Hyros vs. RedTrack: Which ad tracking tool is better?

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As an affiliate marketer, how can you track your marketing campaigns and attribute them with accuracy?

Find out in this Hyros vs. RedTrack comparison.

Primary Rating:
Primary Rating:
Starts at $99/mo
$149/mo - $749/mo
Best For:
Large enterprises scaling their marketing that are looking for an ad tracking tool to analyze their campaigns accurately.
Best For:
Media buyers, publishers, ecommerce sites, and ad agencies - plans scale based on business size.
Primary Rating:
Starts at $99/mo
Best For:
Large enterprises scaling their marketing that are looking for an ad tracking tool to analyze their campaigns accurately.
Primary Rating:
$149/mo - $749/mo
Best For:
Media buyers, publishers, ecommerce sites, and ad agencies - plans scale based on business size.

Do you have an affiliate marketing program? Are you struggling to track your ad campaigns and attributing them to the right source?

It is a common occurrence with most managing directors (MDs) and entrepreneurs because they use the wrong tools.

Ad tracking and attribution softwares provide varied features that can help you save thousands of ad spend.

Two that stand out are Hyros and RedTrack. Hyros uses AI in its ad tracking and offers accuracy in attribution, while RedTrack uses cookies and focuses on affiliate marketing.

Each tool excels in its way, but how do they work, and do they offer value for money? How do they compare in their attribution modeling?

Let us find out in this Hyros vs. RedTrack comparison.

Hyros vs. RedTrack at a glance

SMB Guide’s Rating9.6/108/10RedTrack
Ad Campaign TrackingIt consolidates all the data in a central hub (dashboard)It adjusts to various ad campaigns, like traffic from direct to re-directRedTrack
Conversion TrackingServer-to-server tracking methodPixel-based and server-to-serverHyros
Audience and Traffic Source AnalysisRobust analysis tools for online trafficVersatile and has a native audience creation featureRedTrack
Attribution Modeling4 attribution models5 attribution modelsHyros
A/B TestingUses True Tracking to run A/B testsThe A/B testing feature lacks automated optimizationHyros
AD Fraud DetectionRobust AD fraud detection capabilitiesUses proxy detection, cookie analysis and IP blacklist to detect fraud trafficRedTrack
Realtime Reporting and DashboardsTie
Data Privacy and SecurityTie
Customizable Metrics and KPIsCustomize KPIs and metrics through an attribution featureDepends on native integrations to collect conversion dataHyros
UX and UIClean and user-friendly interfaceSimpler interface and navigationTie
Integrations and API Capabilities90+ integrations200+ integrationsRedTrack
Supported PlatformsmacOS, Linux, and WindowsmacOS, Linux, and WindowsRedTrack
Customer SupportEmail, dedicated specialist, and knowledge baseEmail and live chatRedTrack
PricingStarts at $99/mo$149/mo – $749/moRedTrack
ScalabilityNeeds a quote to upgradePricing model is scalable and transparentRedTrack

How we evaluate and test softwares

When testing softwares/apps, SMB Guide employs a dual approach based on free trial availability and demos. For platforms offering free trials, we test their functionalities, usability, navigation, and ease of use. In the case of tools lacking a free version or trial, we rely on in-depth research and user testimonials through software review platforms like G2, Capterra, and TrustRadius to gauge their performance and capabilities. Learn more about our ratings criteria for marketing attribution softwares & tools here.

Hyros: Key Features, Pros, Cons, & Pricing

Hyros homepage

Hyros is an attribution and ad tracking software that allows businesses to understand their ad budget spend.

Hyros rose to acceptance after the iOS 14 update back in 2021. The reason was that after the update, attribution became complex, and it was impossible to track long sales cycle data.

Today, platforms like Facebook allow you to track your conversion data for seven days only. However, Hyros enables you to track up to a year’s data on multiple platforms.

Pros & Cons


One-on-one assistance

High level reporting

AI optimization

Real-time data analysis


Customized pricing

Not designed for beginners


You can choose from three pricing packages: Organic, Paid, and Agency. Each plan offers unique features as you upgrade to the more premium packages.

One thing to note is that the Paid and Agency plans are invitation-only.

Hyros pricing
  • Organic: It is the entry plan and costs $49 for up to 20K maximum revenue tracked. It is also the only plan with pricing on display on their website.
  • Paid: It is the mid-level package, but it’s an invitation-only plan.
  • Agency: It is the premium plan with an invitation-only. You’ll have to contact a representative to get a quote.

HYROS is a revolutionary tracking and attribution system that combines print tracking+ AI.

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RedTrack: Key Features, Pros, Cons, & Pricing

RedTrack homepage

RedTrack is an ad attribution and tracking software that focuses on partner marketing, such as affiliate programs.

RedTrack helps you manage the ad output by providing real-time reports across platforms.

It started in 2018 and became a leading software for affiliates who want to automate their campaigns and integrate third-party marketing platforms.

Pros & Cons


14-day free trial

200+ integrations

Automation toolset

Data breakdowns


No error log

Challenges with UI


You can pick from three pricing packages as an affiliate or advertiser: Solo, Team, and Enterprise.

Each plan offers unique features that rise with tiers. Not only that, the packages have a free trial of 14 days.

RedTrack pricing
  • Solo: The entry package costs $149 monthly, offering basic tracking and optimization features.
  • Team: Mid-level package priced at $248 monthly, providing collaboration tools for multiple users.
  • Enterprise: The premium plan costs $749 monthly, providing customized affiliate media buying operations.

RedTrack is an ad tracking solution, track & attribute conversions, revenue, and events in one place.

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Ad Campaign Tracking

Hyros and RedTrack provide ad campaign tracking across display networks like Facebook and Google Ads and centralize data in a central spot.

However, each has a different approach.

Hyros ad campaign tracking

Hyros uses algos to track each sale and attribute it to the actual source, whether it comes from a browser, social media, or device.

It enhances accuracy compared to RedTrack, and it offers versatile tracking capabilities, including tracking by email, revenue, calls from both online and offline sources, and even providing call transcriptions.

Hyros also offers integrations with various email and payment processor platforms, such as MailChimp, Stripe, and many others.

Now, you can expect real-time data on CPA, CTR, conversions, and other impressions on Hyros. Not only that, there is an option of customizing the dashboard and reporting using filters.

One thing to note is that the Hyros dashboard is complex, unlike RedTrack, and finding something takes several clicks.

RedTrack provides more versatility than Hyros in ad campaign tracking. The software adjusts to the various ad campaigns, such as traffic from direct to re-direct.

The software also tracks server-to-server postback, forwarding of impressions, and more. You can also integrate over 150+ platforms, like CRMs, affiliate programs, and more.

redtrack ad campaign

Similar to Hyros, RedTrack provides real-time data on CPA, CTR, conversions, and other impressions.

Not only that, you can customize their dashboard and reports. However, RedTrack provides better collaboration features with multi-user access.

Unlike Hyros, RedTrack offers more features like a partnership portal and publisher management that add to overall functionality.

✅ Winner: RedTrack

Conversion Tracking

Hyros and RedTrack provide conversion tracking features to MDs, and here is how each does it.

hyros conversion tracking

Hyros uses server-to-server integration to track conversions across platforms. It uses algo to track, making it more accurate.

Unlike RedTrack, Hyros can cover more platforms, whether on mobile apps, phone calls, websites, email, and more.

Not only that, Hyros integrates with payment processors, ad networks, and makes it easy to sync data.

RedTrack conversion tracking

RedTrack combines pixel-based and server-to-server in tracking conversions depending on the ad platform.

The pixel-based approach comes with limitations because some browsers can have ad blockers. Unlike Hyros, you can only track web pages and mobile apps through RedTrack.

✅ Winner: Hyros

Audience and Traffic Source Analysis

Hyros allows you to export data to ad networks like Google and Facebook and create lookalikes since it lacks a native audience creation feature.

However, the software gives an overview of ROAS, clicks, CPA and LTV of various audiences.

hyros last click report

You can also track your traffic sources’ performance from social networks, search engines, email and more.

One thing to note is unlike RedTrack, Hyros cannot track traffic sources using URL redirects such as Bing Ads.

Unlike Hyros, RedTrack is more versatile and has a native audience creation feature that allows you to build custom lookalikes.

You get more options to use custom-defined criteria like IP and ISP name, location, time zone or device.

The software also allows you to create an audience that shares similarities with existing clientele.

RedTrack traffic sources

RedTrack also allows you to track your traffic sources and get an overview of their ad campaign clicks, ROI, CPC and other impressions.

The software also supports tracking audiences from social networks, search engines, pop networks, email and more.

✅ Winner: RedTrack

Attribution Modeling

Hyros’s approach to attribution doesn’t follow probability. Instead, it tracks each click with a unique identifier throughout the funnel to conversion.

It uses the same identifier to track offline and online conversions, making it more accurate in attributing each touchpoint.

hyros attribution models

Hyros also provides 4 attribution models: first-click, scientific, last-click and multi-touch. Unlike RedTrack, the Hyros multi-touch model packs fractional linear and depreciation modes.

The models help you know how multiple platforms work in complicated funnels. RedTrack’s approach to attribution is through probability, where it matches clicks to conversions using cookies, IPs and more.

Unlike Hyros, which uses a unique identifier, using cookies and IPs can have shortfalls. Customers can use browsers with ad blockers or switch devices, making it not work well.

RedTrack attribution models

However, unlike Hyros, RedTrack allows the creation of custom models. Not only that, you can choose from first-click, last-click, linear, U-shaped and assisted click attribution models.

✅ Winner: Hyros

A/B Testing

Hyros and RedTrack provide A/B testing on ad variations, but what each feature provides differs.

hyros a/b testing

Hyros uses algo when A/B testing landing pages and copy based on real-time data. It makes it easy to be dynamic, where it automates, modifying a variant rule depending on their results.

Unlike RedTrack, Hyros offers additional options in A/B tests where you can optimize your email and webinars depending on the interaction.

Unlike RedTrack, Hyros doesn’t integrate with other testing tools, but it allows importing data from the tools and viewing it on the dashboard.

RedTrack also provides an A/B testing feature but lacks automated optimization like the one with Hyros.

You’ll have to tweak the rules manually depending on your judgment or analysis. It shows that MDs need technical know-how to run tests on their ad variations and landing pages.

Unlike Hyros, RedTrack integrates with more testing tools that are more versatile, like MGID, Propeller Ads, and more.

✅ Winner: Hyros

AD Fraud Detection

Hyros and RedTrack provide Ad Fraud detection and prevention systems, and here is how they implement them.

Hyros employs a robust algo to help in ad fraud detection and prevention. It uses customer IP, behavior, device ID, and more.

Hyros can ensure that true traffic engages with the campaigns through these attributes. It also removes the coding of conversion events and manual tagging.

However, unlike RedTrack, it doesn’t display ad fraud detection partners. Unlike HYROS, RedTrack ad fraud detection and prevention is comprehensive.

The platform uses proxy detection, cookie analysis IP blacklist to detect fraud traffic that engages with ad campaigns.

Not only that, RedTrack partners with Forensiq and protected media platforms for ad fraud detection.

✅ Winner: RedTrack

Real-Time Reporting and Dashboards

You will get a dashboard that displays real-time data and each touchpoint of the customer throughout the funnel of Hyros.

The dashboard also summarizes the critical metrics, like ROAS, revenue, CPA, and more.

hyros dashboard

You also get the option of creating customized reports depending on your preference. Hyros also provides data visualizations and breaks down the data at a granular level.

RedTrack real-time dashboard

RedTrack offers a real-time dashboard that presents data, allowing you to monitor key metrics like CPA, ROAS, revenue, and more.

Additionally, you have the capability to visualize data at a granular level, akin to RedTrack, and the flexibility to customize your reports to align with your specific objectives.

✅ Winner: Tie

Data Privacy and Security

You can expect to get a high level of data privacy from HYROS and RedTrack. Hyros breaks down how they collect, use, and protect customer data.

The software also complies with the PSP of notice, security, liability, and accountability. Not only that, they adhere to CCPA and GDPR laws on the rights of data subjects.

HYROS uses encryption (256-bit) to secure data using protocols (SSL/TLS). HYROS also allows you to create multiple user accounts with varied access.

Not only that, you can choose a data storage location from the primary cloud storage provider they use, which is AWS.

RedTrack also explains how they collect, use, and protect customer data. The platform adheres to CCPA and GDPR laws on the rights of data subjects.

Not only that, they provide a DPA defining data processing roles. RedTrack uses encryption (256-bit) to secure data using protocols (SSL/TLS).

The platform also allows you to create multiple user accounts with varied access. You can also pick a data storage location from their primary cloud storage provider, AWS.

✅ Winner: Tie

Customizable Metrics and KPIs

You will find that Hyros allows for the customization of conversion objectives depending on the event happening in your funnel.

Not only that, but you can create an event at any point from your checkout or landing page. Then, from there, assign a value to each goal.

hyros kpi tracking

Unlike RedTrack, Hyros offers a robust API that you can use to tweak campaign data and other events or reports.

Not only that, you can create customized integrations with third-party systems. RedTrack also offers customization of conversion goals based on events occurring in the funnel.

However, unlike Hyros, it cannot create custom events based on landing or checkout page data points. Instead, it depends on native integrations with platforms like Shopify and ClickFunnels to collect conversion data.

From there, you can assign values to each objective.

RedTrack campaign data

Unlike Hyros, RedTrack offers a simple API that you can use to tweak campaign data only. The API doesn’t support data manipulation of other events like Hyros.

✅ Winner: Hyros

User Interface and User Experience

Hyros provides a modern interface with an intuitive navigation menu. The layout uses charts and graphs to display information on the dashboard.

You will also find a search bar that you can use to find anything on the platform.

hyros dashboard

Not only that, you can customize your account settings, reports, currency conversion, and more. The software also adapts to different mobile device screens.

RedTrack has a simpler interface and navigation compared to Hyros. The layout is full of bright colors and displays information through tables.

RedTrack user interface

Unlike Hyros, RedTrack has a menu bar that they can use to find anything on the platform. You can customize your account settings, reports, currency conversion, and more.

Similar to Hyros, RedTrack responds well to various device screen sizes.

✅ Winner: Tie

Integrations & API Capabilities

While Hyros may not have direct integrations with HRIS and payroll systems, it does provide seamless integration options with various landing page and e-commerce platforms such as LeadPages and WooCommerce.

hyros integrations

Moreover, it offers a robust API that facilitates connections with different systems, enabling data access and the ability to tailor reports to align with your specific objectives.

redtrack traffic sources

Unlike Hyros, RedTrack integrates well with 200+ systems, such as HRIS and HR tools like Chekr. The software also provides an API to build custom integrations.

MDs can send or receive data through the platform. The API also allows MDs to customize their reports depending on their goals.

✅ Winner: RedTrack

Supported Platforms

Hyros and RedTrack are web-based software that you can access through a browser that runs on Linux, macOS or Windows.

Now, both platforms have a mobile app, where Hyros only offers iOS, and RedTrack provides both Android and iOS.

Unlike RedTrack, Hyros has a Chrome extension, which is convenient for anyone looking to access their data on the go.

✅ Winner: Hyros

Customer Support

Hyros offers one channel to reach customer support, which is email. People can also schedule a consultation or book a demo through the website.

The response times for emails range from 15 to 24 hours.

hyros customer support

The software also provides documentation, FAQ, and a Facebook group for users looking to understand the platform’s inner workings.

RedTrack provides email and live chat as the primary channels for reaching support. You can also book a demo through the website.

Now, Live chat has the quickest response times of 1-3 minutes, while email can take up to 6 hours.

redtrack customer support

The software also has an extensive help center with a glossary, blog, YouTube channel and Facebook page with over 3K followers.

✅ Winner: RedTrack


You can choose from three packages from Hyros: Organic, Paid and Agency. Hyros charges the packages based on the maximum revenue tracked.

The entry plan (Organic) starts at $49 monthly for up to 20k maximum revenue tracked. The other two plans are invite-only, where you book a demo, and a representative calls you.

RedTrack pricing is similar to Hyros, which offers three pricing packages: Solo, Team and Enterprise.

Unlike Hyros, RedTrack package pricing is transparent and the entry plan Solo costs $149 monthly. The other plans rise with tiers, and upgrading gives you access to more advanced functionality.

Unlike Hyros, you can get a free trial of 14 days with RedTrack.

✅ Winner: RedTrack


The pricing model of Hyros is scalable, where you need to upgrade to a higher plan when you exceed the plan limits.

However, Hyros plans are an invitation-only for the higher plans. It can be a challenge for most beginners that need budget planning.

RedTrack pricing model is scalable and transparent, where you need to upgrade to a higher plan when you exceed plan limits.

Unlike Hyros, the packages are transparent, making it easy for startups to prepare a budget depending on their needs.

✅ Winner: RedTrack

Standout Features of Hyros

Here are some features that give HYROS an edge in attribution and ad tracking over RedTrack.

Call tracking

MDs can use Hyros to track calls they make to their customers and see which emails, landing pages or ads brought the most calls and conversions.

Not only that, the software lets you customize the greetings, routing and whispering to enhance the service.

Ad attribution

The software uses an algo to match customer lookalikes across ad networks like YouTube, Google or Facebook.

It makes it easier to follow the customer touchpoints throughout the funnel. From there, you can see what is working and scale.

Standout Features of RedTrack

Here are some features that make RedTrack outshine Hyros as an ad tracking and attribution software.

Teamwork & productivity

Collaboration is easier with customers and your team on RedTrack. The software allows you to create several logins with different roles and permissions.

From there, share your insights or reports remotely through the mobile app.

Publisher management

You will find that through this software, you can manage your affiliates and publishers easily. The platform simplifies creating payout routes, tracking links and overseeing team performances.

Not only that, the software provides a white-label partner portal where you can provide analytics and reports in real-time.

Hyros vs. RedTrack: SMB Guide’s Verdict

Our Hyros vs. RedTrack comparison shows that both software provide features that MDs can find valuable in their marketing.

Each software provides adaptable marketing attribution, where you can measure performance and even scale your business.

However, after compiling all the aspects, RedTrack wins this duel. Here is why. RedTrack is comprehensive, where the software excels in tracking ad campaigns and optimizing them.

The platform also suits low-ticket offers that need fewer follow-up processes and provides a better collaboration platform.

Not only that, you can access the software through a mobile app (iOS and Android), unlike Hyros. The customer support is decent, and the pricing packages are pocket-friendly and transparent, unlike Hyros.

Hyros, on the other hand, is a decent alternative to RedTrack because it uses algo in ad tracking, giving it more accuracy than most other platforms.

However, it lacks a collaboration, publisher and management feature. Plus, the customer support is poor and offers invite-only plans, making it lose to RedTrack.

Choose RedTrack If:

You have a business that offers an affiliate program and wants a simple way to track affiliate team performance, ad conversions, and retention.

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Choose Hyros If:

You are a more established business looking to get an accurate overview of your funnel performance across your ad platforms.

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RedTrack is an ad tracking solution, track & attribute conversions, revenue, and events in one place.

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