Interface and User Experience9
Integrations, Compatibility, & Supported Platforms8.5
Customer Support8.5
SMB Guide Rating9

In this review of CPV Lab, I’ve followed SMB Guide’s detailed criteria for evaluating the marketing attribution software.

CPV Lab Pro Pricing & Plans

CPV Lab Pro currently offers three pricing tiers on a monthly, yearly, and lifetime basis: Starter, Pro, and Expert. You can get a free trial for 14-days on all of these, along with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

CPV Lab Pro pricing


The Starter plan is best suited for marketers just kicking off or requiring small-scale campaigns. This includes 2 campaign types. 


  • $39 per month on the yearly plan
  • $47 per month on the monthly plan
  • $957 one-time fee


  • 2 campaign types
  • 10+ Reports
  • 20+ data points including Mobile data
  • 50+ Traffic Sources integrated
  • 50+ Affiliate Networks integrated
  • Unlimited campaigns and events tracked
  • Standard support
  • 1 user access

Who it’s for: Beginners in affiliate marketing; small businesses with smaller campaigns.


The Pro plan is best for intermediate marketers who have bigger, more complex campaigns that require in-depth tracking. The Pro plan unlocks even more features with larger flexibility for custom tracking. 


  • $64 per month on the yearly plan
  • $77 per month on the monthly plan
  • $1,557 one-time fee


  • 6 comprehensive campaign types
  • 20+ Reports
  • 30+ data points including Mobile & Desktop Metrics & ISP/Carrier
  • 10 Custom Tracking Domains
  • One License to be installed in one location
  • Unlimited campaigns and events tracked
  • Standard support
  • 1 user access 

Who it’s for: Intermediate affiliate marketers; medium-sized marketing departments/agencies with multiple campaigns.


The Expert plan is made for the seasoned marketer who knows their way around advanced conversion tracking. Unlocking multivariate testing and priority support, the Expert plan is great for larger businesses or marketing teams. 


  • $89 per month on the yearly plan
  • $107 per month on the monthly plan
  • $2,157 one-time fee


  • 6 comprehensive campaign types
  • 20+ Reports
  • 30+ data points including Mobile & Desktop Metrics & ISP/Carrier
  • 50 Custom Tracking Domains
  • One License to be installed in one location
  • Priority & Live chat support
  • Includes MV Lab for 50 domains 
  • Unlimited campaigns and events tracked
  • 5 multi-user access 

Who it’s for: Advanced affiliate marketers; larger businesses juggling multiple complex campaigns.


CPV Lab is a self hosted performance marketing tracker. Start your free trial today!

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CPV One Pricing & Plans

Unlike its self-hosted counterpart, CPV One charges for the cloud-storage space that’s taken up. However, it boasts flexible subscription plans and also offers a 14-day free trial you can opt for without credit card information.

You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

CPV One pricing

CPV One currently offers four plans: Starter, Pro, Team, and Enterprise with yearly and monthly payment options available. The best plan for you will depend on your team size and your scale of marketing operations.


The Starter plan in CPV One is identical to CPV Lab Pro with a couple of differences in features. It’s defined by the number of events per month and is also a great tool for beginners in the space. 


  • $48 per month on the yearly plan
  • $57 per month on the monthly plan


  • 2,000,000 events/mo 
  • $0.05 per 1000 events overage
  • 6 months data retention
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • 2 campaign types/layouts
  • Unlimited Pages & Offers
  • Unlimited Traffic Sources & Affiliate Networks
  • 3 API integrations
  • 3 Custom Domains with SSL
  • Optional MV Lab plugin
  • 1 user account

Who it’s for: Beginners in affiliate marketing; small businesses with smaller campaigns.


The Pro plan is best suited for intermediate marketers looking for larger data retention and multiple campaign types. If you need a slightly higher campaign size/numbers, this plan is for you. 


  • $81 per month on the yearly plan
  • $97 per month on the monthly plan


  • 5,000,000 events/mo 
  • $0.04 per 1000 events overage
  • 12 months data retention
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • 6 campaign types/layouts
  • Unlimited Pages & Offers
  • Unlimited Traffic Sources & Affiliate Networks
  • 10 API integrations
  • 15 Custom Domains with SSL
  • Optional MV Lab plugin
  • 1 user account

Who it’s for: Intermediate affiliate marketers; medium-sized marketing departments/agencies with multiple campaigns.


The Team plan is an exclusive offering on CPV One that isn’t provided as a tier on CPV Lab Pro. If you want a larger and more expansive plan than Pro, but not to the scale or pricing of Enterprise for your team to work with, you can opt for this plan. 


  • $189 per month on the yearly plan
  • $227 per month on the monthly plan


  • 10,000,000 events/mo 
  • $0.03 per 1000 events overage
  • 12 months data retention
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • 6 campaign types/layouts
  • Unlimited Pages & Offers
  • Unlimited Traffic Sources & Affiliate Networks
  • Unlimited API integrations
  • 100 Custom Domains with SSL
  • MV Lab (5 domains) included
  • 4 user accounts
  • Live chat support available

Who it’s for: Team-based affiliate marketers; mid-to-large size businesses and marketing agencies.


The Enterprise plan is for larger corporations or marketing agencies requiring large-scale customization and campaign management features. 


  • $389 per month on the yearly plan
  • $467 per month on the monthly plan


  • 30,000,000 events/mo 
  • $0.02 per 1000 events overage
  • 24 months data retention
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • 6 campaign types/layouts
  • Unlimited Pages & Offers
  • Unlimited Traffic Sources & Affiliate Networks
  • Unlimited API integrations
  • 150 Custom Domains with SSL
  • MV Lab (10 domains) included
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Live chat support available

Who it’s for: Expert affiliate marketers; larger corporations.


CPV One is a conversion tracker that will help you find the best combinations of landing pages, offers, ads and traffic so you can increase your profits.

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Ad Campaign Tracking

CPV Lab Pro offers some exceptional capabilities for tracking and monitoring ad campaigns across diverse platforms, ranging from Google Ads and Facebook Ads to various display networks.

CPV Lab Pro ad campaign tracking

First and foremost, it offers a comprehensive array of campaign types which includes:

  • Direct Link & Landing Page Campaigns: These campaigns drive traffic directly to the offer without an intermediary landing page. Landing page campaigns use a dedicated web page to capture visitor information or provide additional information before redirecting to the offer.
  • Multiple Option Campaigns: These enable you to create and test various offers or paths within a single campaign, allowing you to optimize for better results.
  • Multiple Path Campaigns: These offer the flexibility to define different paths or routes that visitors can take within a campaign, providing customized experiences based on user behavior.
CPV Lab Pro creating a campaign
  • Landing Page Sequence Campaigns: These involve a series of interconnected landing pages that guide users through a sequence of steps, gradually leading them toward a specific action or offer.
  • Lead Capture / Opt-In Campaigns: These focus on collecting user information, such as email addresses or contact details, typically through a lead capture form or opt-in mechanism.
  • Email Follow-Up Campaigns: These facilitate automated email communication with leads or customers who have taken specific actions, nurturing them through a series of emails to encourage conversions.

This versatility empowers affiliates and advertisers to explore new horizons and creativity within their campaigns while meticulously tracking every aspect of the process.

The good news is you have the ability to create an unlimited number of campaigns within each type.

CPV Lab Pro campaign setup

This ensures you have the flexibility to manage and analyze a wide range of marketing initiatives simultaneously, streamlining your ad campaign management.

CPV Lab Pro campaign groups

To help you organize better, CPV Lab Pro also allows you to create Campaign Groups. This means you can categorize and manage campaigns more efficiently, simplifying the process of analyzing your campaign data. 

Similarly, you can leverage Landing Page Groups and Offer Groups to further optimize your campaign tracking and management.

Conversion Tracking

CPV Lab Pro’s conversion tracking capabilities can deliver accurate insights into a wide range of critical actions while allowing marketers to set up conversion tracking across various platforms and through diverse tracking methods, such as pixel-based tracking. 

CPV Lab Pro empowers marketers with a versatile toolbox for conversion tracking. By incorporating tracking pixels and postback URLs, users can ensure that every conversion is meticulously monitored and reported.

CPV Lap Pro conversion settings

What sets CPV Lab Pro apart is its flexibility in allowing the integration of multiple tracking pixels, not only from its own system but also from external sources.

You get to see this through Traffic Sources. This flexibility means that marketers can aggregate data from various channels and platforms into one centralized location.

CPV Lab conversions List

The Conversions List feature is another treasure trove of information, offering marketers a comprehensive view of their conversion data.

Within this feature, users can access crucial details, including the precise date and time of each conversion, the associated IP address, geographic data (including country, state, and city), the specific offer connected to each conversion, revenue generated, and even SubID information.

CPV Lab conversion data

This level of detail allows for precise tracking, attribution, and analysis of conversion performance.

CPV Lab conversion logs

For a deeper understanding of the conversion tracking process, the Conversion Log page is an invaluable resource. It provides a comprehensive record of all Postback URL calls within campaigns, making it an essential tool for troubleshooting and verifying data accuracy.

Whether you’re ensuring the correctness of conversion data or investigating discrepancies, this feature streamlines the process.

CPV Lab Pro takes a holistic approach to conversion tracking with its extensive network integrations. These integrations encompass a range of networks, including Facebook, Bing Ads, TikTok, and more. 

By connecting with these networks, CPV Lab Pro enhances its ability to provide marketers with a complete view of conversion data across multiple channels and platforms.

This breadth of data empowers marketers to make informed, data-driven decisions to optimize their campaigns effectively.

Audience and Traffic Source Analysis

CPV Lab Pro provides the flexibility to view and customize Direct Traffic sources.

CPV Lab direct traffic sources

Direct Traffic refers to visitors who land on your landing pages without passing through a campaign URL. This can occur through various means, such as search engine results, press release links, forum posts, or direct URL entry.

Notably, Direct Traffic visitors often lack tracking cookies and may not trigger redirects to subsequent landing pages or offers.

CPV Lab mobile audience

To accommodate both paid and organic traffic, CPV Lab Pro offers the ability to handle direct traffic within campaigns, ensuring that all visitor types are accommodated seamlessly.

CPV Lab top traffic sources

Marketers can further fine-tune their tracking by customizing and adding multiple traffic sources to suit their specific needs. This flexibility allows for a granular analysis of traffic origins and behavior, aiding in campaign optimization.

CPV Lab traffic performance

If you’re worried about bot traffic, CPV Lab Pro covers that too. Bot traffic, which can account for a significant portion of website visitors, presents a unique challenge. 

CPV Lab Pro addresses this concern by introducing Block Traffic Rules, a powerful feature that allows users to define rules based on criteria such as IP addresses, user agents, or referrers.

CPV Lab blocked traffic rules

Traffic matching these predefined rules is excluded from statistics and other reports, ensuring that only genuine, valuable traffic is considered for analysis.

However, these filtered traffic instances are still redirected to landing pages to maintain a natural appearance to search engine spiders, which can be suspicious if the landing page is inaccessible.

Attribution Modeling

CPV Lab Pro provides multiple attribution models to choose from, allowing you to set up your campaigns in a way that best aligns with your campaign goals and chosen attribution model. 

This includes features that support: 

  • Channel Attribution: This model focuses on attributing conversions to specific marketing channels, providing insights into which channels are most effective in driving results.
  • Cross-Channel Attribution: Cross-channel attribution goes beyond individual channels to analyze how different marketing channels work together in the customer journey. It offers a holistic view of how touchpoints across various channels contribute to conversions.
  • First Click Attribution: This model emphasizes the significance of the initial interaction with a customer, making it ideal for understanding the first touchpoint that leads to a conversion.
  • Split Percentages between Channels: With the ability to split percentages between channels, CPV Lab Pro enables you to allocate credit for conversions based on your preferred distribution, providing a customizable approach to attribution.

Whether you’re focused on pinpointing the most effective marketing channels or seeking a comprehensive cross-channel view, CPV Lab Pro’s attribution modeling empowers you to make informed decisions and optimize your strategies.

A/B Testing

With CPV Lab Pro’s A/B testing capabilities, marketers gain the means to conduct precise experiments, identify winning variations, and optimize their campaigns for enhanced performance and profitability.

Possibly one of the gold standard features that CPV Lab Pro offers is MV Lab. A great alternative to the popular Google Optimize tool, MV Lab streamlines A/B testing by allowing you to test numerous landing page variations within a single landing page.

This approach enables you to fine-tune your campaigns quickly and efficiently.

CPV Lab A/B testing tool

Eliminating the need to create multiple copies of the same page saves a considerable amount of time. Unlike traditional A/B split-tests, MV Lab allows you to explore an extensive array of Landing Page variations to pinpoint those that deliver the best results.

Once you identify the winning combinations, you can allocate more traffic to these high-performing variations and eliminate those that are less profitable.

Thus, MV Lab’s efficiency also maximizes your return on investment by enabling rapid optimization of your campaigns.

MV Lab currently offers two modes for A/B testing, catering to different user needs:

  • Basic Mode: Designed for most users, this mode provides an excellent starting point for utilizing the tool’s capabilities effectively.
  • Advanced Mode: Tailored for experienced users seeking to extract the utmost from MV Lab, this mode offers advanced features and customization options.

User Interface and User Experience

CPV Lab Pro prioritizes a user-centric design, ease of use, and personalization options to provide an overall, pleasant user experience.

CPV Lab Pro starts your journey with a personalized welcome email, providing you with all the essential information needed to kickstart your ad-tracking endeavors.

This thoughtful touch ensures a smooth and informed onboarding process.

CPV Lab Pro user interface

They also provide a detailed installation guide for CPV Lab Pro users, i.e. for the self-hosted version.

CPV Lab Pro installation

Once you log in, you’re presented with a very basic and easy-to-use interface, making it accessible for users with varying levels of expertise.

CPV Lab Pro dashboard

The software’s simplicity enhances efficiency and minimizes the learning curve, enabling marketers to dive right into their campaigns.

CPV Lab Pro goes the extra mile by offering a Night Mode feature, a rarity among ad tracking software.

CPV Lab night mode feature

This feature is a boon for users burning the midnight oil, providing a visually soothing and comfortable interface during late-night sessions.

Adding and managing user accounts, along with permissions customization, is a breeze within the software’s settings.

CPV Lab adding user accounts

This feature ensures that team collaboration and access control are easily managed to suit your organizational needs.

Integrations, Compatibility, & Supported Platforms

CPV Lab Pro streamlines your workflow with built-in integrations to major ad networks, ensuring seamless connectivity to the platforms you use most.

These include Facebook Ads, TikTok, Adsterra, Clickadu, and more. Should you encounter a missing network in the roster, CPV Lab Pro is open to user input.

You can contact their team and request the addition of specific networks, enhancing the software’s adaptability to your needs.

CPV Lab Pro, along with CPV One, offers web-based access. This means you can access these platforms from various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. 

At present, CPV Lab Pro does not offer dedicated mobile applications for iOS or Android. While you can access the platform through web browsers on mobile devices, there is no standalone app for mobile management.

Customer Support

CPV Lab Pro offers a robust and multifaceted support ecosystem, ensuring that users have access to the help they need when they need it.

CPV Lab documentation

The platform provides detailed online documentation, which serves as a valuable knowledge base for users looking to troubleshoot issues or learn more about the software’s features.

For those who prefer structured guidance, CPV Lab Pro offers a PDF user guide that provides in-depth insights and step-by-step instructions.

CPV Lab Youtube channel

Users seeking visual assistance can take advantage of video tutorials hosted on YouTube, offering a dynamic way to learn and navigate the software’s capabilities.

CPV Lab support center

CPV Lab Pro maintains a dedicated support center equipped with a ticket system. This support channel allows users to submit their queries and issues, ensuring that their questions are addressed in a timely and organized manner.

The ticket system streamlines the resolution process, ensuring that users receive personalized assistance tailored to their specific needs.

CPV Lab Pro — Unique Features

These unique offerings serve as compelling reasons why CPV Lab Pro stands out from the competition.

Certified Click Tracker by Google

One of CPV Lab Pro’s standout features is its certification as a Click Tracker by Google. This endorsement speaks to the software’s credibility and reliability in tracking and optimizing ad campaigns effectively.

MV Lab: Elevating A/B Testing

As we’ve already examined, CPV Lab Pro takes A/B testing to new heights with its MV Lab feature. This multivariate testing tool enables users to explore a myriad of Landing Page variations, providing deeper insights into what works best for their campaigns.

Unlimited Tracking Mastery

CPV Lab Pro boasts the capability to track an impressive 99% of funnels. This level of coverage ensures that marketers gain comprehensive insights into their campaign performance and customer journey.

Plus, unlike many competitors, CPV Lab Pro offers the flexibility of tracking an unlimited number of campaigns. This scalability allows marketers to manage multiple campaigns without constraints, making it an ideal choice for ambitious marketing endeavors.

Insights from CPV Lab Pro’s CEO & Co-Founder

Julia Draghici, the CEO and Co-Founder of CPV Lab Pro (and CPV One by extension) spoke to us and shared her expert insights.

Julia Draghici

“Data is the new gold coin in business, and the same goes for marketing. Marketers need data to achieve performance with their campaigns.” 

Quoting the transition to GA4, she centered CPV Lab as a solution. 

“More and more marketers are seeking to fill the gaps left by the switch from UA,” she said. “They require real-time reports, split testing, accurate values for their paid ads channels, and integrations with third-party platforms. We are working diligently to provide reliable tracking for marketers because we understand the importance of easily accessing real-time metrics to optimize their campaigns quickly.”

— Julia Draghici, CEO and Co-Founder of CPV Lab

With over 10 years of experience in tracking marketing campaigns, the creators behind CPV have observed thousands of funnels being tracked.

“We want to develop a solution to automate their optimization,” Julia added.

“CPV Lab was specifically designed for affiliate marketers who prioritize 100% privacy, while CPV One caters to all businesses seeking accurate and convenient access to their marketing data.”

What the Experts Say About CPV Lab Pro

CPV Lab Pro features amazing ratings and reviews across the major review communities. On both G2.com and Capterra, it has a whopping 4.9 out of 5 stars.

CPV Lab tracking metrics have been a game changer for my business. Data analysis from these metrics have made me improve my campaigns, conversions and achieve favorable advertising costs.

Louis J., Self-employed – Verified Capterra review

I like the software and would keep using it for quite a long time. It is affordable. The support is impressive. They are the fastest, to me, in comparison to other trackers.

Wisuwat J., Online Marketing Consultant – Verified Capterra review

CPV Lab Pro Alternatives

Let’s take a closer look at a few notable alternatives to CPV Lab Pro.

$49/mo - $199/mo
$65/mo - $307/mo
Free - $499/mo
$49/mo - $199/mo
$65/mo - $307/mo
Free - $499/mo


ClickMagick homepage

ClickMagick distinguishes itself with its user-friendly interface and real-time link-tracking capabilities. It offers robust split testing features and detailed reporting, making it an excellent choice for marketers seeking in-depth insights.

ClickMagick is well-suited for affiliate marketers, solo entrepreneurs, and small to medium-sized businesses looking for an accessible yet comprehensive ad-tracking solution.

Its pricing starts at a competitive rate, making it an attractive option for those with budget constraints.

Start your 14-day free trial of ClickMagick


Wecantrack homepage

WeCanTrack specializes in tracking offline conversions, bridging the gap between online and offline marketing efforts. It excels in providing multi-channel tracking, making it valuable for businesses with diverse marketing strategies.

WeCanTrack is an ideal choice for businesses heavily invested in both online and offline marketing, as well as those seeking to track multiple marketing channels effectively.

While pricing varies, WeCanTrack offers a range of options to accommodate different budgets. 

Start your 15-day free trial of Wecantrack


BeMob homepage

BeMob stands out for its cloud-based infrastructure, ensuring scalability and reliability for high-traffic campaigns. It offers a comprehensive suite of tracking and optimization tools, making it suitable for advanced marketers.

BeMob caters to experienced marketers, media buyers, and agencies who require a robust and scalable tracking solution for their performance marketing campaigns.

BeMob’s pricing is competitive and scales with usage, making it accessible for marketers at various levels.

Get started with BeMob for free

Getting Started with CPV Lab Pro

Ready to take your ad tracking and optimization to the next level? CPV Lab Pro offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to supercharge your marketing campaigns.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make informed decisions and boost your ROI. Don’t wait to unlock the power of precision tracking and optimization.

Get started with CPV Lab Pro today! Use our special discount code “SMB20to get more savings.


What is CPV Lab Pro?

CPV Lab Pro is a self-hosted ad tracking and conversion tracking software for marketers to track and scale their marketing campaigns from a wide number of sources.

What is CPV One?

CPV One is the cloud-based version of CPV Lab Pro and has integrations with over 150+ ad platforms and traffic sources.

What does self-hosted ad tracking mean?

Self-hosted ad tracking refers to managing and running your own ad tracking system on your own servers instead of relying on a third-party or cloud-based tracking platform.

This gives you more control over your tracking system’s infrastructure, data storage, and configuration.


CPV Lab is a self hosted performance marketing tracker. Start your free trial today!

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CPV Lab Pro

CPV Lab Pro is a powerful and affordable self-hosted Ad and Affiliate Tracker that optimizes your campaigns, conversions and increases ROI.

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