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7 Best Calendly Alternatives & Competitors

Looking for alternatives to Calendly? Explore my list of reliable scheduling tools for more smoother and simplified appointment management.

Best Overall
Best for Teams
Best Pricing

Flexible scheduling software designed to help you grow — because booking time should never get in the way of success.

Appointlet makes online scheduling simple, so you can stay focused at work.

The simplest way to book and schedule meetings.

Best Overall

Flexible scheduling software designed to help you grow — because booking time should never get in the way of success.

Best for Teams

Appointlet makes online scheduling simple, so you can stay focused at work.

Best Pricing

The simplest way to book and schedule meetings.

Calendly is a popular online scheduling app that helps users set up meetings, appointments, and events.

But it has a few limitations that might bug you. First, navigating the Calendly mobile app isn’t as easy as you might expect, which could make it harder for you to use the app smoothly.

Sometimes, invitations end up in your spam folder, and you have to mark them as from a “known sender.”

So, you need to be careful because you might miss important invitations.

I’ll introduce 7 Calendly alternatives that offer better handling of invitation emails to ensure a smoother scheduling experience for you.

1. Acuity Scheduling

acuity scheduling homepage

Best for: freelancers and consultants

Pricing: $20/mo – $61/mo


7-day free trial

Seamless booking experience

Powerful integrations

Squarespace website integration


No phone support

Non-intuitive UI with loading issues

Acuity Scheduling is an online tool that helps businesses manage appointments easily. It lets clients book directly, sends reminders, accepts payments, and syncs with your calendar, freeing you to focus on what you do best.


  • Calendar management
  • Appointment workflow automation
  • Embeddable widgets
  • Group scheduling
  • Manual appointment confirmation
  • Recurring appointments
  • Automatic time zone conversion
  • Invoice management
  • Calendar syncing
  • Optional tipping
  • Buffer times
  • Confirmation, reminder & follow-up emails
  • Text message reminders
  • Customization options
  • Different appointment types
  • Offer coupons & vouchers
  • Client self-scheduling
  • Check-out add-ons
  • Waitlist management
  • Advanced reporting about appointments

Acuity Scheduling Vs Calendly

CriteriaAcuity SchedulingCalendly
Best ForFreelancers and consultantsIndividuals, freelancers, small business owners
Standout FeatureAdvanced reportingPersonalized scheduling links
Pricing$20/mo – $61/moFree – $12/user/mo


Clients visit your Acuity-powered booking page, choose their preferred appointment type and time, and seamlessly schedule it themselves.

You manage availability, customize emails, and even accept payments – all in one user-friendly platform.

Start free trial of Acuity Scheduling today!

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2. Appointlet

appointlet homepage

Best for: service professionals and consultants

Pricing: Free – $10/member/mo


Free forever plan

50+ integrations

Easy to setup

Great customer support


No mobile app

Limited reporting and analytics features

Appointlet is another cloud-based appointment scheduling application that helps users easily schedule meetings with their clients or prospects.

Users can set their availability, share a booking link, and receive automated reminders for upcoming appointments.


  • Online appointment scheduling
  • Cancellation & rescheduling
  • Automated reminders
  • Embeddable widgets
  • Group scheduling 
  • Manual booking approval
  • Meeting types customization
  • Buffer times
  • Customizable booking page
  • Email notifications
  • Time zone adjustment
  • Two-way calendar syncing
  • Availability control
  • Video conferencing integrations

Appointlet Vs Calendly

Best ForService professionals and consultantsIndividuals, freelancers, small business owners
Standout FeatureGroup schedulingPersonalized scheduling links
PricingFree – $10/member/moFree – $12/user/mo


With Appointlet, users set their availability and customize meeting types, then share a booking link for clients to choose a convenient slot.

Plus, video conferencing integrations let users switch to virtual meetings directly from the platform.

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3. TidyCal

TidyCal homepage

Best for: freelancers and service professionals

Pricing: Free – $29


Free forever plan

One-time payment

User-friendly interface

Supports multiple booking types


Limited customization

Limited customer support

TidyCal is a calendar management and booking platform that simplifies scheduling by automating availability, offering customizable booking types, and integrating with your existing calendars.


  • Customizable booking types
  • Flexible availability settings
  • Multi-platform calendar sync
  • Group bookings
  • Embeddable booking widgets
  • Paid bookings
  • Auto-create meeting URLs
  • Custom email reminders

TidyCal Vs Calendly

Best ForFreelancers and service professionalsIndividuals, freelancers, small business owners
Standout FeaturePaid bookingsPersonalized scheduling links
PricingFree – $29Free – $12/user/mo


Via TidyCal, users connect their calendars, set availability, and define meeting types on TidyCal. Clients then access the user’s custom booking page to choose a time and book themselves directly, streamlining scheduling for both parties.

Though, it comes with limited features compared to other Calendly alternatives.

Try TidyCal for free today!

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4. Doodle

doodle homepage

Best for: entrepreneurs, freelancers, and team leaders in different departments

Pricing: Free – $19.95/user/mo


Free forever plan

Integrations via Zapier

Easy to use interface

Built for teams


No mobile app

Limited visual customization

Doodle is an online scheduling tool that helps find a common time for group meetings or appointments.

Users propose their available time slots, and Doodle shows which options work best for everyone involved.


  • Automated booking
  • Participant availability
  • Group polls
  • Voting system
  • Comments & messaging
  • Recurring polls
  • Calendar syncing
  • Customizable time slots
  • Anonymous polls
  • Video conferencing links
  • Deadlines & reminders
  • Unlimited email invitations
  • Activity reports
  • Custom logo & branding

Doodle Vs Calendly

Best ForEntrepreneurs, freelancers, and team leadersIndividuals, freelancers, small business owners
Standout FeatureVideo conferencing linksPersonalized scheduling links
PricingFree – $19.95/user/moFree – $12/user/mo


I like Doodle because it allows you to whip up quick polls and see everyone’s availability in real-time, making it super easy to find a time that works for everyone.

5. Google Calendar

google calendar homepage

Best for: individuals, busy professionals, and small teams

Pricing: Free – $18/mo


Free to use

Seamless integration with G-Suite

Easy and responsive design

Mobile app available


Lacks advanced features

Only available to Google users

Google Calendar is a free online time-management and scheduling service developed by Google.

It helps you plan your days, weeks, and months by creating and managing events, setting reminders, and collaborating with others.


  • Smart scheduling
  • Different calendar views
  • Recurring events
  • Event privacy settings
  • All-day events
  • Color coding
  • Goals & tasks
  • Working hours settings
  • Due dates
  • Different time zones
  • RSVP options
  • Customizable notifications

Google Calendar Vs Calendly

CriteriaGoogle CalendarCalendly
Best ForIndividuals, busy professionals, and small teamsIndividuals, freelancers, small business owners
Standout FeatureAll-day eventsPersonalized scheduling links
PricingFree – $18/moFree – $12/user/mo


Whether you’re managing work deadlines, family events, or personal goals, Google Calendar makes it easy to stay on top of your schedule.

Plus, features like smart scheduling and goal tracking go beyond basic planning, helping you achieve more and stay productive.

6. Chili Piper

Chili Piper homepage

Best for: account managers, sales teams, and marketing teams

Pricing: $22.50/mo – $45/mo


Easy-to-use interface

60+ integrations

Instant lead qualifying

Schedule meetings with ease


No free plan

Rescheduling meeting is challenging

Chili Piper’s “Instant Booker” is a scheduling app that turns inbound leads into qualified meetings.

It automates lead routing, offers self-booking options, and even sends reminders, all while seamlessly integrating with your existing workflow.


  • Suggested meeting times
  • No-show & cancellation management
  • Group booking links
  • Meeting templates
  • Reserved meeting times
  • Smart booking links
  • Minimum notice settings
  • Meeting buffers
  • Unlimited meeting types
  • Email & SMS reminders
  • Real-time lead & meeting routing
  • Booking links for sales reps

Chili Piper Vs Calendly

CriteriaChili PiperCalendly
Best ForAccount managers, sales teams, and marketing teamsIndividuals, freelancers, small business owners
Standout FeatureReal-time lead & meeting routingPersonalized scheduling links
Pricing$22.50/mo – $45/moFree – $12/user/mo


Chili Piper’s scheduling platform automates the entire process, from qualifying leads to offering self-booking options and sending reminders.

Prospects pick their own times, reducing back-and-forth emails and saving you time.

7. Zoho Bookings

zoho bookings homepage

Best for: service professionals, recruitment companies, and solopreneurs

Pricing: Free – $12/user/mo


Free forever plan

30+ integrations

Two-way calendar sync

Mobile apps


Slightly tricky interface

Difficult managing multiple bookings

Zoho Bookings is an online appointment scheduling software offered by Zoho Corporation, designed to simplify and automate the online booking process.


  • Personalized booking pages
  • Customizable confirmation & cancelation emails
  • Appointment reminders
  • Two-way calendar sync
  • Embeddable website widget
  • Resource allocation
  • Team scheduling
  • Automatic time zone conversion
  • Custom fields
  • Text message reminders
  • Customer reports
  • Buffer times
  • Calendar dashboard

Zoho Bookings Vs Calendly

CriteriaZoho BookingsCalendly
Best ForService professionals, recruitment companies, and solopreneursIndividuals, freelancers, small business owners
Standout FeaturePersonalized booking pagesPersonalized scheduling links
PricingFree – $12/user/moFree – $12/user/mo


Service professionals use Zoho Bookings to create custom booking pages tailored to their specific needs, embed them on their websites or share them directly with clients.

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Which Calendly alternative should I use?

If you expect your scheduling tool to include features such as recurring appointments, automatic time zone conversion, waitlist management, and checkout add-ons, then Acuity Scheduling is what you need.

For service professionals seeking an appointment scheduling application with manual booking approval, embeddable widgets, and video conferencing integrations, Appointlet is a perfect fit.

A quick recap of Calendly alternatives:

  1. Acuity Scheduling
  2. Appointlet
  3. TidyCal
  4. Doodle
  5. Google Calendar
  6. Chili Piper
  7. Zoho Bookings
Acuity Scheduling

Flexible scheduling software designed to help you grow — because booking time should never get in the way of success.

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