Hyros vs. AnyTrack: Which ad tracking software is better?

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What can managing directors (MDs) look for in ad tracking and attribution software? Learn the criteria to choose the right ad platform in this Hyros vs. AnyTrack comparison.

Primary Rating:
Primary Rating:
Starts at $99/mo
$50/mo - $300/mo
Best For:
Large enterprises scaling their marketing that are looking for an ad tracking tool to analyze their campaigns accurately.
Best For:
SMEs and strategic buyers that need tracking of their ad marketing budget.
Primary Rating:
Starts at $99/mo
Best For:
Large enterprises scaling their marketing that are looking for an ad tracking tool to analyze their campaigns accurately.
Primary Rating:
$50/mo - $300/mo
Best For:
SMEs and strategic buyers that need tracking of their ad marketing budget.

Finding ad attribution software that accurately tracks marketing campaigns can be daunting, especially for MDs.

The market is full of them, and pinpointing an ideal one that can fit a business is hard. However, two software have gained popularity in recent years, Hyros and AnyTrack.

Hyros and AnyTrack effectively track ad conversions and attribute them to the proper source. Not only that, both software can link the data to ad and analytics platforms seamlessly.

However, each software offers a unique approach to ad tracking. So, which offers more value for money, and how do they compare?

Let us find out in this Hyros vs. AnyTrack comparison.

Let’s dive in!

Before we dive into this in-depth comparison, we have reviewed Hyros and AnyTrack individually.

The reviews are on the basis of our research and firsthand experience. Check out the in-depth reviews of Hyros and AnyTrack software and learn their strengths and downsides.

Hyros vs. AnyTrack at a glance

SMB Guide’s Verdict9.6/108/10AnyTrack
Ad Tracking CampaignIt consolidates all the data in a central hub (dashboard)In-depth ad tracking across marketing channelsHyros
Conversion TrackingServer-to-server tracking methodRequires an account manager to configure adsHyros
Audience and Traffic Source AnalysisRobust analysis tools for online trafficCreation of personas based on existing onesHyros
Attribution Modeling4 attribution models6 attribution modelsAnyTrack
A/B TestingUses True Tracking to run A/B testsIntegrates with third-party A/B testing toolsAnyTrack
Ad Fraud DetectionRobust AD fraud detection capabilitiesServer and client-side tracking in ad fraud detection and preventionAnyTrack
Real-time Reporting & DashboardsReal-time dashboard reportingCustomization options and accurate reportingTie
Data Privacy & SecurityGDPR and CCPA complianceGDPR and CCPA complianceTie
Customizable Metrics & KPIsCustomize KPIs and metrics through an attribution featureDon’t need an account manager to configure ad campaign goalsAnyTrack
UI & UXClean and user-friendly interfaceClassic and simple UIHyros
Integrations & API Capabilities90+ integrations100+ integrationsAnyTrack
Supported PlatformsmacOS, Linux, and WindowsmacOS, Linux, Windows, and mobile appAnyTrack
Customer SupportEmail, dedicated specialist, and knowledge baseLive chat, email, and phone support
PricingStarts at $99/mo$50/mo – $300/mo
ScalabilityNeeds a quote to upgradePricing model is scalable and transparentAnyTrack

How we evaluate and test softwares

When testing softwares/apps, SMB Guide employs a dual approach based on free trial availability and demos. For platforms offering free trials, we test their functionalities, usability, navigation, and ease of use. In the case of tools lacking a free version or trial, we rely on in-depth research and user testimonials through software review platforms like G2, Capterra, and TrustRadius to gauge their performance and capabilities. Learn more about our ratings criteria for marketing attribution softwares & tools here.

Hyros: Key Features, Pros and Cons, & Pricing

Hyros homepage

Hyros is an ad-tracking software that gives users a holistic view of a customer journey through their funnel and how conversions happen.

This software captures all the data from your ad campaigns, even those that often get missed.

It helps you understand better what works and what needs tweaking.

Pros & Cons


One-on-one assistance

High level reporting

AI optimization

Real-time data analysis


Customized pricing

Not designed for beginners


You have the option to select from three different pricing plans, each with its own set of features and functionalities.

It’s important to point out that, unlike AnyTrack, Hyros doesn’t provide a free trial. Additionally, the software doesn’t publicly display the pricing for all of its plans on its website.

Nevertheless, let me outline the plans you can anticipate from Hyros.

Hyros pricing
  • Organic: It is the starter plan, and Hyros displays its pricing on its website. It costs $49 monthly for 20K ad revenue tracking.
  • Paid Traffic: As per their site, it’s the most popular, and Hyros offers it as a custom plan. You have to get a quote to get access to its features.
  • Agency Plan: It is the top package, and Hyros offers it as a custom plan. MDs need a quote to gain access to its premium features.

HYROS is a revolutionary tracking and attribution system that combines print tracking+ AI.

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AnyTrack: Key Features, Pros and Cons, & Pricing

anytrack homepage

AnyTrack functions as a conversion software designed to facilitate the tracking and synchronization of both offline and online data with your selected analytics platforms. 

This is achieved through the utilization of tags that establish connections with tracking systems such as Google.

Essentially, the software allows you to monitor the progress of your advertising campaigns or affiliate commissions, enabling you to precisely identify their sources of origin.

Pros & Cons


14-day free trial

100+ integrations

Advanced traffic source analysis

Quick setup


Slower customer support

A/B tests have limitations


You can pick from three pricing plans that offer several features. The software offers a free trial for 14 days, and unlike Hyros, they display each plan’s price on their website.

Here is what MDs can expect to get with each package.

AnyTrack pricing
  • Basic Plan: It is the starter plan that AnyTrack offers, priced at $50 monthly or with an annual option of $42 per month. This package provides the basic features of ad-tracking software.
  • Personal Plan: On the platform’s website, it’s the most popular package. It costs $150 monthly, or you can opt for the annual subscription at $125 monthly. It packs more premium features than the Basic plan.
  • Advanced Plan: The top plan AnyTrack offers costs $300 monthly. You can also opt for an annual subscription of $250 monthly. Here, you access all the premium features this attribution software can offer.

AnyTrack is a real time ad tracking software that enables digital marketers to easily track, attribute and sync conversions with their Ads Managers.

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Ad Campaign Tracking

Hyros works by tracking your marketing campaigns’ whole funnel (lead to sale) across platforms.

It achieves that through AI, which tags all customers interacting with the ads across ad networks like Google and Facebook Ads.

hyros ads manager

One standout thing about Hyros is that it is more accurate. It also integrates with CRMs and communication software that enable it to provide data in real-time on CTR, CPC, and all other impressions of an ad campaign.

You can then view all the data in a central hub, the dashboard.

anytrack ad campaign tracking

AnyTrack only tracks the customer journey from click to conversion, which makes it not in-depth like Hyros.

However, it achieves that by using cookies and pixels that combine analytics solutions and your website with ad networks like Google and Facebook Ads.

Through the software’s dashboard, you can view real-time data on CPC, CTR, and other impressions of your ad campaigns.

✅ Winner: Hyros

Conversion Tracking

Hyros uses server-to-server integration and AI user identification to track ad campaign conversions.

It makes it more accurate, and reliable and eases the entire process.

hyros conversion tracking

Unlike AnyTrack, which depends on pixels, cookies, and coding, Hyros automates conversion tracking on mobile apps or websites.

Not only that, you can track the ROI and overall value of each conversion in any of your ad campaigns.

AnyTrack conversion tracking

AnyTrack uses server-to-server integration and pixels in tracking conversions of ad campaigns. However, for it to be effective, you need to manually install and configure a tracking code on your app or website. 

The software can track conversions on mobile apps and websites without a hitch. The problem is it solely relies on pixels or cookies that a user can delete or block, affecting data accuracy and reliability.

✅ Winner: Hyros

Audience and Traffic Source Analysis

Hyros offers more in targeting and segmenting an audience than AnyTrack. The software tracks a customer through the entire funnel by combining IP address, device ID, cookies, and more.

From there, it creates a persona or lookalike profile with all the data on their engagement with your ads.

hyros last click report

Combining all this data enables Hyros to provide an in-depth analysis of traffic sources, including CPA, volume, and other source-specific conversion rates.

Not only that, you can get data on traffic performance, whether from social networks, referrals, or search engines.

AnyTrack traffic sources

Furthermore, AnyTrack goes beyond its capabilities by gathering data from landing pages and pixels.

This data is then merged with analytics tools to effectively oversee audiences. Notably distinct from Hyros, AnyTrack permits the creation of personas or lookalikes based on your pre-existing segments.

While AnyTrack has the potential to expand your outreach and discover fresh prospects, it’s important to acknowledge that the data it collects might be comparatively less precise when contrasted with Hyros.

This discrepancy arises from AnyTrack’s dependence on cookies and pixels for data acquisition.

✅ Winner: Hyros

Attribution Modeling

Hyros employs a methodology known as hyper attribution to provide precise data attribution. This software can meticulously trace every interaction, be it a click or engagement, that a customer has with your advertisements.

This feat is accomplished through the utilization of machine learning (ML), which assigns a distinct value and credit to each interaction.

hyros attribution models

You can also get the LTV of the customers, individually or collectively, in the long term. Now, one shortfall Hyros has is that it only supports one campaign attribution at a time.

It is a limitation that you cannot find with AnyTrack. However, the software provides first-click, linear, last-click, and time decay attribution models.

Cross-deck attribution is an approach that AnyTrack uses to provide an overview of the marketing funnel.

It is a powerful approach because it can track and link all conversions from various devices and attribute them to a specific client. 

In addition, AnyTrack offers insights into the expenditure for each individual ad campaign.

Different from Hyros, AnyTrack supports multi-channel attribution and presents six distinct models: first-click, linear, last-click, data-driven, position-based, and time decay.

These models serve to interpret and allocate credit across various touch points within the customer’s journey.

✅ Winner: AnyTrack

A/B Testing

You have the option of creating A/B tests on your ad copy or ad variations through Hyros. The software provides several test types, like sequential, split, or multivariate.

Not only that, but you can also customize A/B tests, whether on ROI or conversion rate.

hyros a/b testing

AnyTrack employs AI to automate optimization procedures based on A/B tests, streamlining the process.

However, it’s worth noting a limitation of Hyros in this aspect – it doesn’t support third-party platforms such as Google Optimize.

Consequently, users must depend solely on the built-in A/B testing feature provided by the Hyros platform.

AnyTrack a/b testing

AnyTrack offers you the option of A/B testing your ad copy or variations. MDs can also pick from various test types, like split, multivariate, or sequential.

Not only that, but you can also customize A/B tests, whether on ROI or conversion rate. One advantage of AnyTrack over Hyros is that you can integrate third-party tools like Google Optimize.

From there, conduct A/B tests and link the data to the AnyTrack platform.

✅ Winner: AnyTrack

Ad Fraud Detection

Hyros employs an algo to help in ad fraud detection and prevention. It achieves that by using customer IP, behavior, device ID, and more.

The software also leverages AI in optimizing the ads using the actual traffic in real time. It helps in removing any bot or fraud traffic that can be present.

Unlike AnyTrack, Hyros doesn’t disclose its ad verification partners. AnyTrack, on the other hand, combines server and client side tracking in ad fraud detection and prevention.

It accomplishes it using IP, pixels, device ID, cookies, and more. AnyTrack outshines Hyros in that it integrates with both Google Ads that use a server API (GTag) and an e-commerce feature from Google Analytics.

Not only that, AnyTrack partners with IAS and Oracle ad verification providers.

✅ Winner: AnyTrack

Real-Time Reporting and Dashboards

Within the Hyros platform, you’ll find a centralized hub or dashboard that showcases essential elements such as ad campaigns, CPC, LTV (Lifetime Value), keywords, and ROI (Return on Investment).

Moreover, this software delves deeper by dissecting conversion metrics based on factors like geographic location, device usage, and other pertinent variables.

hyros dashboard

You also have the option to customize your reports to your liking and export the data either in Excel or CSV files.

Now, one thing to note is that the Hyros dashboard displays data more in-depth. Not only that, this tool can also track calls and email ROI, which AnyTrack lacks.

AnyTrack hub

AnyTrack also provides a centralized hub or dashboard with real-time reporting on ad campaigns, keywords, conversions, and more.

Its dashboard is simple and easy to navigate. You can view the types of conversions, funnel output, and attribution models all in one spot, which Hyros lacks. 

This platform also has a customizable dashboard that MDs can tweak with drag-and-drop charts or widgets to view all metrics.

Not only that, but you can also view a breakdown of the data in real-time.

✅ Winner: Tie

Data Privacy and Security

Hyros uses encryption (256-bit) to protect all its data at rest and in transit, making it compliant with CCPA and GDPR.

The software also gives you audit logs of all activities and control of all data access. One thing to note is that Hyros allows you to choose a data storage location, and the main cloud storage provider they use is AWS.

Hyros also has a TrustArc certification that shows it follows the best practices in data privacy. AnyTrack uses encryption (256-bit) to safeguard data at rest and in transit, which means it complies with CCPA, Privacy Shield, and GDPR.

This software gives you the option of managing transparent data transfer reports and consent preferences. Now, AnyTrack doesn’t have a certification that shows it follows the best practices in data privacy.

However, it uses Google Cloud as its cloud service provider, and MDs can pick the suitable storage locations depending on user traffic.

✅ Winner: Tie

Customizable Metrics and KPIs

You can customize your reports on Hyros depending on their location, keywords, ad channels, devices, and more.

Not only that, you can create conversion goals that each ad should achieve, like ROI, leads, and more.

hyros kpi tracking

One thing to remember is that Hyros needs a dedicated account manager since it requires manual configuration to create ad campaign goals.

Interestingly, Hyros goes a step further by being capable of tracking the complete funnel, even in offline scenarios.

This is achieved by consolidating data from various sources such as IP addresses, device IDs, emails, and call tracking across multiple platforms.

Moreover, the software facilitates the utilization of customer behavior and purchasing history to accurately calculate their Lifetime Value (LTV).

AnyTrack reporting

AnyTrack offers customizable reporting depending on keywords, ad channels, devices, traffic sources, and more.

You can create conversion goals like profit, leads, and ROI for every ad campaign. The software’s dashboard is easy to use, and MDs don’t need an account manager to configure ad campaign goals.

AnyTrack outshines Hyros because it integrates with 30+ analytics platforms. You can track conversions offline or online since the software combines server and client-side tracking.

✅ Winner: AnyTrack

User Experience and User Interface

Hyros layout is modern and combines dark colors with blue and white when displaying data.

On occasion, you will see red and green in charts. The dashboard also has a few menu items, making finding a feature or tab you need easy.

hyros dashboard

This software provides broader custom options than AnyTrack. However, the software design isn’t as responsive to different screen sizes since it is a web-based platform.

anytrack dashboard

AnyTrack layout is more laid back (classic) and similar to most ad marketing software. It mainly uses sky blue but occasionally combines white, grey, and black when displaying data.

One thing to note is that the customization options offered by AnyTrack are fewer than Hyros. However, the design is more responsive to different screen sizes than Hyros.

✅ Winner: Hyros

Integrations and API Capabilities

Hyros supports e-commerce and affiliate platform integrations, like ClickBank and WooCommerce.

However, you will not find native HRIS, payroll, or HR tools integrations the software offers.

hyros integrations

The only way MDs can link such applications is through Zapier or webhooks. Fortunately, Hyros provides flexible APIs that you can use to customize your reports, automate workflows, and more.

anytrack integrations

AnyTrack supports e-commerce, lead generation, and affiliate tools integration like Amazon Associates, Shopify, and ClickFunnels.

You will find this broad range of integrations valuable in capturing, tracking, and directing leads to a CRM. 

Unlike Hyros, AnyTrack offers seamless integrations with HR, HRIS (Human Resources Information System), and payroll tools as part of its native capabilities.

Additionally, AnyTrack provides a versatile API and webhook system that enables connections with virtually any application you might require.

This flexibility allows for extensive customization and integration possibilities.

✅ Winner: AnyTrack

Supported Platforms

Hyros supports popular OSs like Linux, macOS, and Windows, where you can use a browser to access it. One thing to note is that Hyros is a web-based software and doesn’t have a mobile app yet.

It can be a hindrance for MDs that want to access their ad campaigns on the go.

AnyTrack mobile app

AnyTrack is compatible with various operating systems, including macOS, Windows, and Linux, allowing access through web browsers.

Notably, the software is web-based, and in contrast to Hyros, AnyTrack offers a dedicated mobile app designed specifically for iOS devices.

This mobile app proves to be highly advantageous for users on the move, granting them the ability to conveniently access the dashboard and monitor ad campaign performance while away from their desk.

✅ Winner: AnyTrack

Customer Support

Hyros provides one channel for accessing customer support, primarily through email communication. Additionally, users have the option to schedule consultations or book demos directly through the website.

However, it’s important to note that email response times within the Hyros support framework typically span between 15 to 24 hours.

This characteristic might render it less suitable for addressing urgent or time-sensitive matters.

hyros customer support

Users who want to learn more on the platform will find the knowledge base helpful. It has documentation with text and video tutorials that get updated often.

anytrack customer support

AnyTrack offers three channels to reach customer support: live chat, email, and phone. The live chat is the most effective, with response time being 13 minutes. 

Users looking to learn more about the platform’s inner workings will find the guides, roadmap, and other resources valuable.

AnyTrack has a vibrant community with a Facebook group with over 400 followers.

✅ Winner: AnyTrack


Hyros offers three plans: Organic, Paid, and Agency. The starter plan, “Organic,” costs $49 monthly for up to 20k maximum revenue tracked.

The other two plans are custom, and you need to send a quote to get a price.

AnyTrack offers three plans: Basic, Personal, and Advanced. The plans are transparent and flexible, where you can choose between monthly or annual subscriptions. 

The basic plan costs $50 monthly and offers more features than the Hyros entry plan, such as Google and Facebook ads integration, Ad pixel, and more.

The other plans offer more premium features as you go higher.

✅ Winner: AnyTrack


Hyros adopts a scalable pricing model that necessitates upgrading to a higher-tier plan when surpassing the limitations of the current plan.

However, a drawback of the Hyros pricing structure is that details about the higher-tier plans are only available through custom quotes. 

This approach can pose a challenge, especially for beginners who require careful budget planning, as it inhibits their ability to readily understand the costs and features associated with these advanced plans.

AnyTrack pricing model is scalable and transparent, where MDs need to upgrade to a higher plan when they exceed plan limits.

It makes it easy for startups to prepare a budget depending on their needs.

✅ Winner: AnyTrack

Standout Features of Hyros

Hyros offers remarkable features that you can use in your ad marketing. However, here are two that make this software unique.

Long-term tracking

Hyros uses IP, device ID, and cookies to create a persona that can track long-term. The profile automatically updates whenever the persona engages with the website online or offline.

It helps in calculating the LTV of every client.

Custom reporting

Hyros offers the option of customizing reports to show specific metrics of your ad campaigns.

The software grants you the capability to filter data according to various parameters, including location, date, and device, among others.

Moreover, it provides the functionality to juxtapose two distinct metrics and conduct a comparative analysis of their conversion rates, return on ad spend (ROAS), and other relevant factors.

Hyros team said this when asked what makes their software better: “We have native integrations with CRM platforms that can help users get better scalability, ROAS and lower CPA.”

Standout Features of AnyTrack

The features you find on this software are impressive, but there are two that make it stand out against the competition.

Server and client-side tracking

AnyTrack uses them to track client conversion through the marketing funnel offline and online. The server captures all the info without depending on cookies from CRMs and websites.

Client-side captures traffic info, including views, clicks, and other impressions. Both tracking types help to guarantee accuracy in ad output.


AnyTrack integrates with over 100+ platforms, from lead generation, ad networks, e-commerce, and more.

You can also add the software as a plugin to your WordPress through API or webhook coding.

AnyTrack team said this when asked what makes their platform better: “We use AI optimization to enable users to get actionable and accurate insights in their ad campaigns.”

Hyros vs. AnyTrack: SMB Guide’s Verdict

Hyros vs. AnyTrack comparison shows how remarkable both software are in ad tracking and attribution.

Having pitted them against each other in features, pricing, and more, we find each offers something unique that MDs will find valuable.

However, AnyTrack wins this duel. Here is why: AnyTrack displays its subscription packages on its website and offers a free trial of 14 days, unlike Hyros, that’s invite-only.

The plans are pocket-friendly, and beginners or startups can budget better for what suits them.

AnyTrack integrates with 100+ software, including e-commerce, lead generation, ad networks, and more.

Customer support is responsive and offers three channels to get in touch, which is live chat, email, and phone, unlike Hyros, which offers email only.

The response times of AnyTrack are decent, with 13-minute feedback. Hyros, on the other hand, is an excellent alternative, offering a more hands-off approach in its attribution.

The lack of native CRM platform integration, poor customer support, and invite-only plans make it lose to AnyTrack.

Choose AnyTrack If:

You are a startup or beginner that needs a pocket-friendly ad-tracking platform to grow a business.

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Choose Hyros If:

You run an established business that generates significant revenue and is only looking to streamline your ad marketing.

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AnyTrack is a real time ad tracking software that enables digital marketers to easily track, attribute and sync conversions with their Ads Managers.

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